4 Minutes of Calf & Hamstring Mobility of Your Choice
4 Minutes of Hip Flexor & Quad Mobility of Your Choice

Use the Mind Muscle Playlist for ideas! Post questions here or email the man himself:

Followed by…

Tabata Fun! x 3 sets (rest 10 seconds between stations):
Station 1 – Frog Jumps x 20 seconds
Station 2 – Rotational Medicine Ball Throws (left) x 20 seconds
Station 3 – Rotational Medicine Ball Throws (right) x 20 seconds


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 40 minutes of:
40/30 Calories of Assault Bike
40 Lateral Plate Hops*
40 Kettlebell Swings
40/30 Calories of Rowing or Ski Erg
40 Lateral Plate Hops*
20 Plyo Push-Ups to Plate

*Lateral Plate Hops – Stand between two 2-4″ plates and hop from side to side, touching the ground in the middle between each rep.

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