Every minute, on the minute, for 8 minutes (2 sets each), complete:
Minute 1 – Bear Crawl x 45 seconds
Minute 2 – W-Holds x 5-7 @ 1313 tempo
Minute 3 – Russian Baby Makers x 10 reps
Minute 4 – Static Hang x 30-45 seconds

Followed by…

Every minute, on the minute, for 3 minutes (3 sets):
Press in Clean (Sots Press) x 4 reps


Every minute, on the minute, for 20 minutes (4 sets):
Minute 1 – 45-Second Wall Sit
Minute 2 – 45 seconds of Goblet Squats
Minute 3 – 45 seconds of Banded Good Mornings
Minute 3 – 30-Second L-Sit (accumulated time)
Minute 4 – 10 Supine Ring Rows @ 21X0

For time:
50/35 Calories of Assault Bike (or Rowing)
50 Dumbbell Box Step-Overs

*Record your time for Part B.


For our at-home and travel workouts, please start a clock and allow it to run throughout your training session. The entire session will take 60-minutes or less, and staying accountable to the clock will allow you to maintain the appropriate intensity and stimulus. Click here for the full workout briefing.

When the clock starts, perform…
Two sets of:
60 seconds of Down Ups
30 seconds of Russian Baby Makers
30 second Side Plank each side
30 seconds of Alternating Cossack Squats
60 seconds of Jogging in Place or High Knees or Bunny Hops

Breathe exclusively through your nose throughout this entire portion. If you find that your mouth drops open, you’re going too hard. Slow your pace and resume breathing only through your nose.

When the running clock reaches 15:00, perform the following…
Every minute, on the minute, for 15 minutes (5 sets) for max reps of:
Minute 1: 30 seconds of Squat Jumps
Minute 2: 30 seconds of Burpees
Minute 3: 30 seconds of Handstand Hold

When the running clock reaches 35:00, perform the following…
Three sets of:
30 seconds of Right Leg Single-Leg Deadlifts
immediately into…
30 seconds of Left Leg Single-Leg Deadlifts
Rest 30 seconds
60 seconds of Lying Leg Lifts
Rest 30 seconds
30 seconds of Right Leg Bulgarian Split Squats
immediately into…
30 seconds of Left Leg Bulgarian Split Squats
Rest 60 seconds

When the running clock reaches 55:00, perform the following…
5-10 minutes of breath work lying down in a comfortable position.

Inhale for 3-5 seconds through your nose…
Brief hold in…
Exhale for 6-10 seconds through your mouth (like you are blowing a whistle)…
Brief hold out.

Keep the ratio of inhale to exhale at a 1:2

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