Invictus is for Mental Health
Written by Invictus Member Irene Tobias

This Thursday will mark the culmination of nearly six years of graduate school for me as I will be defending my thesis. Working towards my PhD has been the longest, biggest, marathon-like challenge of my life thus far, filled with plenty of highs, lows, and periods of self doubt (as is common for many in grad school). I’ve been to a dark place a number of times and nearly quit in the middle of my third year, but somehow found the courage to start a new research project all over again from scratch.

Core Work: The Limbo Twist
Video by Travis Ewart

Named Limbo Twists for the fun party game, while doing the Limbo the lower back must be stable and quads utilized for leaning purposes. During this exercise you must keep your torso supported by engaging your abs and, more importantly, your obliques. When turning from side to side you should feel your lower obliques on the anterior side of your hip bones stretching and most obviously engaging. If any lower back pain occurs, reset at a neutral standing position and turn your pelvis forward more and re engage your abs.

The Overhead Yoke Carry
Video by Julien Pineau

Looking to improve your overhead strength and stabilization? Then start adding in overhead yoke walks to your training! This movement can transform your overhead position and build strong, bullet proof shoulders. Julien Pineau instructs on how to perfect the overhead yoke carry. 

How to Improve Your Mobility in No Time!
Written by Kim McLaughlin

When I first started in the CrossFit community nine years ago, I could barely get into the bottom of a squat and the couch stretch was something I could only dream of doing. My mobility was, as some would describe it, less than stellar.

Over the years, I have gradually made it so that those positions are a bit more comfortable and I don’t have to hide in a corner pretending to tie my shoe if a coach decides he/she wants to work on either of those things during a warm-up or cool-down session.

Finger Press to Strengthen Your Handstand Holds
Video by Travis Ewart

Forearm strength may be one of the most overlooked necessities in holding a handstand. Fear of tipping over in a handstand may be the most frightening thought for many people, and it may be happening more often then necessary. Imagine knowing that even when your handstand is leaning slightly too far and tipping over toward your backside that there is hope to pulling yourself back to vertical and saving your handstand! Toe and lower leg strength allows us to stand and lean forward without falling,