The Upper Body Squat
Written by Bryce Smith

Many clients ask why I love pull-ups so much and my answer is always the same: it is like a squat for the upper body.

The squat and deadlift often get the title of “king of all other exercises”, while the pull-up gets tossed aside as an accessory movement and does not get the recognition it deserves. The pull-up will literally save your life if you are ever hanging from a cliff and, if you get good enough at them, you may even be able to save someone else’s life,

Pause to Clean Up Your Clean
Written by Bryan Miller

First, a little bit of weightlifting history: The clean is called a clean because, until 1964, the lift needed to be “clean”; meaning a clean was not allowed to touch the body on the way to the shoulders. If it touched the body it was red lighted and ruled a bad lift. Fast forward to today and that rule has been changed. And because the bar can now touch your body, you are therefore able to lift more weight than you would have previously been able to under the old rule.

Breaking Down the Butterfly Pull-up: Two Common Issues
Written by Lindsey Johnson

By now, hopefully, you’ve been practicing the drills we discussed in the previous two blog posts regarding the butterfly pull-up. Starting with the drill that had both feet on the box and then working our way into the drill with only one foot on the box.

Once we’ve mastered the drills from the first two parts, you’re ready to work on that butterfly pull-up without the toys! Watch me perform the butterfly pull-up on the video below and attempt the movement on your own.

Active Recovery Day Inspiration

Enjoy your active recovery day! Here is a peak at a few of our Invictus Athletes training this past week.

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Regan Huckaby (@reganhuckaby)

When @cjinvictus programs gymnastics, I get a tad bit giddy. It's such a refreshing break from the hip dominated movements we see most often and teaches you to tap into your core and shoulders. Gymnastics takes massive coordination and control, that's what intrigues me. Some of my favorites today were…….Hollow Body Hold + Sit-Up to L-Sit Hold and Handstand Thigh Taps.

Looking for a Way to Give Back?
Written by Cat Blatner

The Everyday Warrior organization has touched so many lives in the past year. One in particular was a very dear friend of mine, Cindy Loung Archibald, who just recently lost her battle with cancer.

I met Cindy during my very first CrossFit class ever. I couldn’t understand how such a small woman could throw around so much weight and I was gasping trying to keep up with those powerful little legs. When I decided that I wanted to coach, I had the support of Cindy right from the start.