The Rubber Band Effect
Written by Gaje McDaniel

When Olympic lifting, we constantly test a variety of positions to further develop our lifts. This can be in the form of pulling from different positions, adding a tempo, or technique practice.

I was once told that when allowing our muscle to undergo tension, it allows for a “rubber band effect”. It’s like pulling a rubber band back to its full potential and shooting it as far as we can let it go. Our muscles, used in their full potential, can have similar forces.

The 40% Rule
Written by Holden Rethwill

Navy SEALs are a unique breed. The intense training regimen and job expectations they are able to withstand has molded them into some of the toughest men to walk this planet. From early on, I’ve been fascinated by them. The job they do, the training they endure – everything.

I’ve also always taken great interest in the mental state of elite athletes and competitors. So I recently found myself wondering how these men are able to withstand some of the most brutal training in the world.

What You Need to Know About Rowing if You Compete In CrossFit
Written by Shane Farmer

“There are some movements that are staples in determining and testing fitness. The rower is one of them.”– Dave Castro, CrossFit Games Director on 14.4

My first encounter with a Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine was when I walked into a Joplin, MO CrossFit box in 2012. It barely caught my eye; as it was sitting by itself in the corner, dust collecting on its tractor seat and wooden handles. I thought to myself “Where did they get that?

Guided Visualizations for the 2016 CrossFit Open
Written by C.J. Martin

Are you looking for the final edge in athletic performance? Visualizations and meditation have always been components of every elite athlete’s performance toolbox, but it can be intimidating and difficult to create your own. For the last several years, Invictus athletes have been aided by guided visualizations to prepare them for competition.

What Exactly Is Guided Visualization? 

Similar to guided meditations, our guided visualizations are audio-based training sessions that guide you through a practice run of each week’s event utilizing your own mental imagery.