The Banded Deadlift
Videos by Hunter Britt

If you subscribe to our online Strength Program with Coach Hunter Britt, then you’ve likely had exposure to the banded deadlift which is used in the program frequently as accessory work for the posterior chain. If you haven’t been exposed to this ‘accommodating resistance’ movement, time to check it out!

But first you need some supplies. Follow Hunter to Home Depot to learn what you need to buy, where to look in the store and how much pocket change it should cost you.

Now that you have your supplies, let’s learn how to set up your banded deadlifts depending on the equipment you have available. You’ll also learn how to figure out bar Weight and band tension since your program will prescribe you both.

Finally, when using accommodating resistance, like banded deadlifts, it’s important to know WHY you are using it. Normally they are prescribed to help increase speed off the floor and explosiveness through the finish. And that tiny bit of tension provided by the band makes the weight proportionally heavier throughout the movement. Coach Hunter explains more about his why for programming them and what it should feel like to complete reps of banded deadlifts.

If you’re not currently a part of our 8-Week Strength Program, don’t worry! There’s still time for you to join our next cycle which starts April 1st!

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