Drill to find Rhythm & Efficiency on Shoulder-to-Overhead
Video by Nichole Kribs

When you’re repping out shoulder-to-overhead as quickly possible, the slightest movement, need to adjust, or mistake can throw you out of line and off balance making your reps slower, less efficient, or not not up to movement standards if you don’t properly finish then in the overhead position.

Oftentimes we see athletes struggle to find the timing with finishing the rep and then quickly resetting to receive the next rep in a fast, yet smooth, manner without either losing control, or not meeting the movement standard. They end up shorting the overhead finish position in an attempt to move faster through the movement. Usually this is not caused by lack of desire to uphold the standards. Their timing and rhythm is just off a bit.

Watch as Invictus Masters Coach, Nichole Kribs, explains a drill that she likes to give her athletes to slow down the movement so they are able to find their rhythm and efficiency. As they get more comfortable with the drill, she has them pick up the pace and eventually practice sets at competition speed.

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