Try This Simple Drill to Feel the Proper Mid-Foot Drive in Olympic Lifting
Video by Ricky Moore

Having trouble finding that mid-foot position when driving from the floor in your Olympic lifts? Lifters of all levels find themselves either shifting too far towards their toes or their heels while pulling from the floor, starting their lift off on the wrong foot. This drill helps you cue yourself to press through the mid-foot, keeping your weight centered so that you can apply the proper force while staying in position. Try it as a part of your warm-up before your next lifting session.

From Lawyer to Gladiator – the Story of Gracie Tafoya
Interview by Bryce Smith

Editor’s Note: Gracie was one of our stellar Members of the Month in September and we have been so impressed with her hard work and accomplishments that we wanted to share her story to inspire others. Gracie is not only hilarious and fun to be around she is also the pinnacle of hard work and inspires everyone she spends time with. Congratulations, Gracie, on all of your trips to PR City!

How have your training sessions impacted your fitness physically,

Handstand Walk Progressions
Video by Travis Ewart

Handstand walking can be a fun and impressive skill to master. Many athletes work for years to develop the skill, and yet still have not mastered it. When you are a novice handstand walker and see that handstand walks are programmed in your workout, it can be frustrating (and sometimes embarrassing) to try to figure out the skill on the fly with time ticking down.

At Invictus Gymnastics we aim to point you toward PR City with skills such as the handstand walk. In our video you will learn some progressions that are relatively safe and challenging,

Your 2 New Favorite Grip Stretches
Video by Michele Vieux

You may or may not know that this month’s National Fitness Holiday is Outrageous Grip October but I’m certain you all know the feeling of those days when your forearms are blown up and your grip is shot. With all the barbell, pull-up and other grip work we do in the gym, it’s a wonder we can get in a good front rack position or even open our hands some days.

In this video, Coach Michele shows you her two favorite stretches for the grip and forearms.

Today starts the next 11-Week Invictus Endurance Cycle. This online program gives you three workouts weekly to get you running faster and more efficiently, while increasing your endurance capacity – your ‘engine.’

Invictus Endurance will now have an active Facebook group for all subscribers. This is where you can ask questions directly to Coach Nuno Costa, and post videos or photos for form review.

Each training day will have options for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. So no matter what level you are at, you will be able to complete the training session.