Choosing a Strap Length to Make the Most of Muscle-Ups
Written by Travis Ewart

Strap length really does make a difference in the performance of ring swings, thus the muscle-up. Use this as a general guide to take into consideration at your gym to make the most out of you efforts on rings. Bear in mind that an athlete’s proportions do play a factor in how swings and muscle-ups behave.

Long Straps
These allow for a longer and smoother swing with less immediate tension at the bottom of the swing.

Easy Roasted Veggies
Recipe by Kaitlyn Kassis

I like to think I eat pretty healthy. I eat quality proteins, carbs, fats and stay away from processed foods for the most part. However, I find myself struggling to get enough nutrient-dense, green veggies in my diet.

Most days, the last thing I want to do after a long day of training and work, is make steamed, mushy (disgusting) broccoli. And there is absolutely no way I am eating it raw! For those of you that eat steamed or raw veggies, I commend you.

For those of you in my same boat,

Rowing Machine Foot Adjustments to Improve Your Workouts
Video by Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing

How should you be setting your foot stretchers for your rowing machines and how should you be using transitions to save you time in your CrossFit or HIIT workouts? I’ve played with lots of settings on the rower before and discovered the best setting for 95% of people using the machines. Also, the quick release is how we help you get on and off the Concept2 quickly when you’re in the middle of a fitness-based workout. Trust me…just use it.

Help Others Succeed and You Will Too
Written by Bryce Smith

Congratulations to Mr. Ryan Tucker on being Member of the Month. Ryan is the epitome of selflessness and truly lives his life the right way. He lives with so much gratitude and always comes into the gym with a smile. He is incredibly friendly during group sessions and always makes an effort to ensure that newer members are comfortable and safe. Between the gym walls, Ryan is always pushing himself to the limit while helping to pull others out of their comfort zones. His efforts in the gym are phenomenal,

Tips & Tricks for Avoiding Shoulder Fatigue During Wall Ball Shots
Videos by Nichole Kribs

Have you ever experienced shoulder fatigue during wall ball shots? I know, this sounds like an oxymoron but if you train with Invictus, you know we do a lot of work to get our athletes legs strong so that means, when it comes to wall ball shots, high reps can often mean shoulder fatigue sets in before leg fatigue.

Oftentimes, shoulder fatigue sets in when an athlete holds their arms overhead after they release the medicine ball. With a high rep wall ball workout,