It’s How You Play Your Hand
Written by Invictus Member Rachel Ragosa

You may recognize Tasha as the woman walking around the gym, always smiling. In the last five months, Tasha has made a big impact on the Invictus community. Despite facing significant challenges throughout her life, she continues to retain an admirable positive attitude. No matter what difficulty you are facing, Tasha’s advice and unrelenting drive will no doubt inspire you.

Sometimes life has a way of completely turning your world upside down. A single moment in time changes your life forever.

How Can I Strengthen My False Grip? 
Written by Cat Blatner

Many athletes struggle holding their false grip when they initially start learning how to do muscle ups. This can be a very frustrating position to be in as it can often feel uncomfortable if not used to the grip. So, here are a few tips to help strengthen that false grip position and get you more comfortable with it.

Kettlebell False Grip Carry

Working with Kettlebells can be a great way to increase your time in a false grip position.

Muscle Contraction and a Really Cool Protein Called Myosin
Written by Invictus Member Dr. Irene Tobias

Have you ever wondered what powers your muscles at the molecular level and is the source of all voluntary movement and force production in your body? A really cool protein known as myosin ultimately drives all of our power – here is a basic description on how it is thought to work!

What is myosin?

Myosin is one of the most fascinating molecules in our bodies. It’s the protein complex that’s principally responsible for muscle contraction.

Your Rotator Cuff Is Not A Cuff
Written by Calvin Sun

There’s no shortage of misconceptions and misinformation in the realm of health, fitness, and nutrition. One of the most common anatomical misconceptions, for both the layperson and the novice coach, is regarding the famed rotator cuff. I often hear complaints about rotator cuff pain despite the pain being in an anatomically implausible location or self-diagnosed rotator cuff “tears” that miraculously heal in a few days. Most people have no idea what or where their rotator cuff is, nor its actual function. In today’s post,

Become a Green Machine with Liquid Chlorophyll
Written By Bryce Smith

Here at Invictus, we are very fortunate to be a part of the Sea of Green! What better way to enhance our greenness than by adding chlorophyll in to our diet?!

Chlorophyll (More like Boraphyll…)

Chlorophyll is the green pigment or coloring found in almost all plants and algae and is a natural, fat soluble molecule which allows them to convert light into energy. It is known as the blood of plants and acts like hemoglobin does in humans.