Breathe, Settle (not in life), Jerk
Written by Sage Burgener

In my opinion, the jerk is the most under appreciated lift in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. Let it be known that this is entirely because I’ve always been great at them.

As much as I love jerks, I can understand why people may not agree. We spend a lot of time in our squat stance and whether we jump into that squat stance or not, it’s a very comfortable, strong position for most people. Where as the split stance position is often foreign and uncomfortable –

You Must First Know Yourself in Order to be Your Best Self
Written by Samie Acevedo

Be yourself. Be the best version of you. Don’t compare yourself to others.

We are constantly being told to practice this mindset. We constantly spew this philosophy to others. Like it is some new revolutionary idea. Like it’s a magic pill. Two doses a day, taken with food. That will fix it.

That will fix the burning itching sensation of comparison on your skin. It will cure the ulcer of self-loathing. It will clear our lungs from pressure,

The Kettlebell Snatch in 4 Simple Steps
Video by Melissa Hurley

If you can only own one piece of equipment, the votes are piling up for the kettlebell which is probably the biggest bang you can get for your buck as it gives you the opportunity to perform weightlifting, conditioning and also supplemental work.

In this video, Coach Melissa demonstrates four simple steps to properly execute the kettlebell snatch, a movement that is great for training not only explosive hip power but also the midline, anti-rotation and shoulder stability. You can easily incorporate these into your Invictus workouts by subbing them in for dumbbell ground to overhead,

Discovering A.R.T. for Recovery
Interview with Jonathan Pierce (founder of Kinetik) by Jean Thorson

When something doesn’t feel right in our bodies, we have a few options: 1) Ignore it and hope it will just go away with time; 2) Just live with the pain; or 3) Seek help (because after 6 months it didn’t go away and you’re not ready to live with the pain).

I am guilty of the first option and refuse to live with the pain. I have seeked help with several forms of body treatment (massage,

How to Revive Your New Year’s Motivation
Written by Invictus Member Rachel Ragosa

Did you know that a vast majority of people who have made a New Year’s resolution have already given up? Making the right nutrition choices and getting to the gym may feel just a bit harder than it did January 1st, but pushing through is critical. Here are a few ways to kick yourself into gear and revive that motivation that was so prevalent at the start of the year.

Push Through Until It Is a Habit
Research shows that it takes 21 days,