Volume or Intensity?
Written by Invictus Athlete Josh Littauer

As a CrossFit coach, I have been approached several times recently by athletes with the question,“What else can I add in on top of my normal CrossFit class?” or “Can you make up extra stuff for me to do outside of the gym so I can get more work in?” These questions are raising an interesting topic that will take us back to the original intent of CrossFit.

The Current Trend – Desire to Increase Volume

There seems to be a trend happening in CrossFit boxes around the country and among many CrossFit athletes that an increase in volume will expedite the fitness process.

Invictus is Hiring! 
Written by C.J. Martin

Invictus is looking to hire talented, motivated and energetic individuals to help us fill our team and ensure that we attain our mission of delivering to our members the best possible health and fitness experience!

We are looking to hire for the following positions:

  • Full-Time Fitness Coach
  • Full-Time Member Services Representative
  • Part-Time Member Services Representative

All full-time members of the Invictus team are eligible for group health insurance coverage.

If you are interested in joining an amazing family of employees and community of members,

8 Ways To Start Your Day Off Stress-Free
Written by Nichole DeHart-Kribs

For many of us, the mornings can be fraught with stress. From the alarm clock literally alarming us into consciousness to skipping breakfast to ensure we have enough time to get ready to be on time to work; the mornings just aren’t friends to some of us. But, even if we have a tight schedule and a busy day ahead of us, there are ways to reduce these stressful mornings and start our day off with success. Read below for eight tips that have helped me to start the day off stress-free.

The Ultimate Tool for Going Faster While Doing Less on the Rowing Machine
Written by Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing

Work smarter, not harder. No doubt you’ve been told this throughout your life.

We’re going to cover the one thing you can do to go faster on the rowing machine while spending less energy doing it.

Win meet win.

Whether you agree or disagree with the above quote as a euphemism for your work life. It’s a homerun when it comes to rowing.

That’s because the Concept2 rowing machine is built to be unbeatable.

Get Outside for Many Amazing Benefits
Written By Bryce Smith

One of my favorite mantras is to “get outside of the box.” So many people live inside of a box and limit their potential because they are stuck in the comfort bubble and never look or go outside. This can range from staying in one area where your perception is limited, or literally staying inside instead of going outside. From years of observation, the main thing missing from most modern day training programs is people taking their training outside. Spending at least one day engaging in outdoor activities has so many amazing benefits and the change of scenery helps to refresh athletes for the following day or week.