🏋️‍♀️Mindset: OWN your PR🏋️‍♀️ Be proud of your progress & OWN your effort. Everyone’s technique breaks down at some point- The goal should be to increase the weight at which it happens at. How else would you find your limit if you don’t ever test it? Don’t chase perfection at the expense of progress! #OwnYourEffort

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Don’t Chase Perfection at the Expense of Progress
Written by Jared Enderton

“I hit a 5lb PR today,

At-Home Workouts for Everyone
Written by Nichole Kribs

Ever felt too busy to make it to the gym (#understatementoftheyear)? My guess is that we ALL have, at one point, felt like or literally have been too busy to make it to the gym. Sometimes our busy is our own perceived ‘busy’ and we are choosing not to prioritize the gym and other times we literally cannot make it to the gym. On the days when making it to the gym seems like a long shot, don’t give up altogether on the notion of exercising.

Advanced Drills to Up Your Double-Unders
Video by Nuno Costa
(Originally Published December 18, 2016)

This video covers three “advanced” drills for improving double-unders whether you are still trying for your first or if you’re fine-tuning your toe-tapping. This set of drills uses techniques for establishing your jumping rhythm, practicing the rope rotation as well as setting yourself up for a steady jump.


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Hand Placement for Bar Muscle-Ups
Video by Hunter Britt

Your hand placement can be a huge factor in whether or not you are able to transition your elbows over the bar on bar muscle-ups. Check out this video to determine if your grip is too low in the hand and putting your wrist into a weak position in the turnover.


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Advanced Drills to Up Your Double-Unders
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