The Benefits of Adding Meditation to Your Exercise Routine
Written by Invictus Member Rachel Ragosa

It has been established that exercise is fantastic for your mental well-being in addition to the obvious benefits to your physical health. However, could you be getting more out of your workouts by simply adding daily meditation sessions? The experts say, “Yes!” There has been more research in the past few years on meditation, mindfulness, and well-being and the conclusions are nothing short of amazing.

Meditation and Exercise Reduces Acute Respiratory Illness Incidence & Severity

A study published in the 2012 Journal of Annals of Family Medicine sought to explore the preventive impact of meditation or exercise on the incidence,

Deadlift 101: The Set-Up
Video by Hunter Britt

Do you struggle with the set-up of the deadlift? Perhaps you are someone who never feels your hamstrings engaged when you start to deadlift. Maybe you have trouble replicating the same strength in your pull off the ground every time? Or, perhaps you are someone who’s clean and deadlift set-up look exactly the same. If this is the case, then watch the video above on how to properly set up for the deadlift.

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Get Some Good Vibes Into Your Life
Written by Holden Rethwill

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or not, we all go through phases where we just don’t feel up to putting the work in. Sometimes the everyday grind can be a little overwhelming and you just need a reset. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just your body telling you hey I need a break.

Knowing from experience, the stubbornness in us more often than not takes over and we don’t allow ourselves that reset for fear of losing a step or getting behind.

The Importance of PEDs For Athletes
Written by Calvin Sun

“Simple disciplines repeated over time will create success. Simple mistakes repeated over time will create failure.” – Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge

The Roman Empire wasn’t built in a day, nor did it fall in a day. In the book “The Slight Edge”, author Jeff Olson discusses how small but consistent actions and habits add up over time. Success, nor failure, ever happens overnight. If an athlete cuts corners in their training and their coach allows them to consistently make small mistakes,

What’s the Difference Between Kipping and Butterfly Pull-ups?
Written by Kirsten Ahrendt

I have a lot of athletes ask to learn “how to butterfly” their pull-ups. I find it helpful if people understand the basic positions that they’re moving through dynamically.

First Off…They’re Built the Same!

A big issue I see when people go to butterfly, is that they view it as an entirely different movement from regular kipping pull-ups. In reality, these two kipping styles are built on the same two foundational positions – hollow and arch. It’s the movement rhythm that changes when executing the two styles.