The Secret to Maintaining Your Health During Travel
Written by Jackie Mulligan

Travel can disrupt our healthy lifestyles in more way than one: from increased stress and disrupted sleep to limited food options and more time sitting. Sometimes it feels like a week away can undo all the good progress we’ve been making. Let’s not let travel be a reason for us to deviate from our health goals. How? After years of traveling cross-country to see family and across the world for my job, I am sharing my best travel tips to keep you healthy,

Working Out For Reward vs Punishment
Written by Arielle Bloom

When you think of burpees, one of two thoughts can pop into your head- “Yay Burpees!” or “Oh no! Burpees.” My guess is that for most of us, the latter is a much more popular response. Why is that? Are burpees really that bad, or is it just that we associate burpees with pain, torture, and misery? As CrossFitters, we are accustomed to burpees popping up in some form several times throughout the week in workouts. However in many sports, burpees are used as a form of punishment,

Tips for Two Types of Kipping Handstand Push-Ups
Video by Hunter Britt

Having trouble transitioning between a short kip to a larger kip? Check out Hunter Britt’s coaching tips for two different types of kipping handstand push-ups and see how you can best incorporate them in a workout that requires this skilled movement.

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How to Approach a Workout

Movement Prep for CrossFit Open 17.4
Video by Michael Tancini

Please check out our friend, and newly minted Physical Therapist Michael Tancini’s Movement Prep Notes for 17.4

Assault Bike or Row x 8-10 minutes at a light, conversational pace

and then …

Spend the next 10 minutes focusing on specific mobility restrictions suggested in the video, to include some of the following:
Banded Hamstring Floss
Banded Pec Stretch
Ankle Floss
T-Spine Opener
Single-Arm Hang from Bar x 30 seconds each arm

and then …