Quality Before Intensity
Written by Holden Rethwill

Thanks to social media accounts, we live in a time where the fitness industry, especially CrossFit, is centered around intensity and volume. Now don’t get me wrong, when applied correctly, this is the ticket to becoming that next level athlete. But for 99% of us, this doesn’t need to be our primary concern.

Whatever happened to mastering the basics?

I remember when I first started doing CrossFit, it was regular practice to drill over and over and over on basic movements. Ranging from gymnastics to the Olympic lifts,

Soccer Kick Drill for a More Efficient Muscle-Up Swing
Video by Ricky Moore

Losing momentum on your muscle-up swing? Or do you find that your feet are out of place when you attempt or make a rep? It’s probably in your kick. Try this drill – where you pretend to kick a soccer ball in front of you – to help cue yourself to whip those legs forward while holding a hollow body position in your attempts. It will certainly make you a more efficient muscle-upper!

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Meet Jenna Pinkham – Our Downtown Member of the Month for October!
Video by Michele Vieux

Jenna brings energy, humor, and hard work to our morning group sessions. She has grown and shrunk drastically in her year with us at Invictus. Jenna started in our 6-Week New You program and has lost over 13 inches. She has improved her quality of movement, gained strength and has found a place to release her competitive nature. You can find Jenna in the mornings, making faces, busting out some dance moves, and crushing us all on the rower.

Toes-to-Bar Mount
Video by Travis Ewart

How hard are toes-to-bar? Well, it depends on how difficult you make them…

At Invictus Gymnastics we have seen so many great athletes struggle on many gymnastics movements in the gym and competition, and toes-to-bar is no exception. Difficulty of the toes-to-bar can escalate quickly if your body is swinging in a rhythm that isn’t supported by physics and balance, but rather raw strength. Though we may pride ourselves on how strong we are, there is no reasonable excuse for doing things the harder way when trying to complete a speedy task.

How to Get Over Your Fear of Walking into a New Gym
Written by Invictus Member Rachel Ragosa

Imagine your very first day of school. While you may not remember the exact details, I’m sure you may recall feelings of anxiety, fear, along with a lot of excitement. For those who are just starting their fitness journey, walking into a gym may elicit a lot of those same feelings. It takes a lot of courage for many to walk into a typical gym, let alone a gym like Invictus. If you have been telling yourself that you would stop in to “check it out” but haven’t been in yet out of fear or apprehension,