Invictus is Hiring! 
Written by C.J. Martin

Do you know of a great coach who might be interested in working with an incredible community in San Diego, California?

Invictus is looking to hire a full-time, professional fitness coach to help us fill our coaching team.

The ideal candidate will be motivated, energetic and passionate about helping others. They should also be committed to continuing education, and prepared to demonstrate their commitment to learning and honing their craft. Candidates should have at least one year of coaching or relevant experience.

Congratulations to Our Member of the Month – Dave Cromier!

Dave has been a member exactly one year and has progressed massively as a CrossFitter and an athlete. He is very hardworking and continues to prioritize mobility and Olympic lifting to be the best competitor he can be. He has come through ranks starting from the Performance and Oly Classes and now is a great part of the family in the Sorrento Valley Comp class. He always informs us when he is not going to able to make it to the gym and always is accountable for everything he does.

Muscle-Up Transition Drills
Videos by Travis Ewart

Are you working on getting your first muscle-up? Don’t know what to do when muscle-ups come up in your gymnastics skill session? Trying to perfect your muscle-up technique? If you answered yes to any of these questions then these drills are for you! Just like anything else in the gym and sport, technique plays a huge role in not only getting your first muscle-up, but also in making them as smooth and efficient as as possible.

Below, we have four muscle-up transition drills to help you get from under the rings to above the rings.

Basic Knife Skills: Chopping an Onion
Video by TJ O’Brien

“Refine the basics!” You’ve probably heard this once or twice in the gym, and now we’re taking that philosophy to the kitchen. Chopping an onion is like the air squat of kitchen skills. It will be the first thing you are assigned when you start at the bottom rung in any kitchen, and like an air squat, it will reveal compensations you’ve been making in your more advanced movements. The onion is a placeholder for almost any vegetable, the same technique will apply to any round/cylindrical veggies too.

Over-Under Hip Opener
Video by Nichole Kribs

We love this drill – borrowed from Eric Cressey – because it focuses on much-needed hip mobility, includes unloaded spinal flexion, and it truly is a catch-all drill to get the entire body integrated in a mobility challenge! This is great for coaches to add into group training warm-ups and individuals training alone should give it a try if they are looking for a little something different to prep for squat day.

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