Creating Mind-Body Connection for Shoulder Rotation
Video by Nick Hawkes

It is important that we create a mind-body connection in movement so that we know what we should be focusing on in each part of whatever movement we are doing and also to insure that our joints are properly functioning to avoid injury. For example, being able to disassociate the shoulder blade from the shoulder joint ensures proper function of that joint and keeps us safe and strong in movements like muscle-ups, which require internal rotation.

What we often see is improper coupling with the shoulder blade and the joint itself when we go into internal rotation. Many athletes can’t move the shoulder into internal rotation without scapular elevation which is a major problem as it puts the shoulder in a funky position and can lead to injury down the road.

The good news is that this issue is correctable, often with awareness and practice. Follow along in this video as Coach Nick discusses how to identify if you have this coupling issue and how you can learn how move each part of the shoulder joint independently of the others. For more videos like this, check out the Invictus YouTube channel.

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