Pro Tips: Bar Set-Up for Bar Muscle-Ups
Written by Travis Ewart

It is extremely important for the sake of your health and confidence that you know you are using safe and predictable equipment so you can focus on your Bar Muscle-Ups with all of your attention.

How to Set Up Your Bar for Bar Muscle-Ups

Make sure the bar you plan to use for bar muscle-ups can withstand pressure pulling downward, forward and backward without any give in any direction. If you are utilizing a freestanding bar it is necessary to load weight on the base of the bar to avoid any potential tipping or sliding of the equipment.

Bar Height and Mounting Surface

The bar muscle-up will undoubtedly need a suitable bar and space around the bar to perform the work. As bar heights can vary, it may be necessary to have a safe and sturdy platform to jump from. An appropriate bar height to start with while standing on the floor or a platform you will be jumping from, you can barely reach the bar when you stand on your toes.

Space Around Bar 

Ideally, you should have a bar that has ample amount of space on both the front, back and top sides of the bar. At least one side of the bar should be completely free of obstacles at least one full body’s length from the vertical plane of the bar.

To test if you have enough space on the opposite side of the bar, stand on a raised platform with shoulders at equal height to the bar and, while gripping the bar, attempt to reach your head toward the nearest wall behind you. You should NOT be able to make contact with your head on that side of the bar.

Space Above Bar

In order to be able to complete the kipping bar muscle-up, you will also need enough height above the bar to avoid hitting your head on the ceiling, crossmember of the rig, or anything else that is above the bar. To test this, use a safe and secure surface or ladder to hold yourself up on the bar in full support. If your head can make contact with any object or surface, you must find an appropriate bar to use.

If this is the first time you have ever been on top of a bar this high off the floor, this may be scary and should be avoided. Instead of putting your body up on the bar, measure the distance from your fingertips to the top of your head. Take that measurement and measure up from the bar toward the ceiling or object above the bar. If the distance from the bar to the ceiling is greater than the distance from your fingertips to the top of your head, then you are safe to proceed with this bar providing all other previous requirements have been met. If the distance from the bar to the ceiling is less than the distance from your fingertips to the top of your head, you must resolve the problem by lowering the bar or finding another option. Please keep in mind that if you lower the bar then it will become closer to the floor, and that will change the height you checked under the heading “Bar Height and Mounting Surface”. Make any necessary adjustments.

Bar Muscle-Ups

There you have it! You are all set to start working on your bar muscle-ups! We appreciate you trusting in our expertise, and with many years of experience with all levels of athletes, we we have put together a comprehensive program for you to learn your first bar muscle-up! Coming soon so stay tuned for more information on this online program…

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