Athlete Riley Estrada performs a ring muscle up

2024 Season: Final Phase Cycle for Invictus Athlete and Invictus Masters

  Written by Holden Rethwill  Invictus Athlete Introducing the final phase of our 2024 season.…

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QF workout checklists
CrossFit Open, strategy

Avoid Costly Penalties in CrossFit Individual Quarterfinals With The Invictus Checklists

Avoid Costly Penalties in Individual and Age Group Individual Quarterfinals With These Checklists  Written by Kelly Sekulovski and Chandler Smith  Individual and Age Group Quarterfinals…

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Emily Rethwill snatching at the 2024 Miami Wodapalooza
Olympic Lifting, weightlifting

How to Make Better Bar Body Contact for Snatches

  Written by Jared Enderton  Making contact with your body is imperative for successful Olympic lifts, especially…

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Coach Holden judging team athletes during Quarterfinals
CrossFit Open, Recovery, strategy

5 CrossFit Quarterfinals Tips

  Written by Kelly Sekulovski  Individual Quarterfinals and AGOQ begin on Wednesday 4/17, and this year we will see more athletes take…

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Strong for Life program at Invictus Seattle
community, success stories

Invictus Seattle is Strong For Life

Written by Theresa James Strong For Life was born from a desire to help our local aging community embrace…

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Team Unvexed 2024
CrossFit Open, community

The Sea of Green Is Coming To Carson

  Written by Kelly Sekulovski  Team quarterfinals wrapped up on Monday April 8th, and all four Invictus teams…

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Coach Fritz coaching OLY class
Olympic Lifting, weightlifting

The Most Common Olympic Weightlifting Mistake

  Written by Jared Enderton  Have you ever wondered what is, and how to…

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Invictus athlete biking
CrossFit Open, strategy

First Time Doing CrossFit Quarterfinals?

  Written by Kelly Sekulovski  If you received your official email invitation from CrossFit, then congratulations on qualifying for Quarterfinals! That…

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Female Invictus athlete pulling the barbell from the floor
Olympic Lifting, weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting Tip: Set Your Upper Back

Written by Jared Enderton  Do you struggle with stability in the catch of your snatches and/or cleans? What…

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Someone looking at a mountain through an eye glass and just being curious!
Thought Provoking, mindset

Following Curiosity

Written by: Fritz Nugent Backstory I wrote an email to someone in my tribe yesterday. She had mentioned that a large factor in…

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Athlete doing a pull-up

Learn Butterfly Chest-to-Bars After Mastering Kipping Chest-To-Bars

Written By Travis Ewart, Invictus Gymnastics Coach Kipping and Butterfly Chest-To-Bar (C2B) Pull-Ups are very closely related, though…

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Invictus Athlete in the starting position of the snatch
Olympic Lifting, weightlifting

Snatch Grip Starting Position

Written by Jared Enderton Let me ask you a few questions: When you pull the barbell from the floor to start…

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Invictus athlete rowing during 24.2 at Invictus San Diego

The Invictus Cardio Machine Conversion Chart

  Written by Nichole Kribs We’ve all been there: you look at the workout for the day, and wonder…

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24.3 Announcement Graphic
CrossFit Open

CrossFit Open 24.3 Strategy and Tips

The grand finale of the open, 24.3, has been announced! Keep checking back on this article as we update…

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Emily Rethwill doing a thruster at the Miami WZA 2024
CrossFit Open, exercises, weightlifting

Tips & Tricks for More Efficient Thrusters

Tips & Tricks for More Efficient Thrusters Written by The Invictus Athlete Team We couldn’t make it out of the 2024 CrossFit Open without some…

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