Angela of CrossFit Invictus San Diego

As the Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good Challenge comes to a close I found myself contemplating the true meaning of a statement I made to one of the fabulous ladies in the 9:30 group. She asked how the contest was going and I replied, “Good, I just can‘t wait until it is over.”

It was the “I can’t wait until it’s over” part that had me thinking (talking to myself actually, but for those of you who know me this shouldn’t come as a surprise). What did I mean when I said that? Am I going to start buying bread and eating large quantities of pasta with Alfredo sauce? Am I going to stop working hard at Invictus, or stop doing workouts altogether and spend more time droning endlessly on a treadmill at the traditional gym? Am I going to stop reading the Crossfit Journal and the Paleolithic Solution and read Twilight again (yes, I said again)?

HELL NO! This contest is only the beginning. This was the start of a change of lifestyle, not a temporary challenge or a diet, but a true change. I have battled with my weight all my life and have lived with mountains of self-imposed guilt when I ate anything that I perceived would put more weight on my already overweight five foot one inch body. I went through cycles of fitness, working out for a few days and then stopping for a few days, weeks, even months. Counting calories, under eating, over eating and fad diets, you name it I tried it. You get the idea, lots of unproductive, unhealthy cycles of chaos in this part of my life. This Challenge and my almost year-long education at Invictus have truly changed my world view when it comes to nutrition, exercise and overall health. I feel better and stronger, both physically and mentally. Cheat days are just that, a day or a meal and no-longer come with guilt. I find myself sharing what I have learned with anyone who will listen, and have recently used this information to help my mom start down the Paleo path.

So, does it end on March 23, 2010? Nope, it continues – more workouts, lean meats, fresh veggies, nuts and seeds. Most significantly, more continuing education from the coaches at Invictus, who have helped bring peace and understanding to this portion of my life. So, I am up to continue the challenge, because I want to Look Good, Feel Good and Play Good for the rest of my life.

Anybody care to join me?