Three sets of:
Double-Under, Practice or Single Under x 30 seconds
Inchworm x 3 reps
Single Arm Dumbbell Push Press x 5 reps, followed by
Dumbbell Waiter’s Carry x 50 feet
*perform single arm push-press … Read More

Three sets of:
2 Minute Machine Warm Up
10-15 Dumbbell Hammer Curl + Overhead Press
30 Second Overhead Dumbbell Carry
50 Foot Walking Lunge
30 Second Squat Hold


In teams of two, complete eight … Read More

One set of:
Row x 500m
Bodyweight Walking Lunge x 20 steps
Assault Bike x 2 minutes
Dive Bomber Push-Up x 10 reps

Two sets of:
Kettlebell Waiter’s Carry x 50ft per arm
Kettlebell Goblet … Read More

One set of:
Assault Bike x 3 minutes, nasal breathing only

One to two sets of:
“Weight Plate Squat Warm-up”
Heels-elevated T-Spine Rotations x 3 per side
Heels-elevated Flex and Extend x 3
Front Foot … Read More

Two sets of:
Run x 200m
Hanging Knee Raise Hold x 30 seconds
Kettlebell Goblet Squat Hold x 30 seconds

Two sets of:
Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Reverse Lunge x 8 reps, alternating
Dumbbell Kang Squat … Read More