“Hip Height” in Olympic Lifting
Written by Jared Enderton

Ever been told that your hips are rising too fast in the pull of your Snatch or Clean? Or that you need to keep your chest up more? Often times athletes START with their shoulders too far in front of the bar – which causes most of their bodyweight to be forward. So once the bar is lifted, both our bodyweight is pulled forward and the bar is in front of us. AKA too much weight is FORWARD – which causes our hips to rise faster than the shoulders.

Here’s how to fix it!

Step 1 is to make sure you are starting with your shoulders as close to on top of the bar as possible. This is a huge step in ensuring that the balance of weight between your bodyweight and the barbell weight is more even off the ground, rather than shifted forward.

After coaching weightlifting for over a decade, I would say that most athletes tend to be too far forward (shoulders too far in front of the bar) rather than too far backwards in the start. I would recommend filming your lifts from a side angle to see where your shoulders are in relation to the barbell. Changing this one little thing can change the entire feel of the lift (in a good way) – because the combined center of mass between you and the barbell will be more shifted in your favor from the start!

There are more tips for your start position in this video, but, we wanted to just focus on your shoulder position for this post! For more tips from Jared, including video review of your lifts, join the Invictus Weightlifting Program online! A new cycle starts March 21st!

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