FAQ about Cannabidiol (CBD)
Video by Michele Vieux

In this video, Coach Michele answers the ten most common questions we received from followers on social media after her first two posts in this series – CBD: Great Green Hope or Hype?, which highlights how CBD can be used to treat a variety of issues, and Because of CBD I Hiked a Mountain, Michele’s personal journey with pain management.

Timeline by Topic of Question

1:00 – Is CBD legal?

2:20 – Is CBD a banned substance for athletes?

3:44 – Will I fail a drug test for using CBD?

4:38 – What’s the best way to take CBD? (Available Products)

8:06 – What is the optimal dosage of CBD?

8:49 – What should one look for when choosing a CBD-rich product? (Label Reading)

10:50 – Does CBD have any adverse side effects? What about drug interactions?

11:35 – Where may I purchase CBD products?

12:27 – Is there a difference between CBD derived from hemp and CBD derived from cannabis?

14:20 – Will I have the chance to vote on marijuana laws in the November 2016 election?

Project CBD
U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Marijuana FAQ
Drug Policy Alliance


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