Workout of the Day
Five sets of:
90 seconds of Rowing (for Calories)
30 seconds of Rest
90 seconds of KB Swings (for max reps)
30 seconds of Rest
90 seconds of Double-Unders (for max reps)
30 seconds of Rest
90 seconds of Front Leaning Rest on Rings
(keep torso rigid and scaps retracted)
30 seconds of Rest

Sage B of Invictus Fitness Olympic Lifting
As some of you know, Sage is recovering from mono. Please send her well-wishes in comments to let her know you miss her and look forward to seeing her back at full health very soon.

Olympic Lifting Footwork
Written by Sage Burgener

I think I have a history of writing blabbery blog posts that leave people frantically clicking the exit button out of fear of becoming more and more confused about Olympic lifting.  For this post, I pinky promise to make it short and sweet.

Lets talk footwork.

Everyone knows that getting under a barbell is scary stuff.  We don’t trust our overhead squat and we don’t trust our front squat, so, we shy away from receiving heavy weight in those two positions…aka receiving a snatch or clean.  That hesitation causes one of the MOST common technical mistakes I see in the Olympic lifts: people throwing their feet out wide.

No one ever said that the fastest way to a pretty snatch or clean was through a wide stance. So, why do we do it?? We try to get depth by jumping our feet out into a quarter split position instead of landing in our squat stance.  And why do we do that?!!? Because we all have commitment issues.

Now, I’m not going to get into the many ways Olympic weightlifting can reveal things about you and your relationships because that would take away from me psychoanalyzing athletes through their technique.  However, I am going to tell you how to fix your footwork problems.

If you are one of the many lifters who land wider in the snatch and clean (by wider I mean wider than your back squat/front squat stance) you need to use cones when practicing the Olympic lifts.  In the back of the gym, we have orange cones by the foam rollers.  Take two orange cones, line your feet up in your squat stance, and place the cones outside your feet.  Now that the cones are set, reset your stance with your feet right under your hips in preparation to snatch or clean. When you have completed the movement, look down and see where your feet are in relation to the cones.  Having the visual can do wonders for a lifter, and will most likely solve your problem if you practice enough.

If the cones don’t solve the problem, small children and baby animals have proven to be even more effective.

  • Bon Qui Qui

    Feel better china doll. Hoping you have a speedy recovery. The gym isn’t quite the same without you there. Miss you!

  • Calvin

    If you guys have ever seen Sage dance, you’ll know that she is an EXPERT when it comes to footwork. Great post Sage! Please feel better soon.

  • cp

    Hope your feeling better soon. I’d even do burpees if I thought it make you better faster!! Miss you!!

  • Dre

    Get better sista, don’t be surprised if show up bearing chicken soup. Stay Sassy Sage.

  • Cynthia

    I am in a rage
    Because there ain’t no Sage
    She makes Oly lifting fun
    She is sweet and gooey like a cinnamon bun

    Mono is a nasty disease
    But Sage will knock it to its knees
    We miss her very much at Invictus
    I think I’ll go eat a banana

    (Maya Angelou 2011)

    • Dani

      Cynthia, you are rad.

    • Jen H

      You crack me up!

  • sean

    great pointers!

    get well soon!

  • Drew

    Feel beter Sage-ski, even with mono you were more sassy and fired up than 99.9 of the world!

  • Hollywood

    The gym has been so… quite the past couple of days. Plus everyone has worm the SAME color socks… go figure!

    I do miss your smiling face and your LOUD personality. Get Well Soon Sage!

  • Lars

    Not cool Sage…there you go again not even paying attention!!

    Hurry up and get better…being sick=lame!!

  • Dani

    Sage, sending you sassy strength for a speedy recovery. Thinking of you girl!

  • Jen H

    Feel better Sage!

  • Patrice

    Sage, we miss you!!! Get better really fast!

  • Price

    Show that mono who’s boss! Sending lots of healthy vibes your way! Hope to see you rockin’ the Ferg in the gym very soon.

  • sage

    Wow.. I really LOVE my invictus family. Miss everyone terribly.

  • Lindsey J (east coast CFI member)

    Feel better Sage!!! Looking forward to more brilliant posts like that one!!! 🙂

  • Amber B

    Definitely miss having ya there, it is so quite and no dance offs haha but get better and if you do need anything please let me know 🙂

  • Tim

    I am definitely guilty of the wide leg clean catch, I will try the cones and if that doesnt work, I need to find some kittens to place on either side. Gotta break this C&J plateau!

  • Lena

    Dear Sage’s Mono,

    While your attempt at destroying Sage’s immune system is duly noted, it is completely and entirely unacceptable. The members at Invictus would all appreciate it if you pack your bags and find a new home ASAP. Any effort made to delay your departure will result in serious consequences.


    • Amy

      Too funny!

      Sage! Getter better!!!

  • Jen martin

    Does anyone want to help me make a “mono” rap video for sage? I am sure it will totally make her better!

    Just sayin…it would be cool.

  • DTM

    Yes to the video. We already have Cynthia bustin the mad rhymes. No to mono. And WTF to today’s WOD.

  • Pops


    My only consolation to not seeing you around here is that I am confident that you will make this “THE BEST MONO EVERRRRRR!”

    Get well. We miss you terribly!

  • Nancy H.

    Sagers!!! I miss you! Use your special powers to get rid of Mr. Mono! If that doesn’t work, the Sea of Green is on it’s way!!!

  • Xtina

    I had mono once when I was your age. The crazy thing was that I kept going to practice the whole time until, one day, I got such a bad fever & it came on so quickly, that they had to take me to urgent care because I was babbling more than usual! I was fully recovered in two weeks after that because I had already been sick for almost 4wks b4! Point is, you will kick this thing soon, because let’s be honest…YOU are a force. Just take you rest & recovery VERY seriously & come back even stronger. Hang in there mama! Miss you mucho! XOXO

  • phil

    Nice tip Sage! Ever since George likened my lifting technique to “baby giraffe trying to stand immediately after birth” I have been trying to find ways to improve my footwork.

    Mono sucks, but hey, at least you didn’t catch it at age 23.

    • phil

      and just so there’s no confusion, I fully endorse George’s description!

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