Workout of the Day
On the minute, every minute, for 12 minutes:
Thruster x 2 reps
(take the weight from the floor for every rep)
(build the weight as you see fit – the goal is to move as much weight as possible in the 12 minutes – do not count failed attempts, simply sum the weights successfully lifted over the course of the 12 minutes/24 potential lifts);
Rest exactly 5 minutes, and then,
On the minute, every minute, for 12 minutes:
20 Double-Unders + Max Reps Push-Ups
(Be smart here!!! The goal is max number of push-ups completed at the end of the 12 minutes, but consider how many you want to complete in each minute – exhausting yourself to complete failure in the early sets is not likely to be your best strategy.)

(Please post two scores – one for thrusters, and one for push-ups – e.g., Thrusters = 3840 lbs., Push-Ups = 206 reps)

Olympic Weightlifting Competition at CrossFit Invictus
Olympic Lifting is so much fun you will jump for joy . . . literally.

The Invictus Olympic Weightlifting Open – Saturday, May 28, 2011
Written by Sage Burgener

For those of you who don’t know, we are having an Olympic weightlifting competition this Saturday beginning at 9:30am at Invictus!! Our previous two competitions were a blast, and this one will not be any different!

This month’s competition is filled with lifters from all over California! More participants=more competition=more excitement!

The schedule is as followed:

First Session:
Women (all weight classes), and  62-77kg men.
Weigh-ins from 8:30-9:00 a.m.
Lifting begins at 9:30 sharp!

Second Session:
85-105+ kg men
Weigh-ins from 10:30-11.
Lifting begins at 11:30.

If you are interested in putting your snatch and clean and jerk technique to the test, come out and join the fun.  This is a casual event that is meant to build experience for you as an athlete.  If you’ve only been lifting for 4 minutes, that’s ok! Come and lift! If you’ve been lifting for 4 decades, that’s ok! Come and lift!  This event is a great chance to lift some weight, possibly set some PR’s and meet some new friends. The deadline to sign up is Thursday (May 26th) night!

The game plan for all of you planning on lifting at our 3rd Invictus Weightlifting competition:

For women and lighter men, check-in is from 8:30- 9:00 a.m.  When you walk in the door you will be weighed and asked for your 1st attempt in the snatch and 1st attempt in the clean and jerk.  What this means is that you will need to look at what your best snatch and best clean and jerk (the clean and jerk is done together) numbers are before you arrive at the meet.  Ideally, your first attempt  (the first lift that you do on the main platform) that you write down will be 5#’s below your PR, your second attempt will be your PR, and your third attempt will be 3-5#’s more than your PR (remember this is an IDEAL situation.  You may hit far more than you expect, or a little less than you’d like).

After that, I will give a briefing about what all is going to go down so that everyone has an idea of what is going on.  The competition will begin (meaning the first lifter will go) at 9:30.  Each lifter will perform 3 snatches on the main platform.  Lifters will have time to warm up, but as soon as you’re on the main platform, you have only three chances to lift the most weight possible.  After all lifters have snatched, they will then clean and jerk.  The clean and jerk will run just like the snatch.  Lifters will have time to warm up, but once they are on the platform, they only get three attempts to clean and jerk as much weight possible.

Men in the 85 kg-105+ kg class will check-in from 10:00-11:00 a.m. and your session will begin at 11:30 sharp! Things in the second session, will run exactly like our first session.

When all the lifters are done competing, stick around for a paleo barbeque! $10 gets you a heaping plate of delicious healthy food.

The game plan for all of you planning on being a spectator at our 3rd Invictus Weightlifting competition:

Lifting begins at 9:30 a.m.  Bring your signs, snacks, body paint, etc . . . and get ready to root for your friends and family.  If you are willing to volunteer with set up and other miscellaneous jobs, please let me know asap!