Workout of the Day:
Front Squat
and then,
Five rounds as quickly as possible of:
400 Meter Run
5 x Complex of 1 x Power Snatch, 3 x Overhead Squat
Suggested Weight = Men – 95 lbs./Women – 65 lbs.

Off the Clock
Written by C.J. Martin

Some of our members were surprised today when they were told that the workout would not be timed. My gosh, is this even CrossFit if there isn’t a stopwatch involved? Well, yes. And don’t be too concerned, it’s not gone forever. We are, however, going off the clock for the next week.

In furtherance of yesterday’s blog post, we’re taking a week to re-focus on our own individual performances. This doesn’t mean you won’t be encouraged to blaze through your workout as fast as humanly possible – you will. But it does mean that you will not find motivation in seeing your name on the whiteboard with a time next to it. You will not push yourself for the glory of beating others or seeing where you stack up against others. You won’t even be trying to beat a previous personal record (it’s doubtful you had one for these workouts anyway). Instead, you’ll have to focus on how hard you can push yourself without any external motivation. This is true mental fortitude.

Inner-strength and drive to succeed is our own AT rowing a marathon at a sub-2:00 pace just to prove to himself that he could. It’s Chris Spealler of CrossFit Park City pushing himself to the limit on the final day of his regional qualifier despite the fact that he would have won his qualifier by merely finishing the workout. These guys understand that the most powerful motivation comes from within.

Use this week to become better. Improve your mechanics – even if it means slowing down, go heavier – even if it means slowing down, and go faster – even though your efforts will not be recognized on the whiteboard.

***And don’t forget, tonight at 7:30 we will be hosting a guest lecturer to discuss mental toughness and overcoming barriers to optimal performance.***

  • I am loving this week, simply because it puts the motivational onus back on the person–not out of competition against an external stimulus like the clock, but out of inner-willpower. A nice, simple test of inner strength and willpower.

  • Cynthia

    My onus is sore

  • Dani

    Love the no clock. I am having a blast. Cynthia so fun to work out next to you today. Oh and my everything hurts.

  • Ron Gellis

    Wonderful presentation this evening. thank you very much for making it possible