Workout of the Day:
Four sets of:
Front Squats x 6 reps @ 30X1
Rest 90 seconds
Ring Rows x 12-15 reps @ 2011
Rest 90 seconds;
and then,
For time:
1000 Meter Row
40 Burpees

Joerg crushing it in his Triathlon event! Next up for him, 10k later this week. Good luck Joerg!
Joerg crushing it in his Triathlon event! Next up for him, 10k later this week. Good luck Joerg!

Five Reasons I Quit Coffee
Written by Michele Vieux

Since I had nothing to do but nap by the pool, snooze at the beach, and sway in a hammock for a week, I took the opportunity to do something I’ve wanted to do, but feared, for a while now—quit coffee. There are a number of reasons I chose to do so, like not wanting brown teeth or bad breath. Although those ARE important to me and those who live, work, and play within my close proximity, I’ve come up with my top five reasons and listed them here.

1)    Daily use of coffee results in the secretion of cortosol, the “stress hormone.” High levels of this hormone can lead to adrenal fatigue, weight gain (around the abdomen), weakened immune system, foggy memory, and depression.  In order to reach my health and fitness goals, I eat well, exercise regularly, and get plenty of rest so this seems like the missing piece in the puzzle to propel me into super humanism.

2)    Coffee causes an insulin response which is something I try to avoid with all the other choices I make on what to put into my body throughout the day. The spike that the caffeine in coffee causes isn’t just immediately after it is consumed. Caffeine stays in people’s system for anywhere from eight to thirty hours after consumption. During its presence, it leads to the release of glucose into the blood stream which is then followed by a rapid decrease in blood sugar (and possibly mid-day sweet cravings). Diabetes runs in my family so this is high atop my radar.

3)     Coffee consumption causes addiction to a drug, caffeine, and I don’t like relying on a substance to be able to function. Caffeine not only spikes your heart rate, it also gives you that little boost that makes you feel good or even “normal.” I want to feel normal without the aid of a stimulant and I don’t like blaming my grouchiness at 6AM (mainly directed at Sinthia) on not yet having my coffee. I am the decider on whom and what make me grouchy! I say who…I say what…I say….

4)    It is one of the most highly sprayed (pesticide) products. Coffee growing is big business around the world and the growers want to protect their precious crop. Unless you are purchasing organic beans (and actually believe that those foreign growers are following organic guidelines) who knows what chemicals and potential poisons you are putting into your body.

5)    Most coffee-pickers don’t earn a living wage so it makes me feel bad to think that I am enjoying a luxury that supports the unfair treatment of humankind. If you do drink coffee, choose “fair trade certified” brands to ensure that the farmers picking all of those beans by hand are actually making enough to support themselves and their families.

  • POS

    Sorry we missed you while in Cali Post Games. Does this include Soy Hot Chocolate too?


  • Jim H.

    OK, I can see your point on the topic. (As I sit here and sip my Four Bucks coffee…)

    The important questions is how has it been, you know the “withdrawl”? Are you sustituting something else, like tea?

  • Courtney J.

    M, the real question is: What are you doing with all of your leftover Betty’s?????? 🙂

  • Cynthia

    We miss your grouchy face at 6 am.

  • I have a feeling coach Hom is refraining from commenting on this one…

  • DTM

    WHO! See I can learn stuff.

  • Richard

    M, great post as always.

    Unfortunately for me the Navy runs on caffeine in the form of coffee and soda. I drink nothing but water, but sometimes there is just nothing that can keep you awake at 2am while you stare at empty radar screens for 5 hours at time, right Thom??

  • M

    To answer all of your questions, I feel great! I am not substituting with anything EXCEPT massive amounts of water! I didn’t notice any withdrawls like jitters or headaches but I did sleep a lot the first few days. Luckily, I had the benefit of being on a resort in Cancun so I was able to take a lot of naps. It will be two weeks on Thursday!


  • All likely valid points. I, however, love the flavor and experience too much to give it up. I still <3 you, Michele, despite this display of insanity. I raise my 16 oz. quad shot latte to you.

  • CP

    I’ll think twice before I reach for a cup, thanks for the post!! Points #1 and #2 will keep me from it!

  • Steve

    To quite the infamous Robb Wolf when asked about coffee being paleo:

    “My amazingly biased answer: Coffee appears to be beneficial for health AND life isn’t worth living without it. So in my book that makes it “ok”!”

  • MissM

    I’m a little curious, do you drink green tea?

  • one of the most effective solution for bad breath is none other than Bactidol, it really helps *`-

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  • JBG

    Wow… I’m a big coffee drinker (probably too much) and this article actually makes me nervous (on top of the caffeine I already absorbed this morning!). #1 and #2 are quite interesting, do you have any references for these claims? I read several times that coffee is not bad for your health, and perhaps even good in some cases, so reading this makes me wonder…