Workout of the Day:
Five sets of:
Hang Squat Snatch x 3 reps
Rest 20 seconds
Tall Box Jump x 5 reps
(pick a height that is challenging)
Rest 3 minutes;
and then,
Five rounds for time of:
5 x Hang Squat Snatch (80% of 3-rep max)
10 x Alternating Overhead Lunge Step (5 each leg)
15 x Push-Ups
Standing Desk by CrossFit Invictus San Diego

Stand Up For Your Rights!
Written by Invictus Superstar Cynthia Lumley

I have discovered a fantastic source of energy.  It’s readily available, easy to handle, and may make you live longer.  No, it’s not creamsicle dip . . . it’s STANDING!

About three months ago I started looking into the feasibility of getting a standing desk at work.  My search was prompted by how absolutely disgusting I feel sitting down all day.  I’ve always had desk jobs, but over the past year or so I’ve really been feeling the effects of being a desk jockey.  My hip flexors were shriveling up like beef jerky, my glutes were stretched out and dormant all day, and my upper back rivaled the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  By 9 a.m. I would be nodding off in my chair, and the sleepiness and lethargy got worse in the afternoon.  I felt like I was actually getting mentally depressed sitting all day.  Here I was spending my first hour of the day at Invictus, running and moving and lifting and being active, and then throwing all that hard work out the window by parking my booty in my ergonomically correct chair for eight hours.

After searching the internet for info on standing desks and how people who made the switch liked it, I decided to just do it.  No asking permission from my employer, no talking myself out of it (“What if it hurts?”  “What if my coworkers think I’m weird?”  Uh…too late for that!)

I found ready-made standing desks on the internet from anywhere from $200-$5,000, but I didn’t want to pay that much or have to wait for it to be shipped.  So I created my own design:  it’s ghetto-licious and it was only $100!  The four milk crates and the desk top came from the Container Store, and they are the perfect height for me when stacked on top of my desk.

I’ve been a “stander” now for almost two months, and wished I would have switched years ago.  I’ll admit that the first week or so was a little rough—my feet did NOT like me!  But I got an anti-fatigue mat to stand on and that problem is gone.  (I take off my shoes when I step on the mat, so I’m barefoot or wearing just socks.)  I have a kneeling chair that I use when I’m eating lunch to give myself a little break from standing, but honestly I could stand and eat just fine.   I take plenty of “walking breaks” to get water, visit —er, meet with colleagues, etc, so I’m not just standing there all day.  And even when I’m standing, I’m not still—I fidget, dance, stretch, do lunges, do the Burgener warm up (not really!), massage my feet by rolling them on a racquetball, and generally bust a move all day.

Not only do my hips and butt and back and everything feel more aligned and alive, I am sleeping better and feel happier and more energetic than ever.

And my old office chair is now just a storage place for my yoga mat!