Workout of the Day:
In teams of three, bench press as much weight as possible in 20 minutes.
As soon as you come off the bench, you must complete a 400 meter run before returning to the bar.
Multiply the weight you selected by the number of reps you complete for your team’s score.

Before and after...
Before and after...


And after?
And after?

Hydroxycut Linked To Liver Damage
Written by Calvin Sun

The FDA has just recently issued a recall on the Hydroxycut line of weight-loss supplements. 23 cases of serious health problems have been reported to the FDA. The problems reported include jaundice, elevated liver enzymes, and in one case death due to liver failure. Permanent liver damage requiring a liver transplant has been reported in two other cases. One patient has received a new liver while another has been placed on a wait list for transplant. Other reported problems include seizures, cardiovascular issues, and rhabdomyolysis, which can lead to kidney failure.

Hydroxycut is available as an over-the-counter diet/weight-loss supplement. It’s marketed as a “100% All-Natural” supplement due to the fact that the majority of its ingredients are derived from plant extracts. One of the primary ingredients, hydroxycitric acid, is derived from a tropical fruit and has been linked to liver problems. Another study has found hydroxycitric acid to be effective at supressing fat gain but also found that it caused testicular atrophy and toxicity. 

The dietary supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA in the same manner as the pharmecutical industry. Thanks to Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, the legislation governing the supplement industry is permissive to say the least. Manufacturers don’t have to prove their product is safe or effective to the FDA. Instead, the legislation requires the FDA to prove a dietary supplement as unsafe but only after problems have been reported by consumers. 

Your coaches at CrossFit Invictus will never advocate taking a weight-loss supplement. If you want to shed some body fat, you need to be disciplined with your nutrition and you need to literally work your ass off in the gym. Getting lean, getting strong, or achieving any goal for that matter, takes hard work and dedication. There are no shortcuts. 
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