Workout of the Day:
Five sets of:
Deadlift x 2-3 reps with perfect mechanics and posture
Rest 90 seconds
Handstand Push-Ups x 8 (work full ROM, use paralletes if possible)
Rest 3 minutes;
and then,
Three rounds for time of:
10 x Power Snatch (115/75 lbs.)
15 x Box Jump (24″/18)

60 lb. Slam Balls are Coach Sun's preferred method of stress relief
60 lb. Slam Balls are Coach Sun's preferred method of stress relief

Stress Management Tools
Written by Nuno Costa

I loved the last two posts on being stressed out because I can relate!!!  I am mostly cool, calm and collected . . . but every once in awhile I fall prey to my own drive and end up taking on more than I can handle.
My symptoms are that I start to lose things, for example: my camera, iPod, headphones, phone, wallet, keys, you get the idea right?  I have lost all of these in the past year . . . .  As I keep taking more and more on my plate, I often misplace things.  This lets me know that I am stressing myself out with so much to do, and things are starting to fall through the cracks.
What other taletelling signs show up for me when I am stressed?  I miss appointments.  I am proud to say that I almost always show up on time where I say I am going to be, and am ready for what it is I am doing.  Well in the past few days, I have completely missed an appointment and showed up a half an hour late to another appointment thinking we were meeting at 10:30 rather than 10.  Silly things like this may not mean much, but in perspective they help me realize that I am not on my game.  I understand that when this starts to happen I become aware that i am not taking care of myself to the best of my ability.
What does this all add up to?  Me not being 100% which in turn reflects on how I perform at life, for my clients, for my running group, for my friends, etc . . . .  So, here are my top 10 practical solutions that work really well to get me re-centered, recharged and back to healthy living:
1. Slow down, take some deep breaths and relax
2. Talk to my friends about the stressors in my life – when I talk about them it seems as if the things that were worrying me don’t seem all that important after all
3.  Write out a gratitude list – all the things I am thankful for in my life
4.  Workout (CF, Running, Yoga, Soccer…whatever floats your boat)
5.  Volunteer – do something for someone
6.  Ask someone how they are doing and shut up and listen without providing any feedback!  Be as present to that person as you can possibly be.
7.  Meditation – take 5-10 minutes or more in the morning to center yourself and set an intention for your day of how you want to be for others
8.  Journal – write it out and describe how I am feeling and how I think things are impacting me
9. Ask for help – when you talk to your friends, don’t just dump your problems on them…Ask them how they deal with stress in their lives or for ideas of getting past tough times
10.  Remember there are no big deals in life – only the interpretations and meanings we give to things that happen to us
I hope this helps – what are some practical solutions that you found work well to get you back on track?
  • LJ9K

    I show up to Crossfit and get killed. It works every time.

  • Cynthia

    Plan ahead and don’t commit to 2,000 activities a week. We don’t always have to be busy and doing stuff and going places and talking and texting and on the go in order to be happy.

    Learn to enjoy being alone and not always worrying about what everyone else is doing.

    Oh, and get a dog. Or four.

  • George

    I second the dog notion. Playing with the Choogs helps bring me back to center and realize what living the good life is all about.

  • Kristen Hatcher

    Nice post! 🙂

    I’ve learned that when I eat clean, my stress levels tend to decline… A guy I saw on PBS and have grown to really like, Dr. Daniel Amen, calls out Avo, walnuts and blue berries (aka brain berries) as good brain food. He also talks about the importance of working out, which also tends to help me.

  • M

    Calvin has big calves….Calve-in…

  • Cyndi

    Forcing myself to leave the house with my kids and take them to the park, bike riding, golfing, or any place to just hang out, no answering cell phone calls unless it’s my husband or eldest son. At first, it created more stress for me. I felt like I was flaking out on everything I should be doing. Over time, it has gotten easier and, even, enjoyable. Gasp!! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? I had gotten so busy that I had to retrain myself to do the things I should have been doing all along! The commitment to this time for them has forced me to learn to say “no” to other things that will clutter my life.

    Oh, and we do CrossFit WOD’s together 3-4x a week.

  • Thanks for this post Nuno! Love your response Cynthia 🙂

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