Workout of the Day
Four sets of:
Bulgarian Split Squat x 6-8 reps each leg @ 30X0
Rest 60 seconds
Plank Hold x 60 seconds
Rest 60 seconds;
and then,
Five rounds for time of:
Unweighted Walking Lunge x 20 steps
Double-Unders x 40 reps

Four sets of:
Single Arm Waiter’s Carry Walking Lunge x 10 steps each leg
Rest 45 seconds
Ring Rows x 10-12 reps @ 2111
Rest 45 seconds
Ball Slams x 15 reps
Rest 45 seconds;
and then,
Row 2000 Meters

Rest, recover, mobilize and prepare meals for the next couple of days.

I Am…Balanced
Written by Michele Vieux

I am a coach but that does not define who I am.
I am an athlete but that does not define who I am.
I am a cook but that does not define who I am.
I am creative but that does not define who I am.
I am hilarious (you better not be laughing right now) but that does not define who I am.
I am a woman but that does not define who I am.
I am a daughter but that does not define who I am.
I am a sister but that does not define who I am.
I am a friend but that does not define who I am.

All of these things make up who I am but not a single one defines me as a person and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even as a kid, I remember being bothered by how it seemed that people were categorized as one thing (usually their profession) when describing themselves or being introduced. To me, it indicated a lack of balance in their lives or, maybe, an issue with how society views individuals and their roles and I wondered, is there anything I can do to stop that happening from me? I mean, how can you be defined by only one thing?

I am often reminded of this when I see people dive head first into a new endeavor, career, or path in life and I think about how important it is to keep hold and allot proper attention to everything we, as individuals, are about. Think about this. How many lawyers are out there? Ok. Now,how many lawyer, elephant trainer, pastry chef, volunteer special advocate, blood donor, co-ed softball champ, adoptive parent, flame swallowers are out there? Much fewer which is what makes us individual. Having that many identifying traits makes us individual; and focusing a little bit on each of them is what makes us balanced.

When I think about how people would describe me to a stranger, I hope they’d include all the above statements, and more (the coach, athlete, sister ones not the elephant trainer, lawyer, flame swallower ones). That is how I see myself. And that is how I know I’m balanced. How would people describe you? How would you describe yourself? If you have the feeling that people only see you as one thing, think about why. Is that what you are portraying? Are you placing too much focus on one particular aspect of your life and ignoring everything else that is important to you? Is your life out of balance?

You might be trying to come up with a resolution for the new year, which is great. Think about what I have said as you enter the holiday season and the new year. Instead of adding something new to the list, consider making a list of how you would like to be described. Then, write down a percentage of how much time you spend in each of those areas. Does everything look the way it should? If yes, rock on! If no, time to think up some resolutions on how to better prioritize.

  • Vaughn

    Well said!

  • Brent

    CJ, the new programming looks great. I did Tuesday’s B & C. Getting my strength endurance/work capacity back.
    B. 10-10-9-5-6-7 focused on good reps trying not to “thruster-jerk” it.
    C. 40-40-40 glutes worked after this, but not nearly as hard as the thrusters effort wise.
    D. 32kg KB, one handed 200m

  • Rick M

    How do people usually track their progress at Invictus? or blog posts here, or paper, or what?

    • George

      Rick, we encourage our athletes to track their progress in a log book, and posting to the blog is always welcome. If following the “Competition” workouts, we’d really like to see those results so we can make appropriate tweaks to the program.

  • JMJ

    Just wanted to say this blog is 100% bada$$. Always great WOD information, and love the articles by different folks. I stumbled upon the blog via google alerts for crossfit. Thanks for the content, and keep up the great work. Very inspiring.

    • Thanks JMJ! Welcome to the community!

  • Lulu

    Yeay finally got some weights in so decided to do yesterday’s Performance wod, today. Will do todays performance wod tomorrow and catch up from there. I am going to try to stick with Performance from here on in.

    Four sets of:

    Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 6 reps @ 30lbs each hand

    Good Mornings: 8 reps with 45lbs bar

    Wod 1: 4 rnds+ 1 push press

    Push presses were @ 75lbs, all sets UB. I only got 15lb bumperplates, waiting for the 10’s
    Pull ups: regular kipping ( trying to stick it out with these instead of butterfly all the time) last set broken

    Wod 2: 4 rounds right on the buzzer

    24kg kb: was happy all of these were overhead and UB. Have not swung a 24kg in a while.
    Hand release pushups: made me gasp for air and say wholly crap several times 🙂

    • Awesome job Lulu!

      I should note, we do not swing Kettlebells overhead at Invictus unless we are preparing competitive athletes for competition. So, not to take away from an awesome accomplishment today, but in the future you might consider a good, crisp Russian swing.

      Keep up the good work!

      • Lulu

        Thanks coach!! Will do for next time 🙂

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  • prochargedmopar

    We started back at the “performance” split so we are 20 days behind, Dec.8th, We’ll catch up where possible: (kid/family safe)

    Glad to hear you guys do “Russian” swings. It wouldn’t be safe for me to try the overhead variation with home built T-bars being the 25# plates would be sliding up toward my fingers.

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