Workout of the Day:
and then,
For max reps of sit-ups in 20 minutes:
One partner farmer walks around the block with two heavy kettlebells (32/24 kg) while the other performs sit-ups. Partners switch roles after each completed lap around the block.

Rhonda Is My Hero
Written by Michele Vieux

By now, most of you are aware that CrossFit has heroes and each of those heroes has a WOD named in their honor. I want to add a woman to that list and her name is Rhonda. 

Rhonda is my hero for a number of reasons. No matter what she’s got going on in her life, Rhonda shows up to improve herself and help others. I’ve been coaching her for about a year now and I know these things to be true: 
* Rhonda is probably the most consistent client we have. She hops in her car for the 30-minute drive to Invictus five days a week, no matter what. In the past year, I doubt that Rhonda has missed more than ten weekday classes. 
* Every single day that she shows up, she gives it her all. I have never heard her complain about being sick, tired, sore or not liking the WOD. She comes in and gets it done, no matter what. 
* Not only does she get it done—she does her best, no matter what.  
* She is always looking to improve. Recently she asked me how she could improve her squatting mechanics. I suggested she have Calvin do a movement screen on her to determine her needs and offer solutions for change. Many people ask for help expecting a quick fix. This fix isn’t quick but every day after class I see Rhonda performing the routine Cal gave her, no matter what. 
* Not only does Rhonda continue to improve her performance through dedication and hard work, but she also makes those around her better with her positive attitude and quiet motivation. She is the first one to congratulate someone on a new PR and always offers kindness to a new face, no matter what. 

Yes, Rhonda is seeing great benefits of her hard work, dedication and no matter what attitude as are those around her. Maybe the most important benefactors are her two little girls. She is a positive role model for them, as evidenced by Madeline’s excitement to arrive each day and show me her burpee or hurdle technique and by Jacqueline’s willingness to imitate her mom in front of the mirror in her bedroom by performing a near-perfect snatch with her magic wand.  

One more thing that I know to be true about Rhonda: she is very modest and would never boast her accomplishments. This is why I am doing it for her—DOUBLE WHOOT to you, Rhonda. You make coaching a pleasure. I wish I had a million more Rhondas in my life!

Next time you aren’t feeling like giving it your all or are in a funky mood, just think, what would Rhonda do?