Review Invictus Content from the Week – It’s “Establishing Routine September”!
* Probiotics 101 (Unit 6 of 7)
* 5 Simple Tips for a Healthy Gut Microbiome
* Build A Long-Lasting Habit Without Falling Off The Boat
* Mind Muscle: Touch Your Toes

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Mobility and Maintenance
Using our “Mind Muscle” Video Playlist as a guide:
(The playlist is updated weekly! Check out the new 30-40 minute classes with a focus!)

* Choose 1-2 Thoracic Mobility Drills and spend 5-10 minutes with them.
* Choose 2-3 Lower Body Mobility Drills and spend 10-12 minutes with them.
* Choose 1-2 Upper Extremity Mobility Drills and spend 5-10 minutes with them.

OR – Check out @invictus_mobilitytraining

Nutrition Preparation
* Ensure that you have quality foods shopped for in the appropriate quantities to fuel your efforts for the remainder of the week.

Meal Prep Hacks to Help You Get in a Routine

Mental Restoration
* Different for everyone – could be meditation or could be gathering with friends on Zoom or Skype; the key is to engage in activities that make your life full and help you recharge your batteries.

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Mike Slagle
Mike Slagle(@mike_slagle)
September 19, 2021 3:32 pm

A. Bench press
Three set at tempo 20×1

B. Tuesdays metcon
30 min amrap
3 rounds +17 push presses

Candy Olkey
Candy Olkey(@clolkey)
September 19, 2021 9:18 am

Sept 16 Wod A. Christine – RX – 12:32 3 Rounds 500m Row – 2:13 / 2:18 / 2:20 12 DL @ 135# – 6/6, UB, UB 21 BJ @ 20″ – all UB step down ***This is the 10th recorded time doing this and a tie for my second best time. 6s off from my best. Had I not broken the first set of DL I think I could have tied or even betten my best…ugh! B. 3 Sets Posted Single leg DL x 10 @ 3011 – 24kg single KB BB Glute bridges x 8 @ 20X1 –… Read more »