Three sets of:
Barbell Loaded Alternating Reverse Lunges x 8-10 reps each leg @ 20X1
Rest 2 minutes
Weighted Pull-Up x 2-3 reps
Rest 2 minutes

Three rounds for time of:
10 Thrusters (135/95 lbs)
20 Pull-Ups
400 Meter Run

  • Hey Athletes!

    Here are some Weighted Pull-Up options for you if you need ideas due to equipment restrictions – https://youtu.be/OwCO9UTVyXE

    If you do not yet know how to appropriately scale a pull-up, try one of our versions of the scaled Pull-Up –

    And if you’re not familiar with the Butterfly 4-Step, please watch this video –

    If you need assistance don’t hesitate to reach out and post here, tagging me, or email me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to help. If you need additional help on gymnastics and bodyweight movements, give our Invictus Gymnastics Online Program a try with a FREE week. just cut and paste this ——-> bit.ly/invictusgymnastics and give it a shot!

    • Joey Maltais

      thanks Travis!!

  • Jamaal Kennedy

    Anybody near Ft. Bragg NC that wants to do the Team Series? I’m looking for a partner

    • Nathan

      Good luck finding a partner!

  • Giovanni Petrolini

    What does mean @20X1? Thank you

  • Mani Sadegh

    45/50/55kg x10
    16/20/20kg x3

    B. think about 16min
    – scaled 5 thrusters @60kg
    – 10 strict pull ups
    – 25cal on AB

    Felt really sluggish due to cold and bad weather…. 🙁

  • Chris M.

    A1. Front Rack Alt. Reverse Lunges 20X1: 10/side w/ 145, 155, 165
    A2. Weighted Pull-Ups (supinated grip): 3 x 50, 55, 60
    … was feeling abit busted up this morning so
    B. 1000m row: 3:48

  • Fernando Bautista Quinteros

    A. Used 23kgs for the Lounges, 12kgs for the pullups.
    B. 47kgs for the Thrusters. 17 min total time.

  • Nathan

    Did 9/9/17 partner WOD today
    A. Did this with wife…28:40
    I did 115 lb cleans and 55lb DB box step overs
    She scaled to bar only on cleans and 20lb DBs on box step overs
    …my grip was toast after first 25 cleans! Nice WOD and more enjoyable having someone to do it with

    B. 6 min plank challenge
    C. 500m swim

  • Chris Pugliese

    A1. Started 5/3/1 program this week. Front squats today
    B. 13:59 Rx. Pretty happy with that since I have never done thrusters with 135. That said…

    Does anybody here struggle with single unders? I am asking for a friend…

    • Candy Olkey

      Single Unders?? Can you do DU? I have a friend that can do DU and TU and now struggles with SU….

      • Chris Pugliese

        So, here is why I am asking…i consider myself to be extremely proficient with a jump rope. Singles, doubles, singles to doubles and back to singles, forward to backward, cross, side to side all without breaking. I assumed that if someone could do doubles, they would at least be proficient at singles…apparently my assumption was wrong. I was in my first competition this weekend. Our last wod , prior to the finals, included 300 singles. Every competitor launched their concern about their inability to do singles to the organizers. So the organizers allowed them to “scale” to doubles (2:1, so 600). I always assumed singles are a skill you have to learn in order to get to doubles, but i have never seen how a coach teaches the progression on a jump rope. It appeared that nobody ever learned the single under.

    • Will S

      Nice work on the thrusters. I’m working up to 95. 85# next time.

      • Chris Pugliese

        Thanks. I used to scale to 65# just because thrusters killed me. Keep working.wallballs and more thrusters will get you there quickly!

    • Joey Maltais

      nice! 5/3/1 is fun, I was able to get my numbers up with it earlier this year

  • Skeeter

    Will do A when I get home.

    B. 15:25
    Holy. Crap. That. Was. HARD.
    On a positive note, first time I’ve done 135# Thrusters in conditioning.

    • Chris Pugliese

      Nice job.

      • Skeeter

        Thanks. Not as nice as you. 😉

  • Candy Olkey

    Anyone know if we are doing front rack or back rack for A??

    • Barefoot Squatter

      I’ve been doing these front racked, but good question since they’ve specified front rack in the past… long winded way of saying, i dunno either

      • Candy Olkey

        Hmmmm…decisions decisions. ..my form is better with back rack…but that just means I need to work on the front rack position. .I hate it when I talk myself out of taking the easy road!

        • Barefoot Squatter

          It’s the crossfit way ; )

  • Candy Olkey

    A1. Front rack BB Alt. Rev Lunges @ 20X1 – 65# x 20, 85 x 20, 95 x 16
    A2. Weighted strict pull ups @ 20# – 2.5 / 2 / 2
    B. 3 Rounds for time – 10:15 (3:24/3:28/3:23)
    10 – 14# Wall Balls
    20 – Pull Ups
    400m Row
    **Raining to hard to run…and I just wasn’t feelin the 95# thrusters today!!

  • Will S

    A. Front rack lunge first time. 45, 55, 65 at tempo.
    Weighted pull up 15, 25, 35x 3 all sets

    B. 17:06 at 75. 5 min 6 min 6 min rounds. Pretty happy with the way pull ups have progressed no way could I have done 60 in a metcon. Last run was tough

  • David Franco

    A. 135,140,145lb ×10 e leg. Back rack.
    B. 19:27. Rx

  • Dale Fortes (M 45)

    A. Built to #185 front rack, pull ups @ #70 X 3

    B. 15:13rx’d

  • Adam

    A. 95/20, 105/20, 115/20

    B. 15:18

  • Dakota Smith

    A. 95/20 115/20 135/20
    B. 95lbs 13:30

  • JT

    A. 3 rounds.
    Frond rack reverse lunge 3×16 135,155,165
    Kept it light because my legs are toast. I couldn’t even get into a front squat in the warm up for the thrusters so I subbed something else for B.

    B. Aerobic capacity airdyne wod
    2x4min at moderate pace,
    1min spin between efforts,
    Rest 1min,
    2x3min at moderate/fast pace,
    1min spin between efforts,
    Rest 1min,
    2x2min at fast pace,
    1min spin between efforts,
    Rest 1min,
    2x1min fast/sprint pace
    1min spin between efforts.

  • Chad Evans

    A. Reverse lunge 3×8 ea leg @ tempo
    190, 190, 190

    B. 13:30
    Nothing about this one felt good! Thrusters felt heavier then usual, run felt slower. Just happy to get it done today.

  • Pawel

    40kg10reps/3reps 10kg
    50kg10reps/3reps 15kg
    55kg10reps/3 reps 17.5kg

    Barberll on front rack

    B. Thrusters with 40kg run on assault airrunner: 14:35

  • Jeff S

    A1: 45/45/50#bds x 10
    A2: 5/10/12 x 3

    B: scaled
    115/box pull-up/400M 15:32

  • Bryan

    A. Bryan (back racked, 155#; 35#) – 10 reps/leg all sets; 3 pull-ups/set.
    B. Bryan (115#) – 14:37.