Review Invictus Content from the Week – It’s “Establishing Routine September”!
* Your Macros under the Micro(scope) (Unit 5 of 7)
* The Importance of a Routine
* The Daily Minimum
* Habit Stacking: How to Leverage Current Habits to Create New Ones
* Mind Muscle: The Banded Class

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Mobility and Maintenance
Using our “Mind Muscle” Video Playlist as a guide:
(The playlist is updated weekly! Check out the new 30-40 minute classes with a focus!)

* Choose 1-2 Thoracic Mobility Drills and spend 5-10 minutes with them.
* Choose 2-3 Lower Body Mobility Drills and spend 10-12 minutes with them.
* Choose 1-2 Upper Extremity Mobility Drills and spend 5-10 minutes with them.

OR – Check out @invictus_mobilitytraining

Nutrition Preparation
* Ensure that you have quality foods shopped for in the appropriate quantities to fuel your efforts for the remainder of the week.

Do you have an Air Fryer? Here’s a quick n’ fancy fish recipe for you to try utilizing the drip pan as the cooking vessel instead of the vented racks.

Mental Restoration
* Different for everyone – could be meditation or could be gathering with friends on Zoom or Skype; the key is to engage in activities that make your life full and help you recharge your batteries.

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Mike Slagle
Mike Slagle(@mike_slagle)
September 12, 2021 3:11 pm

Returned from a weekend trip and I did the baseline test
Last time: 2:27, 2:23, 2:41, 2:45, 2:49, 2:56
Today: 1:54, 2:22, 2:35, 2:48, 2:58 (41 seconds faster)

I wish I could have done one of the sept 11th wods yesterday.