In teams of two, alternating each movement, complete ten rounds for time of:
400 Meter Run
30 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lbs)
20 Dumbbell Box Step-Overs (50/35 lbs – 24″/20″)

(Partner A runs 400 meters; Partner B performs 30 Wall Ball Shots; Partner A performs 20 Dumbbell Box Step-Overs; Partner B runs 400 meters; etc…)

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Mike Slagle
Mike Slagle

Done Rx with my wife: 6 rounds + 11 WBS

This was a good workout for the day after a busy weekend. Great work on 20.3 everyone. I look forward to tackling that one tomorrow.

Dean H
Dean H

Did Tuesday’s for today, no partner and just missed my chest day wanted to make up for it.

A. Done
Worked up to 245# for bench. Still really light for me… but my shoulder surgery still is prohibiting some real heavy lifts.

65 reps at a slow consistent pace. Had more left in the tank but it’s suppose to be an active recovery day for me…

4 sets
6-8 Single arm dumbbell bench press
12 banded kneeing pec press
10 banded flys
Rest 90 seconds

3 sets
60 sec plank
15 hip extensions
Rest 60 seconds

Candy Olkey
Candy Olkey

A. Front squat x 3
125/130/135/140 (140 done as singles…reracked to shake out upper body and right into another rep)
B. 3 rounds for time – 11:15
10 OHS @ 65# – all UB
15 C2B ( all singles)
20 WB – 10/5/5, 13/7, 12/8
***WB came together really nicely today
C. 2 sets
10 roll to candlestick
20 abmat situps
30 side plank reach through (15 each side)
40 reverse crunches
50 Russian twists @ 15#


Pouring rain all day and solo so subbed some conditioning.
A. 21-15-9
Calorie Echo Bike
Calorie row

B. 5 rounds for time:
30 calorie echo bike
25 abmat sit-ups
20 lunges
15 KBS #53
10 push ups
5 strict C2B

Seth C.
Seth C.

Raining Hard outside and Kylah didn’t want to do the prescribed workout. Conditioning / Active mobilize (home / Kylah WU Just move and play with niece A. FT with Kylah 5 rds 500 m row/ play row (check in) 10 pushups / 5 pushups 20 situps /8 situps 30 Air Squats / 10 squats 500 m Row / play row (check out) Results 10:37 Kylah no time she is just playing. She kept right there with me pretty great for 3yrs old. Her pushups Re getting really good. Rest 2 min B. Deadhang /Pullup EMOM until fail 1 min deadhang… Read more »

Joseph Butler
Joseph Butler

Day 9ish of low carb/ keto. Starting to feel a bit more normal. Been working out lightly and an every other day basis. First day felt up to the metcon.
3 rounds in 21 min
400 meter run
30 wall balls
20 step overs with 35lb kettlebells.
Kept pace mild. Felt good.
Happy Saturday!

Barefoot Squatter
Barefoot Squatter

Nice work! Awesome u r doing keto, i’m curious to know ur thoughts on it. I mini cycle it occasionally, but do enjoy it

Candy Olkey
Candy Olkey

Barefoot squatter is in the house…wooohooo!!

Barefoot Squatter
Barefoot Squatter

Thx! 😃 Dunno why it took me so long to switch over from disqus haha

Joseph Butler
Joseph Butler

Hey. I have been a zone eater for almost the last 2 years. I recently got back into my nutrition intrest ( I am a non practicing chiro). Mostly started on zone for the anti inflammatory benifits and to see how it changed my body comp. I was pleased. But recently not happy with all the carbs still consuming and was really pushing to cut out all sugar. This combined with listening to Gary Taubes book. A case against sugar and several other podcasts out there I became kinda hooked and convinced that cutting out most carbs completely was a… Read more »

Barefoot Squatter
Barefoot Squatter

Awesome, I’m a Taubes fan too. If not for the keto rash i’d do it for longer cycles, but when i cycle off i do more paleo so it works since i do love fruit and sweet potatoes. The energy, esp 1st thing in the morning was awesome tho, do love that. U seeing a difference in metcon times now that u’re on keto? The pain didn’t change for me but there was a noticeable improvement during one of the performance baseline tests.