Every 30 seconds, for 7 minutes (14 sets):
Dead-Stop Front Squat x 1 rep @ 90% of your 1-RM Dead-Stop Front Squat from last week.

Every 2 minutes, for 6 minutes (3 sets):
Muscle Snatch x 1 rep
(build over the course of the three sets)

followed by…

Every 2 minutes, for 6 minutes (3 sets):
High Hang Snatch x 1 rep @ 70+%

followed by…

Every 2 minutes, for 6 minutes (3 sets):
Hang Snatch x 1 rep @ 80+%

followed by…

Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets):
Snatch x 1 reps @ 90+%

Build to today’s heavy single.

For time:
12 Thrusters (165/115 lbs)
3 Legless Rope Climbs
9 Thrusters
2 Legless Rope Climbs
6 Thrusters
1 Legless Rope Climbs

Compare results to September 4, 2017.

Three sets of:
Glute-Ham Raises x 8-10 reps @ 2011
Rest 60 seconds
3 Minutes of Banded March while Holding Sandbag/Ball
Rest as needed

Three sets of:
100-Foot Suitcase Carry (Left)
6-10 Tempo Strict Handstand Push-Ups @ 4011
100-Foot Suitcase Carry (Right)
Rest as needed

  • Gastón Gherardi

    Anything to sub the rope climbs with? Chin-ups, maybe? At what ratio?

  • John Foster

    Tino does A mean 90% of last week’s load? I don’t remember maxing last week.

    • Annie Brunner

      We maxed two weeks ago and did this last week, but there’s one more minute here. So I’m thinking he means doing our 90% again, just more time

      @meganmarkee, thoughts?

      • John Foster

        This was my thought as well.. Think I’ll go with that unless told otherwise. Thanks @anniebrunner:disqus

        • Tino Marini

          Yes its based on your max from two weeks ago.

  • Bronco

    A. Done at 245# (supposed to be 265# #monday)
    B. Up to 90% 215#
    C. 7:38 rx
    D. Done
    E. Done

  • Seb Benisty

    A/[email protected]
    Felt easier than last week
    B/muscle snatch 55/60/65kg
    High hang snatch 60(70%)/65/70kg
    Hang snatch 70(80%)75/77,5kg
    Snatch 77,5(90%)80/82,5/85(f)/82,5kg
    Good snatch day👍
    C/really want to go RX but use the same load as september for retest
    [email protected] thrusters/rope climb RX
    6’25…. (9’19 in September… 🎉🎉🎉yeaaahhhh) really happy with the improvement…
    thrusters 6/3/3-5/4-UB
    70kg thrusters never felt so speed
    This cycle really works good on me… thanks a lot…
    Have a nice day see you tommorow

    • Tino Marini

      You’ve crushed this cycle Seb!!! Love the improvement, awesome work!

      • Seb Benisty

        Thanks coach 👍💪

  • Anthony Oriotti

    A. Deathstop front squat 100-105kgs

    B. Up to 5 single at 70kgs
    Worsest snatch Period of my life 🙄

    C. 6,25 (last time 7’27 or 37)
    The transition and thrusters felt better 🙂

    D. Done

    E. Done

    • Tino Marini

      Great work on the conditioning! Now its time to get your snatch game back on track!

  • Ingmar Krähling

    Done 127,5kg

    1. Up to 75kg
    2. 72,5-82,5
    3. 85-92,5
    4. 92,5-95

    Done Rx in 4:47 (5:45 last time!)



    • Tino Marini

      Solid improvement Ingmar!

  • Ezequiel Gonçalves

    A- last week 127,5 kg
    Today start 127,5 kg but down to 120kg no good day
    B- 70-75-75 kg
    Snatch técnica
    High hang up 70kg
    Hang 80kg
    Snatch 80kg
    C-5:40 1 min PR last time 6:40
    D- done
    E- done

    • Tino Marini

      Nice work on the 60 second PR!

      • Ezequiel Gonçalves

        👍😃 thanks Tino

  • Petr Krejci (6.4″, 225lb)

    A. 115kg
    B. 45-60-75kg
    C. 6:48 first time doing it, rope climbs to 12” from seated position.
    D. done with 20kg
    E. done with 48kg, 10-10-10

  • Gabe Colon

    A. 315 across the board

    155-175-185 PR
    185-205-215 PR
    215-225-235 PR or a match
    235-245-255F-255F- 255 havent hit this in months. Very happy to see numbers going up again.

    C. Couldnt use the ropes so:
    12 Thrusters RX
    6 muscle ups
    9 Thrusters
    4 muscle ups
    6 thrusters
    2 muscle ups
    (3:48) Tried to go unbroken in thrusters but shoulders gave out. 12UB 5-4 4-2 all MU unbroken

    D. Finished with tempo HSPU and dumbbell bench

    • Tino Marini

      Damn!! You crushed it today!! Awesome work!!

      • Gabe Colon

        Thanks! Missed Invictus

  • Meghan Jayne

    A. 135# across
    B. Muscle Snatch up to 85# / High Hang @ 95# / Hang @ 110# / Snatch @ 120#
    C. 8:00 even with 85# Thrusters and legless – first time doing these!
    D. Done!

  • Kevin Boughari

    A) at 120 kilos every minute for good position

    B) 102.5 kilos ( 100 % ) miss 2 times 105 kilos !!!! But happy 0 miss at 100 kilos

    Wod : 3.10″ ( 4.10″ ) last time.

    All ub i go suicide stratégie fast fast

    Renfo done

    Have a good day just go fast

    • Ezequiel Gonçalves

      Super fast men 🏋💥

      • Kevin Boughari

        Thx u ! I love suicide work like fran diane etc <3

    • Tino Marini

      Awesome work Kevin!

      • Kevin Boughari

        Thx u . Happy with that!

    • Seb Benisty

      3’10 😱😱😱…. solide!!!!! Bravo

      • Kevin Boughari

        Mon poids fort c est les Sprint !^^ tout ub

  • Bobby

    A. 330
    Up to 175
    Had a couple misses through this
    C. Did wodapalooza wod 1/2/3
    17 unbroken muscle ups, 3:16.7 1000 meter row, 225 snatch. snatches were rough today
    D. Done
    E. Done

    • Tino Marini

      Nice job on the 17 muscle-ups! Snatching must be spicy after those and the row!

      • Bobby

        Thank you! Yea they felt heavy AF. oh well on the the next!

  • Tulle Weisbjerg (40-44)

    A. 80 kg
    B1: 35-40-42,5 kg
    B2:47,5-50- 52,5 kg (pr)
    B2: 55-57,5-60 (x) kg
    B4: started failing at 90+% so dropped down to 55 kg (84%) and did 5 good reps
    C. 5:44
    First time with so heavy thrusters 😵
    But turned out way better than expected!
    D+E. Done

    • Tino Marini

      Nice work Tulle!

  • Mauro Espíndola

    A. 100kg (14 sets done) √ (this was haaaard).

    Muscle snatches – 45kg / 47kg / 50kg √ weight is going up / building a stronger turnover now.
    High hang snatches – 50/55kg/60kg √
    Hang snatches – 64kg/66kg/68kg √
    Snatch – 70kg/74kg/76kg√

    No misses today (hit around 90%)

    C. Time: 4:18” – compared to September 4th – 4:55” – a 37” improvement! yay! getting fitter!
    (still using women’s RX weight 115lbs bar)

    D and E: accessory work done √

    • Tino Marini

      Great work Mauro!

  • Jesper Weng

    A) Smolov Jr. W1D3 Back squat
    B) Muscle x 1 = 80 kg
    High hang x 1 = 70 kg
    Hang x 1 = 80 kg
    Floor x 1 = 95 kg
    C) 4:18 rx
    D) Skip
    E) 70 kg in carry. 10-9-9 HSPU

  • Chase Leonelli

    A. Done with 245# these felt so good today!

    B. Muscle
    Up to 135
    High hang
    Up to 170
    Up to 185
    Up to 200#

    These felt good today too

    C. I didn’t do this in September. However on paper I couldn’t write a worse workout for myself.

    5:55Rx heavy thrusters are usually a death sentence for me and today they went really well!

    D. Skipped due to time

    E. Decided this was more of a weakness for me and did 6 tempo SHSPU per round and carries with 100# kb

    • Tino Marini

      Solid day of work!! Looks like your body is capable of a lot more than you think!

      • Chase Leonelli

        Thanks again Tino loving this cycle!

  • Wilson Hopkins (40-44)

    A. Done at 245(80%). Back was really stiff and achy this morning.
    B. Done with clean variations
    PC – 185/205/225
    HHC – 225/235/245
    HC – 245/255/265
    C – 275/ stopped there. Back was cranky.
    C. 5:45. Done with rope PUs(15/10/5), gym limitations.
    D. Done
    E. Done. Sub’d 10 regular push ups with tempo for HSPU. Used 90# DB.

    • Tino Marini

      Plenty of glue and hamstring work to make sure you protect that back! If you have a reverse hyper use it everyday!!

      • Wilson Hopkins (40-44)

        Thank you, I will add that to my warm-up.

  • Gebriel Rutensköld

    First session in over a week! 💪 99% of Sweden is sick and so was I.

    A. Done. Still hate this one, but it feels way better than first week and I hope we’ll continue to practise it.
    B. No misses up to 90kg(95%) with tired legs. Failed pr-attempt(96kg) twice. Sat under last one, but right arm wasn’t locked out.
    C. 4:41 compared to 5:11. 70kg both times. Legs felt strong, but lungs arent’t back yet.
    D. Alternated GHR, suitcase and sHSPUs. Skipped the march due to time.

    • Tino Marini

      Good to see you feeling better! Pretty solid first session back!

  • Corey Reutlinger

    A. 205#x14. Psoas no longer in pain
    B1. 115, 125#, 130(f)
    B2. 125, 130, 135#
    B3. 140(f), 140, 145#
    B4. 153, 158(f), 158, 163(f), 163# (96%)–had a hard time focusing today.
    C. 4:04 RX (22 second PR from last time). This cycle has really improved my gymnastics and metcons. I’m super happy.

    • Tino Marini

      Good to see you feeling healthy again!

      Its been a damn solid 8 week cycle for you. Nice work!

  • Romain Hrs

    Hi !!

    my knee feel better and better but need to do
    muscu and accessory without squatting for 2/3 weeks

    so :

    Glute ham raise 3×8
    Dumbbel pull over 3×8 ( last set tempo 525X)
    Lsit strict chin up 3×8
    Dumbbel curl (isolation) 3×8


    for time

    9 Muzcle snatch 61kg
    3 legless rope climb
    6 muscle snatch 61kg
    2 legless rope climb
    3 muscle snatch 61kg
    1 legless rope climb

    9’35 lol so hard after the big pump 😛
    legless feel very haaaard
    and some core Work

    • Tino Marini

      Good to see your knee is feeling better!

  • Gylfi Snær

    A 110kg
    B4.90-95-100-102kg(pr!! Super easy)-105kg really close
    C. Done do not have rope did with spull ups 60kg on bar

  • Rune Refshøj

    A. 140 kg all set.
    B. Up to 115kg today! No fail and went great. Looking to break 120+ soon.
    C. 3.05 rx. Improved by a minute!!
    D. Dnf.
    E. Done

    • Tino Marini

      Looking strong Rune!

  • Ingrid Ann Joyce

    WZA #1/2/3
    15 MU
    4:20 row
    175 snatch
    Close misses at 185/180

    Happy with my scores 🤗

  • Ingrid Ann Joyce

    WZA #1/2/3

  • Keeta Duke (Masters age 41)

    A. 195# then last 4 200#
    B. Muscle snatch 105#
    High hang 95#
    Hang 110#
    Snatch 125, 125, 130, 135, 140 pressed out but got it 🙂
    C. Subbed strict chest to bar for rope climbs

    C. Done

  • Ali Jones

    A. 150
    B. Muscle Snatch 90#. Hi hang snatch 110. Hang snatch 115. Snatch 120, 125, 130, 130F, 125F, 115F, 115F, 115.
    C. 8:45 w/ 105#…1st 3 RC legless, 4th 3/4legless, last 2 with legs.
    D. done with 70# and 8 sHSPU to tempo.

  • John Foster

    A) Dead Stop Front Squat = 245lbs x 1 x 8. Went every 1:00 but didn’t use a belt. Felt great.

    B) Muscle Snatch = 95lbs / 115lbs / 135lbs.
    High Hang Snatch = 185lbs x 1 x 2 / 195lbs x 1.
    Hang Snatch = 210lbs x 1 x 3.
    Snatch = 175lbs / 190lbs / 205lbs / 220lbs / 235lbs. Last Snatch is the only lift I wore a belt for today. No misses.

    C) For Time = 4:43. 1:04 PR. Used 135lb Thrusters both times. Felt awesome. Time to Up the weight.

    D) GHD’s = 10 x 3.

    E) Suitcase Carries = Done.
    Tempo Strict HSPU = 6 x 3.

    • Tino Marini

      Another great day! You’ve crushed this cycle. Nice work!

  • Giuseppe Cosentino

    B:Muscle snatch=55/60/65 kg
    high hang snatch=70/75/80kg
    hang snatch=80/85/85kg
    squat snatch=85/90/90/93/95kg
    C=8,23 rx

  • Bruno Brousmiche

    A. 125kg. I do 4′. The pain to my knee reappears to this moment
    B. I wanted to do all snatch in squat. But not possible i do all in Power.
    Muscle 40kg/50kg/60kg. High hang 50kg x 2 rép. Hang 60kg. Full 60kg/65/70/75/80kg fail
    C. I do the wod with a little pain not so hard in this movement. iwanted absolutly compare my result. So i do the same wod than the 4 September, i have replaced 1 legless rope climb by 2 strict MU.
    Time 7’14. (last time 11’24) -4’10
    D. 10 reps on GHD without hands. Sandbag replace by KB 16kg. With resistance band “Proworks” Heavy X.
    E. With KB of 36kg. 8-6-6 reps

    • Tino Marini

      Awesome improvement !!! 4 minutes is huge!

      Look after that knee!

      • Bruno Brousmiche

        Yes 😀. I progressed in the 2 movements.
        I know what i have. it’s when my knees go to inside when I’m doing a squat. My feet are very far apart when I’m tired.

  • Phillip Bouillé

    So is the deadstop 90% of last week or the same weight for 2 more sets?

    • Tino Marini

      same weight as last week but two more sets.

  • Drew Dziwulski

    A. Done with 250
    B. Muscle up to 135
    High hang up to 160
    Hang up to 170
    Snatch up to 178
    C. 12 thruster 165
    21 strict pull ups
    9 thruster
    14 strict pull up
    6 thruster
    7 strict pull up
    7:45….. this was tough

    D. Done without a band just marched with a plate

    E. Done with 6 shspu and 80lb kB

  • Amy Klein

    A. 135
    B.MS 55, HHS 75, HS 80, SN 90 (finally felt sold today, no misses)
    C. 5:44, thrusters @ 75lbs
    D. Done
    E. HSPU only

  • Daniel Mendelsohn

    A) Still nervous about my back so did regular front squats at 235. Felt good.
    B) Snatches went terribly today:
    MS 95, 105, 115
    HHS: all at 125
    HS: 145 (missed the first one)
    Floor: 155. missed 3 out of 5. Ugh
    C) Used 145 and 2 Legless and the rest with legs. Thrusters were 12 UB (But very slow), 5-3-1 and 3-2-1. Not ideal but I couldn’t press out more each set. Time was 5:32, 1 second faster than last time.
    D) did one set
    E) 85 lbs and 6 HSPU

    • Tino Marini

      Every second counts!

  • Gastón Gherardi

    A. DSFS
    2 misses @ 135 kg

    Muscle: 65 kgs
    HH: 85 Kgs
    Hang: 95 Kgs
    Squat: Missed them all @ 100 Kgs! Couldn’t hold the overhead as my core is still sore from Friday! 😡

    C. WOD
    5’ 47”
    Subbed RC with BMU
    THR: 8/4 5/4 3/3

    Skipped D & E ☠️

  • Trine Petersen

    A: 135#
    B2up to 105#
    B3: up to 115#
    B4: 120#
    C: 6:45 (6:53 last time)
    95# and legless as far as I could go and then with legs. Last round with legs. 1st round of rope climbs took a little longer cause we had to share.
    D: done. 70# and 6 shspu

    • Tino Marini

      Nice work Trine!!

  • Tom Brown

    A) 285 no belt on time smoked
    Up to 185
    Up to 205
    215 across
    C) 5:42 UB trusters
    D/E gonna do it

  • Brooke Fusco

    A. Done (175#)

    B. Muscle snatch- 85, 95, 100
    High hang- 105, 110, 115
    Hang- 120, 125, 130
    Snatch- 130x, 130, 135, 140 (87%), 140x
    First time snatching over 115 since the injury. These felt terrible…I feel like I’m relearning everything

    C. 4:12
    85# thrusters
    Rope climbs: 1LL/2 regular, 1LL/1 regular, 1/2 LL for last rep
    Minimal pain on thrusters. Trying to ease back into heavy overhead things.

    D. Done (10 GHR, 20# med ball)

    E. Done (10 tempo shspu, 55# KB)

    • Tino Marini

      It will take time but your numbers will come back fast if you focus on positions and technique!

      • Brooke Fusco

        You are right! Thanks for the constant encouragement! I get so grumpy about it because it’s so frustrating…haha.

  • Yossi Cohen

    B.60 to 70 kg
    C.9:50 70kg barbell

  • Phillip Bouillé

    A: 215lbs
    B: based off 225lbs
    All my hangs felt so perfect but my singles off the floor were all garbage. To the point where I failed all my singles at 205 off the floor but nailed 2 hangs afterwards. Gonna need to include more snatch pulls.
    C: 6:04 @ 135.
    Didn’t do it last time. 🙁
    D: Done with 10lbs dball

    • Tino Marini

      Its all about positioning from the floor. Be patent then sweep the bar back!

  • Cindy Kane (55-59)

    A. 165#
    B. MS- 65, 70, 75
    HHS – 75, 80, 85
    HS- 85, 90, 90
    SN-95 missed 2 of the 5
    C. 5:59 – 85# thrusters – RC w/legs
    D. Done- 20#MB
    E. Done – 70# & 6 shspu

  • Jessica U

    A) done @ 170#
    B) 75#, 100#, 115# then up to 125#
    C) 6:04 Rx thrusters in sets of 3 and 4s all the way. 1:42 PR from sept! 🤗
    D) done
    E) done

    Thanks! Hope you’ve had a great Monday!

    • Tino Marini

      Great improvement Jessica!

      • Jessica U

        Thanks Tino! I’m really happy about this! Thanks for the awesome programming 🙌🏻

  • Fernando Villasenor

    A. OHS every 45s @ 135#
    B. Worked up to 175# (113% of no lifter PR and 95% of lifter PR)
    C. 9:11 – Scaled to
    12 Thrusters (145 lbs) (9/3)
    2 Legless Rope Climbs ~ 12 feet
    3 Rope Climbs
    9 Thrusters (ub)
    1 Legless Rope Climb ~ 12 feet
    2 Rope Climbs
    6 Thrusters (ub)
    1 Legless Rope Climb ~ 12 feet
    1 Rope Climb

    Grip still a bit of an issue towards the end on these legless but i’m getting closer to getting these down.

    Glute Ham Raises Done (8-9-10)

    70Lb Kettlebell
    Tempo HSPU 5(ub)-4(ub)-4(2-2)

    Happy Monday! Glad to be back after a few days out with a nasty cold.

    • Tino Marini

      Theres a no lifter PR?! 🙂

      Nice work dude, glad you’re feeling better!

      • Fernando Villasenor

        Thanks Tino! I’m going to be in San Diego November 19, looking forward to dropping by and visiting the Invictus Crew!

  • Matt Milone

    A. 285

    B. 95,115,135

    C. 3:48 RX

    D. Done

    E. Done 10 shspu/2 pood KB

  • Ryan Reilly

    B. 135,145,155
    165,175,185 PR!
    C.6:24 Rx did thrusters 8+2+2, 5+4, then 3+1+1+1
    D. 6,6,6 for the ghr and used 40# slam ball for hold
    E. Used 25s, added 5s, and added 2 more 5s to farmer carry handles and did 10 hspu all sets

    • Tino Marini

      Solid day of lifting Ryan!

  • ryan sunshine

    B. Up to 260#
    really consistent around this weight now.
    C. Have a similar workout at a Comp in two weekend so tested that out.
    3 rounds
    10 thrusters 155
    10 bmu

    D. Done

    E. Iron scap instead

    • Tino Marini

      Should have been sub 4 🙂

  • Scott Abston

    A. All at 250
    B. Skipped muscle snatch
    C. 7:46 RX Almost a min faster but I went UB on the 12 thrusters and that was a mistake so I probably could have done better.

    • Tino Marini

      Nice work on the improvement!

  • Bryan Davies

    A) 215
    B) 95/105/115
    165/175/185 fail/185 fail/went down to 165 and kept missing the lift even though it didnt feel heavy at all
    C) 3:50 thrusters @145 (last time 3:48 @135)
    D + E) 3x
    GH raises x10
    30 soviet twists
    6 tempo SHSPU

  • Steven (SoCal)

    A. All around 270sh, felt super heavy.
    B. Stayed light. Up to 220 from floor.
    C. 4:45 RX Didnt log my last score but probably better.

    Really didnt want to go in. Wanted to fully recover from weekend. Glad I went in to get loose again and sweat the yuck stuff out.

    • Tino Marini

      Sub 4 without a hangover 🙂

  • Brigham Abbott

    A. 245
    B. Built to 230.
    C. 6:10 w/ legs.
    D. Done. 2 mins.

  • John Vautier (North Central)

    Light day in there, did a bunch of WZA team qualifiers this weekend.
    A. 315 for 8 reps and 295 for last 4, these got sticky at the end.
    B. Skip, did the mu and snatch workout yesterday. PR’d my max ub mus by 7 reps, got 13 total! Snatch after was rough. Thanks Invictus!
    C. Skip, some light accessory.
    D. GHR done, with suitcase carry 80# db.

    • Tino Marini

      Hope they went well!

  • Johnny Malgeri (North Central)

    A) 315 – last 3 reps were a grind
    B) 115/135/145/
    185/195/205 – these felt great!
    205/205/210(failed 3 times) – our gym on Mondays is freaking chaos, and our gym owners need to have a etiquette talk with members. People kept walking 1ft directly in front of me while lifting a 205lb snatch off the ground. I’m not good enough weightlifter for people to do that 😏It started to really get on my nerves by the end there. Should have hit those lifts though.
    C) 4:03 – thrusters unbroken. If I get a little stronger at rope climbs I could really push the pace.
    D) Done
    E) 90lb DB, 10/8/8 strict Hspu

    • Tino Marini

      Sounds frustrating, but you still got a solid session in. Hope it settles down soon.

  • Kevin Bilbrey

    A. Read this wrong and just maxed out ha ha 95/135/185/225/245/295/315/340
    C. 4:09 2:06pr. Surprised by this. Worked a 12hr day today..and Was too cautious last time.
    12, 7/2 freakin caved, 6
    D. Done. Was in a hurry so did with 50lb db :30 sec rest

    • Tino Marini

      Crushed it Kevin! Great work!

  • Jessie Williams

    A) 275…ruthless!
    B) PR!!! 225, and forgot my lifters, so did it in flats
    C) 3:52* (rope is short, but I did from standing, no jump)
    D) skipped
    E) 88lb

    • Tino Marini

      Yeah Jessie!!! Awesome work buddy and congrats on another PR!!

  • Nikki Hartness

    A. 215#
    B. Up to 175# – these weren’t great today
    C. 4:39 RX
    D. Done….
    Then did DT for fun cuz people were all doin it for wodapalooza – 5:05 RX

  • Tony Lin

    A. 135kg x 4, 130kg x 10. Dropped 135….ugh.
    B. 195#, Couldn’t quite catch 205# today.
    C. 4:50 RX, unbroken thrusters, shared a rope with a buddy, had to walk across the gym and around class between rope and bar. Didn’t get to try this the first time around.
    D. Done!

  • Isaac McLean

    A. 270. Ouch
    B. 135 across // 170/170/180 // 190/190/200(f) // 215 across 3of5
    *so I joined our 3 girls that are doing wodapalooza Qualifier and Pr my snatch Friday night 🙂 240 😝
    C. 5:40 RX 0:35 PR!!
    D. Done with hamstring curls
    E. Done

    • Tino Marini

      Solid work on the PR Isaac!

  • Matt Irwin

    C: 5:56 Rx. Thrusters unbroken!
    6:21 last time

    • Tino Marini

      Nice job keeping those thrusters unbroken!

  • Dan Polewchak

    A. 325 love these, but dayam.
    B. 175 PR / 175 / 205 / 225
    C. 4:13 Rx i’ve gotta start incorporating some skill LRC’s
    D. tomorrow
    E. tomorrow

    • Tino Marini

      Strong day of lifting!

  • Bryan babbitt

    A) 305 across. Did them all on the 30, heavy and not the best technique, but made them all
    B) 95,135,165
    235f,235,245,255f stopped (snatches didn’t feel good, happy with 245, but my mind was on the Wodapalooza workout)
    Wodapalooza: 7min, 7bbjo, 7hang snatches,7thrusters: 4+16, wanted 5, not upset.

    • Tino Marini

      Crush those qualifiers!

      • Bryan babbitt

        That’s the goal! Time to see where training makes me stack up!

  • Tyler Sowinski

    Still not Dead Stopping. Worked up to a 255 lb single today. Failed 285. It was a bit of a jump but felt pretty good so I went for it.

    95, 95, 115 lbs
    125 lbs
    140 lbs
    Up to 160 lbs. Missed 170.

    115 lbs on Thrusters
    Legless except for 2 pulls on 2nd ascent in 2ns round and 3rd round.

  • Sydnee Percival

    A. 175×10, 180×4
    These were feeling really good today.
    Muscle- 65/85/85
    Having a real case of the Monday’s with my snatches today.
    C,D,E- Skipped
    Did Wodapalooza tonight. 7min amrap, 7bbjo, 7 hang snatch, 7 thrusters. I got 5+4

    • Hunter

      Who are you doing it with??

      • Laura Hershberger

        Me and little Kim

      • Sydnee Percival

        Laura and Kim

  • Laura Hershberger

    A. 175. Legs feeling good 💪🏻
    B. Muscle: 80, 90, 95. HH: 85. H: 95. Singles: 100/105/110/115/120x. Snatches felt good and loookg good. Just got fatigued at the end.
    C. 105lb thrusters and legged rope climbs. 6:29. All thrusters unbroken — pretty big mental win for me tonight with that! It was uncomfortable but I pushed myself.
    D. No time
    E. Done

    This AM I did WZA 6 & 7 (intermediate division). Got 5:34 on DT and 8:37 on the DU/DB snatch one (the latter I could have pushed more and will probably try that again)

    • Hunter

      Great job pushing and going unbroken!

      • Laura Hershberger


  • Samie Acevedo

    B. 95/105/110
    C. 10:03RX-thrusters where fine, arms blew up on the rope climbs 🔥
    D.&E Done

  • Jonah Landwerlen

    A. 275
    B.95,125,135. Then 155 missed two got one. then 185 hit it twice went up to 195 but missed. 205 missed every last one today all missed behind me.
    C. 6:10
    D&E no time. Apologies I know it’s important

  • Tim Coffield

    A. 235
    B. ms 125 135 135
    hhs 145 155 165
    hs 165 175 180
    s to 190
    C. 7:40 rope on pu bar ~8′ 9/6/3
    D. Done 50# sb
    E. 85#

  • Daniel Cohen

    90 kg – done
    Muscle snatch – 40-45-50
    High hang – 57.5-60-62.5
    Hang – 65-67.5-70
    Snatch -70-72.5-75-77.5-80 ( tried to pr at 85 ❌)
    2:52 60 kg
    (Last time I used 55 kg – 2:42)

  • Amber Nollen (39)

    A: 135/135/155/155/155/165 for the remainder
    D: done
    E: done
    Partner wod: wall balls, kbs, and running.

  • Megan Markee

    A. 185 with a couple fails
    B. 105/105/115/125 (didn’t build)
    C. 5:58 (18 sec faster) – next time I will go unbroken

  • Tyler Martin

    A. Done @ 220, but with a few breaks when I couldn’t find the right position. When I did have the right position it felt strong.
    B. 75, 95, 105 / 135, 140, 145 / 155, 160, 165 / 175, 180F, 175, 180F, 175 – Can’t hook grip still so once I get to the higher weights it’s hard to hold on and give it enough power. Lower weights felt great!
    C. 7:00 (135, RC from seated on short rope). Should have done all the thrusters unbroken.
    D. Did GHR and SHSPU
    E. out of time

  • Jen Pamer

    A. 165
    B. Up to 125
    C. 11:26 That. Was. Slow. But done 🙂
    D. Done

  • Marc Edgett

    A. 275
    B. 95/115/135 muscle, 135/155/175 high hang, 185/195/205 hang, 205F/195/195F/185/185. Had some problems on the first pull today but managed to clean it up a lot on the last two lifts.
    C. 6:26
    D. Done
    E. Done

  • Justin Kuhar

    A. 14×1 @121kgs wow this was tough! Failed the last rep twice

    B. 90kg for hang snatch 2.5kg PR
    Up to 95kgs for single snatch

    C. 6:19rx didn’t record it last time but this was way faster

    D. Done

    E. Done

  • Mike Trainin

    A. 295 lbs
    B. Up to 135 lbs
    C. Women’s RX…7:07
    D. Done
    E. Done

  • Kelly McErlean

    A. 175. Had to drop to 165 last 4
    B. 90/95/105. 110/115/120. 125/130/135. 135x/135/140/145/150x
    C. 10:03. Ripped open a cut. Had to stop before 6 thrusters to tape it up

  • Darin Kaiser

    A. 260, make make miss make miss
    250 made all the rest
    B. 95, 135, 145
    B2. 160, 170, 180
    B3. 185, 190, 195
    B4. 205f, 210fx3, 205 make, 210make frustrated on these
    C. 6:56, rx weight not leg less rope climbs 1:03 pr from last time all around better cardio technique very happy
    D. Skip
    C. Done 85lb dumbbell and 6 reps at tempo