Build to today’s 1-RM…
Pause Front Squat @ 33X1 + 2 Front Squats

Perform one pause squat with a 3-second hold at the bottom, followed immediately thereafter by two front squat with no prescribed tempo.

Every two minutes, for a total of 16 minutes (8 sets):
Snatch Pull + Power Snatch + Snatch @ 80%

For time of:
800 Meter Run
60 GHD Sit-Ups
30 Overhead Squats (115/75 lbs)
15 Strict Handstand Push-Ups to 6″/4″ Deficit

Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes (5 sets) of:
Interval 1 – V-Up x 15 reps
Interval 2 – Elbow Plank x 60 seconds

  • Ingmar Krähling

    Up to 130kg

    E2mom for 16 did 1 snatch pull + 1 snatch high pull from deficit from 70-100kg

    Done Rx in 12:41


  • Martina Dalla Bona

    Hey! I saw one of your gymnastic videos in which strict hspu are subbed with the same deficit but helping with hamstrings with both feet on 2boxes. Do you think it’s a good thing to manage and try the deficit skill, or would I just don’t use any help and do it with no deficit at all?

    • Tino Marini

      Yes this is a good substitute. Make sure it’s chalkenging!

  • Christopher Einholz

    Is Part B supposed to be an unbroken Complex or should we aim for perfect Setup&Mechanics on each of the movements with a reset (thus the rather light weight)?

    • Tino Marini

      As a general rule in weightlifting components reset after each portion and work perfect positions.

      Barbell cycling isn’t weightlifting and weightlifting isn’t barbell cycling 💪

      • Christopher Einholz

        Thanks for the clarification!

  • Kani Chang

    I don’t know the tempo prescribed in the above.

  • Jessica U

    A) 185#
    B) 115#
    C) 11:38 Rx
    D) done

    Thanks!! Have a great friday!!

  • Penny Weinberger

    Whilst parking my car yesterday at the gym to do some gymnastic ‘s drills and mobility I sneezed a couple of times and got a bulging disc in my thoracic spine for my efforts. I kid u not – I felt it instantly during my heavy sneeze like a knife slice across my upper back and could hardly get out my car! Apparently it’s more common than we realise, but leaves me no less devestated!! finally this week I was feeling getting back to normal and happy to bring my training back to where it should be but this past month it seems I just can’t catch a break!
    Plan of action then is first to stop feeling sorry for myself and be happy it’s not anything worse and keep lying on my stomach every hour and a couple of moves to move the disc back in place. Tuesday I go to check it out and see further. Don’t know how long it will take – apparently 4-6 week’s to be back completely – but I’ll take one week at a time!
    Don’t miss me too much guys – but dont worry , I’ll be back long before that happens – nothings gonna keep me down or beat me😉

    • Tino Marini

      That’s crazy!! I had no idea you could do that!

      So sorry to hear this Penny. Please keep us posted on your recovery and we look forward to your return!

      Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help!

      • Penny Weinberger

        I know. . Nor did I , this is what I read: “A body pulverising sneeze, which makes the body jerk as if on a take off mode may cause the spine to take the full impact of the shattering blow.
        “If you get a sudden pain running down your spine, it means the sneeze has really struck hard” I didn’t have any issues there to trigger it off ,Monday though I did try the T spine opener but I think that’s just a coincidence because felt no issues at all from it after, so I guess it’s just really bad luck in a seated potion with a heavy sneeze😣
        Thank you for your concern and kind words – I’m hoping it will be a quick recovery – better the thoracic than lower back since that is a much longer recovery time, so I’m hoping, fingers crossed and all, 4-6 weeks to be back on track again!
        I’ll keep u posted and thank you again, and enjoy the weekend!

    • Anthony Oriotti

      Always positive despite of this !
      Hope you will come back soon Penny

      • Penny Weinberger

        Thank you Anthony! !!its hard, but I’m trying! Its bad enuf it happened, i can’t let it crush me mentally too- it will only make me suffer more!!
        Be good and be fierce and I’ll be back soon!!

    • Seb Benisty

      I hope you will recover fast penny… your mindset will help you… I got 2 hernia too… 1 on my neck and one on lower back… this kind of things can’t stop you till you got your warrior mindset… see you soon… 💪💪

      • Penny Weinberger

        ..and youre still killing it every workout!! Thank you seb!! I Will remember that and appreciate it!! Have a great weekend and keep smashing it!!

    • Tulle Weisbjerg (40-44)

      Penny, that’s crazy 😱 Stop sneezing! Hope you recover really fast!

      • Penny Weinberger

        I know.. it’s insane..actually really afraid to sneeze right now!😨. Thanks tulle. .I hope so too!

    • Nancy Mawire (40-44)

      Ugh so sorry to hear about this Penny. Hope you get better soon🙏🏾

      • Penny Weinberger

        Thank you Nancy! !!

      • Penny Weinberger

        Thank you Nancy so much!!

  • Meghan Jayne

    A. Up to 95-155#
    B. Sets 1-5 @ 95# / Set 6 @ 100# / Set 7 @ 105# / Set 8 @ 110# (moving from 80# Power Snatch to 80% Squat Snatch)
    C. 12:11 (32 GHD/28 ambit situps / Deficit 1″ kipped / OHS broken up into 3 sets of 10)
    D. Done. Ouch.

    • Tino Marini

      Lets stay clear of kipping and either adjust reps or deficit. We want to keep your neck and spine healthy and ramming it into the floor isn’t the best for it.

  • Anthony Oriotti

    A. 40:60:80/90/100/110kgs 90% of FS happy here

    B. sub for strict pull-ups
    Still the left shoulder who hurts on snatches reception / Ohs positions

    C. Sub OHs with 40 FS 136lbs the rest RX
    5min on the GHSU ouch

    D. Done (challenging)

    • Tino Marini

      Enjoy your weekend dude!

  • Dante Tuscai (27, MidAtlantic)

    A. Up to 305 – I think thats a pr for the tempo/pause
    B. 215 – This was rough, its 80% of my snatch but 94% of my power snatch
    C. Cut run to 400m because of time and did 30 GHD/30 TTB because I haven’t been doing many GHDs and ill be tore up for days – other stuff rx 9:09
    D. Done

    • Tino Marini

      Strong work on the pause front squat!

  • Bronco

    A. 275#
    B. no time for warmup built up to 195 80%
    C.12:38 (scaled to regular shspu)
    D. Done

  • Bobby

    A. 315
    B. All at 195 felt stronger as this went on
    C. 10:38 RX deficit got me
    D. Done

    So happy knee felt 100x better today thank god 🙏 Must have just been a little inflammation still felt it but was very minimal.

    • Tino Marini

      Good to see your feeling better Bobby!

  • Chris W

    A 315 pause +1, back rounded and form wasn’t great so stopped there.
    B @205 no misses
    C 12:02 UB GHD and OHS, strict def took some time especially after the ohs but felt good overall
    D. Done, way harder than it looked
    Good day overall

  • Jesper Weng

    A) Smolov W1D1 Back squat
    B) 80 kg
    C) 12.11 Subbed GHD with Tb2 due the fact that t2b is a huge weakness.
    Run: 2:50
    Toes 2 Bar: 20-10-5-5-5-5-5-5
    OH squat: 20-10 felt really good
    sdHSPU: 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1
    D) done
    Couldn’t hold all 60s planche…

    • Tino Marini

      Hope you stay healthy with smolov. I think the squat programs we post are pretty damn good and I’m unsure why you would add such a high volume squat program to this program.

      • Jesper Weng

        Hi Tino
        I know, but I need more volume to train up my new technique.
        My legs are my biggest weakness, so need to give this a shot.

        I taken precautions, with a listed 1RM 10-15 kg lower than my current max. Which is 35 kg lower than my PR. My main focus is technique, the strength will come.

    • ryan sunshine

      I got incredible results with Smolov when i injured my shoulder and that was the only thing I could do. When I tried a similar squat program with all my other crossfit volume I got the exact opposite result and got weaker.

      • Jesper Weng

        Hi Ryan
        Thanks for the headsup. I will evaluate after first week.

  • Petr Krejci (6.4″, 225lb)

    A. 130kg
    B. 87.5kg
    C. 11:30
    D. done

  • Seb Benisty

    A/up to 100kg
    B/[email protected] fail the 2 last power snatches
    Cns start to fried I think…
    C/Teammates ask me to do the Friday hero WOD at out box with them… bad idea!!!😵
    today was “the Don”… 10 stations 66 reps each… that was horrible… fun… but horrible…. done in 36’…
    Definitely need some rest now
    Have fun invictus people… see you Monday…

    • Tino Marini

      Hope you had fun with the team! Have a good weekend!

      • Seb Benisty

        Yes but I don t like to miss part of the programmation… and this rep for rep workout disgusting me🤣🤣
        Prefer train with invictus team 💪👍… lol

  • Gastón Gherardi

    What’s a good substitute for GHD Sit-Ups? We only have the one GHD, and we’ll probably be 3 or 4 doing it at the same time. How many regular Sit-Ups can we do to make it up?

    • Gastón Gherardi

      I know our box sucks, Tino. We work with what we have =P

    • Tino Marini


  • Kevin Boughari

    A) 132.5 kilos
    B) 80 4 times and i want try a pr lol…. 90 kilos for the complex feel easy for power snatch ! ( pr 2.5 kilos for power snatch )

    Wod : 11.26″ ….. run 900 meter
    Ohs ub
    Hspu 2 2 2 1 1 1 2 2 2 3.30″ for make hspu lol

    Renfo done very hard plank

    Have a good day

    Prepare ur ab

    • Tino Marini

      PR’s are coming! Solid work!!

      • Kevin Boughari

        Yes i am happy 🙂

        Really what try 105 kilos for snatch soon

        Have a good day

  • Chris Bond

    A) up to 265. Started to get mashed so stopped here. Legs felt good tho
    B) 190/190/190/190/190/190/195/195
    C) 10:43. Subbed Bar MU for HSPU. Neck felt a little funky early this morning
    D) Done

  • Mauro Espíndola

    A) Pause Front Squat @ 33X1 + 2 Front Squats – up to 105kg √ + did 1 front squat @ 110kg (100%) √ Went for a PR @ 115kg but missed it. (I’m coming for ya 115kg!)

    B) Complex done @ 80% (68kg) √ no missed but some shaky power snatches. Squats felt easier. Hard barbell conditioning piece.

    C) 15:15” RX – so happy to be able to keep up with some RX workouts now.

    D. Done √ Six-pack ready for the beach *lol*

    • Tino Marini

      Looking strong Mauro!

  • Mauro Espíndola

    Quick question Tino: how does the programming change to prepare us for the Open 2018? (I mean when we get closer to it!) Will we re-do any past Open workouts as conditioning pieces?

    • Christopher Einholz

      Not Tino, but as I’ve been somewhat following it this year and took a look at previous years:

      1. The metcons usually get shorter and more open specific in terms of intensity and exercise selection.
      2. The weightlifting moves from heavier loads to Barbell Cycling
      3. Kipping HSPU get introduced as Skill work
      4. Previous Open workouts get retested – albeit upscaled if they’re rather old and thereby not challening enough by todays level

      A few points are surely missing but that’s what I remember from the top of my head.

      • Tino Marini

        Thanks Christopher! This is correct, the program will change as we approach the Open to make sure you guys are ready for whatever comes up!

        • Mauro Espíndola

          Cool! I’m looking forward to re-testing my fitness in my third Open in 2018.

          2016 was all scaled
          2017 first time all RX (huge improvement)
          2018 – Invictus trained…. so EXCITING!

      • Mauro Espíndola

        THAT’S AMAZING man! ahahha. Thank you so much! :O

  • Dijar Ismail

    A – find 1 RM frontsquat = 155kg (5kg PR) great cycle
    B – Done @86.5kg
    C , D – Skipped ,, feeling a cold creaping up
    Rest and hoping for the best

    • Tino Marini

      Yeah Dijar!!!! Congrats on the PR!!

      • Dijar Ismail

        Thanks !!

  • Wesley Wonka

    A) 135
    B) all sets at 95 felt awesome no misses.
    C) 11:59
    Run 3:45 ish
    Ghd 15-15-14 then small sets of 3-2 to finish off
    Sdhspu 6-4-3-2

    • Tino Marini

      Solid day of work Wesley! Lets round off a solid week with a good session tomorrow!

  • Tulle Weisbjerg (40-44)

    A. 82,5 kg. Havn’t done any tempo front squats this cycle so surprised myself here in a really positive way. Also beltless 🎉
    B. 52,5 kg. Then missed the very last snatch behind but got it straight after. Great complex!
    C. 11:46
    No deficit and t2b. Ghd sit ups always gives me a headache :-/
    D. Done

    • Tino Marini

      Solid work today Tulle!

  • Yossi Cohen


  • Daniel Cohen

    110 kg (failed the last rep)
    65 kg
    14:06 rx – not used to ghd sit-ups in a Metcon

  • Jordan Molstead

    A) Worked up through 295lbs
    B) first 6 sets at 185 then 195 for last 2. no misses

    C) 10:18 Rx-
    Run in 3:30.
    Roughly 3 minutes on the sit ups.
    20-10 OHS
    7/4/4 HSPU

    D) No thank you. 60 GHDs was enough for my abs for today

  • Wilson Hopkins (40-44)

    A. Up to 315.
    B. Sub’d cleans.
    All at 245.
    C. 11:05. Sub’d overhead press at 115 for HSPU.
    D. Done.

  • Greg DeGreen (35-39 master)

    A. Up to 345, pumped about this
    B 175-205 took a while for my elbow to warm to the point of no pain
    C.10:58 rx, should have adjusted ghd a lil different, broke those up more than I would have liked

    • Tino Marini

      Great work today Greg! Awesome to see you healthy and hitting it hard!

      • Greg DeGreen (35-39 master)

        Thanks tino

  • Corey Reutlinger

    Wednesday’s session yesterday:
    A. 125×4, 155×3, 195×2, 225, 255, 270, 280# (92%), 285(f)
    B. 135×3, 169×2, 180×2, 195, 200, 205, 210(f), 210# (93%)
    C. Did class WOD. 15 min AMRAP of 400 m row, 20 DB Snatches @ 50#, and 10 T2Bs. Got 4 rounds + 50 meters RX. DB snatches felt lighter than during the Open.

    Had to get in, get out, and go. Lots of nerdy academic meetings today.
    A. Built to 225# (85%) for the complex.
    B. 140#x4; 145#x4
    C. Have myself a 11 minute time cap. 890 m run, 60 UB GHD sit-ups, 30 OHSs @ 95# (15/15), and 2–that’s right TWO!–SHSPUs at 4″ Deficit. First time trying these at that depth. Although they were singles, I’m still happy! Thank you for the confidence boost!

    • Tino Marini

      Nice work on those strict HSPU! Amazing to see how far you have came!

      Enjoy your needing out!

  • Keeta Duke (Masters age 41)

    A. 215#
    B. 110#
    C. 13:25 did sit-ups with 10# ball instead of ghd
    D. Will do at home

  • Romain Hrs

    maybe i need to adapt training for 3 or 4 weeks because of my knee injury !
    ( i hope not for more .. )

    So MUSCU time today

    3X6 reps stiff legged deadlift ( last set perform like this : 6 reps / 10 sec rest / 3-4 more reps / 10 sec rest / 1-2 more reps

    done at 140 kg

    same thing with

    3×6 pull up

    then lateral dumbbel raise


    Curl biceps like stiff legged deadlift and pull up

    3×6 ( last set do 3-4 reps more then 1-2 more )

    and then try to adapt today invictus WOD

    did :

    800m ski erg
    60 toes to bar
    30 high hang muscle snatch at 34 kg
    15 strict hspu


    Hope my knee would be better quickly !!!!

    • Tino Marini

      Looks like a damn solid session! I hope your knee gets healthy soon!

      • Romain Hrs

        yess I hope so !!

        recover with electro stimulator
        rest lol

        find a muscu programm on T-nation

        try to follow as possible

        and follow Invictus Wod at the end of the session ( with adaptive movements )

  • John Foster

    A) Pause Front Squat + 2 Front Squats = Up to 250lbs beltless.

    B) Snatch Complex = 185lbs x 1 x 4 (70%) / 190lbs x 1 x 2 (72%) / 195lbs x 1 x 2 (75%). Didn’t have the pull today. Crushed these though. Good technique work.

    C) For Time = 18:30. Had to drop the deficit to 3”. Just got crushed by the HSPU.

  • Chris W

    Anyone else hitting the wza team qualifier next 10 days?

    • Greg DeGreen (35-39 master)

      Yes sir

    • Bobby

      Yep I am

  • Bryan babbitt

    A) 150,220,270,300,330 for pause and one front squat. Super aggressive jump, but Mike and Russell were going to so I made myself do it
    B) 155,185,205,235f (super pissed, but this was aggressive for how it felt) dropped to 225 for 3 sets and hit them all
    C) 9:05
    3:35 run
    T2b: 4×10, 5,3,2
    Ohs: 18-12
    Hspu: 6,2,3,2,2
    Not upset with this, but should have done ohs unbroken and bigger sets of hspu.

    • Tino Marini


      • Bryan babbitt

        You are what you eat 😉

  • Isaac McLean

    A. Up to 290
    B. 180 across, felt better as i went on
    C. 14:09
    – did accumulate 60sec in L-sit from boxes for ghd sit-up, thought we hardly/ever do those so picked a movement i haven’t seen on here before
    – 4″ deficit (very difficult height for me)
    D. done

  • Trine Petersen

    A: up to 140#
    B: 95#
    C: 11:48
    Done with 50 toes to bar and shspu to 1 blue mat
    D: done

  • Brooke Fusco

    A. 195#

    B. 85, 95, 105, 115 (hurt my shoulder…so I dropped down), 105, 105, 105, 105 (65%)

    C. 9:18 Rx
    Run around 3min
    OHS 22/8
    Def. SHSPU 6/5/4
    This didn’t feel great on my shoulder but I’m impatient.

    D. Done

  • Chase Leonelli

    A. Up to 260# my knee felt really good today
    C.10:48 I used a 2in defecit for 10 SHSPU then did regular for 5 these slowed me down a little today.
    D. Done

  • Ryan Muchmore

    A) Up to 325# Beltless
    B) 185# across the board didn’t feel very fast today tried to keep it light
    C) 8:05 went from the mountains to sea level so I’m crushing anything cardio right now
    D) Finished but very painful

  • Kolja Rödel

    A) 100kg , failed 103 after two sqauts
    C)18:35min, 20+10 OVH squads, single HSPU,
    D) DONE

  • Ingrid Ann Joyce

    A. 225 surprised myself I didn’t know how much weight I was doing just continued to buildup. Didn’t go until failure just ended on a good note.

    B. 125/125/130->

    C. Scaled GHDs to regular sit-ups
    HSPU deficit RX

    • Tino Marini

      Nice work Ingrid!

      • Ingrid Ann Joyce

        Thanks just trying to keep up with Shelby Neal! Sharing a bar with her is no joke 😅

        • Tino Marini

          She’s a stud! Tell her we look forward to her moving out here 🙂

  • Giuseppe Cosentino

    C:16,42 RX,

    I did work with him handstand

  • Ali Jones

    A. up to 160
    B. 105×4, 110×4…working on a wider grip and being more patient thru the middle…feels slower and more unstable OH.
    C. 13:24 w/ 25# plates for deficit…1st time doing deficit sHSPUs eva, 50 TTB for GHDs
    D. done…
    3sets of 10 S.A. db rows, 15 R arm lat pull downs, 20 face pulls.

    • Tino Marini

      Play with grip width and find a happy medium. Your lax joints could make wider a little harder overhead but a wider grip should make your turnover faster. Get those elbows back and high on the outside and be aggressive with your turnover

  • Ezequiel Gonçalves

    A- up 140 kg last rep hard and stop
    B- all sets 70kg
    C- 8:00 run + sítios+ osh (27+3)
    Then … End 15 shpu 20:00 min
    D- done good 👍

  • Amy Klein

    A. 140
    B. 80lbs
    C. Rx 14:42
    D. done

  • Gylfi Snær

    A. 115 kg
    B. 80kg
    C did 30 c2b do not have ghd
    8:26 min

  • Nancy Mawire (40-44)

    A. 200 felt good
    B. Not Done, why can’t my body be 💯 already 😩😫
    C. 10:41
    KB Front Squats 16k-2:36😖
    Box Pike shspu-1:05
    D. Done, the V ups😣

    • Tino Marini

      Look after yourself and take that extra rest day if your body needs it!

  • Scott Abston

    A. Up to 275
    B. @ 175
    C. 11:40 strict hspu no deficit

  • Bryan Davies

    A) Up to 255 (96% of 1RM)
    B) 145 x3/155 x5
    C) 15:40 – SHSPU took forever
    D) Done

    • Tino Marini

      Strong work on that pause front squat + 2 front squats!!!

  • Matt Irwin

    C: 13:59

  • Bruno Brousmiche

    A. 130kg knee pain reappears on the third rep. i stop
    5×5 snatch balnce 40kg
    B. 60kg. I have to work in squat to progress. (80%=>72kg)
    C. 14’25
    D. ok done
    Finisher with my girlfriend
    FT=> 100 cal skierg 100 pull-up/push-up on these knees 100 cal skierg => 14’01

    • Tino Marini

      Look after that knee Bruno!

      • Bruno Brousmiche

        Yes i have to rest my knee. I just test and if a little pain arrive. I stop movement who provoced that pain.

  • Daniel Mendelsohn

    Still protecting my back:

    A) just did triples with no pause up to 225
    B) 135 (75%)
    C) 14:45 GHD (25,10,10,5,3,3,4), OHS (20,10), HSPU (a few doubles and then singles. Scaled to 4″, should have scaled more)
    D) did 3 rounds of each

    I was concerned this would be rough on my back, but it feels way better now. Happy with the results.

    • Tino Marini

      Stay clear of that GHD if you have a back injury Dan. We have plenty of great coaches who can give you a good alternative!

      • Daniel Mendelsohn

        I tried a few beforehand and they didn’t bother it at all. Felt great afterward.

      • Megan Markee

        Out of curiosity what would be your preferred sub besides regular sit-ups?

        • Tino Marini

          Depends on the injury.

          • Megan Markee

            I have a disc replaced in my c-spine so avoiding hyperextension of neck and whiplash-like movements is best. I did GHD to try it out today but would rather not in the future. Lots of headaches 🙂 don’t want it to be easier just safer for my condition

            • Tino Marini

              Ye I would stay away from any hyperextension. For you I would recommend something like a heavy Russian kettlebell swing

              • Megan Markee

                Intersting I wouldn’t have thought of that as a ghd sub — I’ll remember that thanks!

  • ryan sunshine

    A. 335
    B. 205 for all
    Wrists were killing me today.
    C. 10:24
    Body can feel not doing ghds a lot. Those and the hspu were rough. UB ohs.

    • Tino Marini

      You should be sub 10!

      • ryan sunshine

        the HSPU were bothering my shoulder so didn’t push them too much. I got off the ohs at like 7:20

        • Tino Marini

          Look after yourself dude

    • Justin Kuhar

      I agree, those ghd were a lot harder then I ever remember I guess we better throw some more in on the warm ups

  • Matt Milone

    A. 315

    B. 205

    C. 9:24 RX

    D. Tomorrow

  • Jessie Williams

    A) 295
    B) 175
    C) 11:05

  • John Vautier (North Central)

    A. Up to 325, felt strong.
    B. Skip
    C. Wza team workouts the next 10 days so I’ll be monitoring and subbing those in.
    D. Done, only 3 rounds. Liked this.

    • Tino Marini

      Good luck with the qualifiers!

  • Johnny Malgeri (North Central)

    Gymnastics first
    A) 325! Did 315 for just the single couple weeks back.
    B) 175/180 for 3 sets/185 for 4 sets – power felt heavy
    C) 14:00 – Hspu stopped me in my tracks. 4+ min doing those
    D) done

  • Dan Polewchak

    A, 335 i wish i didn’t stop here, i didn’t know how much Greg DeGreen was gonna do.
    B. 185
    C. 10:11

    • Tino Marini

      Haha he done you by 10lb.! Still a solid day 💪

      • Dan Polewchak

        Haha, he usually does. Thanks Tino!

  • Tom Brown

    A) 333
    2 pounds from my 1 RM pause squat with no support, wore a belt on this bad Larry, glutes were going nuts.
    B) 184
    C) tomorrow
    D) done

    • Tino Marini

      Getting strong buddy!! Awesome work!

      • Tom Brown

        Thanks coach trying, getting a little fat. Got to start pushing the metcons a little more.

  • Tony Lin

    Generally a tired day.

    A. 130kg, 135x.
    B. 165# (slightly below 80%), power snatches are a big weakness. Pretty good stuff, hit the last one at 175#.
    C. 12:23 RX. Run 3:20, GHD burned so did 30-15-10-5, had zero legs on OHS so went 15-10-5 (first time legs were the limiting factor), did singles on sHSPU. Overall pretty happy that I could consistently do singles (every 10 seconds or so?) and didn’t burn out. Only struggled on last rep. Work in progress…

  • A. Up to 315 – felt great.
    B. 175 – my powers are in need of work.
    C. 11:23 – no deficit on hspu’s. GHD and OHS UB, but need to work on hspu’s.
    D. Done

  • Megan Markee

    A. 200
    B. 115 nice to work on form today
    C. 11:42
    Run 2:34, ghd took me like 3:30ish 😬, ohs 20/10 tried to save myself for the hspu which were in 3s or less. 4inch was tricky!
    D. Didn’t get to this

  • Sydnee Percival

    A. Up to 185,failed 195
    B. 105/110/115/115/115/115/115/115
    C. 10:03
    ran the 800m in 3:25 with 50 TTB vice the GHDs
    D. Done.

  • Tyler Sowinski

    225 lbs, 235 f

    140, 140, 145 for remaining 6 sets

    800m run
    30 Overhead Squats 115 lbs
    20 Strict HSPU
    30 Toes to Bar

    Did squats in 2 sets, had to break up HSPUs in small sets which added up in time.

    Done, worked on Handstand holds in place of V-ups due to injury

  • Laura Hershberger

    A. Up to 190
    B. 85, 85, 90, 90, 95, 95, 95, 95
    C. 10:16. Subbed 30 TTB and did the HSPU on 2 blue pads (first time doing this in a workout!). Ran the 800 in 3:30…Pushed the run and can definitely feel I’m getting faster and able to push running more. TTB slowly getting better, too.
    D. Done. 😐

    • Hunter

      A fast run is so important in this workout! Great job!

  • Kim Kunert

    A. 125
    B. 95
    C. 10:48 no deficit. OHS unbroken

    • Hunter

      Glad to see you were able to go unbroken!

  • Gastón Gherardi

    A. 130 Kgs
    B. Done with 90 Kgs
    C. 11’ 45” (kipping HSPU
    D. Done!

  • Samie Acevedo

    A. Up to 185lb. Failed the last one at 195lb
    B. All at 130lb- these felt pretty good 🙂
    C.9:13 – toes to bar
    D. Done

    • Hunter

      Fast time! Great job Samie

  • Jen Pamer

    A. Up to 175. Failed last squat of 180
    B. Did C and J complex for Sat. hang +clean + jerk Up to165. Failed 2ND clean at 170
    C.subbed row bc I ran this morn. Took 16:39 strict only half inch def. those took a long time almost 8 min
    D. 3 rounds yuck

  • Justin Kuhar

    A. Up to 125kg then failed third squat at 130kg

    B. Done at 80kg

    C. 11:43 RX the shspu were tough at the 6” deficit had to go 4-3-3-3-2

    D. Done

  • Mike Trainin

    A. Up to 295 lbs
    B. Done at 135 lbs
    C. 14:58
    D. Done

  • David

    A. 275
    B. 175
    C. Women’s Rx… 12:26
    D. Done

  • Stephen Thorn

    A. 235
    B. 135
    C. 800 run, 60 sit up full to foot, 25 OHS @ 125, 15 HSPU – 8:35