Three sets of:
Dumbbell Walking Lunges x 20 steps
Rest 60 seconds
Strict Pull-Ups x Max Reps
Rest 60 seconds

Six sets for max reps of:
30 Seconds of Thrusters (95/65 lbs)
Rest 30 seconds
30 Seconds of Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)
Rest 30 seconds

  • Karianne T

    A: Did yesterdays strenght set:
    3-5 Deadlift: 65, 70, 75, 80, 85kg
    Max dips 4, 5, 5, 5, 5
    B: Thrusters: 8,8,8,8,8,8
    Box Jump Ov: 8,10,10,10,10,10

  • Chris Pugliese

    A1. Done. did farmers carry style 1st round with 50# dbells. single arm overhead in rounds 2 and 3 with 50# dbell
    A2. 4 with 30#, 12, 10
    B. Rx; 12/10, 12/10, 12/12, 12/11, 12/12, 12/11. The last set broke me.
    C. NTC: Burpees, Bounds, and Bridges

  • Chris M.

    Participating in a Crossfit Competion tomorrow so elected to do a taster of the three posted WODs.

    A. WOD 1
    10 Cal Row/135 C&J
    10 Cal Row/155 C&J
    10 Cal Row/185 C&J
    10 Cal Row/205 C&J
    10 Cal Row/225 C&J – intentionally finished at 6:40
    10 Cal Row/255 C&J – this will be a PR attempt tomorrow
    10 Cal Row/275 C&J – not a chance

    B. WOD 2
    For time 6-9-12 of:
    HSPU / 185# Deadlift / TTB – finished at 3:38
    (Tomorrow’s rep scheme is 9-15-21-15-9 … gonna be rough … need to break the HSPU early)

    C. WOD 3
    3 RFT of:
    7 – 115# Power Snatch
    1 – Burpee over the bar
    1 – Burpee over 30″ box
    1 – Burpee over 30″ box
    1 – Burpee over the bar
    Finished at 3:15

    (Tomorrow’s scheme is AMRAP 9 … keep on moving … stick with a 4/3 break on the snatch)
    Have a good weekend folks.

    • Candy Olkey

      Wow..that’s some fantastic work! Going to be a rough day…but very rewarding in the end. Sounds like you have your plan set and it looks like a well thought out plan…stick to it! You will do GREAT! Don’t forget to post your results! Good luck!

    • Joey Maltais

      Sounds like a ton of fun! You’ll crush it no doubt. Let us know how it goes and have fun!

  • Kelly Welborn

    A. 25# DB’s for lunges.
    Subbed 3 Kipping pull ups with 3 sec negatives since my strict pulls are on hiatus.

    B. 55# thrusters 12/10/9/9/9/10
    BJO’s 12/10/9/9/10/13
    Started my BJO’s facing the box for the first 3 sets then switched to side facing.

  • Teddy

    Hey guys,

    To put it lightly, this week has been pretty tough. Living in northern California, we had to evacuate from our little home here in Redwood Valley. It was 1:10 am late Sunday night when I woke up, and I knew something was unbelievably wrong. When I looked outside my kitchen window, their was fire surrounding all three sides of my house (see pic).


    I have never moved that fast in my entire life. Miraculously, my wife, our little baby, and even our house was spared.

    Unfortunately, so many of our neighbors lost their homes, some lost their lives, but someway, somehow, our community has stayed resilient throughout these last few days. I’m beyond thankful for the firefighters, first responders, prayer warriors, and the countless people who continue to fight the fires by providing food, shelter, or even a simple hug.

    I’d appreciate your prayers friends. Thankful for this community, and by that I mean you guys, who are always willing to lift each other up, one rep, one pull, one comment at a time.

    • David Franco

      My prayers are with you Teddy. Glad you and yours are safe!

    • Chad Evans

      Stay strong Teddy. Glad you and your family are safe.

    • Candy Olkey

      Thoughts, prayers, and hugs go out to all of you!! We are all here for you…many of us a long ways away..but would do anything to help out if needed!!

    • Joey Maltais

      My thoughts are with you and your family Teddy, stay strong my friend and thanks for sharing

    • Janelle Hudgin Winston

      Oh my gosh! What a nightmare. So thankful you and your family got out safely. Praying for you!

    • Fernando Bautista Quinteros

      Glad to hear your ok. My thoughts are with you and your neighbors.

    • Jamaal Kennedy

      My family and I send prayers to you and your family and everybody living in that region

    • Chris M.

      Take care Teddy.

    • Chris Pugliese

      Take care of the wife and little one. They are what matter most. Ill be thinking of you.

    • Mike Slagle

      Praying for you and your family. Thanks for sharing.

    • Trion Horgan

      Teddy – sending good vibes your way.

  • David Franco

    A. 45 lb kb. X 3 rx. Pu: 9/7/6
    B. 9/8/7/6/6/6 thrusters rx
    12/11/10/9/12/10 box jump overs
    C. Pray for Teddy.

  • Candy Olkey

    A1. Walking Lunges x 20 @ 35# plates, 40#, 45#
    A2. Max Strict Pull Ups 8/6/6 (my grip was gone after holding those plates for the lunges)
    B. Thrusters/BJO
    C. 3 Sets
    10 – GHD sit ups @ 3131
    10 – Roll to Candlestick
    20 – V-sit 14# WB twist
    10 – side plank knee to elbow (each side)
    10 – Laying down leg lifts @ 5050
    D. 5 Min weighted march
    E. Prayers for Teddy!!

    • Joey Maltais

      Holy smokes, great job on B!! Another awesome day of work Candy

  • Jay Pennypacker (M/54)

    A1. 45/45/50
    A2. 10/11/10

    B. 117 MR w/ 75# Thrusters
    11 Thrusters UB Rds 1-4 & 6 lost balance Rd 5/8
    9 X 6 BJOs

    Prayers for Teddy, his family & community

  • Vanishta Changea


  • ColoradoLivin

    A.) 55 lb dbs. 9, 8, 8 on dead hang pullups

    B.) 80 lbs. (9/13) (9/12) (9/12) (9/11) (8/11) (9/12)

    Thanks Invictus for a great week of training. When I started doing these workouts about a year ago I thought the numbers people were putting up were a bit unachievable for me. In the last few weeks ive noticed that I’m beginning to at least keep up somewhat. Feels good to be making progress. Everyone have a great weekend!

    • Joey Maltais

      You should be proud!! Awesome work today

  • Fernando Bautista Quinteros

    A. 16kgs x 2 DBS
    Pull Ups 7, 7, 5.
    B. 35kgs 24″

  • Jamaal Kennedy

    A. 50# DB, 8-8-8
    B. Thrusters 10-10-10-10-7-7 RX
    BJO 11-10-10-10-10-10

  • Jérémy Dagorn

    A. 45# DB, 8 – 8 – 6
    B. Around 12 for each.

  • Matthew Swartz

    Me: 45# dbs for lunges, 12,10,8 for pull-ups
    Misses: 20# dbs for lunges, 6,7,6 for ring rows
    Me: 15,10,12,12,12,12 thrusters @95#, 12,10,10,10,10,10 24” bjo
    Misses: 7,7,7,7,5,5 thrusters @65#, 9,9,9,9,9,9 20” bjo

  • Rob Flynn

    A. 60 lb DBs // 10,8,6
    B. 9-13 thrusters and 12-13 jumps per round

  • anders folger

    A1. 20kg kb’s for all sets
    A2. 8-10 ea set
    B. @75, 11/10, 11/10, 11/10, 11/10, 11/10, 12/11
    C. 3 sets of 15 ghd/1 stair run(4 flights)
    …yay rest days

  • Mike Slagle

    Yesterday’s workout
    A1. deadlifts 275×5, 295×5, 305×4, 315×3, 325×2. Previous 1 rep pr was 315
    A2. Tempo ring dips 8, 8, 7, 7, 6
    B. 30 burpees (1:29)
    800 m run (4:22)
    1000 m row (3:32)
    Time 9:23

  • Trion Horgan

    A1. 53lb kb’s x20 steps
    A2. 17/9/7. Fell off a cliff on those!

    B. Rx’d 12×6 thrusters & 10/6 box jump overs

    That was a killer. I fought every rep in the second half.

  • JT

    A. One of my competitions coming up teased Curtis P complexes (power clean lunge lunge push press) so I subbed those.
    Curtis P 3×5 #185
    Strict pull ups 14,11,10
    B. 6 rounds
    30s thruster #95, 30s rest, 30s BJ over “24, 30s rest

  • Adam

    A. 35/7, 45/7, 45/7
    B. 10/12, 9/12, 9/12, 9/12, 9/12, 9/13

    Something is wrong. I can’t fight for reps or push through. May be nutrition, rest or both.

  • Michael Newton

    A) 53# KBs and 12/8/7 for strict pull-ups

    B) 14/13/10/8/8/8 for thrusters Rx
    14/13/11/10/10/12 for BJO Rx

    C) Pray for Teddy

  • Joey Maltais

    1 day behind
    A. DL: (dead stop @bottom of each rep)
    5x 245# 255 265 275 285
    These felt good and pleasantly surprised with how I was able to perform with a dead stop (regular 5RM is 295)
    RD @2111: 10-7-7-6-5
    B. AB 40 cal
    Run 800m
    Row 1000m
    Score: 11:19
    AB took 2:51, way too long… lost steam after 20cals then it was a hard grind
    Ran on treadmill close to top speed but didn’t have much more in the tank anyway
    Row took 3:56 which is good for me considering what came before.
    Overall I’m pleased with today considering I had trouble getting my ass in here tonight after not getting much sleep last night.
    Have a great weekend everybody

    • Candy Olkey

      That’s great work on short sleep! That row….way to push it!