Barbell Warm-Up
Snatch with empty Barbell
(5 reps of each, 1-2 times through the complex)
Snatch-Grip RDL
Snatch Pull from Below Knee
Overhead Squat
Snatch Push Press
Snatch Balance (fast to receiving)
Hang Power Snatch
Snatch from Below Knee

Repeat with 95/65 lbs for two sets of 3 reps.

Four sets of:
Hang Snatch x 2 reps @ 80-85%

Pause for a count of “one-one-thousand” at mid-thigh before each rep, and on the final rep hold the receiving position of the snatch for 2 full seconds before standing it up.

Followed by…

Three sets of:
Snatch x 1 rep @ 90%

Every two minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets):
Back Squat
*Set 1 – 5 reps @ 55%
*Set 2 – 5 reps @ 65%
*Set 3 – 3 reps @ 75%
*Set 4 – 2 reps @ 85%
*Set 5 – 2 reps @ 90%

Every three minutes, for 9 minutes (3 sets):
Back Squat x 10 reps @ 80%

These are designed to be 2-3% heavier than last week, so if you made all reps last week, use that as your guide. If you didn’t make all reps last week, try to keep the weight the same this week and make your reps.

Three rounds for time of:
Run 400 Meters
20 Box Facing Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)
10 Bar Muscle-Ups

For completion:
400 Meter Sandbag Carry (Bear Hug)

Go heavy, and take your time. WALK, do not run. The point is to accumulate time under tension and strengthen your posterior chain, so embrace the slow grind of the walk and don’t get in a hurry. Please note the weight of the sandbag used. If you didn’t make the full 400 meters unbroken last week, use the same weight and make your goal to get further than you did last week without dropping. If you made it last week, go slightly heavier this week.

If you don’t have access to a Sandbag pick up something heavy, bear hug it and walk. Alternatively front rack kettlbells. We highly recommend investing in sandbags. They are one of the most used pieces of equipment at Invictus.

  • Anthony Oriotti

    Hi Tino
    Last week I was not able to hit 3*[email protected]% but went for 4*[email protected]%

    Option 1 try 3*[email protected]% or hit 4*8 if I fail
    Option 2 back to 3*[email protected]% but it will be less volume than last week
    Option 1 ? 🙂

    • Tino Marini

      Did you read the note underneath the squats?

      “These are designed to be 2-3% heavier than last week, so if you made all reps last week, use that as your guide. If you didn’t make all reps last week, try to keep the weight the same this week and make your reps.”

      Therefore repeat last weeks and try and hit them

      • Anthony Oriotti

        Yes I read it but was not sure as 4*8 was higher volume than 3*10 I was confused.

        Thanks Tino I will do 3*10 last week %

  • Bruno Brousmiche

    Rest day after the compet.
    I had a lot of fun during the competition Battle of the Crown #3.
    Cut a log and go in water below 5 ° C were so fun. :)))
    2 PR this weekend => Squat clean 140kg and 5000m Row in 18’02 ! So happy.
    Today go to osteopath and lot of stretch.

    • Tino Marini

      Awesome work over the weekend! Sounds like there were some fun events!

  • Seb Benisty

    Barbell warmup [email protected]/40/40kg
    A/hang snatchx2
    B/back squat
    [email protected]
    [email protected],5kg
    [email protected],5kg
    [email protected]
    [email protected],5kg
    And 3×10 @110kg (+5kg than last week) 82% of my last 1rm
    Happy with that…
    Last 3 reps was challenging but ok w good mechanic… 👍
    C/19’55 RX
    (BMU 6/2/2
    Happy to got it under 20′
    Thanks have a nice day see you tommorow….

    • Tino Marini

      Solid start to the week!

      • Seb Benisty

        Thanks Tino 👍

  • Ingmar Krähling


    3x8x120 (lighter because of back)

    1. Done at 75-85
    2. Done at 85-92,5

    Done with 20cal bike instead of run because of weather conditions. Did it in 12:40

    Done GHR (better for back)

    • Tino Marini

      Hope your back is improving!

  • Penny Weinberger

    Snatch warmup @ 15kg/25kg
    A. 4 × 40kg but done as 2 single’s cos didn’t feel right in my back bringing the weight back down yet
    Missed third rep at 45kg – I knew it was enough for today on my back – felt when my back weakened but happy to have done this all today
    B. Happy to keep all prescribed %”s here
    3×10 @ 60kg (+/- 73%- building these back up but felt today much easier than last week at 55kg)
    C. DND
    D. Pouring of rain – last week just played to see how it felt for around 8 min’s, but needed multiple rest- today didn’t drop the 30kg for 5 mins so next we can start loading more..

    • Tino Marini


      • Penny Weinberger

        The only way I like it 😉

  • Anthony Oriotti

    Warmup done

    A. Done based on 82,5kgs
    Some fails on hang double
    Fail 2 on 3 @90% on single snatche

    Not a good day

    B. Back squat
    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    3*[email protected] (78% missed last week)
    Hit the reps today

    C. 18’53 Rx
    Bar MU felt better on round 2/3 not time to warmup on this
    The cold outside gave me push on the run to come back quickly inside.

    D. Out of time today

  • Kevin Boughari


    2day of compétition.

    Wod 4 run obst 3.6k we finish 9/40
    Wod 5 125 du / parter hold 100 wall Ball /partner hold deadlift fast bar 170 kilos
    75 hspu / partner hold hanstand 50 deadlift fat bar synchro 210 kilos. 25 burpees over thé bar we finish 13/20
    Wod 6 : 30 legless rope climb ( 5 mètres ) 30 squat clean 85 kilos
    Finish 21/40 ( my young partner total explosion here )

    Finish 21/40
    Was good for my young partner 17 years old

    Today cant snatch my hand are destroy

    Make hight pull déficit.: 90.95 100 105
    Deadlift snatch deficit : 135 ×3

    Squat was hard make 10 rep at 132.5

    And make some bodybuilding work

    I start be smart tino :p

    Wod look fun … have a good day and good training all

  • Gabe Colon

    A. 2 sets at 215 2 sets at 225- failed 2nd rep on first set
    Then 3 sets at 240. these feel way better than the hang.

    B. 5×235 2×280 3×325 2×365 2×385
    3x10x335 (78% cause i missed the first week)

    C. had to modify once again
    400 m run
    20 bbjo
    10 ghd

  • Petr Krejci (6.4″, 225lb)

    Warm up done
    A. 85-87.5-90-92.5kg then 3 x 97.5kg
    B. 90-107.5-125-140-150kg then 10 x 132.5kg happy with this
    C. 17:53 disappointed here
    D. 60kg only managed 50m at the time.

  • Omar

    Hi team, happy Thanksgiving week to all!
    How long are our cycles? Also when do we update our percentages on our program. Apologies if this was asked before in a previous post and I love the community we have on here.

    Thanks again in advance to Tino and the team!


    • Tino Marini

      This cycle will run up to the Annual Online Competition on December 18-20. Cycles vary depending on the time of year and the goal of each.

      I would base your percentages on your most recent numbers.

      Have a great Thanksgiving!

  • Chris Bond

    A1) 190/195/200/200
    A2) 212.5/212.5/215
    B1) 205/245/275/315/335
    B2) 297.5 across. Mentally weak on set 2; racked it after 8 reps and then finished the 2. Should’ve pushed through. Other 2 sets complete
    C) 15:25 RX. First set of MU took 3 sets. Should’ve warmed them up more. Running outside in 38 degree weather sure got the lungs going. Made sure to put sweatshirt on each round so that took a couple seconds but overall got the stimulus I was looking for
    D) Later

    • Tino Marini

      Good to see you still getting outside. The cold air will definitely shock the body! Nice work!

  • Bronco

    A. Up to 85% 195# / 205#
    B. 215/

  • Kristin

    5 @ 140
    5 @ 165
    3 @ 190
    2 @ 215
    2 @ 230
    3×10 @185. This should have been 205, but my legs did not have it. Still coming back to squatting slowly. After the double at 230, put 205 on the bar and it felt like a truck. Took weight off and completed there.
    C. I did not time this, but moved through it as well as I could. Probably about 20 minutes. Strung 5 bar muscle ups together for the first time, so I was very pleased with that! Mostly doubles and triples.
    D. 60lbs, no dropping.
    I skipped the snatches, will come back to them this evening.

    • Tino Marini

      Good to see you being smart and not risking injury.

  • Chuck

    A. 95, 105 lb — lots of drops so didn’t go any heavier
    B. 165lb, 205, 235, 255, 265. 3×5 225lb hip flexor was acting up.
    C. 10 pullups/dips subbed for BMU. 17’58
    D. 55lb plate. just guessed on the distance

  • Wilson Hopkins (40-44)

    A. 135 for HS; 155 for S. Still wary of overhead stability. Going very slow increasing weight. These felt OK.
    B. 225/275/315/355/375
    325 for E3Mx10 reps; legs were shaking wildly at the end of set 3.
    C. 13:23. Sub’d 500m row. Wasn’t up for a run in the sub-freezing weather. I must be getting soft in old age😳😉.
    D. Done with 120 SB. 3 stops again.

    • Tino Marini

      Just need to add more layers and run outside 😝

      • Wilson Hopkins (40-44)

        I’m good with that and the cold, today just wasn’t going to be that day. I was happy to row since I’ve subd running for a lot of rows due to gym limitations.

  • John Foster

    Snatch Barbell Warmup = Done with barbell.

    A) Hang Snatch = 210lbs x 2 x 4 (missed 2 reps total). This was my PR double until 2 weeks ago so I’ll take it.
    Snatch = 220lbs (miss x 3) / 225lbs. Called it here. Little off from the floor today.

    B) Back Squat = 200lbs x 5 / 235lbs x 5 / 275lbs x 3 / 305lbs x 1 / 310lbs x 1 / 245lbs x 10 / 255lbs x 10 / 265lbs x 6. I’ll get 10 on that last set next week.

    C) 3 RFT = 17:58 RX. Felt really really good on this workout. Almost identical splits every round.

    D) Sandbag Carry = 40lbs x 400m. Only 1 break this week. Trying to go unbroken next week.

    • Tino Marini


  • Tine Ch Hanøy

    A : 50 kg
    1 rep snatch : 55 kg
    B: squat : 55/65/75/ 85/90
    10 @70 kg
    C: 18:29
    D : not any room in the box

  • Chase Leonelli

    Warm up done

    A. Hang doubles
    170,175×2,180 these felt disconnected today

    190# these felt faster then the hang for sure

    B. 190,220,255,290,305

    Sets of 10
    250,260,265 +5 from last week. These are still stealing my soul but I’m glad to keep moving up each week. These do feel better than week 1

    C. 14:20 Rx

    Run and burpees went smoothly just kept moving

    Muscle ups
    Pretty happy with this.
    Lungs were on fire from running, it snowed a little this morning Hahahaha

    D. Done with 100# I’ll move up weight next week.

    Solid day overall!

    • Tino Marini

      The cold air is good for your lungs right?! 🤗

      • Chase Leonelli

        Yea! I heard it builds character.

  • Dijar Ismail

    A – Done
    B – Done
    The 10s at 140kg,, pushed me to a new level today, thanks u sick bastards
    C – RX 15:08
    Bar mu 6-4
    D – Done + some hspu work

    • Tino Marini

      Haha just trying to get you a little stronger 🙂

      You made them so 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Maxwell Reynolds

    A. 4×2 – 210 (2 misses), 3×1 – 220 (1 miss) – Took good attempts, just wasn’t there today.
    B. 195, 230, 265, 305, 315
    3×10 – 280
    C. 14:20RX – Running in the cool weather feels nice, 45 in Wisconsin in late November!
    D. 55 – Gonna give some killer bear hugs at Thanksgiving.

    • Hunter

      Solid work Maxwell!! Good to hear you aren’t facing the snow yet

  • Corey Reutlinger

    A1. 130#x2, 135#x2, 140#x2x2
    A2. 150, 155, 160# (95%). Easiest singles I’ve felt in a long while.
    B1. 165×5, 195×5, 225×3, 255×2, 270#x2
    B2. 225#x8x3. Felt tight today. Probably from all that conference sitting and birthday partying 😅
    D. 100#. 2 stops. Pushing to go a little further before dropping each time.
    C. Didn’t do in full. But I did 1 set of UB Bar MUs. Got 10! (1 rep PR!). Been a while since I tested this.

  • Michal

    0. 20/20/30/40,
    A. #wodinprogress

    Am I allowed to drop the bar during the set?

    • Maxwell Reynolds

      I think I read something last week that said ideally hold onto it, if you need to drop get right back on the bar though.

    • Hunter

      Hold on to the bar for the warm up and for the back squats. If you need to drop the bar during that snatches then that is ok if it is due to safety and/or moving the bar in the correct positions.

  • Isaac McLean

    A. 190 // 211.5 (missed 2 behind me 🤦‍♂️)
    B. 210/245/285/325/340 // 304 my goodness that was awful
    C. 14:40 400m Row instead of run (weather) muscle ups 3×6/4 – legs were rocks jumping onto the box today

  • Gebriel Rutensköld

    Wu. Done.
    A. Done. Snatches felt quite good today.
    B. Done with fronr squats instead. Easier on my knees.
    C. 12:30. All mu’s ub.
    D. Done. Ub. Bag was a little light

    • Hunter

      Awesome job on the workout!

      • Gebriel Rutensköld

        Thanks Hunter!

  • Tulle Weisbjerg (40-44)

    A. 53,5 kg
    Singles: 59-59-60 kg
    B. 65-75-84-94-99 kg
    3 x 10 @ 87,5 kg (80%). Ouch, that was tough! Took 30s more rest before last set
    C. Only time for 2 rounds: 24:14
    D. 32 kg

  • Marc Edgett

    A. Hang Snatch – 165, snatch – 185
    B. Back squat – worked up to 295, did the 10’s at 265.
    C. 21:26 Rx
    D. 70# carry.
    Had a hockey game last night so my legs were totally wrecked. Took the squats light and went really easy pacing on the metcon. Only broke once per round on BMU’s (7-3, 7-3, 6-4)

    • Tino Marini

      Ye the game may have had a little effect on today’s work 🙂

      • Marc Edgett

        Yup, hip flexors and quads pretty much refuse to do work the day after.

  • Ali Jones

    A. 115 for hang snatchesx2. 125 for singles
    B. 115,135,175,185, 160 for 10s
    C. 18:13 rx
    D. Had to get the kids out of the gym…will do an extra one later this week.

  • Steve Irwin

    A1. 190#
    A2. 205#
    B1. 225, 265, 305, 345, 365#
    B2. 325#

    Hands were beat up from these hang snatches the past couple days so I decided to do a different WOD.
    30 sandbags over the shoulder (150#)
    Every 5 reps, overhead yoke carry 20 yards (empty yoke)

    • Tino Marini

      Look after those hands!

  • Samie Acevedo

    A2. up to 135lb
    B. 145/175/200/225/240
    210 for the singles- wooooo!!!! Struggle bus on these 🙂
    C. Had to rush to the airport so did assault bike
    See you guys on Saturday!!! 🙂

  • Bobby

    A. 195×3/205 these were hard
    225 across on the flip side these felt great today
    B. 225/265/305/345/365 then 305×8 across past couple weeks were at 295 hit them last week but these are really hard for me
    C. 12:46 RX
    D. Doing later

    • Ezequiel Gonçalves

      Super fast Bobby 🏋

      • Bobby

        Thank you! bar MU are probably my favorite movement went unbroken on all of those

  • Amy Klein

    A. HSN 75/ SN 85
    B. 3 x 10 @ 150lbs- PR from last week, PR for a lifetime at that rep range! Thank you posting that “if you didnt complete all the reps from last week to continue with that weight again” because I think I would have just stayed at my previous weight of 145. 150 seemed out of reach today but thanks to the suggestion, I did it! Go on faith!
    C. Did Box WOD

    • Tino Marini

      Yeah Amy!! Awesome work!

  • Romain Hrs

    hi 🙂

    A/ hang snatch up to 80% no fail
    snatch at 90% no fail

    B/ back squat up to double at 144
    then 3x10x120 kg (75%) but 5kg more than last week

    C/ done with 500row and Rx’d : 18’50
    D/ Done with 50 kg sandbag

    • Tino Marini

      Legs are looking strong!

      • Romain Hrs

        yes no pain in the knee ! last sunday i ´´ve got a wheitlifting competition

        did : 95 kg / 115kg

        without pull heavy barbel from 5 weeks ago

        i’ve been happy with this load !
        and hope they would increase again !!

        • Tino Marini

          Nice work!

  • Ezequiel Gonçalves

    A- hang snatch push hard up 80kg then 85kg but fail sec rep
    Snatch up 80kg first pull needed work técnica
    Then 140kg x10 + 140x 10 + 140 x8 +2 oh my legs 💥
    C- 17:08 RX

  • Daniel Mendelsohn

    A) Snatches felt much better today. 145 for the hang. 165 for the singles. No misses.
    B) Probably should have bumped just 5# from last week but I went 10# and couldn’t get the second set:
    185×5, 215×5, 245×3, 275×3, 295×2, then
    255×10, 255×8, 235×10 (need to stay mentally engaged to finish that second set).
    C) 16:44 with jumping bar muscle ups
    D) did the 100# unbroken this week.

  • Kendall Kimball

    A. Hang Snatch @ 80-85% was 70-75#; hit two solid single Snatch reps at a little over 90% (80#). Working on hitting the right positions as well as the pull and punch.
    B. 125/145/165/185/200 then 3 sets of 10 @ 175. Was really happy to get all the reps at 80%. Reps 7-10 were HARD
    C. 18:21 subbed BMU for C2B. Starting to consistently string 3-4 reps together—yay!
    D. Done using 50# sandbag. Did 400 m solo yowza

    • Tino Marini

      I hope the sandbag was unbroken 🙂

  • Lacy Baumgart

    A. 130# the pause has thrown me off a little so I’ve stayed at the lower end of percentage (78%)
    Singles 145/150/150
    Sets of [email protected] 205 % said 208… but 200 was awful last week, however, these felt easier than last week 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
    C. Did a class WOD, shoulder needed rest so did a 10 min amrap of biking for calories… yeah I couldn’t walk 146 total calories!

  • Ryan Reilly

    Started off with the last week of the deadlift cycle I’ve been following that doesn’t affect training (minus today to build to 1-RM). Went from 405 for a double to 445 and close to 455! Done with that.
    Warm up done
    A. 180, at 185 missed second lift, 180,180
    B. 200,235,275,310,325
    Did [email protected] and then decided to not do more since the deadlifts took a lot out of me. Will knock it out next week.
    C. 15:21Rx, run went well. Burpees for the last 2 rounds I took like 2-3, 5 second breaks between sets. First round of MU was 5-3-2, then 6-4, then 10. I thought it might kill me to go UB in the first rounds but I should’ve. Now I know!
    D. After doing the deadlifts I only dropped 1 more time than last time which was 4. Be back stronger next week for this!

    • Tino Marini

      Maxing out your deadlift on a Monday?! Doesn’t sound like the best idea…be smart!

  • Trine Petersen

    A1: 105, 105, 105,110#
    A2: up to 120#
    B: no back squatting. Did 3×20 front racked walking lunges with 95#
    C: 18.25
    6 bar mu.
    D: done

    • Tino Marini

      Nice work Trine!

  • Kryssie Chandler (45-49)

    A. Hang snatch x 2, 80#
    Singles up to 95
    B. 125/145/165/185/200
    10’s done at 175. Legs felt great with this but I clearly wasn’t breathing right as nearly passed at at about rep 7. But I really like this squat cycle-feel stronger than ever.
    C. RX 18:51. Runs done in 1:25-1:45. BBJO done in 1:50-2:00. All the rest of the time was on BMU-got a few doubles but mostly all done on singles.
    D. Done with 75lb

    • Tino Marini

      Imagine me punching you in the stomach, brace down into your belt not into your chest.

      • Kryssie Chandler (45-49)

        Ok, got it! I had to read this twice cuz I couldn’t figure out why you were punching me! Haha! No near-passing out next week!🤞

  • Wesley Wonka

    A) hang doubles at 95
    Single at 105 no misses felt solid af

    B) up to 180
    3×10 at 150

    C) 15:53. Bar muscle ups 6/4 two sets last one unbroken…
    subbed 1.2 km aab

  • Bryan Davies

    A) 155 across
    165 across
    B) 175/205/235/265/285
    255 across
    C) 14:48 (400m row) – MUs unbroken
    D) Skipped

  • Korey William Harris

    A1) 170-180-185-190
    A2) 185-195X-200 (Comeback PR 88%)
    B1) 205-225-250-275-285 (85%)
    B2) Skipped, knee feeling wonky
    C) 14:00 RX All BMU UB

  • Greg DeGreen (35-39 master)

    A. hang powers until my elbows and wrist stop hurting
    Singles at 185/195/195
    B. 255/305/345/395/415
    10s @ 368 woof.
    C. 15:59 ended up running 500s
    10s on first 2 rds
    Should have tried the 3 ub 7/3
    D. hamstring ab accessories back is crushed from10s

    • Tino Marini

      Hope you get back to 100% soon!

  • Drew Dziwulski

    A. skipped
    B 200/255/275/310/330
    3×10 @ 275
    C. 400m Run, 18in facning burpee bench jump overs, 20 chest to rings pull ups
    D done with 45lb plate

  • Brooke Fusco

    A. 130, 130, 135, 135

    Singles- 135, 140, 145x, 145x, 145x
    These were all supposed to be at 145. Just wasn’t happening today – was thinking about the pain in my shoulder too much

    B. 145, 170, 195, 220, 235
    Only 2 sets of 10, off clock, at 205#….these were ROUGG. Cut the sets as an attempt to not be destroyed by Wednesday.

    C. 17:32 Rx
    BMU – 7/3, 5/3/2, 4/3/2/1 (first time doing these since shoulder injury – pain was manageable but still there….)

    D. Accumulated 3 min of front rack KB hold with 35# KBs
    Then 3 sets:
    1 min plank
    20 tuckups

    • Hunter

      Hope that pain keeps going away but that’s good to hear you were able to do them again!

      • Brooke Fusco

        Thanks Hunter! It’s been getting better!

  • MarcoVeloso2

    A. Did it with 60kg but was not feeling confortable since I never used hook grip and I was told that I should and that transition killed my thumb.
    B. Did it with 65kg, same as A.
    C. Took me 21:56, I have definetly to lose some fat, I’m making crappy times on every wod that has alot of bodyweight exercises, surprisingly for me what I though easier and done faster were the muscle ups.
    D. Carried a 20kg Bag with a 5kg plate up on it, 200+200, I almost died ahah

    Overall didn’t felt that good today, but thanks again for posting this for us!

  • MarcoVeloso2

    A. Did it with 60kg but was not feeling confortable since I never used hook grip and I was told that I should and that transition killed my thumb.
    2nd part – Did it with 65kg, same as A.
    B- 100kg/120kg/140kg/160kg/170kg – felt good
    Felt pain on the right side of my groin in the second set so I stopped.
    C. Took me 21:56, I have definetly to lose some fat, I’m making crappy times on every wod that has alot of bodyweight exercises, surprisingly for me what I though easier and done faster were the muscle ups.
    D. Carried a 20kg Bag with a 5kg plate up on it, 200+200, I almost died ahah

    Overall didn’t felt that good today, but thanks again for posting this for us!

    • Hunter

      Everyone has those down days but everyday you are getting better!

  • Nikki Hartness

    A. Doubles 145-155
    Singles- up to 175
    B. 175×5/210×3/240×2/255×2,
    Then 3×10 @225# OMG 😱
    C. 16:48 RX -not my best today, should’ve have pushed run more, need to be more confident goin all the way through in BMU cuz I know I can.
    D. Used 100#
    Finished with every 2:30 for 10 sets, 30sec AB sprint- 137 cals. Goodbye legs I am Bambi now.

  • Brittany Dunay

    C. 15:02 (had to do this first bc of space, and I paid for it afterwards. Legs and shoulders were dead.
    A. Worked with 115 and then 125
    B. 155/165/185/200/200 felt heeeavy then emo3m with 165 since this is my first week with the 10s. Felt the burn in my calves.. strange
    D. Done with 75 but needed to break it up to reorganize

  • Matt Milone

    A. 205,205,205,205

    B. 235,275,320,365,385

    315 for the sets of 10 … ouch

    C. Done but wasn’t able to time it .. I know 🙄

    D. Will do tomorrow

  • John Vautier (North Central)

    Out in Big Bear, California for the week, mixing in what I can and relaxing.
    A. Skip
    B. 240×5/285×5/325×3/370×2/390×2 then 335×10/325×10/325×10 on clock. Felt strong, just crazy winded on the sets of 10, elevation playing tricks on me. Did these in my runners, no olys this week.
    C. Drop in accessory work.
    D. Done, 50# bag around the neighborhood, no idea on distance, took about 5 minutes.

  • Johnny Malgeri (North Central)

    A) 180/180/185/185
    200/200/200(f)/200 – had make sure I hit the last rep
    B) 250/295/340/385/410
    320/325/325 – these crushed me. Still not as heavy as percentages say but getting just a little heavier each week while sticking to time frame
    C) did Invictus gymnastics instead
    D) 150lb bag, dropped ever 100m and even that was pushing it. Monster difference between the 100 and 150 bags

  • ryan sunshine

    A. Snatches 165-185-205-205
    Singles 245-245-255

    B. 335 for 10s
    Ouch. Feels like high intensity high volume.

    C. Can’t run now that’s it’s cold and dark. Subbed 500 meter row for the run


    UB bar muscle ups

  • Brigham Abbott

    A. 200 and 215.
    B. 225, 245, 285, 315, 335. 285.
    C. 21:02. BMU: singles.
    D. Done.

  • Kevin Bilbrey

    Had to skip full
    C. 14:39 bmu ub. Surprised by that. Felt great on these. Runs around 2 mins. Bbjo slow.
    B. Did front racked lunges instead. Shoulder/scap still giving me problems. Same reps
    95/115/135,185,185 pretty easy
    95/95/95 tough
    D. 45lb plate ub. Wasn’t too bad, not great for bear hugging though

  • Mika Ingley

    a. hang dubs 205,205,215,215
    singles 235,255,255
    b. done 3×10 at340
    c. 16:33 rx
    d. done

    am session done as well. bike intervals made me puke.

    • Hunter

      Stop throwing up!

      • Mika Ingley


  • Rolando Sequera

    Not a bad day!
    Hang snatch x2 at 195lbs
    Snatch x1 at 215

    Back squats from 185 to 305 (no belt)
    Back squats 3×10 at 270 (almost die)

    WOD RX 16:33
    Felt heavy and slow on 400mts
    Muscle Up Unbroken

  • Scott Abston

    A. Still nursing wrist
    B. Frustrated with this, haven’t been close to hitting the 10 rep percentages and seems like I’m getting weaker. Tried going beltless with 225 just to switch it up and felt ok.
    C. 19:40 RX bar mu were 5/5,7/3,10 ub

  • Cindy Kane (55-59)

    A. 85, 90, 90, 90#
    A2. Up to 100#
    B. 125, 150, 175, 195, 205#
    B2. 175#
    C. 17:47 subbed 15 T2B for BMU. Assault Runner 350m.
    D. Last two weeks 75# 400m UB. Tried taking 100# for a ride 🙂 , 200m today, 400m next week!

  • Omar

    A2. 145lb (after injuries in service and never done anything over 115lb this easily, thankful for this program and blessing).
    B. 175lb,215lb,245lb,275lb,290lb
    C. Way to cold outside for us to run. Row 500m , burpee box jumps RX, C2B in 14:46.
    D. No space due to big class in action tonight.

    Happy Early Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Graham Dessert

    Out today – taking a rest day

    • Graham Dessert

      Should i do todays WO tomorrow or tomorrows workout tomorrow?
      just curious based on my progress the last two weeks

      • Hunter

        Stay on track so just skip todays work!

  • Sydnee Percival

    Hang- 110/110/115/115
    Full- 115/120/125
    Not using my legs today like I should today.
    B. Last week: (145/165/195/215/230/10’s- 200)
    Did sets of six vice ten in the end. My legs weren’t having it today I could feel myself approaching failure around the six mark so I stopped before failure each round.
    C. 18:15 RX I liked this work out. Was able to push the run and burpees well. Now I just need to get better at bar muscle ups under fatigue without so much of a chicken wing.
    D. Done with 75# sand bag. Slowly this is getting easier and I’m making it farther each time!

  • Bryan babbitt

    Didn’t feel great going into today, and listened to my body and didn’t over do anything I didn’t think I could handle.
    A) 215,215,235,235
    Single: 245,255f,255 (missed the second because I let myself get distracted by everyone and everything around me)
    B) 225,265,305,335,365
    Once form started to go I racked the bar
    C) 14:55
    Calves started locking up because I didn’t properly warm up for running and bbjo, all mu unbroken.
    Not happy with my time, but not upset. Definitely room for improvement.

  • Dante Tuscai (27, MidAtlantic)

    A1. 185,205,215,225
    A2. 245 across
    B. 210,250,290,330,345
    310 for 10/10/9
    C. 12:45 rx – ub muscle ups

    • Hunter

      Smoked it!

  • Laura Hershberger

    A. 95 for all the doubles and 105 for the singles. My snatches looked good tonight. I feel like I’m slowly starting to get more consistent better form. Patience has been key and I feel like I’m makig good progress.
    B. 5×125, 5×150, 3×175, 2×195, 2×205. Sets of 10x were done at 180 (I went with last weeks percentages because I missed last week due to illness). The sets of 10 destroyed a bit of my soul.
    C. 17:34. Subbed 10 ring pull ups (with kip). I’ve never really done kipping ring pull ups before (plus Ricky made me do them on the high rings — which in the end I’m glad he pushes me out of my comfort zone 😆), it took me a few rounds but by round 3 I found my rhythm and I did all 10 unbroken. Pushed the run (trying to chase down Syd) and just focused on moving through BBJO. Good workout all in all.
    D. Did this AM with 100lbs. Only dropped the sandbag 3 times this week, which is an improvement over last week 🙂

  • Tyler Sowinski

    Box Squat sets of 5
    135, 185, 205

    Deadlift sets of 10
    185, 205, 215

    20 Calorie Assault Bike
    20 Burpees
    5 Strict Ring Muscle-Ups
    Got hung up on the Muscle-Ups in the last round. Maybe even spent 5 minutes there.

  • Tim Coffield

    A1. 2 hs 165 170 175 180(1)(f)(1)
    A2. 3×1 sn 185 with some misses
    B1. 195 225 265 300 320
    B2. 275 (7/3 7/3 7/3) super tough. Had to break the sets.
    C. 500m row and ring mu. 23:40. Burpees slow. Mu in 2s.

  • Amber Nollen (39)

    Super busy day! Had tons of thanksgiving week drop ins and had my first physical in 10 years. (Funny side note: i literally had NOTHING to mark on the symptoms sheet. And when i turned in the paper, even though i signed off on the bottom, they handed it to me again in the office and said i must have missed “this one”. Nope! I just literally have none of the “common” ailments.)

    Anyway…just had time for the back squats!

    Did my sets of 10 at 200.
    I felt myself not getting low on 8,9,&10 🤤

  • Daniel Cohen

    Hang*2 65-67.5-70-70 kg
    Snatch *1 75 kg
    75*5,87.5*5,100*3,115*2,120*2 kb
    105 kg*10 3 sets (last week weight)
    16:29 rx
    No legs , couldn’t run fast
    30 kg

  • Miah Santini

    A1. 185 (missed first attempt)
    A2. 205 (again, missed first attempt)
    B. Saved for last but the gym kicked me out due to closing time.
    C. Didn’t note exact time, but around 13 mins. All BMUs unbroken.
    D. No sandbags or time.
    Hopefully make up for the missed portions tomorrow.

  • Sebastian Åberg

    A1) 85, 90, 90, 90kg
    A2) 90, 95, 95kg
    B1) Up to 2 x 150kg
    B2) 3 x 10 at 130kg (did not expect to make that)
    C) Done (timer/phone went out of battery)
    D) Skipped

  • Tyler Martin

    A. 165/185 – many fails, mostly when I wasn’t using a hook grip. Started again and it’s like night and day. The snatches at 185 felt great when I was hook gripping, but I couldn’t hit a single one without.
    B. Done / 255 Went 6+4 on the last set and finished in the 3 minutes. Needs more core activation!
    C. ~18:00 Sub burpee box step-overs – after those back squats I was concerned about missing the box. Bar MU as 7-3, 7-3, 8-2. Felt great.
    D. Got through about 225 meters before I ran out of time.

  • Phillip Bouillé

    forgot to post yesterday
    A: based off 225lbs 1rm
    85 85 87 87kg Hangs
    90 92 95kg full snatches
    95 might have been my most technically sound lift all day
    B:based off 295lbs
    75 87 100 114 120kg
    then 10s at 88kg 3%+ than last week still lower than prescribed
    C: 18:30 RX Was able to maintain all bar mus unbroken
    D: Done @ 100# dball, 300m + 100m

  • Jen Pamer

    A. 105/95/100/105
    120 x3
    Then 190 mup drills, then subbed row for run and banded bar mup until I get rid of my chicken wing 20:18
    D. No time

  • A. 190 / 210 – felt tough on gangs, and good on fulls. Usually it’s the other way around.

    B. 235, 275, 320, 365, 385 / 315×10 – stuck with 75% due to running half marathon on Sunday, and driving from Seattle to Fresno and back.

    C. 20:35 – I did 6 bar muscle ups and 4 strict ring muscle ups because we’re doing 12 days of thankfulness tomorrow.

    *this was completed on Wednesday 11/22/17.

  • Mike Trainin

    A. Bench Press 4×2 @ 245 lbs, 3×1 @ 265 lbs
    B. Up to 365 lbs
    3×5 @ 315 lbs, legs felt weak
    C. No time
    D. No time

  • Justin Kuhar
  • Kim Kunert

    Didn’t workout Monday because l had a long work weekend so did the workout today at home

    A. 110 for hang snatches
    120 for snatch
    B. 105,120,140,160,165

    150 for the first set of 10 but failed the 7th rep. So dropped to 140 for the last two sets

    C. 19:50 RX. Not particularly happy with this time but l have a really hilly neighborhood and had to run through the front door and whole house to get to the backyard for each 400 which slowed me down a bit

    D. Done on Monday with 75#

  • Andrea Galbiati

    A) 50kg- 60kg
    B)70-80-95-110-120 emom 100kg
    C)run/ 500m row – mu/ c2b time 21:06

  • David

    A. 175/195
    B. Up to 305; 235
    C. 21:00
    D. Done

  • Stephen Thorn

    A. 130, 150.
    B. 185, 215, 250, 285, 300. 270.
    C. 2 Rds 9:30, C2B
    D. Grip work – holding 100’s

  • Joe Mendarte

    Then 3×[email protected]
    The @275
    Didn’t make all the reps 10/7/7
    17:15 RX

  • 임재혁

    A. 180x3sets, 185x1set
    195×1, 200x2sets
    B. 205,245,280,320,335