Tabata x 2 sets each of:
(20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest = 1 set)
– Single-Arm Plank
– Alternating Lateral Lunges
– Side Plank
– Air Squats
– Hollow Hold or Rock
– Plank Shoulder Taps
– V-Ups
– Bear Crawl
– Frog Jumps
– Wall Climbs


Every 2 minutes, for 30 minutes (3 sets) of:
Station 1 – 400 Meter Run
Station 2 – 10 Renegade Rows (55/35 lbs)
(Push-Up, Row Left, Push-Up, Row Right = 1 rep)
Station 3 – 24/16 Calories of Assault Bike
Station 4 – 15 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)
Station 5 – 60 seconds of Front Leaning Rest on Rings

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Dan Greyman
Dan Greyman

Missed this workout.during the week and made up today (sunday)
Only done 2 rounds – completely gassed maybe cause first week back after a layoff and in the middle of a week of night shifts. Brutal

The Twit
The Twit

This was a crusher, the 2 minute run was a fast pace for me, subbed 30 wall ball shots for assault bike. Caught my breath after the wall balls, just in time for the burpee box jump.

Was a beautiful fall day here in Kelowna BC Canada, did the renegade rows, wall balls and box jumps outside by the lake.

Great wod Invictus.


Janelle Winston
Janelle Winston


A. 20, 25, 25, 35 #
Didn’t do all the floor press.
Hurting the elbow, hut did some other shoulder/grip strengthening stuff.

B. Used a barbell as I did one power clean with the dumbbell and sharp pain in the elbow. It’s the stabilizing that hurts.

75# bar


Evening session:

Yesterday’s (kind of)

Forgot to do the second part here.

A. E2M x8
Floor press x8 25 kg
Shoulder press x8(7,6) 25 kg
Did accidentally 8 rounds.

B. 5 rounds
10 HPC 25 kg DBs
10 PP 25 kg DBs
Skipped the DUs (on purpose)

Chris M.
Chris M.

Warm-up as Rx
… great format – enjoyed that – thanks.
A. As Rx
Runs: +/- 1:30 | RR: 4-3-3 | AB: +/- 1:20 | BBJO: +/- 1:15 | Front “Rest”: UB
… low on sleep and recovery is lagging – found a reasonable pace and stuck with it.


Did the work, good job!

Seth C.
Seth C.

Partner Conditioning (w/Sean) WU Tabata Plank hold Walking lunges Side plank hold Air Squats Hollow rocks pushups V-ups Mountain climbers High knee skips wall squats wall climbers A.Partner (I go you go per rd) 12 min AMRAP 7 burpees 10 cal row 6 DB snatches (75/45) Results: 9 rds + 15 reps Rest 2 min B. Core Killer Partner 10 min AMRAP 10 T2Bs /K2Es 5 V-ups 1 parter works while other holds 150 lb sandbag (if bag drops partner has to stop reps until bag is being held) Results: 12 rds Rest 2 min C. Rowling (pushup penalty) 10… Read more »


Every 2 mins for 30 mins, alternating between: Row, 400 m 10 Dumbbell Renegade Rows, 25 kg 24 Assault Bike Calories 15 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 24 in Ring Front Leaning Rest, 1 min

First round: 😏 last round: 😱


Warmup felt good and compact!

E2M 30‘
400 m rowing 1:25/1:26/1:25
Max reps supinated grip unbroken ring rows
@12X1 14/12/12
24 cal AB 1:14/1:06:1:14
15 burpees 0:55/0:58/0:55
60s rest on rings
Aimed to work as consistent as possible with a steady push and proper breathing.

Will attack yesterday’s workout this evening.