Take 10-12 minutes to practice three gymnastics skills of your choice.
Options include, but are not limited to – Pistols, Handstand Push-Ups, Wall Climbs, Kipping Pull-Ups, Butterfly Pull-Ups, Muscle-Ups, L-Sits, Toes to Bar, etc…

Three rounds for time of:
800 Meter Run
20 Pull-Ups
10 Strict Handstand Push-Ups

  • Alex

    Morning everyone!

    I am one day behind so I did yesterday’s workout today:
    A. Heavy snatch up to 65 kg couldn’t get the 70 kg. Unable to get all the way to balance under the bar.

    B. Emom 20 min
    Did 3 powersnatches with 40 kg
    6 burpees
    Missed 11th + 15th round
    I am toast…
    Happy week everyone

  • Joey Maltais

    A. E2MOM x 18 min (3 sets of each)
    Alternating pistols x 20 reps
    Banded strict ring muscle up x 8 reps
    Toes to bar x 10 reps
    For the banded strict ring muscle up it’s the drill sitting on the band and I used a black band (7/8’’). Felt good and stronger than last time
    B. Scaled shspu to 1 abmat. Time: 19:42
    Run: left treadmill running @7.8mph (little under 4min per round)
    Pull ups UB
    Shspu with 1 abmat: 4-3-3. This was perfectly challenging. Happy about the shspu… making progress!
    C. YTW x 20 reps, 3 sets

    • Candy Olkey

      Looks like a great start to the day!! Glad to see that you are able to do SHSPU without the box…great progress!!

      • Joey Maltais

        Thank you! You will crush this one!

    • Chris Pugliese

      Great job, especially with all the work you put into A.

      • Joey Maltais

        Thanks… I just went with whatever I didn’t think would interfere too much with B. Love working those ring MU transitions… will get there one day! Great work to you as well, you killed it. I’m sure rowing made the pull ups a lot tougher

  • Chris Pugliese

    Good morning!

    A. 10 min Emom of:
    odd: 20 sec L-sit hang (that’s 20 sec of hell for me)
    even: 10 alternating pistols
    B. 19:56; subbed 1000m row. HSPU we’re good (for me) today. went 5,3,2/3,3,3,1/5,2,2,1. I was really happy opening with 5 on the last round. rowing to pullups killed me overall.

    • Candy Olkey

      Crazy to sub 1000m row for the running…if I had to row I would have had to scale to like 600m…Nice work Chris!!

      • Chris Pugliese

        Thank you. Isn’t 1000m row the correct sub for 800m run? Truth be told, on this workout I would rather have run. It is pretty cold here, though.

        • Barefoot Squatter

          Not sure, but i can def run 800 much faster than i can row 1000… and feel a ton less worse afterwards too

      • Trion Horgan

        I’m with Candy – run is easier for me and faster. I try to think about the time it takes run v row and make the call with distance off that. Kudos for doing 1k. Crazy!

  • Dustin Coughenour
    • Dustin Coughenour

      Ok here it is couldn’t post it from my phone yesterday

    • Joey Maltais

      Very nice! Love the bunch of medals in the corner lol

      • Dustin Coughenour

        Lol a few of them are my 9 year olds!

        • Joey Maltais

          haha great, a family of winners!!

    • thelonghorn

      Awesome, everything you need

      • Dustin Coughenour

        Thanks bro….wish list is assault bike, ghd, and multi storage rack lol

        • thelonghorn

          I feel you on the storage rack. I’ll likely get a bunch of 2x4s and make my own for $30 instead of spending 200-300 on something that’s overkill for my needs

  • jorge gonzalez

    Heavy pressing day with a lot of core work, the summer is almost here so we want to get those abs ready 😛

    A) Shoulder Press OT3M x 5, in kgs:
    45 x 8
    50 x 6
    55 x 3
    60 x 3

    Tried to break my PR of 65 but failed with two attempts, felt smoked so then I went for 50 x 3

    B) Tabata 4′:
    B.1) Push ups: aimed for 7 reps at all sets, did 9 in the last one
    B.2) Medball sit ups 9 kgs: aimed for 7 reps at all sets, did 9 in the last one

    C) OT2M x 3:
    – 5 turkish sit ups with 8 kgs Kbs
    – 10 turkish sit ups with 10 kgs plate
    – 15 abmat sit ups

    Felt good not having to do some massive scaling today.

  • Chris M.

    A. Completed 3 sets every 90s of: 3 MU | 45s Handstand Hold | 10 TTB
    … feels like a long while since I’ve done muscle-ups …
    B. As Rx: 13:37
    … this one got rough – pull-ups went well UB, UB, 11-9 … run pace fell off each round.

    • Barefoot Squatter

      That’s ludicrous speed right there

  • Mike Slagle

    I’m a day behind.
    A. up to 115 lbs. I failed at 125 twice.
    B. 4560# that was 16 rounds at 95 lbs. I finished out the other four rounds after the 20 minutes.
    C. Tabata ring l-sit holds

  • David Franco

    A. 8min boxing bag. 12 min gymnastics work. Handstand walk, Lsit, kipping motion

    B. 22:51. Started all PU strict then switched to kipping as I started failing ( I am doing this because I am noticing little strength improvement after I started doing all my pull-ups kipping. When I can hit 20 strict pull-ups in a row I’ll start doing all kipping again maybe). All HSPU strict with 1 small cushion just in case. I never do these Kipping anyway.

    • Candy Olkey

      Boxing has always sounded fun to me…but never tried it. I have a boxing gym 1 mile from my house, maybe one day I’ll stop in and see what it’s all about.

  • Jérémy Dagorn

    A. Butterfly pull ups – can get 3/4 in a row
    Double unders: still doesn’t click
    Handstands – donkey kicks – much better.

    B. Box Push ups instead of HSPU.


  • Fernando Bautista Quinteros

    A. Skipped
    B. 23:10 mins. 85F outside, I’m not sure how I’m feeling.
    Man those hspu are hard

    • Candy Olkey

      I’ll trade you that 85 for my 35F!! I totally live in the wrong part of the country!!

      • Fernando Bautista Quinteros

        True true, 85 is waaay nicer than 35, but still I have this nasty habit of complaining..
        Hope the weather didn’t take a toll on your performance.

  • Martin B.

    A. 3 sets of 5 muscle up, 5 wall climb, 20 pistols squat
    B. 2 sets RX then subbed 800 meter run for 100 air squats because I felt too much pain in my right fibula.

  • Candy Olkey

    Felling a little off today…head is a little stuffy…nose drippy..but got some decent work in…
    A. 2 Sets
    5 Min Progression – Handstand kick ups/holds/fall overs
    5 Min Progression – Bar MU
    Skin the Cat x 5
    B. RX – 15:51 (5:31 / 5:11 / 5:09)
    Pull ups 10/5/5 each round
    SHSPU – first round was a hot mess…then UB rounds 2&3
    Used the treadmill for this at 8mph (I think I would have gone a little faster the first round if running outside…but probably a little slower the 3rd round) I guess it all works out and sure does feel better on the lungs than running in the cold!
    C. 30 min run on treadmill (first mile 7.5mph/ rest 7mph) – Total distance 3.551
    3% incline for 1/4 mile during first mile
    4% incline for 1/4 mile at the start of 2nd mile
    5% incline for 1/4 mile at the start of 3rd mile
    6% incline for 1/4 mile at the start of 4th mile
    I haven’t run any sort of distance since Sept…a total of 5 miles today really made me feel good!!
    Planned rest day tomorrow…see you all Thursday!

    • jorge gonzalez

      Props to you for kicking it all the way to high gear with some amazing work

      • Candy Olkey

        Thanks Jorge…thought maybe a good sweat would do my body some good!!

    • Joey Maltais

      Great job today, got lots done and killed B!! Your new treadmill seems to be working for you! Well deserved rest day

    • Chris Pugliese

      You are dealing with the same crap as me in the head!

  • Ervin Puskar

    A. 10 Strict muscle ups, 30 pistols, 3 minutes of handstand walk attempts
    B. 15:55

  • AlbiGiant

    A. Work on muscle-ups, hspu and pistols
    B. 17:23 with kipped HSPU. 35F outside, great to be running! Keeps the hands dry

  • Rogério Foca

    b. 17´30″

  • Matthew Swartz

    False grip holds on the rings, strict t2b, stationary hand stand holds
    The misses did negative pull-ups, t2b, and hs hold against the wall
    21:33 w/ ring rows instead of pull-ups
    Misses did 21:50 w/ 10 banded pull-ups, 10 ring rows, 10 push-ups

  • thelonghorn

    Unexpected rest day. Got some antibiotics and allergy meds to hopefully kick the funk I’ve been in for a few weeks. Back to the fun tomorrow, I’ll probably make this one up on Saturday with the wife. Looking forward to the extra gymnastics work.

    • Dustin Coughenour

      Hope u feel better!

    • Chris Pugliese

      Been dealing with head crap for a week. I feel ya. Get well.

    • Barefoot Squatter

      Yes! This is my chance to catch up to u! Not!!! Feel better

  • Trion Horgan

    A. Worked on strict t2b and hollow holds.

    B. Rx’d 13:45 all UB. 3:30-3:40 on runs.

    • Chris Pugliese

      Awesome time.well done!

    • Barefoot Squatter

      Jeez, blazed that

  • Barefoot Squatter

    A-EMOM for 9:00 (3rds each):
    30 sec pistols
    30 sec ring mu 1st pulls
    30 sec Lsit
    B-Rx 18:55… i hate running, but not nearly as much as i hate rowing

  • Chad Evans

    A. 4 rds
    :45 L sit on rings
    10 candle stick to pistol
    3 SHPU

    B. 3 rds
    Run 800m (9 on treadmill)
    20 pull ups (no grip aid for all reps)
    10 Kipping HSPU

    Worked on strict HSPU in A because I wouldn’t be able to get 30 done efficiently in B.

  • Jason Jardine

    A. Practiced handstand walks, ring L holds, and kipping pull-ups (still scared to separate my shoulder on these but building confidence!)

    B. Subbed 4:00×3 on spin bike for run. Bought this for my daughter but loving working it in to these workouts. I know it’s not a great sub for run but short distance runs don’t work well where we live and we don’t have a treadmill. Anyone else use a bike?

    Pull-ups 10/10
    SHSPU unbroken


  • Janelle Hudgin Winston

    A. 4 RNFT
    5 bar muscle ups off box
    30 sec accum of L sit
    1 min kick to handstands.
    Did l sit because I hate it and am horrible at it.
    I am also super scared of doing handstand kick ups on the concrete floor. Trying to get over it.

    B. 15:06
    Hspu off a 51” bar

    That was painful.

  • Britt J

    Clinic workout
    Stole from yesterday’s fitness programming.
    20 min EMOM
    5 burpees
    10 KBS
    Started with American at 40# for 5?rds then 30# for 5 rds, last 10 rds Russian at 30#

  • ColoradoLivin

    day behind.

    A.) Did deficit handstand pushups x 2 reps, supinated pull ups with 30 lb DB x 3, and 20 second L Sits for 4 total rounds.

    B.) Used a 3 minute spin bike in place of running. Took around 15 minutes.

  • Bryan

    A. Bryan (chair holds – 4 sets of 30sec holds, rest 2 min).
    B. Bryan (36″ wide max grip on HSPUs, 15# plate) – 23:15.