Workout of the Day:
Rounds of 21-15-9 reps for time of:
135/85 lb. Cleans (full squat cleans)
Ring Dips

Rest and Recovery – Ice Massage
Written by Calvin Sun

Elite fitness requires an equally high level of maintenance and care. You wouldn’t expect your car to run at a peak level of performance without regular service and repair, so it doesn’t make sense when athletes neglect to take care of their bodies. Cryotherapy is an effective method for managing inflammation and providing pain relief. It is common to see cryotherapy used in a variety of sports. Most often you will see athletes with bags of ice on various parts of their body after competition. A simple method of icing is using a cold compress or ice bag in cycles of 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. On the extreme end, you can jump into an ice bath after your next workout to see the recovery benefits (see Robb Wolf For those of you who have yet to build up such a tolerance, I would suggest ice massage as a simple and slightly less uncomfortable method of promoting recovery of the musculoskeletal structures.

Step 1. Fill your foam cup with water until it is almost full. You’ll want to leave some room for the expansion of ice.
Step 2. Place the cup in your freezer overnight or until the ice is solid.
Step 3. Peel away the foam cup to expose the ice.
Step 4. Keeping the ice moving, massage the affected area in small circles for 5 to 7 minutes. You can use a towel to clean up as the ice melts.
Ice massage cupIce Cup

Ice massage is cheap and effective. All you need is a styrofoam cup like the one pictured here or if you are environmentally conscientious you can purchase a reusable product such as the Cryocup ( An ice cube could be used but I would strongly recommend the foam cup or Cryocup as it will keep your hand from freezing.

  • george

    great advice on the cryocup. i’ve also been told (especially lately) that i should take a cold shower. what are the benefits there?

    but seriously, love the site, great posts. i’m on a little different programming out here, so did Cindy…29 rounds. looking forward to checking out CFI.


  • Hey CJ and the gang, congratulations on the new place! It looks great! We will have to get over there soon and do a WOD with you guys. Hope all is well, and we’ll talk soon.
    Adam (CFSC)

  • Cynthia

    Great Monday morning WOD. Thank dog today is a holiday so I can be a zombie all day! That one beat me up…..

    Christina looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL today doing her squat cleans.

    Happy MLK day!

  • I would suggest ice (read today’s blog post for the great info. by Calvin) and either an epsom salt bath or warm-hot towel soaked in epsom salt water. That should help reduce inflammation and soreness. Drink lots of water.

  • CJ Martin

    I have to echo Cynthia’s comments, Christina’s cleans looked gorgeous this morning. She rocked this WOD with 85 lbs. and flawless mechanics. But some major props also go to Cynthia, who powered through with 73 lbs. on her cleans. Her range of motion was perfect, and she was determined to finish without dropping weight. It was a truly inspiring performance.
    Nice work to all in the 6 a.m. group!

  • Christina Marzocca

    Thank you so much for the props Cynthia & CJ!!! I’ve been trying to get under the bar faster & get over my fear of catching the weight in a full squat for awhile now. Def feel like it all came together today & it felt great!! CJ offered up some great pointers on my form b4 the WOD & it def made a big difference! Total testament to his outstanding level of coaching!! Muchos luv 2 6AM! xoxo

  • Coryna

    WOW! I really enjoyed my first workout at Invictus! Great class and everyone put out. I usually hate squat cleans, but with the great coaching and motivation tonight, I think I am coming around to them!

    Time: 13:26 with 75 pounds and the small purple banded dips

  • wayne

    C-note! Killer job! Could have fooled me, looked like you were eating those squat cleans for breakfast.

  • Chris Freischlag

    Nice work Christina and Cynthia! I’m not at all surprised. I have been fortunate enough to witness both ladies’ impressive progress over the last 8-9 months with the 0600 crew. They are both the real deal and consistently go hard every morning. Keep it up girls!

    I know that many have already expressed this, but CFI ROCKS! CJ and the coaching crew are so dialed in and I am very grateful to be part of such a professionally run affiliate. I had the pleasure of hitting up the 0930 today with Jillianne. It was so inspiring to see the effort that everyone put forth. Some were using med balls and some were using 135#s for “Elizabeth”, but everyone one was giving it their best. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I choose CrossFit over other fitness regimens. The “people factor” is the intangible. This stuff ain’t easy and the kinds of people who are brave enough to embark on this journey have a whole of lot of heart and determination.

    CF Invictus has quickly established the kind of training environment where every member is encouraged, well coached and inspired to reach past their perceived potential. No matter when you come to train, it’s straight up motivating and fun to walk in the door of CFI!


  • Chris Freischlag

    Oh, and “Elizabeast” crushed me. I posted a humbling 22:40 (scaled to 115 and then to 95 for the last few reps).

    I was reminded that full squat cleans are much tougher than power cleans. I couldn’t squat clean PVC pipe a year ago so I’ll have to chalk today up as a “progressive learning experience” (and practice on improving my weak FS). 🙂

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