Workout of the Day:
Clean and Jerk
Work up to 85-90% of your one-rep max, then decrease the load to approximately 70% for one set of three,
and then,
For time:
135/95 lb. Clean and Jerk x 30
(Compare time to April 20, 2009)
CrossFit Invictus Foam Roll Gluteus

Foam Rolling: The Glutes and Piriformis
Written by Calvin Sun

The glutes are a highly important group of muscles that allow you to squat, deadlift, lunge, jump, clean, snatch, decelerate, change direction, accelerate and move explosively. The gluteal group is made up of three muscles: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. In a squat, these muscles work in concert to extend and abduct the hips. The piriformis is located in the gluteal region and serves to externally rotate the thigh. Considering the amont of hip-dominant and knee-dominant movements in our program, it would be beneficial to do some soft tissue work on this highly used area.

To foam roll your glutes/piriformis:
-Sit on a foam roller with your right leg crossed on top of your left.
-Shift your weight so that only your right glute is in contact with the foam roller.
-Begin rolling on the outside portion of the glutes.
-From there, you can move upward and toward your midline in order to foam roll the piriformis.
-Switch sides and repeat.
-This drill can also be done with a single lacrosse ball (below) for a more intense level of myofascial release.
CrossFit Invictus Self Myofascial Release Piriformis and Glutes

Like most foam roller exercises, this one can be done before or after working out. Still not sure how to do this drill? Feel free to ask any of your coaches.

  • biscuit

    Great way to start the week! 6am had a few blog worthy PRs:
    Barry Old: 4:19 @ 115
    Barry New: 4:50 @ 125
    Wayne Old: 5:45 @ 95
    Wayne New: 6:05 @ 115
    ChristinA Old: 4:45 Rx
    ChristinA New: 3:55 Rx
    Jen Old: 7:41
    Jen New: 6:33

    And Shane’s first run at Grace – 3:47!

    On a side note, did anyone find a small black SOG pocket knife on Friday? If so, can you either leave it in the office or get it to Meryll at 6/7am.

  • Cynthia

    Crap, Barry! I’m staying home more often….you kicked butt!!!
    xoxoxo a gajillion times!

  • Jim

    I love “Grace”. Old time 8:55 at Navy Gym, today 4:44!!! Must be something in the water…

    Navy Chief, Navy Pride!

  • Ron Gellis (aka Ari’s dad)

    2.goal setting
    4.arousal management

    Thanks for the WOD.

  • M

    9:30 class ROCKS!

    A few first timer attempts at crushing Grace today:
    Tina – 5:13 (68)
    Dawn – 4:33 (83)
    Paul – 5:16 (rx)

    Repeat Performances w/ PR:
    KT Cocklepalooza – Old PR of 20:00 CRUSHED IT w/ 5:54 (85)
    Bassem – Old PR of 5:26 and new PR of 4:22 (rx)

    Other notable:
    Rad Rhonda – 5:26 (63) (not a PR but the first time her shoulder hasn’t hurt in months!!)

    Awesome job to both On-Ramp Classes today as well. That WOD was a beast and you all went at it w/ the hearts of champions!

  • courtland

    My Grace was lame. I did it 20 seconds faster but with 5#s fewer than the April go. I guess I should have looked up that April time/weight before I did it. Oh well, it was not all negative news. I did learn something after about the first 10 horrible reps. I had let the excitement of going fast screw up my form. At a break to catch my breath, I watched Tony do a few C&J’s and saw what I was not doing. I am happy to be able to report taking something positive away from the training. And the day is not over! 6:30 Sage’s Seminar…bring it.

  • Tabitha

    Thanks, Ron…
    I checked as soon as I got home too 🙂