Take 20 minutes to build to today’s heavy…
Snatch x 1 rep

Take 20 minutes to build to today’s 1-RM…
Tempo Back Squat x 1 rep @ 32X1

If possible, have a training partner count your two seconds in the bottom position – “One One Thousand, Two One Thousand, UP!”

For time:
30 Toes-to-Bar
30/20 Ring Dips from Muscle-Ups Station
30 Burpees to Target 6″ Above Standing Reach
30/20 Ring Dips from Muscle-Ups Station
30 Toes-to-Bar

Three sets of:
Death March x 20 steps @ 2111
Walking Lunges x 20 steps
Rest as needed

Farmer’s carry hold the heaviest dumbbells you can handle for these sets – there is no rest between the death march and walking lunges.

Optional Additional Conditioning Session
10-15 minutes of warm-up and running mechanics drills, and then…

For times:
Run 1200 Meters
Rest 1:1 Work:Rest Ratio
Run 1000 Meters
Rest 1:1 Work:Rest Ratio
Run 800 Meters

followed by…
10 minutes of Cool Down and Stretching

  • Ingmar Krähling

    Mental wall at 95?

    162,5kg (PR at with that tempo)

    9:49 Rx
    Aim was sub 10 🙂


    • Tino Marini

      Strong work on that tempo squat!

  • A.
    11:32 goal was sub 10:00. The last set of toes to bar killed me. I was doing singles.
    Done with 15kg DBs

  • Seb Benisty

    Did Tuesday training today
    A/ power clean + jerk up to 67,5kg
    Hang clean + jerk up to 85kg
    Clean and jerk up to 100kg
    Feel really good on this today?
    B/ rm1 back squat of the day 130kg(100%) felt good but don t want to go heavier this week
    C/squat clean ladder
    8’57… yeah happy with that??
    D/ max cal assault bike 10′
    159 cals (September test was 136… 23 cals PR???)
    Thanks again… I come back stick to the program day by day on Monday after this half recovery week ??…

    • Tino Marini

      Damn! Thats a solid day Seb! Love seeing your progress.

      • Seb Benisty

        Thanks coach… I think mountains breath help me on the AB?

  • Ezequiel Gonçalves

    A-82,5 kg 100%
    B-160 kg PR tempo
    C-8:26 RX
    D- 32kg done

    • Tino Marini

      Nice work Ezequiel!

      • Ezequiel Gonçalves

        Thanks coach ?

  • Marc L

    A) did 10-15 min the snatch warmup
    50/70/90kg/ 100fail /105/110kg
    B) 162.5kg (with belt)
    C) 8:48rx first ttb unbroken and dips 15/15
    Then 10/10/5/5, ttb 10/5/3/2/2/2/2/2/1/1

    D) 17.5kg

  • Brendan Caslin

    A) 205
    B) 340
    C) 9:19
    D) done

  • Anthony Oriotti

    A. Snatch
    OHS mobility
    3pos Snatch @30/40
    Snatch 50/60/70/75/80 fail 3 times/77,5kgs

    1RM is 82,5kgs
    Today was hard to stabilize the bar in receiving position

    B. Back squat tempo 32X1
    60/80/100/120kgs No belt
    132,5 belt / 142,5kgs PR / 147,5kgs PR
    150kgs PR !!!
    Hit with the tempo my old RM before this cycle. Thanks coaches 🙂

    C. 9’55kgs
    Was at 7’30 at last 30t2b 6/3 and 20 single

    D. Done with 20kgs DB

    • Tino Marini

      Awesome work Anthony!!

  • Bronco

    A. Up to 225# feeling good (1-rm is 235#)
    B. 345# pr for this lift
    C. 9:36 ( scales ring dips to 15 each time…short on time)
    D. 70# dbs

    • Tino Marini

      Looking strong Bronco!

  • Kyle

    How’s it going? I’m new here just switching completely into competing in Crossfit from college baseball. Picked a bad time (just recovering from food poisoning)
    A. 165, failed 175 3 times. Normal max is 185
    B. 345 felt okay
    C. 9:35 triceps and core blew up
    D. Done

    • Tino Marini

      Welcome to the community Kyle!

      • Kyle

        Thank you very much, where is the appropriate place for me to ask questions? I emailed an email I found on the website last night, but want to be sure I’m asking the right people

        • Tino Marini

          Ask here!

          • Kyle

            Okay essentially just wondering if this blog is directed toward athletes looking to compete at a high level in the sport? I’ve read the site and just wanted to be sure as I also saw the option for the athlete programming.

            • Tino Marini

              Yes it is, more so the athlete blog. The athlete blog gives you the option to select portions based on needs.

              How long have you been crossfitting?

              • Kyle

                About a year now after leaving baseball to pursue crossfit. About 6 months ago started programming for myself and have seen progress but decided I would like to have the help of experienced coaches.

                • Tino Marini

                  Awesome, if your able to perform multiple sessions then I’d recommend the Athlete Blog.

                  Excited to help you become the best you can be!

                  • Kyle

                    I think I will start here for a while and see how I progress and move from there as long as that sounds good. It seems to me you are active on here and can definitely help me

                    • Tom Brown

                      Kyle, I have been following Invictus programming for almost 3 years now. I started the Athlete programming when it was first introduced and followed for about 18 months all together.

                      Other athletes kept following the comp programming while I slaved away following athlete. The open came around and I was drastically more capable then the athletes that I used to be comparable to.

                      If your intentions are to progress to being competitive, you need to think seriously about getting on the Athlete Blog. Typically it would be ideal to be able to do about 98% of this programming RX. But that is just my opinion.

                      This may seem hypicritical for me to be saying this since I am following this programming but my fitness focus right now is not directed to crossfit for the moment. In about three months it will be back full bore and I’ll be back to the athlete programming.

                      Hope to see you on there! Welcome!

                    • Kyle

                      Thank you very much! I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier! I just saw this post I really appreciate your honesty! I think you just convinced me

                    • Tom Brown

                      No worries glad I could help. Invictus is a great place and the best place to excel remotely for sure. The only thing better is to train at Invictus.

  • Jordan Molstead

    Little flare up in some tendonitis (or something) in my inner elbow so I am going to lay off barbell and gymnastics for a few days to try to let it calm down. Just did the squats and the optional conditioning today.

    B) Up to 365. Legs are starting to feel strong again

    Optional – All done at 6:40 mile pace. Not real fast but I suck at running and haven’t done much of it over winter.

    • Tino Marini

      Let’s get your elbow healthy so you can continue the progress you’ve been making in recent times

      • Jordan Molstead

        Agree. Its been lingering for a week or two and gets worse with anything hanging from a bar and overhead work like snatches and presses. Nothing too serious, I think if I rest it it should heal right up.

  • Luigi Augello

    Injured myself yesterday (wrote about it in Wednesday’s discussion), so had to change something.
    A. OHS 1RM. 195lbs (PR) and failed 200 (close, but could only try once unfortunately. Next time I’ll get it!). Overhead is a big weakness, so happy something good is happening. Locking overhead felt easy today. A shame I couldn’t snatch, could’ve been a PR!
    B. 315 and had to stop (after roughly 10′). Class was starting. Think I could have got 320 or 325 maybe.
    C. 9’55”. 30 GHD situps, 40 pushups, 30 burpees RX, 40 pushups and 30 GHD situps. Conditioning felt really good yesterday and today, and abs are definitely getting stronger, which is something I’m shooting for.
    D. Wanted to avoid farmer’s carry, so did 2 sets of 6 good mornings and 12 reverse alternating lunges instead, followed by 2′ Chinese plank.
    I’m a little more optimistic than I was yesterday, but I still need to wait and see how it goes. See you tomorrow guys ?

    • Tino Marini

      Damn, the injury didn’t hold you back! Nice work!

  • Dante Tuscai (27, MidAtlantic)

    A. 260 (5lb pr)
    B. 345
    C. 8:51 rx
    D. Done

    • Tino Marini

      Congrats on the PR!

      • Dante Tuscai (27, MidAtlantic)

        Thank you, Tino!

  • Grace Lin

    A. 130
    B. 210
    C. 15:34 – last 6 ring dips were on the low rings.
    T2B: 15/8/7 – 7/5/4/3/3/3/2/3
    RD: 10/6/4 – 4/3/3/2/2/1’s (singles on low rings)
    D. Done with 35# DB’s

    May run later

    • Grace Lin

      Optional conditioning:
      1200m – 5:40
      1000m – 3:48
      800m – 3:37 fell off pace here

  • Carrie

    A. 145 (95%)
    B. Stay @ 50% to dial in form. trying to focus on engaging core in bottom of lifts! I struggle to keep it tight!
    C. 10:21 RX
    T2B – (20/10)(5s)
    MU+dip (15/5)(9/6/5)
    Burpees….slow 🙁
    D. Time for 1 set + 15 GHD + 15 GHR with 60s hold to finish set

  • TJ Natal

    A. Up to 200 / 205(f)
    B. 285 which is what I hit for a regular single on Tuesday
    C. Done

  • Wilson Hopkins (40-44)

    A. Did heavy for snatch and clean since I will limit snatch due to shoulders.
    Snatch – 185
    Clean – 285
    B. 375
    C. 11:30
    D. Done with 50#DB

    Didn’t feel especially powerful or fast today with cleans and snatch; tired and a bit achy in the lower back, hips, and knees. The body needs some rest, looking forward to the weekend.

    • Tino Marini

      Sounds like you need to be smart. Look after yourself and continue to ease of the volume until you feel good again.

      • Wilson Hopkins (40-44)

        Just one of those days, nothing too serious. I hate to say it but sometimes age finds a way to creep in.
        Squats felt decent. I’ll do some surfing this weekend with my boys and get my chi back for next week.

  • Corey Reutlinger

    Took Wednesday because my body was wrecked. Slept for hours. Made it up yesterday.
    1. Gymnastics done. Finger Press was therapeutic for my right wrist.
    A. 13:43 RX. Those 30# WBs are no joke.
    C. 30# DBs for 3×12; 115# for 3×12 on row

    A. Built to 160# (94%). Stopped there. Right wrist was not liking the overhead. Felt strong elsewise.
    B. Built to 295# (97%) for Tempo BS. Old 1-RM for regular and 10# under Tuesday’s max. Thinking I could’ve done more on Tuesday. I don’t know when we last did a 1-RM for Tempo but I know this is a PR.
    C. 9:54 RX. Really happy to get sub 10.

    I think I will rest a few days to let the right wrist heal. It hurts when I bend it back and hold anything overhead. Been like that for a week now and is my Achilles. If you have any advice on what I can do I’d appreciate it.

    • Penny Weinberger

      From experience re. Achillees. .if it hurts in the morning when u get out of bed and it takes a few minutes to walk normally, then definitely check it up its probably tendenosis and if left untreated it can rip eventually. The tricky thing with the achillees is that when it’s warm it doesn’t really hurt so we tend to ignore it – but rest alone won’t fix it, needs manipulation to heal. Good luck and get well soon

    • Tino Marini

      Sounds like a little reset is needed. Take a couple of days off to rest. You’ve been hitting it hard for the last 8 weeks so its understandable to feel a little beat up.

  • Charlie Odom

    A) up to 235
    -barely missed 242 (+2 pr)…caught it for 2secs in the hole and had to dump it ???

    B) 315 (86% of Regular 1RM)

    C) RX with 20lb Vest
    -Those dips sucked with a vest Lol

    D) done with 40lbs

  • Tim Svensson(CrossFit Kalmar)

    A. Up to 100 kg (PR is 107) solid performance but not the extra power.
    B up to 160 thats is a PR for pausesquats
    C. 9:44 the second ringdips were heavy.
    D. First set with 16:s then 20:s wow My forarms and traps.

    • Tino Marini

      Strong work Tim!

      • Tim Svensson(CrossFit Kalmar)

        Thanx Tino

  • Penny Weinberger

    A.to a heavy snatch: Built up real easy and real fast to 45kg – (1rm is 47) I’m happy it’s getting soo easy..
    B. Did also to a heavy- ish clean and jerk: 55kg – did heavy this week so quit here
    C. Did a wod trainer advices 15/12/9 power cleans and burpees
    D. Practised couple sets of double unders / butterfly dips
    Stretched / physio to relax neck and shoulders and now a waiting game for sunday comp – not nervous anymore just quite apprehensive?.. will go for relaxing walk tomorrow. . I’m just gonna tell myself when they announce each workout that I’ve done much worse things with u guys here on this blog!!!here goes nothing!!

    • Tino Marini

      Make sure you focus on having fun and giving 100%

      • Penny Weinberger

        I will – on both accounts do my very best!!!

    • Tulle Weisbjerg (40-44)

      Good luck Penny!

      • Penny Weinberger

        Thank you tulle!!!

  • Alai

    A. Worked up to 80 kilos, which is great considering how everything sucked on Monday. That was my goal, then I tried 83kg and missed it a couple of times, but the pull wasn’t the problem, so I’m good with that
    B. Up to 125kg (my new PR is 140)
    C. 9:33 RX. I wanted to go sub 10… kinda slow on the T2B out of the gate (15-5-5-5) first set of dips were awesome (16-14) slooow burpees, disaster on the second set of dips 😛 (sets of 5-6) and then T2B any way I could.
    D. A little bit later, I need to get my fix of weekly lunges!

  • Chad Leckie

    A. Up to 210 – close miss on 220 twice
    B. Up to 325
    C. 7:03
    TTB: (20/10)/ (10/10/6/4)
    Dips: (20/10)/ (10/10/5/5)
    D. Done

  • Tulle Weisbjerg (40-44)

    A Skipped
    B. Did some other back squat
    C. 10:47
    D. Done with 15 kg db’s

  • Gebriel Rutensköld

    A. Up to 90kg. 5kg from PR, but still happy to nail 90 consistently.
    B. Up to 130. Failed 140. Felt really sluggish today. Had chineese buffé for lunch. Probably not the best idea.
    C. 8:53. Triceps shut down. So swole!
    D. Done

  • Daniel Mendelsohn

    A) Up to 170. Missed 175 a few times
    B) Up to 295
    C) 9:39 (No MUs)
    D) done

  • Sierra

    C.) 14:28 and the only thing I sub was pushups instead of the burpees because I can’t jump.

  • Daniel Moreno

    A) worked up to 195
    B,C,D) did not do today. Worked with a coach at my gym for a solid hour on snatch technique, mobility, and overhead position – learned a lot and focused on mechanics.

    • Tino Marini

      Good to see you putting in the time to dial in technique.

  • Michael Fontana

    A – only up to 155 today, lost 160 when I got under it
    B – 330 for a 2 sec pause
    C – 5:55 – no rings for dips, so had to use a dip bar
    D – done with 30 lbs. DB

  • Brooke Fusco

    A. 145# (94%) 🙁
    Missed 150 about a million times…

    6×6 front squat- 155, 155, 165, 165, 175, 180

    5×12 (total) step ups w/ DBs- 35, 40×4 sets

    C. 12:04

    D. Death march- 25, 30, 30
    Walking lunges- 25, 30, 30

  • Caroline Fryklund

    A. Build to today’s heavy Snatch x 1 rep: Up to 77,5kg! (failed twice before I got it! No fails up to this weight! Felt good! Haven’t snatched this weight that many times 🙂
    B. Today’s 1-RM Tempo Back Squat x 1 rep @ 32X1: Up to 105kg
    C. 8:14 (ring-dips: 12+8 / 8+7+5) Got spicy!
    D. Death March x 20 steps @ 2111 right into Walking Lunges x 20 steps: 12kg / 16kg / 16kg

    • Tino Marini

      Looking strong Caro! Another strong day!

      • Caroline Fryklund

        Thank you!! Felt good!

  • Bobby

    A. 225 attempted 242 and missed it twice snatch was eh today
    B. 365
    C. 7:54 rx
    D. Done

    Did some extra conditioning yesterday:
    15 min emom
    1-18 cal bike
    2-18 cal row
    3-12 erg facing burpees

    For time
    100 cal ski
    200 Zeus DU
    300 ft hand stand walk

  • Wesley Wonka

    A) up to 240#
    B) up to 365#
    C) 9:52.
    Ttb: 23-7/5-5-5-5-3-3-2-1-1
    Dips: 16-14/ 11-9-3-3-2-2
    D) done at 50#

  • Kevin Bilbrey

    Have had some upper respitory funk goin on the past couple of days. Feeling better and not as achy and weak today.
    A. Did snatches from blocks. Bar at pockets 95×2/135×2/155×2/155×2/165×1/175,195,205×2
    B. 135/225/275/315/365. Didn’t feel too bad on this, just cut it off here

    C. 9:16
    Dips 10’s
    Dips 10’s
    T2b: 5,then 1’s. blew up here
    D. 35lb dbs

    • Tino Marini

      Hope you feel better soon and that respiratory funk disappears soon.

  • A. Up to 160 (91%)
    B. Up to 275 (87%)
    C. 14:42 (Bar Muscle-up then into Ring dips)
    D. Done W/50# DB’s

  • Petr Krejci (6.4″, 225lb)

    A. 102.5kg (107,5kg PR)
    B. 155kg (167.5kg PR)
    C. 10:18
    D. 25kg had to have little break between tho

    • Tino Marini

      Crushed it today!!!

      • Petr Krejci (6.4″, 225lb)

        Thanks Tino!

  • Nancy Mawire (40-44)

    A. 125/135(87%)(2f) movement felt good, just felt heavy.
    B. 235(78%)
    C. 10:57Rx
    D. Done, did stationary Lunges because Rt knee was feeling a little tender

  • Lōz

    I jumped in with a couple guys doing the 8 week invictus strength program today. I loved it but it doesn’t help me with my weaknesses. I could lift and not metcon everyday haha.

    • Tino Marini

      Solid program and you will benefit but yes, conditioning and skill are a little limited but it takes time to get strong!

    • Amy Boyd

      Hey im just doing my extra conditioning on Monday morning at 10, so let me know if your back on Monday we could train if ya want.

      • Lōz

        Ok. How was the scenery today boyd?

        • Amy Boyd

          Hey you gonna be in town for training ?

          • Lōz

            I will be there Tuesday.

  • mason walsh

    A. 245, 10lb pr.
    B. Up to 385.
    C. 16:36 w/ 20lb vest.
    D. Done

    • Charlie Odom

      Nice buddy!!! Love seeing other people throwing the vest on right now…those dips sucked!

    • Tino Marini

      Congrats Mason!

  • John Foster

    A) Snatch = Up to 260lbs PR. Tino you said by the end of the cycle and you were right.
    B) Tempo Back Squat = Up to 335lbs PR.
    C) For Time = 13:55.

    • Tino Marini

      Yes!!!! Love it John!! great work!

  • Korey William Harris

    A) 225!!! (10# PR! Been chasing this since starting CrossFit nearly 5 years ago!)
    B) 285 (85%)
    C) 10:38 RX MAH CHEST ?
    D) Completed

    • Tino Marini

      Dude!!!!! So awesome! Love seeing all your hard work paying off!

      • Korey William Harris

        Thanks coach! The program has been very good to me!

  • Chase Leonelli

    A. Snatch 195 not a great day
    C.12:57 second set of dips was roughhhhhh
    D. Done

  • Kevin Lockett

    A: 235lbs got 245 overhead lost my lockout
    B: 395lbs for the tempo squat
    C: 9:55 Rx had to do singles on my last 10 T2B
    This invictus is pretty tough like on some regional ? Thanks for the push!

  • Marshall Lewis

    A: 180 – failed every above that. Not my day lol
    B: 295
    C: 9:02 RX
    D: done with 53lb kbs

  • Jenni Scott

    A) 135
    B) 210
    C) 10:36
    D) w/ 30s

  • Cole Holmes

    A) Today’s heavy snatch – 175#
    (tied PR, only second time to ever hit this weight so happy!)
    B) Today’s max tempo back squat – 280#
    (stuck to tempo)
    C) 10:47
    Performed at women’s R’x
    D) All three sets performed with 40# dumbbells

    • Tino Marini

      Nice work hitting 175!

  • Arielle Bloom

    A) 150# PR!!! ???? You guys are amazing thank you so much for pushing me today
    B) 205#
    C) 9:59 (dips from low rings)
    D) 4 sets: 100ft sandbag carry + 10 sandbag squats

    • Tino Marini

      Keep those PR’s coming!

  • John Vautier (North Central)

    Picked a lousy week for my body to feel beat up. Awesome to see all the PRs from everyone else though, hoping mine are in there still!
    A. Up to 220, jumped to 235 and missed it twice. Moved on.
    B. Up to 365, off of 425 max.
    C. 10:10, didn’t do the ring dips from MU. Strained my pec doing this last year and try to avoid it unless in competition. First 30 were strict, second 30 were kipping.
    D. Done with 45# kbs.

    • Tino Marini

      Look after yourself and that will turn around next week!

  • Greg DeGreen

    C 7:52
    D 50s

  • Trine Petersen

    A: 120#
    B: 175#
    C: 13:03
    D: done. 20# db’s

    • Tino Marini

      Snatching…:( I thought we talked about staying away from things that hurt…

      • Trine Petersen


  • Matt Irwin

    “AB-10” = 183 cals. (7 cal PR)

    A: Up to 205#
    B: Skip ? Hip bursitis can suck it.
    C: 8:55
    D: Done w/ 55# DB’s

  • Tom Brown

    A) power (204)
    B) slick (356) belt (393)
    C) 5:59
    T2B 22/8
    MU to Ring dips UB
    Burpees Cruise
    MU to Ring dips UB
    T2B 12/10/8

  • Bouillestfu

    A: Done at the end. Did pulls 5×3 at 245lbs
    B: Built Up to 245#
    C: 10:05
    D: @55#

  • Mika Ingley

    a. 142kg/312lbs pr
    b. 200kg at tempo. pr. 220kg for regular single after and it was super hard havent squatted heavy in a while
    c. 6:56 30t2b ub 30rd ub 30 burpees moving steady second set of dips 20/10 then started t2b at 4:50 and did doubles and singles and finished in 6:56 :((((( grip and hip flexors died
    d. hunter made us do this before C with 30-60s rest i used 45lbs and payed for it in the workout

  • Bryan babbitt

    A) 235, 245f but it felt smooth, I just got ahead of myself, 250f a little forward, 250f I was tired
    B) 355
    C) 9:46
    D) done

  • kachunchoi

    A. Clean 300 lb since shoulders have been bothering me a lot
    C. Modified 9:32

  • Kyle

    Optional conditioning: done all under 1 mile PR time

  • Samie Acevedo

    A. Up to 150lb- getting more consistent at this… but still can’t get 160 🙁
    B.built to 205lb
    C. 8:34Rx
    D. Did 5 sand bag carries down the rig and back+ 10 squats. The black sand bag isn’t feeling as bad anymore! ?

  • Jonny Rose

    A. Got a new PR! 95kg without any miss…then went for 100 and missed it 8-9 times 🙁
    B. went up to 150kg (missed 160)
    C. 8:59 rx

  • Amber Nollen (39)

    Crazy day
    A: Up to 95#
    B: ran out of time
    C: i programmed the dirty 30 for my class so i did that as mens rx’d today 12:21

  • Tyler Martin

    A. Up to 185. Felt meh.
    B. Up to 285 (~90%)
    C. 12:08 RX