Two sets of:
30 Second Supinated-Grip Hang from Pull-Up Bar
Rest 15 seconds
Hindu Push-Ups x 10 reps
Rest 15 seconds
Bottom’s Up Kettlebell Press x 5 reps each side
Rest 15 seconds
Single-Arm Overhead Kettlebell Cossack Squat x 8 reps each leg @ 2111
Rest 15 seconds
GHD Hip Extension x 8 reps @ 2012
(focus on glute activation and maintaining a hollow position)
Rest as needed

Every 2 minutes, for 16 minutes (8 sets):
2-Position Snatch x 1 rep
(Mid-Thigh, 2″ Below the Knee

Build over the course of the 8 sets to today’s heavy-ish.

Every Minute, for 6 Minutes of:
Power Snatch 1.1.1 @ 65-70% of 1-RM Power Snatch

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
10 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35 lbs)
3 Bar Muscle Ups

Rest untill the clock reaches 12:00, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
20 Double-Unders
10 Pull-Ups

Three sets of:
*Strict Handstand Push Up x 10 reps
Rest 2 minutes
*Build to as deep of a deficit possible while keeping as straight of a body position possible

Three sets, not for time, of:
2 Legless Rope Climbs
20-25 Hand Release Push Ups
Rest as needed

Focus on quality over speed.

  • Penny Weinberger

    Bugger!!!! Not allowed to train for 2 days -dentist orders as to determine true tooth problem

    Did 18.2 yesterday-what I thought was a heavy painful sinusitis turned into saturday night major toothache, plus my aunt passed away, which left me Sunday feeling sick and light headed from too much ipobrufen,very emotional and against everyone at home telling me not to do it, a small part of me couldn’t quit, I would’ve been disappointed with myself.
    Got to the gym, teary and vulnerable but still couldn’t quit-i had to pucker up and do it for better or worse
    18.2 : 7:38
    18.2a : 70kg (10kg PR!!!!!I )
    I was planning to do 51/56/61/63 for luck , but i have the best judge and he believes in me more than I believe in myself and loaded the bar from 61 to 65 to 70!
    For me, this this is awesome but the mental win is my biggest achievement here (or maybe I’m just a sentimental old bag😂😁)

    • Tino Marini

      Sorry to hear about your loss Penny. Pretty amazing how you came in and hit a 10kg PR with toothache and also after the bad news. Awesome work. Take the two days to get back to health and also spend time with loved ones and family.

      • Penny Weinberger

        I will do..off to London this afternoon to be with my mum and then hopefully back Wednesday

    • Seb Benisty

      Good job on 18.2 Penny… bravo 💪💪💪

      • Penny Weinberger

        Thanx SEB! I’m happy with the effort all things considered

  • Ingmar Krähling


    Up to
    Done at 65-70

    1. Done Rx 10 rounds
    2. Done Rx 6 + 20 Du’s

    Done 2/4/6″ (very happy with that)


  • Bronco

    A. Done
    B. 135-165#
    C. 8+ 10 then 4+20
    D. Done
    E. Done

  • Seb Benisty

    Redo 18.2 today
    7’13 and 107,5kg clean
    23” better than Friday and same clean 🎉🎉💪
    Happy with that… fail my 110kg attempt by losing balance on the way up… damn… but no regrets 107,5 is 98% 1rm…
    Thanks for all again invictus family… have a nice day.. see you tommorow

    • Tino Marini

      Solid work on the improvement Seb!!

  • Isaac McLean

    Redo 18.2 today
    Slower time, tried different strategy didn’t work out as planned. Glad I did it still though so I’m not looking back thinking what if…

  • Gabe Colon

    A. 18.2 Redo

    Full minute faster on part one but 10 lbs less on the lift. Tried a big jump from 315 to 330 to try to beat my first attempt. Riding the adrenaline, got under it but couldnt stand it up. Happy with the improvement.

    • Tino Marini

      Great work taking 60 seconds off!

  • Gaston Gherardi

    What does Power Snatch *1.1.1* mean? That’s not tempo, is it?

    • Tino Marini

      Reset 2-3 seconds between reps

  • Marc L

    A) done
    B) 95kg
    And 75kg
    C)8 rounds and 6rounds
    D/e) done

  • Dijar Ismail

    Sick since last sunday
    Did 18.2 today for a result
    6:21 then i wasnt able to recover enough
    111 kg (245#)
    Looking forward to get some training now

    • Tino Marini

      Good to see you’re feeling better and able to get the Open workout in!

  • Dante Tuscai (27, MidAtlantic)

    18.2 re-do
    4:35 – :22 faster
    297 – same weight

    May try to do some of the snatches later, but resting for now, got a little Fran cough after that one this morning.

    • Bobby

      Nice work what did you change on the first part?

      • Lyman Dickinson

        That’s a solid time!

      • Dante Tuscai (27, MidAtlantic)

        Thank you! I didn’t step to the bar after I jumped up at all. Last time I wasn’t closing the gap every time so I would have to take a step. This time I just went for it and close the gap for every rep. Other than that I think everything else was the same

    • Tino Marini

      Awesome improvement Dante!!

      • Dante Tuscai (27, MidAtlantic)

        Thank you, Tino!

  • Wilson Hopkins (45-49)

    A. Done.
    B1. Up to 165
    B2. Done using 115
    C1. 7+10. Sub’d ring MU(gym limitations)
    C2. 6 rnds. Strict PUs only.
    D. Done. Only did sets of 3 with no deficit. Don’t want to hurt shoulders. Glad I can at least 2-3.
    E. Done. Sub’d 10 rope PUs for rope climbs(gym limitations)

  • Tine Ch Hanøy

    A : Done
    B : up to 55 kg ( PR 60) so happy 😀
    Every min : 40 kg
    C: did a running wod

    • Tino Marini

      Solid work Tine!

      • Tine Ch Hanøy

        Thank you 😊

  • Николай Крускин

    B. 60kg

  • Corey Reutlinger

    A. Done
    B1. Built to 145# (5# PR for 2-Pos Snatch)
    B2. 105×2, 110×2, 115#x2
    C1. 7 + 2 RX
    C2. 3 + 21 RX
    Give me DB Snatches please mmkay.

    • Tino Marini

      Strong work on your 2 position snatch!

  • Gebriel Rutensköld

    18.2, first attempt: 05:21 & 243lbs. Worst lift in a long time. Almost missed entry weight.
    A. Skipped.
    B1. Up to 80kg. Missed Below knee @85kg.
    B2. @60kg.
    C. 10rds/7rds. Breathy. Biceps on fire.
    D. Only two sets. No more juice today.

  • Lacy Baumgart

    Friday 18.2 4:58/210
    Today 18.2 4:31/212
    Happy with this!! I did powercleans and this is a powercleans PR!

    • Tino Marini

      Yeah Lacy!!! Awesome work!!

    • Brooke Fusco

      Holy fast. Holy strong. BEAST

  • Korey William Harris

    Rested the whole weekend after 18.2 hoping to feel better but still can’t shake this bug.

    A) Done
    B) Up to 185 & 125 PS
    C) 9+3 & 7 RD’s
    D) Done

    • Tino Marini

      Hope you feel better soon Korey!

  • Jessica U

    A) done
    B) up to 115
    C) 6+ 7
    And 4+ 20 Rx
    D) done
    E) make up later

    Thanks so much!! Hope your day is great!

  • John Foster

    “Open 18.2” = 6:48.
    “Open 18.2 A” = 275lbs.

    A) Supinated Hang = :30 x 2.
    Hindu Push Ups = 10 x 2.
    Bottoms Up KB Press = 26lbs x 5 x 2.
    SA KB OH Cossack Squat = 26lbs x 8 x 2.
    GHDHE = 8 x 2.

    B) 2 Position Snatch = 115lbs / 135lbs / 155lbs / 175lbs / 190lbs 205lbs / 215lbs.
    Power Snatch = 155lbs x 1.1.1 x 6.

    C) AMRAP 8 = 8 Rounds + 1 Bar MU. (115 Reps). RX.
    AMRAP 4 = 5 Rounds. (150 Reps). RX.

    D) Strict HSPU = 10 @2” / 5 @3” / 3 @4”.

    E) Done.

    • Tino Marini

      Huge improvement John! Great work!!

  • Trine Petersen

    18.2: 5:44/ 72.5kg
    A: Done
    B1: up to 50 kg.
    B2: 40, 42.5, 42,5, 45, 45kg.
    C: 7+5, 4 or 5 + 10
    D: done no deficit
    E: sup. grip pull-ups instead of rope climbs

  • Bruno Brousmiche

    A. Done KB 8kg
    Squat with KB => My mobility is not operational to make that movement but i try to do.

    B. 52,5kg / 55 / 57,5 / 60 / 62,5 / 65 / 67,5 / 70kg
    67,5kg => (2 try=> 1 fail (fail 2nd move) and 1 success on the 2′)

    C. I replace Dumbell by Snatch to 50kg
    5 rounds + 10 Snatch + 1 Bar MU
    6 rounds + 6 DU

    D. Done without deficit

    E. Done. Legless start in L because the rope measure 3 meters
    25 HRPU each time

  • Bobby

    18.2 redo
    4:49 and 332 much better this round

    • Tino Marini

      Nice work Bobby!

    • Miah Santini

      Way to go Bobby 👊🏻💪🏻

      • Bobby

        Thank you!

  • Lyman Dickinson

    A. Done. OH Cossack squat were incredibly challenging
    B. 185-215, 165 powers
    C. 11 rounds
    D. 4”
    E. Sled pulls subbed for rope climbs

  • Joaky

    A) Done ✅
    B) Snatch technique
    C1: 9 rounds
    C2: 7 rounds
    D) Done ✅ 5 plates of 10kg of deficit
    C) Done ✅

  • Samie Acevedo

    18.2 Redo- 2 min faster on 18.2 and same on 18.2A.
    Not the greatests but gave it my all! Felt better since I didn’t do extra reps and an extra set of 10 DB squats this time! 😢
    I have learned from Friday to be more in charge of my performances!
    B&D. Done

    • Tino Marini

      Awesome improvement Samie!!

  • Greg DeGreen (35-39 master)

    18.2 redo 5:05/316 Friday did 5:34/326
    B. With powers up to 195
    165-175 on powers
    C 10 +6 Rx
    7 even

    • Hunter

      Solid work today!

  • Brooke Fusco

    18.2 on Saturday: 5:35, 195#
    18.2 today: 5:22, 197#

    Still couldn’t hit 200 on my clean, but happy to improve overall! I really wanted to avoid the buildup of girls at 195#.

    Gym closed right after this so couldn’t do anything else. Really sore anyway, so that’s okay.

    • Hunter

      Thats an improvement though! Nice!!

      • Brooke Fusco

        Thanks, Hunter! I was definitely excited about it!

  • Victoria Currens

    18.2 Friday- 5:29, 177 # (2 pound PR)
    18.2 Today- 5:09, 170

    Wish I could have hit 177 again today but I’ll take the little PR!

    • Hunter

      Solid job!!

  • Kevin Bilbrey

    Redid open again
    5;01 and 296. 5:10 and 275 yesterday. 6:11 & 306 Friday lol 😅
    Did a few sets a of bar mu’s and hspu after

    • Tom Brown

      Got better on that workout

      • Kevin Bilbrey

        Ha ha yessir, try, try, try again lol

  • John Vautier (North Central)

    18.2 on Friday went 7:18 and 302, 18.2 yesterday went 6:23 and 307. Really wanted to try again today and go sub 6, but thought otherwise. Happy with the improvement, always wanting more.
    A. Done
    B. 95/115/135/145/155/165/175/185
    C. Skip
    D. Done, no deficit, did strict c2b x 10 for rope climbs and 15 hr pushups.

  • Tom Brown

    A) ND
    B) up to 169 power
    [email protected] 115×3/125/135/145
    C) 9+4 / 6+20
    D) done
    E) ND

  • Johnny Malgeri (North Central)

    18.2 redo yesterday – dropped :47 and added 1lb to clean. 5:09, 306lbs

    Traveling for work this but luckily there is a glove gym attached to hotel. Did saturdays work minus the wod
    A) Done
    B) 230×3 push press
    C) 325/355/385/355/385/405 squats

    • Hunter

      Heck yeah! That is a great improvement

  • Fernando Villasenor (Can West)

    18.2 redo today

    18.2 – 5:52 (32s faster)
    18.2a – 247# (15# loss) — really felt a lot more fatigued here today. Think it was a combination of faster 18.2 split and flying in last night from interviews and not getting to sleep until 4am. CNS felt a little limp.

    Did not update score on leaderboard.

    Still learned some lessons and overall really happy with my effort today!

    • Tino Marini

      Awesome improvement and great day of learning! Now its time to dial in your recovery.

  • Miah Santini

    Redid 18.2/A. Attempt # 3 at 4:30 pm 😜
    5:43, 279… the best of all three attempts overall.
    A. Skipped.
    B1. Up to 185… 1 miss at 115. Did more than 8 sets, as I just felt like snatching and working up in weight by 10 pound increments.
    B2. 135… worked technique.
    C1. Not really for time, just wanted to move.
    6 rounds. Ring MUs.
    C2. Skipped
    Hot tub and pizza tonight.
    Enjoying this CF Open 🤙🏻🙌🏻

    • Tino Marini

      You’ve lost the lot Miah!

      • Miah Santini

        Coach? The lot?

        • Tino Marini


  • Bryan babbitt

    A) done
    B) 135,155,165,175,185,195,205
    165,165,175×4 sets
    C) 11+2; 6+5

  • Matt Irwin

    18.2 redo today

    Friday: 7:11, 316#
    Monday : 6:17, 317#

    • Tino Marini

      Damn, thats an awesome improvement!! Nice work Matt!

  • Fred Bernier

    A. Done, my last needed that hang time
    B. Up to 195# then pwr sn at 150
    C1. 10 rx
    C2. 5+11 rx (my last blew up there)
    D. 4 sets, no deficit
    E. Done
    Fun day

  • Kim Kunert

    A. Done
    B. Up to 115 powers at 75
    C1. 8+12RX
    C2. 7+20 everything unbroken
    D. Built to 3” deficit
    E. No time

  • Ashton Frierson

    A. N/A
    B1. Up to 115 (working on technique)
    B2. Power Snatch – 95
    C1. 7+11 (had to use a 40 since all 50s for 18.2 redos)
    C2. 3+9

    • Tino Marini

      You off of Athlete?

      • Ashton Frierson

        Yea, I have to step back for a bit. Need to get some life things in order so I can get back to fully training again. Miss the program though and I’ll be back.

        • Tino Marini

          Good to see you taking a step back and making that assessment. Looking forward to watching your continued progress on the Comp blog

  • Sydnee Percival

    A. Done
    B. Up to 105
    i. 7+11
    ii. 6+25
    Lats and arms pretty sore tonight making the bar mu and pull-ups more of a challenge tonight than normal.
    D. Done but didn’t do a deficit.
    E. Skipped

  • Laura Hershberger

    A. Done
    B. 75/75/85/85/90/90/95/100. Power snatches done at 85. Snatches were feeling a little heavy today. Tried to focus on form as much as possible. Ricky was a help with that!
    C1. Did 6 CtB I lieu of the MU and used 40# DB. 5+14
    C2. 4+20 Rx
    D. Done to one blue mat (so reverse deficit 😆)
    E. Skipped

  • Darin Kaiser

    Finally got to 18.1 after having a stomach bug since Friday night.

    6:01 and 272 happy with that score 🙂

    Feeling normal again and excited to get back I training.

    • Tino Marini

      Good to see you feeling better again and able to hit the workout!

      • Darin Kaiser

        Me too!

  • Steven (SoCal)

    A. N/A
    B. Power only, last success at 195
    i. 11 or 12 even. Lost count
    ii. 6
    D. Done
    E. 2 rounds

  • Spencer Ganas

    B. Worked up to 165, everything felt heavier than usual, powers at 155
    C. 10ish and 5 + 20
    D. Done
    E. Done

  • Jessie Williams

    A) ✔️ (25lb KB)
    B) up to 185, then 135
    C) 10 Rds // 7 Rds +10
    D) 2″//4″//4″
    E) ✔️

  • Catherine Lachow

    A. Done
    B. Up to 110#, 80# for power snatches
    C.6+7 w/ C2B, 4+3
    D. Negatives

  • Matt Irwin

    A: Done ✅
    B: Skip ✖️
    C1: 8+11
    C2: 7+21
    D: 2.5”, 3.5”(8/2), 2.5”
    E: Done ✅

  • Bryan Davies

    A) Done
    B) 95/105/115/125/135/145/155/165
    115 across
    C) 8 rounds + 10 snatch
    5 rounds + 3 pull ups
    D) Done
    E) Done

  • Blake Forcier

    A. 8kg KB
    B. 1) 135-155-165-170-175-180-185-190 2)@135, so light.
    C) 1) At least 1 round every minute. Moved entire time. 2) 5-6 I think, PUps got tough.
    D) No deficit.. Shoulders were toast. 3 rounds of 10 SHPUs
    E) Biceps & back blew up!