Banded Scarecrow x 30 seconds each position
Banded Hamstring Flossing x 30-60 seconds each side
Reverse Snow Angels x 15-20 reps
Jefferson Deadlifts x 5-10 reps

Followed by…

Three sets of:
Kettlebell Complex
*10 Bulgarian Goat Bag Swings
*10 Single-Arm Kettlebell Presses (each arm)
*10 Alternating Reverse Lunges with Goblet Hold
*10 Single Kettlebell Thrusters (hands on horns)
Rest 30-60 seconds


Every 8 minutes, for 32 minutes (4 sets) for times:
800 Meter Run
12 Strict Pull-Ups
36 Kettlebell Swings


For our at-home and travel workouts, please start a clock and allow it to run throughout your training session. The entire session will take 60-minutes or less, and staying accountable to the clock will allow you to maintain the appropriate intensity and stimulus. Click here for the full workout briefing.

When the clock starts, perform…
Complete rounds of the following at 70-80% effort for 8 minutes:
10 Squats (loaded or unloaded)
10 Standing Ground to Sky Touches
10 Alternating Lunges
5 Inch Worms

When the running clock reaches 8:00, move immediately into…

Complete rounds of the following at 70-80% effort for 4 minutes:
10 High Knees
10 Squat Tuck Jumps
10 Down Ups

Breathe exclusively through your nose throughout this entire portion. If you find that your mouth drops open, you’re going too hard. Slow your pace and resume breathing only through your nose.

When the running clock reaches 18:00, perform the following…
Against a 2-minute running clock…
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Mountain Climbers
Max Reps Alternating Jumping Lunges
Rest for 60 seconds and repeat for a total of SIX sets.

Followed by…
Three sets of:
2 minutes of Stretch # 1 (your top priority stretch of choice)
Rest 60 seconds
2 minutes of Stretch # 2 (your second priority stretch of choice)
Rest 60 seconds

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