Workout of the Day
Two sets for quality, not time, of:
Double-Unders x 40 reps
Alternating Pistols x 6-8 reps each leg
(work on speed and efficiency)
Freestanding Handstand x 30-45 seconds
(accumulate time if sets are broken, or perform Nose-to-Wall Handstand Holds if you need a sub)

Every minute, on the minute, for 30 minutes rotate through the following exercises:
Minute 1: Row 250/200 Meters
Minute 2: 4″/2″ Deficit Handstand Push-Ups x 8-10 reps
Minute 3: Power Snatch x 5 reps @ 75% of 1-RM
One more week to go! Let’s finish strong!

  • B.
    Minute 1 – 230ish meters
    Minute 2 – Did strict handstand push-ups instead 6-8 reps
    Minute 3 – Completed with 70kg (154lbs)

  • Sean Marcisin

    We can also do 14.4 again today, correct?

  • Mike Annon

    A. Done
    B. Done….subbed PS with 225 lb deadlift

  • Doug Germano

    I redid 14.4. I got 198 reps on Friday, 215 today. I was really happy to get to that second round. I went to that next level of effort/pain that only happens when the stars fucking align. It was a great day. I wanted to get into that second round so bad. I’ve really improved my muscle-ups this year. I also got that ‘fran’ cough from this workout.

    I did all singles today instead of bigger sets (2-4 reps) on the MU, made a big difference for me.

  • Mia Iden Hellesen

    A: Done
    B: Done

    • Mia Iden Hellesen

      Did the power snatches with 30kg

  • Samuel David

    Hey everyone,
    This is my first day back since I went up to the arctic circle for the military exercise in Norway. Definitely had a good time out here and it was a great experience to interact with militaries from different countries.

    Took it a bit easy since I tweaked my back and wrist while on the exercise.

    A. 40 ub dubz/ 8 pistols per leg/35 second nose and toes hold per set

    B. Rows – Between 1:45 and 1:50 per set
    HSPU: 4″ deficit, 8 reps per set
    Power Snatches: 185 was NOT happening today for 5 reps. Did 165 instead. Pretty fluid throughout. Probably could’ve bumped it up a tad.
    I hope everyone is doing well in the open. I was surprised I was able to do this whole thing after 2 weeks of no sleep and shitty food.

    I’ll be back in the US early Wednesday morning.

    • Becky Clark

      Welcome home!

  • Mark Glynn

    CJ, you’ve out done yourself with this wod… After yesterday’s re-do of 14.4 this was a doozy.

    A: complete with nose to HS
    B: Complete. 2.5″ deficit and #135 (probably could have pushed this more)

  • Chris Peelman

    A. Done
    B. based off of 175#
    Started HSPU’s with 45/25# plate w/AbMat
    Got 4, 3, 2, 2 then switches to just AbMat and
    Got 8, 8, 8, 6, 6, 6

  • Lukas Esslinger

    a) done
    b) done, did 10 deficit hspu and snatches @ 185 got challenging after 4 rds 🙂

  • Jakob Mayerhöfer

    A: Done
    B: Done, but only 5 Deficit HSPU, 55kg Power Snatch

  • Jason Scuglik

    14.4 redo – 204 reps!! 7 rep improvement woot woot!

    all singles on MU’s this time and got through the cleans 20 seconds faster at 8:58

  • Isaac Payne

    A. Subbed handstands for 10 chest to bar pull-ups.
    B. completed 7 rounds in 30 mins. Rowed 250m/8 hspu no deficit/155lb power snatch
    Tough pace to maintain for 30mins.

  • Andrew Thompson

    A: Done
    B: Done, subbed 5 strict HSPU no deficit and 60kg power snatch

  • Dominic Sandner

    A: 2×40 – 12/14 – Handstand hold against wall

    B: Set 1-5 UB 250m/8 HSPU / 5×60 kg //Felt good and pretty fast, no deficit and just 63 % of 1RM
    Set 6-10 250m / 6 HSPU / 3×60 kg //Felt harder and I lowered the reps on HSPU and did singles on the power snatch,

    Did 14.4 on Saturday got 9 MU´s and 12:00 min tie break, 189 reps. The first Open workout this year I am happy about. Have a feeling that 14.5 will be brutal!

  • Kyle McDermid (Canada East)

    250m around 55 sec each (1:50 or under)
    8 HSPU with 3-4 inch deficit
    5 UB T&G PS @ 115# Kept it light, first time with Oly shoes, notice a difference.

  • Kyle Feliberty

    A. Done- very small sets of freestanding, needs work
    B. Done based off 205 (155)
    fell to 5 reps on the deficit, row and snatches were “easy”

  • Andreas Nelson

    A. Done
    B. 250 m / 8 HSPU 4″ deficit / @ 70kg (based off of 97,5kg, 68%, convenient with 70kg even)
    Again, didn’t thought I was going to complete this. Really happy that I did! The tough part were the snatches..

  • A. Done
    B. Subbed 7 thrusters at 115 for the snatches. Need work on them bad before Friday 😉
    Not gonna lie, it got nasty after about 5 minutes

  • JT

    Redid 14.4 this morning- 200 reps. Feeling pretty fresh still so will do today’s training in a few hours.

  • Joe Silvestri

    A. done. fun working on handstands. i was able to hold for about 5 seconds, so i did 3-4 5 second holds per round.

    B. power snatches at 185. this was a nasty emom. snatches actually got better as i got further in, though.

  • Marcus Wallace

    A. Worked Double Unders and Nose and Toes for 60 sec
    B. Complete. Rows at 1:39-1:40 pace, HSPU x 5 from 45 lb plates, Power Snatch at 135

  • Ketil Slagstad

    A done with 16 pistols, nose to wall hold
    B done with 8 HSPU 45 lbs plate 55 kg snatch

    Cool WOD!

  • Eric Julienne

    A) 40/40
    30s/30s used wall to assist but tried to keep my feet off the wall, still trying to find and keep balance

    B) row – 200-250m
    HSPU – 4-5
    Snatch 115

  • 14.4 redo
    184 (12:12)
    Row in 3:00
    pushed TTB a little more, 5s until 40 then doubles and singles
    wall balls 15-10-8-7
    really pushed the cleans
    Got to MUs about a min faster. Thanks for the push everyone

  • James Casey

    A. Done
    B. Rather just forget this session. Don’t know if it was because i did 14.4 yesterday, or the fact that the rower/snatches/HSPU’s were so far from eachother and bearly made it to the stations in time even though i had 5-10 sec every round to rest. Made it far in to the workout (OTM), but never satisfied when i don’t complete something. It will never happen again. Tomorrow’s a new day…

  • Payton Guza

    A. Done
    B. Done
    Good recovery WOD!

  • Sveinug

    A: DU and pistols done. Need more work on the freestanding handstand.

    B: Display on rower is broken so rowed for 50 sec.
    Missed the last round of snatches by 3 seconds. (80 kg)
    Good workout.

  • Ruben Martinez

    Redid 14.4 198 (+4)
    Missed two muscle ups at the end, but much happier with my effort and mind set this time around.


  • Al

    A. Time constraints. Hope to do later.
    B. Modified 200m row, 8 HSPU, 4 x 135 snatches. Nice workout.

  • Amanda Davalos

    A. Done!
    B. Done!
    200M Row
    5-6 unbroken HSPU with 45 + 10lb plate. Wanted to be efficient.
    PS @ 100#

  • Jasmin Moler

    Redid 14.4, got 185/10:15. Last time 184/10:38. Missed 2 mus :-/. Can’t wait till I can link these together efficiently. Overall, I’m happy because last yr I didn’t have mu or couldn’t link t2b at all. Programming has helped tremendously! Thx again CJ.

  • Bean

    A) done
    B) stopped @15 minutes. Feeling under the weather.

  • Karl

    A. done.

    PS 65 kg. All singles
    Hspu: all ub until 7round. from there 6-2 till 10 r

  • Joe Blaylock

    Also worked single arm KB OHS

    Was at lifting course yesterday, so enough barbell work.
    Did DB snatch (32kg), 4/arm instead.
    8 hspu (4″) every time.
    Got nasty.

  • Joelle Hirschfeld

    Redid 14.4 today 180 with 12:29 tiebreaker

    Did part A but then had to judge a bunch of people so didnt get to part B

  • Jonas Müller

    a) done, 30sec freestanding handstand
    b) done, rows @ 1:45/500m, 10 deficit HSPUs 4″ & 5 power snatches at 185lbs

  • Ben Dziwulski

    Came done with a horrible leg infection from an ingrown hair last week (moral- DONT take these lightly). Have not worked out (or walked) since last Wednesday. Hit 14.4 with all I could and got 196….and threw up for about 15 mins afterward. This was really frustrating because I know this should have been a top 20 score for me. Hoping I can make up for it and squeeze into that top 48 this week. Right now I am around bubble boy.

  • Shane McBride (North Central)

    A. done
    40 du
    8 pistols (4/4)
    Handstand walk for 45 secs
    1. Row 250 (55-57secs)* each time
    2. 8x 4″ HSPU (30-32secs) last two rounds did 10 all (UB)*
    3. Power snatch 170 lbs (24-28secs)*

  • Paul Raia

    A. Done
    B. Done. 250m Row+ 10 (4”) Defecit HSPU + 5 Pwr Snatch @ 76%
    Tough workout! Tough is good though I loved it.

  • David Schroeder

    A) done. Pistols stating to feel easy! Mobility has improved
    B) done. P. Snatches at 185. 45# plates for HSPU. Rows all 1:38-1:39.

  • Mike McCarthy

    A. Done (Practiced a lot of freestanding handstands but used wall and spotter as well)
    B. Complete all row and snatch reps
    HSPU-6-4-3-2-0-2-0-2-3-4 reps per round..(working on technique esp when tired)

  • Chris Buquicchio

    did 14.4 199 reps

  • Petr Krejci

    A. done without DU (sore toe from dropping the weights on it …)
    8 pistols + 45 sec. handstand hold nose to wall
    B. 250m row, 8 hspu 2″ def (kipping), 5 p. snatch 65kg

  • Dylan Weller

    Had some technical difficulties after reviewing my open videos… so i redid today… 221reps and i have to say CJ… I think i speak for a lot of people but looking at peoples comments and scores, WE as the “Invictus competition” crew have been incredibly prepared for this years open… So many people didn’t like the programming (theres always complainers) but the invictus people were ready to do it, no matter what. Peoples scores reflected that they clearly need to train skill while fatigued… You’ve taught us that and im grateful… Thanks again

    • Phil Trojanowski

      I second that! Thank you.

  • Brent Lykens


    Redid 14.4 today
    184 (11:53). 182 (12:34) on Friday.

  • Mikael Kasunic

    A. DU and Nose to wall handstand x 2

    B. All rowing in time, did 3 snatches @ 63kg after minute 14, and did about 3-6 HSPU after minute 21 or 22 i guess…

    Good workout, a lot of sweat 🙂

  • Michaela Ortega

    A. Done – my handstands suck, need to work on these
    B. Done – 200m took about 45sec each time, 8 2″ deficient UB HSPU each time, 105# PS each time (based off 145) – last 2 rounds were rough!

  • A. Done – handstands were kind of a mess.
    B. Rows around :55
    Hspu’s around 25-30
    Power snatches around 15-20

  • Wesley Wonka

    A) done 40, 8, 45s on wall
    B) this got mad hairy by the 6th set.
    Rows about 1:47 split, all hspus 10, all snatches at 165#

  • Thomas Cofer

    A- Done. had some sketchy pistols
    B- didn’t hit 250 m every time, felt strong on hspu, snatch #135

  • Phil Trojanowski

    Redid 14.4 today. 198! Two freakin misses at the end or I woulda finished. Oh well. One rep better is still better.

    A. (4 hours later) done

    B. Did 20 min of this. As Rxd. Snatches were tough. HSPU felt great.

  • EN

    Few different days for me.
    Friday run through open wod.
    Sat & Sun, did my level 1
    Today, 14.4, 194 reps, split was 9:50 though so clearly shows I need to work muscle ups more fatigued. Back training tomorrow!

  • Jonathan Mexico



    modified row for 150m.
    hspu x 5
    PS @ 95lbs x 5 reps. im terrible at touch and go so challenged myself with this.

  • Tyler Goldberg

    Redid 14.4: [email protected]:25
    B) 20mim worth at 155#

  • Chris Jeffers

    A. All UB for max reps/time
    *N2W HS Holds

    B. EMOM for 30 min:
    Rows: 5 of the rows did not get 250 within min
    D-HSPUs: 88 total – All sets UB except last 2
    PS @125#: 4/10 sets were UB TnG

    *Fun wod

  • Randy Affholter

    A. DU’s – UB, pistols with a 5lb plate under heal x 8 each leg, freehand standing broken up into about 7 to 12 second holds until 45 seconds.
    B. Row 250 meters each round, HSPU 7,5,6,6,6,5,5,5,5,5 tough for me. Was trying to work for 40 seconds before transitioning to Power Snatch. Also, no deficit, head to an ab mat. Power Snatch @ 125lbs.
    Great Workout!!!! Enjoy The Grind!!!!

  • Ryan Moore

    8 pistols
    45 sec nose to wall

    [email protected] only missed 2 snatches everything else done

  • Tyler James Young

    A. Done
    B. Subbed 15-20 airdyne cals/ 8 HSPU for all rounds/ 145 for snatches
    Shoulder was giving me some trouble so I had to stop and roll it out a few times

  • Peter Vishion

    A. Done
    B. Didn’t get all reps for the whole 30mins
    HSPU on 55# bumpers 8,8,8,6,6,6,5,5,4,4
    Snatch @165 5,5,5,5,4,4,4,4, 3,3
    Row 250, 250, 200×6, 175, 150

    I’m tired. That was hard. I went way too heavy on snatch

  • Sean Lamb

    A. done
    B. kept the pace for the first 4 mins then had to down the weight from 155 to 135. hspu fell down to 5 reps halfway through and maintained rows all the way to the last 3 rows

  • Craig

    A. DU: 40×2 / Pistols: 8×2 / HS Holds: 24-13, 21-15…some hand wandering
    B. Row: Done / HSPU: 8 across / Snatch @ 150: Done except only 3 in min 8 & 9

  • Sarah Williamson

    DU’s and Nose to wall HS holds… pistols were irritating hip so skipped
    B. Done with my PICC (partner in crossfit crime @Sky); rotated through for 30mins. #95 for PS

  • patrick oconnell

    i redid 14.4 tonight with a better strategy and and improved from 222 to 237 which i am pretty happy with

  • Steve Bidwell

    Did 14.4 yesterday. 205. Decent but not happy. Shoulder was killing me
    PT test today
    A. Did jerks for awhile
    Then pistols double unders and hs complete
    B. done not quite 75%

  • Sam Smith

    Did 14.4 yesterday, 194…8 rep improvement. Came down to pacing the earlier movements. Was fatigued today so just did some AD recovery work.

  • Ashleigh Moe

    A. Done
    B. It was beautiful outside…ran instead
    Snatches at 105#
    Hspu 6(5″ def. parallette) rounds 1-5
    Rounds 6-10 8 hspu 5″ def plates

  • Chase Leonelli

    Redid 14.4 1 rep improvement then did:

    20 min OTM
    Odd 8 hspu 4in defecit
    even 5 Power snatches 135#

  • A: Done
    Rows: Done – comfortable
    HSPU: Deficit, decided to do x5 from the get go. Really easy today for some reason.
    Snatches: 165# – got a little spicy.

    Sweat, drooled, and bled a little on this one. Had to start emergency taping fingers during rest period after tear on round 6.

  • Cameron Currie

    Ended up redoing 14.4: 206. A six rep improvement.

    A. Done

    B. Modified slightly. Only did about 10 minutes of it.

  • K_NorCal

    Redid 14.4. 185 failed 6th and 7th mu. 1 rep improvement with less time on the rings.

  • Melissa Meade

    A. done- handstand holds against wall
    B. Done- snatches at 65#, scaled to 3 deficit hspu

  • Daniel Ware (South Central)

    A.) done
    B.) 14.4 195 -3 reps from last time
    I need better rings 10 feet of chain and 8 feet of strap really sucks
    Happy with my 198 though just wished I would have finished

  • Guillermo Silva R

    A. Done
    Row: Only first was 250, then 150 was the goal.
    HSPU: 5 Reps, only last two sets were 3-4.
    Snatch: 4 reps @140, las two sets were 2/3.

  • Bryan St. Andrews

    Redid 14.4, same 199… Tiebreaker moved up to 10:17. Did the 200th rep at the buzzer for no rep. I think I should’ve been back on that rower but I guess not this year. On to 14.5

  • HB

    14.4 score 197
    first muscle up at 11:45, terrible row 3:10, crushed t2b, sets of 10 on WB, this killed me, cleans kicked my ass. I had no motor what so ever, getting over chest cold worked me.

    A. Done

    Done at 155 for snatch

  • JT

    A. Complete
    B. Completed all rounds- did 8 hspu with a 4 inch deficit and power snatches at 135

  • Dan Johnson

    14.4- 199 reps
    B. Ran 200, 135lb pwr snatches, def hspu’s. was only able to get 6 hspu’s in the last 3 rds

  • LP Boudreault

    A. Done
    B. Done
    250m row @ 1:40 pace
    8 HSPU @ 4″ deficit (did 6 on 10th round)
    5 tng snatch @ 135…felt good!

  • Devan Hussey

    A) Done
    B) Done at 185, w/strict push ups for most of the sets.
    Just wanted to say thank yo again for this CJ! I have made great leaps in my fitness since following this program. Also you have some great people at Invictus, I had the opportunity to learn a lot from them this past weekend at my level 1 seminar in San Diego. I hope next time I am down I can go visit the box. Thank you again!

  • Kayla Jones

    A. Done
    B. Done @ 95#
    C. CFM Barbell Club (Snatches/Back Squats)

  • Dani Miles

    A. Done
    B. complete with 5 deficit hspu after first 2 rounds, 7 on last set; 110# snatch

    Tough one after attempting redo of 14.4 again just prior. I did not stick with my plan and had an even faster split time, then rested less on MUs which resulted in more fails and mental block…learned from this…and will move forward.

  • emily kramer

    A. Done
    30 sec nose to wall holds

    B. done 200m each row
    8 hspu all unbroken except lat 3 rounds
    Snatches at 100

  • John Taurua

    A. Done
    B. 30 min EMOM
    1- Row maintained 250m
    2- Deficit HSPU to 4″ Reps = 8,6,6,6,6,5,5,5,5,5
    3- Power Snatch x 5 @ 60kg
    Felt busted 🙂
    14.4 = 200 reps (Stoked with this, MU conditioning finally getting there)

  • Paulo

    14.2.2 187, up 2 reps from last Saturday. Got all 7 attempts in. Slower tiebreak but those 2 reps are huge in the rankings.

  • Zach Meier

    A. Done
    B. Part 2. HSPU 8,8,6’s then 5 last 2-3 times. 135# power snatches.

  • Justin Hanson

    Did 14.4 again and got 193. Five rep improvement, I’ll get to that rower eventually!

  • Rich Winger

    A. Done
    B. 30 Min EMOM
    1- 250 Row
    2- Deficit HSPU (5″)– 10,10,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8
    3- Power Snatch (175#)– 5,5,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3

    C. 14.4– 5 hours later felt really good
    198- improved from 194, failed once at the MU.

  • Chris MacLean

    A) Done
    B) Row @ 250m
    4.5″ Def HSPU 8/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5
    135# Snatch 10 sets @ 5 reps
    Filthy workout. Thanks coach!

  • Timminy Haycock

    A) Good warm up:
    40/40 unbroken
    45 sec ‘free’ handstand hold (with bands for minimal support)

    B)200m row
    8 unbroken @ 2″ deficit
    105# snatches. Pretty stoked/surprised that I did all the snatches without a miss!

    Surprisingly tough! Great Monday burner =)

  • Constantino Montes

    A: done.

    Handstands are coming along. Need to stay tighter through the midsection.

    B: rows all around 1:40-1:45

    subbed strict deficit HSPU.
    HSPU 6/6/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4. UB except for one set where I fell off the wall.

    Snatches @160, based off of 215 PS. All done as singles.

    Did 14.4 on Sunday. Got 207 reps with a 13:33 tie break. Did just the one time.

  • Korey William Harris

    Deadlift 3×10 @225#
    A – done
    B – 5 RDS RX (8 + 5 TNG @105) 5 RDS 200m + 8 + 5 TNG @105

    Cashed out with 5×5 strict C2B

  • Matthew Brainard

    A. Done
    B. Done at 155# p-snatch (69%). HSPU felt good. Loved this workout.
    *Hit 14.4 yesterday, 193 reps (5 rep improvement over Friday’s attempt)

  • Karla Nicole

    Re-did 14.4 and got a 188. Happy with that.

    A. 40/6/30+ seconds accumulating
    handstand holds

    B. Did 20 minutes because I did
    14.4 again today… HSPUs to a deficit of 3 (one large and two skins) 10 lb
    plates. Row 200 @ 1:46ish pace, Snatch
    at 95, and 5 HSPUS.

  • Jeff Nelson

    Re-run of 14.4 this afternoon. Got 200, had 10 seconds to get back on the rower but couldn’t get that calorie to click over. +3 compared to first run.
    Tonight came back and did todays workout
    A. Done, nose and toes handstand
    B. Rows had to cut down to 200 m at round 7
    Deficit HSPU were all over the place, sometimes was feeling it and got 6, sometimes i broke down mentally and only got in 3
    Hit all the snatches @ #155

  • A. Done
    B. Did 15 min of work. Finished all rows, 5 HSPU w/45# and 5 PS 115#. Got a cough I’m fighting so didn’t finish.

  • Kristi Eramo

    A.) Done – Free standing handstands def need some work.
    B.) Did 8 rounds (8 unbroken HSPU and 3 touch and go snatches at 95lb. Row was 1:55- 1:57 Pace for 200m) – had to cut short to support and video tape 14.4

  • Aaron Beatty

    Did 14.4 again with everyone foro ur warm up. 215 was my highest.

    B. Ran 200 Meters. 8 reps every time at 6.5 inch, 5 squats @ 225.

    Did an extra 20 muscle ups.

  • Gareth

    I love these 30min EMOMs…

  • Andy Buckman

    A. Done – 4 DU, 10 Pistols, 45 sec Handstand Holds
    B. Done – 250 Row on all sets 1:45-1:50
    – 10 4″ Deficit Kipping HSPU all sets. All unbroken until last round
    – 5 Power Snatches at 105. All unbroken. Probably could go heavier.

  • Zach (Socal)

    A) Done

    B) Done (8HSPU / 145# power snatch)

    This was a grind

  • Jennifer Shoskes

    A) Done (freestanding handstands need work)
    B) Row as Rx, Did 5 Deficit HSPU each round, 83# Power Snatch
    This was TOUGH!

  • Robban

    A. Done
    B. Done @ 250m, 8 def. HSPU, 5 power cleans @75kg (subbed light cleans due to sore shoulders)

  • Lisa A. Jaster

    Did 14.4 in the AM and got the same score as Friday…redid it in the evening, got to the rings 73 seconds faster and never hit a MU. Felt great but fell apart. No idea why. Mental, I am sure!

  • Raphael Hamad

    A little beat up from 14.4.2 yesterday
    A Done
    B Done, 250 m row every set, 5-6 def HSPU at 6″ and power snatches at 125 (78%)

  • Dougefresh

    A) Done.
    B) Done – 115 snatchs.

  • Richard Le


    A. Done. 40/38+2 DUs. 12/12 pistols

    B. Just practiced strict deficit HSPUs and stringing together TTBs.