Workout of the Day
Row 1000 Meters @ 70-75%
and then…
Hamstring and Thoracic Spine Mobility
and then…
Three sets to note calories of:
30 seconds of Rowing
5 Toes to Bar
4 Wall Ball Shots
2 Power Cleans
1 Muscle-Up
Rest 90 seconds
(use this to learn your pacing – first set @ 90%, second set @ 95%, and third @ 90-95%)

CrossFit Games Open Event 14.4
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes of:
Row 60 Calories
50 Toes to Bar
40 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
30 Cleans (135/95 lb)
20 Muscle-Ups

  • Dominic Sandner

    I am sore from the 100 T2B and Wall Balls from Wednesday. Will hit 14.4 tomorrow! Good luck all. This workout looks fun 😛

  • Payton Guza

    14.4 – 188 Reps, made it to the Muscle ups in 10:22 but was pretty fatigued. I’ll be making a second attempt at this one for sure and pace a little better so I don’t run out of steam.

  • Doug Germano

    -198 reps (18 muscle-ups). 10:05 tie breaker. I felt confident and calm up until the rings, I thought I paced it well. Those muscle-ups were brutal though. I’m giving it another go on Monday, I know I can get back to that rower.

    • Badass score man. How’d you break your t2b and wall balls?

  • Podeque

    183 reps. Not too upset about it, but I failed on my 4th attempted MU.

  • Mia Iden Hellesen

    A: Did a similar warmup
    B: 188 reps. Tie break: 10:47. The cleans were heavy!
    Will try 14.4 again on sunday

  • Chris Risenmay

    194 …. was hoping to finish the muscle ups. I felt like i was fine going into the m/u and then hit a wall. This workout is a combination of a lot of my weaknesses, except cleans … those felt fine. Not sure if I will try it again.

  • Korey William Harris

    Thanks again CJ for the shirt!

    193 Reps with 11:57 tiebreaker

    Definitely happy with my result.

  • Maria

    you have prepared us well for this one, CJ! 184 reps. Thank you, as always!

  • Fredrik Ericsson

    199 reps (tiebreak 9:37). Wanted 200 but failed rep 20 when it was 20 sec left. Did not managed to do the last one. Happy with this, one shot one kill for me.
    Was really comfortable with this movements after following this program. Thanks cj!

  • Ketil Slagstad

    184 – tie break 9:31. Apparently I´ve got a muscle-up issue…

  • Andreas Nelson

    197 reps, tiebreak 10:15
    Aimed for a full round, but was cut a bit short. Still happy with this though!

  • Peter Vishion

    (189) 9 -mu 10:08 tie breaker
    Failed at least 7-9 muscle ups. Gassed but proud.

  • Sam Smith

    186, those cleans were brutal…I’m typically solid at MUs but they hit me in my peaNUTS… going to adjust my pace on some movements and give it another go on Monday.

  • Vincent Miceli

    190. (11:11) tie breaker. Going again Monday. been a while since I posted due to opening my own box. Been following and training hard still. CJ thank you for the 30# WBs all this time. they felt amazing

  • Guillermo Silva R

    163. T2B took forever. Did the sprint start and worked good. I crashed after the wall balls, need to work on my resistance.

  • Marius Karstad

    183, tiebreak 12:45. cleans killed me!

  • Nick Penizotto

    222 Perfect warmup. Big thanks to CJ for the awesome programming. I was completely ready for that wod. So pumped

    • Zach (Socal)

      Nice work Nick! How’d you break the sets up? Any other takeaways? Thanks bro!

      • Nick Penizotto

        Hey Zach row: 240 ttb: 10,10,10,8,6,6. Wb: 10s cleans: singles. Muscle ups: 5,4,3,3,3,3,2,3,2,2. Finished at 13:03 Hope this helps

        • Mark Buskas (NW)

          You did 30 MU!?! Damn!

          • Nick Penizotto

            Mistype haha.

        • Zach (Socal)

          Very helpful Nick and great job! And I really hope you didn’t do 30 muscle ups!

          • Nick Penizotto

            Hahahah. I hit the 3s too many time.

        • Bryan St. Andrews

          Nick, this was very helpful to me. thanks. i posted how mine went on Saturday (199) with breakdown to help someone else. Great job.

          • Nick Penizotto

            Nice score man. Glad i could help

  • Malte Rosen Rommedahl

    Got 200 reps.. Had 6 sec to go. Tried to rip at the rower, but no luck getting that 1 cal 🙁

  • Jasmin Moler

    Got 184, tiebreak 10:38. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to link any mu together at that point so I basically caught my breath and did one every 30s, failed the 5th one. I’m gonna push a little harder and try for a few more on Mon. Also, I did the cleans in sets of 5, but rested way too long btwn sets, like 10-15 sec. Gonna try to get through quicker in sets of 2 or 3. Felt pretty well prepared for this, we’ve done a lot of all these movements, thx CJ.

  • Fredrik Thornes

    Got 199 reps.. Tiebreak 10.47… The wallbals and cleans sucked my power out today.. Hope to get back to the rower on sunday

  • Wesley Wonka

    Happy. Got my round 206 13:34 tie break.
    Finished cleans in 9:28, wb in 6:50, ttb in 5:00, row in 2:30

  • Jessie Heikenfeld

    185. The programming leading up to this has been outstanding.

  • Jakob Mayerhöfer

    187 Reps Tiebreak 10:58 Need to work on my Muscle Up endurance

  • Petr Krejci

    196 reps, might have to do it again as the camera didn’t pick up on my calories … agreed with the programing, even tho i did singles but there was little break between them. Happy with the progress i made. Thanks Invictus

  • James Casey

    14.4 – 191 reps. Not happy at all. Doing it again on Sunday.

  • Miguel Díaz

    How do you shot the calories of the rower and the clock at the same time? On the video submission doesn´t say

  • Chris Jeffers

    14.4 – 183 reps, tiebreak – 11:53
    *Very happy with this. Goal was to get at least 1 MU, so very pleased. Had a couple failed attempts, but I definitely have come a very long way from last year.

  • Mikael Kasunic

    14.4 = 193 reps (tie break 10:57)

    Doing it again on Sunday 🙂

  • Cameron Currie

    A. Done

    B. 200 reps. Tie break of 13:53
    A bit disappointed. Finished the cleans in 8:34. Depending how the weekend shakes up, may repeat.

  • Chad Leckie

    192. Slow tie breaker (11:42) wish I had pushed harder on the cleans to get in more muscle ups, took them unnecessarily slow off the beginning.

  • Kyle McDermid (Canada East)

    195, 11:15 tie breaker

    • Kyle McDermid (Canada East)

      Went 1150 cal on rower (pretty easy), then 5’s for T2B

  • Bean

    181. Got a MU! Holler!

  • Paulo

    185. 10.49 tiebreak. Those muscle ups really got difficult. 5/8 attempts in.

  • Craig

    A. Done…great prep
    B. 199 w/ 10:18 tiebreak

    Surprised at how hard MU were even after watching last night

  • Jeff Cordero

    14.4 -186 reps. Felt great about this performance.

    Note to anyone doing this. Break your toes to bar up from the start small sets like 5’s or 3’s with shorter rests 6-9 seconds rest.

  • 188 with 2 failed muscle ups. Finished cleans at 12:12. If I were registered for the games I would have rested yesterday instead of doing Tuesdays workout with heavy squats. May go at it fresh on Monday to see if I can get a full round. This one was fun!

  • Ruben Martinez

    194. Too much bitch in me today, should have pushed myself harder.


  • Jason Scuglik

    197 reps

    Had nearly 5 minutes on the MU’s. Opened up with too big of a set and failed 3 dips ahh! Monday I will try it again.

  • Thomas Cofer

    186 reps. I felt like I was doing TTB forever; Hoping to get a few more reps on Monday. I don’t have a place to hang rings so transitioning from bar mu to ring mu threw me off a little

  • 193 reps. Tie break 10:55. Too much of a break on MU. This one hurt

  • Paul Raia

    186 Reps. Tiebreak split @ 11:44. Happy with this. Cleans got heavy for me.

  • Joe Silvestri

    14.4 – 222 reps.

    legitimately blacked out after my 10th MU. came to on the floor and someone told me I had pulled 22 calories in the second round. one of the wildest feelings I’ve ever encountered in a workout. there is a 0% chance of a re-do on this one.

  • Nathan Pinnell

    189 reps, 11:47 tie break

  • Sean Lamb

    187 reps
    cleans got to me…. going to come at this a little more strategic next time around

  • Bryan St. Andrews

    doing 14.4 Saturday morning instead

    A. did 2x hang snatch 1 high + 1 just above knees up to 185
    B. messed around with all the movements in interval fashion
    C. rowed air dyne 5 min with some sprints in there and reverse hyper for few sets

  • Ryan Pollock

    180 reps, 10:19 tiebreak

    Had no grip left by the time I got to the muscle-ups, so today was not the day for my first one.

  • Chris MacLean

    190 on the first run!
    I love you CJ!

    • Chris MacLean

      Oh and 11:25 tiebreak

  • Raphael Hamad

    A Done
    B 196 reps, 11:26 tie breaker. I had a lot of no reps and was lost in my sets, will redo Monday or Sunday.

  • Justin Gray

    192 reps / tie break at 11:36

    Should have taken cleans as singles from the start, fried me for muscle ups. Will try again on Monday. The warm up helped a lot. Thank you CJ.

  • Shane McBride (North Central)

    A. Done
    B. 14.4 – 222 reps but my video shut off at 219 reps.

  • Randy Affholter

    A. Warm up – another good one
    B. 180 – tiebreaker time 11:12 – still no MU. I am going to get one of those!!!! Once I get one of those, the sky will be the limit for me. Enjoy the Grind!!!

  • Roque Corona

    B. 166 reps. Got to 16 cleans.

  • Jonathan Mexico

    First of all….great warmup. However, I did underestimate how much work it took to get to the MU. Josh really made it look way too easy.

    192 reps. Did 4 sets of 3 at the end

  • Gary Stallings

    A. done
    B 199!! tie break at 9:31 missed it by one rep!!! I am so doing this again on monday. Paced the row to much and wallballs.

  • Terrance

    Jumped around on this portion

    194- 2 failed MU at the end, opened with a set of 3, 2, then singles
    10:12 time off cleans- felt fresh after cleans but will push harder to have more time on MU and shoot for 200…would love any advice/tips/strategy from folks that made it through MU

  • Al

    Masters 50-54
    191 reps. (12:33 tie breaker)
    Great warm up. My row is awful (3:45), but otherwise felt well prepared. Thanks

  • Gilgamesh

    Got 175…Dammit. Will hit it again on Sunday..must get to MU.

  • A. Complete
    B. 180, tie break (13:02)
    Missed two MU attempts at the end. Def doing again.

  • LP Boudreault

    A. Done
    B. 195 (tie break 10:58)
    Started Muscle Ups with 5 then 3…missed 2 attemps at the end…should have paced that part better. Will most likely redo I want to finish that round.

  • Tyler Durham

    14.4 – 189 tie break 10:54, just don’t have the MUs. The 7 months no rings or bar really showed. Can’t wait to hit this one again after a few more months on the program

  • Kevin Cooper

    192… I’m quite happy with that but my video is invalid so I have to redo. I liked the wod so not a big deal!

  • Will Peddie

    Had 2 Muscle Up attempts but grip was shot.
    Crushed the 60 Cal row and Wall Balls were unbroken.
    Cleans went 10, 10, 10.
    Toes To Bar were brutal for this guy.

    • Will Peddie

      Tie break – 12:35.

  • Tyler Goldberg

    192 tie break 10:32

  • Aaron Beatty

    1st Attempt

    204 & 13:40 tie breaker

  • 184 reps, tie breaker 11:01
    Definitely going to try again on Monday now that I have a feel for the workout and can carve out a game plan.

  • Audrey

    1st: 184

    redo: 187

    happy, may do it again. I like this one.

  • Daniel Ware (South Central)

    14.4 198 tie breaker 9:56
    Just fell apart last 5 MU
    4-2-2-2-2-2-1-1-2-failed 2

  • NickLove52

    14.4 – 195 reps tie break 9:58
    Felt great through the whole thing just got blown up at muscle ups but pretty happy with the score.

  • Eric Schaetty

    185 on second attempt, tie break 11:53

  • emily kramer

    183 toes to bar took up too much time. Mu felt great! May redo on Monday use the skinnier bar for toes to bar and see what happens!

  • Julie Beaumont

    182 – might redo Monday if I feel good. Really weak on MU’s. Just need another 30 secs to get another 2 MU’s – I think it’s do-able.

  • JT

    199- failed 2 attempts at the 20th muscle up- will redo on Monday.

  • Zach (Socal)

    Did this twice and second score of 191 will have to do.

    Had more than 4 minutes to do MU but really struggled due to my reliance on false grip which fry my arms. Have gotten better at monkey grip but when I’m fatigued there aren’t enough reps in my body yet to make it second nature…

  • Tia Svendsen Wright

    Got 191!
    Did doubles on MU’s super happy with this! 🙂

  • Jennifer Shoskes

    14.4 – 180 with a tie break time of 12:05.

    I’ll take it. I rested for about a minute and got 2 really good MU attempts in. I have never successfully completed one (yet) and those 2 attempts today were probably the closest I’ve ever been. It’s reallllllly close…I can practically taste it! 🙂

  • Taylar N

    I did this for the first time Monday. I was on vacation the previous week and hadn’t been able to work out. I got 190, 11:23. I hit my goal on the dot but I think I could have done better had I not rested a full week with crappy food and off sleep schedule. I am content but not ecstatic!

  • Rasmus Frederiksen

    This was awesome fun