Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes (3 sets) of:
Interval 1 – Wall-Facing Handstand Marching x 20 reps
Interval 2 – L-Sit Hold x 30-45 seconds
(accumulate the time if you cannot sustain the hold)
Interval 3 – Ring Muscle-Ups x 4-6 reps or Ring Pull-Ups (with False Grip) x 8 reps
Interval 4 – Reverse Snow Angels x 10 reps @ 2020

For time:
Row 1000 Meters
50 Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatches (55/35 lbs)
30 Toes to Bar

  • Michele Vieux

    Happy Thursday everyone!

    I can’t believe it’s Open workout announcement day again already! If you’re planning to hit 18.2 tomorrow, you might consider taking today off, especially if you’ve been going hard all week. If you tend to feel better without a rest day before a big event, attack today like “active recovery” instead. Part A is kind of already set up like that but you might consider changing up Part B a little. More on that in a minute.

    Today’s session doesn’t require a ton of warm-up to complete so use this time to focus on any problem areas you have and also to mobilize your upper body since we have been doing so much pressing lately and because there are more shoulders required in today’s workout than other parts.

    Here are some ideas:

    T-Spine Mobility Tools

    Open Those Tight Shoulders – Part One

    Simple Solutions For Poor Wrist Mobility

    Wall Slides – A Fantastic Exercise

    Do Not Skip Your Shoulder Warm-Up! Do This Instead

    Upper Anterior Chain Opener: The Banded Scarecrow https://www.crossfitinvictus.com/competitors/blog/upper-anterior-chain-opener-banded-scarecrows/

    Part A.
    There are some helpful demo videos included in the programming for today so check those out if you have questions on the movements.

    Here is another option for the L-Sits if you don’t have those:

    L-Sit Progressions On Floor & Festivus Feats of Strength

    And tips for your muscle-up station:

    A How-To For The False Grip

    How Can I Strengthen My False Grip?

    Strict Muscle-Up Progression

    Snap Pull Drill for Ring Muscle-Ups

    Soccer Kick Drill For A More Efficient Muscle-Up Swing

    Part B.
    It’s a safe bet that none of these movements will come up in 18.2 so have fun if you decide to do this RX. It should be around 10 minutes for most people.

    If you decide to take more of an “active recovery” approach, consider just rowing for 10-15 minutes instead of doing this workout so you will be ready to go for whatever comes up in the Open!

    Other active recovery options include:

    Go for a nice 10-15 minute jog @ 70% effort (if weather allows it where you live)

    Swimming! Here’s a sample recovery swim session:

    Four sets of:
    50 Meter Finger Tip Drag
    (FTD: Drag your fingertips along the surface of the water as you recover. This drill encourages high elbows.)
    Rest 20-30 seconds

    Four sets of:
    50 Meters – Count Your Strokes
    Rest 20-30 seconds

    Four sets of:
    50 Meter Drills – Focus on your three drills of choice
    Rest 20-30 seconds

    Two sets of:
    Swim 100 Meters or a single set of 8-10 minutes of swimming at an easy pace
    (focus on your breathing pattern and long streamlines with good chin tuck off the walls)
    Rest as needed

    Four sets of:
    Streamlines from the Wall for max distance – emphasize chin tuck

    100 meter warm down (optional)

    • James Dalton

      Amazing post Michele!

    • Mike W.

      So helpful, Michele. These posts make a huge difference.

    • Wes in Denver

      I love it! I was thinking of doing a swimming wod since I’m at the hotel and they have a pool!

      • Michele Vieux

        Yesssss! Do it!

  • Chad Evans

    Great post Michele! Thanks for all the detail and help! We all appreciate it!

  • Sims


    Rx 10:26

    • James Dalton

      How does B compare to your Jackie time?

      • Sims

        Good question, idk. 😐

        • James Dalton

          Just wondering as it is a similar reps and movements. You smash both anyway!

  • James Dalton

    A. Done with 30 sec handstand hold instead of marching, really felt the scaps switch on after the reverse snow angels. 5 false grip pullups to chest, these fatigued more than i expected.

    B. Rx 9.07 – approached this the same way as Jackie, 3.32 medium pace row, do snatches UB as i can’t do the gymnastics quick enough to increase my heart rate further, TTB quick singles.

    • Sims

      Fast on B man!

      • James Dalton

        Thanks, felt good this morning so attacked it.

    • thelonghorn

      3:32 is medium paced 1000m row for you? I want to row like you when I grow up!

      • James Dalton

        Haha very kind, sad thing is that used to be my 5k pace when i rowed at University! I paced it like that so i could come off the row and start working on the DB straight away.

  • Wavy_Dave

    A. Done with pull ups.

    B. 10:59. Did not feel great through this. Will probably take tomorrow off and hit 18.2 on Saturday.

    • thelonghorn

      Sounds like a plan Dave!

  • thelonghorn

    A. Done with 25ft HS walks and Bar MUs

    B. 9:02 – Done with 10 bar MUs for TTB

    Lots of stretching and foam rolling. Soccer tonight, rest tomorrow, 18.2 on Saturday. Go get it everyone!

    • James Dalton

      Unbelievable A, so impressive.

      • thelonghorn

        Believe me, it took me years to get the HS walks. Once my 7yo(now 8) daughter started doing them better than me I knew it was time to step it up 😉. Ps she still does them better than me!

        • James Dalton

          Haha fantastic!

    • Chris Pugliese

      Not so much sore, just tired.. nice sub with BMU.

      • thelonghorn

        I wanted to practice BMU for the Open, but mainly I just don’t want to do any more TTB for a while!

    • jorge gonzalez

      man, that A is powerful, in retrospective I should have followed your example and scaled up to HS walk, it would have been a better sub for me today.

    • Joey Maltais

      Well done! Nice subs

  • Chris Pugliese

    Good morning, all…

    A. Done with ring pullups, hanging L-sit. Wall March is so much easier now.
    B. 7:57 with 50# dbell. Mentally and physically drained today. Broke santch into 30/20 with about a :20 break. I wasn’t breathing hard, I just didn’t feel like doing them! Broke t2b 10/10/5/3/1/1.

    • Wes in Denver

      Way to get after it even though you were drained. Keep up the good work buddy!

    • Mani Sadegh

      Impressive part B!

  • jorge gonzalez

    A) Scaled the 3rd interval to 3-4 strict ring pull ups, did the L sit using parallel bars, which is much easier than the rings.

    Hardest part was the ring pull ups, I really love handstand marching and it’s been a while since I did L sits, felt comfortable to do them in 3 sets of 10 seconds each with 5 seconds breaks consistently.

    B) TIme: 11′ 57″

    I gave myself a 12′ timecap, happy to have beaten it although just barely. Completed the row in 3:44, split the snatches in sets of 10, took me around 4 minutes to complete, did the T2Bs in singles using the lower bar; I was so out of air by then that I didn’t feel like I would have done good trying to string sets together.

  • Mani Sadegh

    Fighting another chest cold so took it easy after three rest days.
    Any kind of effort seems to make me cough badly…

    A. did 6 strict pull ups and L sit using parallel bars
    B. 12:30 with 18kg DB and knee raises

    Not sure how 18.2 is gonna go tomorrow….sad

    • jorge gonzalez

      I hear you Mani, it’s cold season all over, but just focus in showing up tomorrow and doing the work, that’s the result that counts

      • Mani Sadegh

        Thanks for the kind words Jorge!

  • Kelly Welborn

    A. 1- Done
    2. Done
    3. Subbed ring pull ups x 3 reps
    4. Done

    B. 11:08 Rx

  • ColoradoLivin

    A.) Subbed 6 strict hspu for walks. Ring pullups.

    B.) 11:25. Strict T2B

  • Mike W.

    15 min easy aerobic threshold running for active recovery.

    Hoping to get some yoga in after work.

    • Michele Vieux

      Good call, Mike!

  • Jordan Derksen

    For the EMOM it is specified as intervals and not minute 1,2,3,4.

    Does this mean that the handstand march is done consecutively in minute 1,2,3 then the Lsits 4,5,6 etc or do we rotate through circuit style?

    • Joey Maltais

      You have to rotate the movements, so it will look like this: 1-2-3-4 / 1-2-3-4 / 1-2-3-4
      Spending a 1 minute interval on each movement before moving on to the next, for a total of 3 sets per movement.

  • David Franco

    A. L sits better but still not rx. No rings so I used straps for Strict pu. Couldn’t hit 8 ub; 6 first rd and fell apart from there on.

    B. Rx. 14:22

  • Fernando Bautista Quinteros

    Can this be done with a Power Snatch? Or is a full snatch?

    • Michele Vieux

      Your choice! It’s meant to be power snatch though.

  • Fernando Bautista Quinteros

    A. Skipped L sits and did pull ups on the rings everything else as prescribed.
    B. Row 3:31, Snatches took a while 8:30, finished T2B 12:22.
    God it was hard.

  • Janelle Hudgin Winston

    HS marching RX
    Ring L sit – 30 sec, 30 sec one let out at a time, 30 sec
    Ring Muscle up Progression off a box x 4 reps
    Reverse Snow angels – done

    B. Took this nice and easy and then my sick toddler had several melt downs mid work out, so more rest then I intended.
    KB Snatch (This is the first time I’ve been able to do these!)
    TTB were a lot of small sets and singles and the bar at home is not hight enough.


    • Teddy

      Broke my snatches into sets of five too and we got the exact same time. Well done amiga!

      • Janelle Hudgin Winston

        I did finally stop my timer after the snatched because my daughter was wailing. Then I sat and comforted her for a few minutes then went back to the TTB. LOOOONGG rest time in there, so you beat me silly. 🙂

  • Mike Slagle

    A. HS March 20 reps
    30-40 sec l sits on rings
    8 strict ring pull-ups
    Reverse snow angles
    B. Rx: 9:41 (row 3:40)
    Snatched unbroken; T2B in small sets
    C. Foam rolling and getting ready for 18.2 in the morning!

    • Teddy

      Bro great time on that row and going unbroken on those snatches. Good stuff man, way to crush it!

      • Mike Slagle

        Thanks teddy! I’m a fan anytime rowing shows up. That’s a strength for sure and with the snatches I thought I could go through it without setting the weight down. I was glad to see that come through. I set a target of 10 minutes going in.

  • Dustin C.

    Still a day behind
    Yesterday’s emom as Rx
    Under 30 seconds all the way thru except the wall balls under 40
    Great workout

  • Wes in Denver

    Swim WOD complete! It was nice getting in the pool for a different stimulus. I used to do a lot of sprint triathlons and never worked the finger drag on the water. I do feel like it was beneficial for a high elbow pull in a clean or snatch.

    Did 4 rounds of 18.2 after the swim and it was a quick burn; looking forward to the coaches tips on how to approach.

  • Jason Jardine

    Did some arm work for part A today
    DB curls @35
    Triceps push down @100
    Strict Sup pull-ups
    Bench dips
    Curl Bar @67
    DB tricep ext @35

    B. Snatch at 35# (9:03)

  • Chad Evans

    Pause Back Squats
    5×5 w/ 2-3 sec pause


    A. EMOTM x12
    1-wall march x20
    2- Ring L-Sit x:30
    3- Ring L-Pull ups x8
    4- Reverse snow angles x10

    B. For time
    Row 1000m
    50 db snatches
    30 T2B

    Didn’t push too hard on this. Just got it done at a good pace.
    Rest tmrw. 18.2 Saturday

  • Jared Smith

    Did yesterday’s Performance today. I’m wiped!

  • Britt J

    Theme of today:live to lift and hike another day! Ie check my ego at the door.
    Ring knee lift hold 30 sec cum
    Ring pull-ups ☑️
    Rev Snow Angel ☑️

    1000m row -4:00
    50 single arm DB snatch 25#
    30 strict leg lift

    Balance pad work- everything below on a balance pad
    Unilateral bridge 10 es
    Front plank 30 sec
    R side plank 15 sec hold followed by 10 leg lifts
    L repeat above

  • Bryan

    A. Bryan (chair tuck hold vs. L-Sit, rng pull-ups).
    B. Bryan (run 800m vs. row, 35#) – 8:25.