Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets):
3-Position Snatch x 1 rep
(High Hang, Mid-Thigh, 2″ Below the Knee – hold each of those positions for 2 full seconds before performing the snatch)

Build over the course of the 6 sets to today’s heavy-ish.

Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets):
*Sets 1-2 = 3 reps @ 60-65%
*Sets 3-4 = 2 reps @ 70-75%
*Sets 5-6 = 1 rep @ 80-85%

Every 2 minutes, for 6 minutes (3 sets):
Back Squat x 8 reps @ 70%

Every 2 minutes, for 6 minutes (3 sets):
Romanian Deadlift x 8 reps @ 80% of 1-RM Clean

Three rounds for time of:
20 Calories of Assault Bike
15 Toes to Bar
10 Single-Arm Dumbbell Squat Snatches (80/55 lbs)

Optional Additional Conditioning Session
Run 800 Meters @ 60-65%

followed by…

2 Miles @ 75-85% of your 1-Mile PR pace

followed by…

5 Minute Cool Down, then Stretch

  • Carrie

    Are the DB Snatches Alternating…5 each?

    • Petr Krejci (6.4″, 225lb)

      That’s what I did.

    • Tino Marini

      Yes, alternating please!

      • Carrie

        Thanks!! I did 😉

  • Petr Krejci (6.4″, 225lb)

    A. 20-40-50-60-70-80kg
    B. 67.5-72.5-77.5-82.5-87.5-92.5kg
    C. 115kg
    D. 115kg
    E. 10.44 with 32kg kettlebell

  • Seb Benisty

    A/ 40/50/55/60/65/70kg
    C/ done @95kg
    D/skipped (not enough time)
    E/ 13’58 RX (36kg dB)
    Yeah happy with those dB squat snatch… left arm is the weakest…
    Ouch my gluts are so sore from Wednesday… tommorow trail training gonna be tough (next Trail comp is in 15 days…)
    Thanks again see you Monday…

    • Tino Marini

      Hope your training for the trail run is going well!!

      • Seb Benisty

        Yeah that gonna be all right… I want to thank you again because With invictus I found the perfect mix between crossfit and trail… Invictus make me stronger ..And I run long only one time in 15 days to maintain distance capacity… with this I can have fun in both activities… ?

        • Tino Marini

          That’s awesome to hear. Your hard work is definitely paying off!

  • Kevin Bilbrey

    Gonna do A. And B. Later
    C. 310/310/310 felt good
    D. 250/250/250
    E. 9:58
    Stayed above 65 rpm on bike.
    Dumbell was 77lbs. Went slow and controlled on the snatches. T2b ub

  • Brendan Caslin

    A) 95/115/135/145/150/155
    B) 140/160/185 (off of 215)
    C) 250
    D) 240
    E) 8:25

  • Carrie

    A. 85-95-105-115×3
    B. 90-100/105-115/120-130
    C. Skip
    D. Romanian DL 3×8 @ 160
    E. 13:16 RX
    T2B 11/4
    AB 1:09/1:25/1:40 ?

    • Tino Marini

      You can go faster on that bike!!

      • Carrie

        I want to!!! Def a weakness! I pushed hard on the first set then went so soft on the last one ?

  • Bronco

    A. 95/135/155/165/175/185
    B. 155/155/165/175/190/205
    C. 275#
    D. 245#
    E. 6:27 (power snatch 70# db short on time)

  • Anthony Oriotti

    Warmup 1400m run
    Agile 8
    OHS mobility

    A. 3 pis Snatch : 40/45/50/55/60/65kgs
    B. [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/67,5/70kgs
    C. 3*[email protected],5kgs
    D. 3*[email protected]
    E. Skip Need rest

  • Corey John

    A) built to 215. Feels heavy early in the am.
    B) 165/190/215
    C) 285
    D) 255
    E) did granite games workout 2 – amrap 6 – 6 dl @225/6 bfburpees – 11+9 (141)

    • Tino Marini

      That’s a great score! Nice work!

      • Corey John

        Thanks man! Working hard.

  • TJ Natal

    A. 95/110/135/135/155/165
    B. 135x3s / 155&165x2s / 175&185×1
    C. 215# these still just crush me
    D. 200/200/210
    E. 10:55 died so hard on the 3rd round

  • Luigi Augello

    Didn’t post on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I trained! ?
    A. Built to 145. Focused on form.
    B. Built to 155 (84%)
    C. 250. Felt heavier than Monday.
    D. 215
    E. 10’47”. Subbed 20 row cal and 30 Kg DB. In hindsight I could have used 35, but going into full squat wasn’t feeling OK during the warm-up. The weight wasn’t really a problem, mobility was.

    See you guys ✌

    • Tino Marini

      Look after yourself dude!

      • Luigi Augello

        Forgot to mention: I squatted and deadlifted barefoot for the second time ever (did it also on Wednesday, and it felt OK). Don’t know if this has anything to do with the fact that it felt heavier. Hope it’ll prove beneficial anyway.

  • Tim

    E. Sub row 25cal
    13:33. Lost 1-2min in transits

    D. Romanian DL x8 = 185-225-245

    C. Squat x 8 = 245-265-265

  • Grace Lin

    A. 85-110 – all felt great
    B. 3’s: 85
    2’s: 105
    1’s: 115
    C. 165 – feeling easier each time
    D. 140
    E. 11:07 – scaled to 35# DB. Left arm is limiting factor. Probably could’ve done 40#
    T2B: 10/5, 9/6, 9/6
    Last round AB was soooo slow! Probably went 1:20/1:40/2:00 ?

  • Kristin

    A. 85-110
    B. 85, 100, 115
    C. 195lbs
    D. 175lbs
    E. Didn’t time it, kept the RPMs at 60 on the bike, did two sets of ttb per round, and used the 50lb DB. TTB were the hard part for me.

  • Wesley Wonka

    A) up to 85
    B) up to a pretty solid power at 100
    C) 128
    D) 128
    E) 9:52
    Ttb ub
    Alternating on db snatch first time doing this weight built confidence quickly will push it hard next time they come up.

  • Amy Boyd

    C) squats @195lbd
    D) 165lbs deadlifts
    E) 10:40 everything rx’d but didn’t squat with the DB.
    Ready for my strongman comp tomorrow ??

    • Hunter

      Best of luck!!!!

    • Tino Marini

      Good luck Amy!

  • Charlie Odom

    A) 135/155/165/175/185/200
    C) 240
    D) 235

    E) 14:15
    Limited on equipment
    3 rounds
    30cal row
    15 burpees
    10 alternating db squat snatch (75lb)

  • Thomas Lopez

    A) 60/65/70/72,5/75/75
    B) 61,5/71,5/81 miss one rep feel no good with snatch today…
    E) 9’30 sub bike by row same cal and my max dumbell are 30kg.
    Run later

    • Thomas Lopez

      3’49 :800m
      14’53 : 2 miles

  • Chad Leckie

    A. Up to 195
    B. 150/175/205
    C. 260
    D. 230
    E. 8:01 – Row/ 70lb DB – heaviest available

  • Isaac McLean

    A. Up to 180
    B. Based off 195
    C. Based off 375
    D. Based off 265
    E. 8:51 row/70lb DB – heaviest available

  • Steve Irwin

    A. Up to 185#
    B. 165/175/185/195/205/215#
    C. 315/325/335#. Legs were a little sore today so I took it a little light.
    D. 275#
    E. 9:35. Used 60#. The weight got easier as I got more comfortable with the form. Probably could’ve handled the 80#. Still slow on the AB.

  • Brooke Fusco

    A. 105, 115, 120, 120, 125, 130#
    These felt great

    B. Triples @ 105
    Doubles @ 115
    Singles @ 130

    C. 175#

    D. Skipped. My hamstrings are a hot mess. Not sure from what.

    E. 13:39 w/ 45# DB
    Bikes took 1:50-2:05
    T2B 11/4, 10/5, 11/4
    Sq. snatches nice and steady

    • Tino Marini

      Learn to embrace it. Honestly though the more exposure to it the better you will get. Make sure your utilising your arms to push and pull and driving down with your legs simultaneously. Seat height will also play a factory so make sure you experiment with it and find out what’s optimal for you.

      • Brooke Fusco

        On a good day, I’m lucky to hold 10 cal/min. It’s such a struggle. I tried moving the seat closer and it’s on the lowest height. It’s something that I genuinely don’t feel like I can get much better at no matter how much I work on it and it really gets me down. Just gotta keep practicing… 🙁

  • Chase Leonelli

    A.135,145,155,165,175,185 no misses these felt really good
    B. Triples at 135
    Doubles 155,160
    Singles 175,185
    E. First time really doing DB squat snatch so I scaled to 65# and paced a little too much probably so I didn’t miss one

    T2b-10/5 every set

  • mason walsh

    A. 135/155/175/195/195/195.
    B. 165/185/215.
    C. 295.
    D. 265.
    E. 8:55 had to sub bike for row and use a 70lb kb. Need to get an 80lb dumbbell for the gym.

  • Tim Svensson(CrossFit Kalmar)

    A. 50-60-70-75-80-85
    B. 70-75/80-85/90-95(f)
    C @125
    D. @ 112
    E. 9:31 as rx

  • Matt Irwin

    A1: 135/135/145/145/155/165#
    A2: 165/175/185/195/205/215#(x2) Hit 215 for a double just for fun.
    B: 305#
    C: 245#
    D: 12:10. 65#. Absolutely no drive in me today.

  • Zog

    A. Worked up to 145
    B. Worked up to 195 for last two sets
    C. 275 for all sets
    D. 235 for all sets
    E. 9:13 rx

  • Glenn McAleenan

    A) worked up to 135#
    B) worked up to 165#
    C) 225#
    D) 195#
    E) 7:31 but with 55# DB
    F) ✔️ Cool down run

  • A. Up to 125
    B. Up to 140 (80%)
    C. 220 Across (70%)
    D. 200 Across (80%)
    E. 12:26 (C2 Rower and 70# DB Power Snatch)

  • Ezequiel Gonçalves

    A- 75kg
    B- 80kg
    E-10:53 32 kg kb
    Sub bike 200m run

  • Lyman Dickinson

    A. Up to 195
    B. 155/185/215
    C. 275/285/285
    D. 225
    E. ~6:30-7:30 not sure but used a #50 I wasn’t confident using the #80 but probably should have

    • Tino Marini

      You got 80lb next time.

  • Dijar Ismail

    A – Done
    E – 6:54, power snatch, rest RX

  • Oscar Carlstedt

    A. 55/60/65/70/75/80kg
    B. 3×60/3×65/2×70/2×75/80/85kg
    C. Done at 135kg
    D. Done at 110kg
    E. 11:19 with a 30kg DB
    Snatches were really challenging! Need to work on mobility for those, or get lifters…

    Optional conditioning done.

  • Bobby

    A. Up to 185
    B. 155/185/205/225
    C. 285
    D. 275
    E. Did GG workout 2 6 min amrap 6 DL 225 6 bar facing burpee 11 rounds (132 reps)

    • Tino Marini

      Nice job on the GG workout!

      • Bobby

        Thanks Tino! Wanted some reps in that 12th round but starting taking too much rest at the top of my deadlifts

  • Phillip Bouillé

    A: Done up to 145#
    B: 3×145, 2×165 1×195# (87% of 225)
    C: @205# (based off 295)
    D: Done @ 205# (based off 255)
    E: 8:57 @70# power snatch (heaviest dumbbell we have before 100#) I don’t have the mobility to hit a proper squat snatch with dumbbells, my body twists in weird ways to achieve the proper depth. Any tips on how to improve that?

    • Tino Marini

      Work on that overhead mobility particularly thoracic and shoulder. Also start by using a lighter dumbbell.

      • Phillip Bouillé

        I tried a 15# dumbbell with no success. 🙁 Any specific go to drills I should focus on?

  • Tulle Weisbjerg (40-44)

    A+B. Skipped
    C. 77 kg
    D. 67 kg
    E. Did the french throwdown wod 2 instead. My c2b has never felt better. I think it was bc I practised hip swings yesterday to really activate my hip during mu and that just have a huge carry over effect to my c2b. Even with heart rate 300!
    Right now I’m very limited in my training due to something around my shoulderblade. On Wednesday next week I have an appointment with a very good physiotherapist so hopefully things will be sorted out.

    • Tino Marini

      Be smart with your shoulder! I hope it gets better soon!!

      • Tulle Weisbjerg (40-44)

        That’s why I completely backed off all the movements that can provoke it and it is a lot better. I just need to know why it came and what to do to prevent it from happening again. But the waiting list at this particular guy has just been so long..

        • Tino Marini

          Its crazy that it doesn’t effect your pull-ups.

  • Caroline Fryklund

    A. 3-Position Snatch x 1 rep: 35-40-45-50-55-57,5kg
    B. Snatch: 3×47,5kg / 3x50kg / 2x56kg / 2x60kg / 1x65kg / 1x70kg
    C.Back Squat x 8 reps @ 70%: 78,5kg for all 3 sets
    D. Romanian Deadlift x 8 reps @ 80%: 75kg for all 3sets
    E. 10:00. (T2b: ub)

  • Corey Reutlinger

    GGQ3: 117 reps RX; 5 rounds + 5 reps at 165# (these are 82.5% of my 1RM); 16:51. Really proud of my effort on this. First 4 rounds were UB.

    A. 105, 115, 125, 130, 135# (HS–matched PR), 140 (almost had a PR on this movement–failed the below the knee Snatch)
    B. 108×3, 118×3, 128×2, 138×2, 143×1, 153#x1 (+3# up from last week–mechanics felt good. I can feel my pull is more patient).
    E. GGQ2. 96 reps RX; 8 rounds even. Thank you Invictus for programming these ?
    C. 220#x8x3 (avg. 34 seconds per set)
    D. 175#x8x3

    I think I’m done for today with legs. Off to AL for a week! Will hopefully drop into a few boxes and make up what I can!

    • Tino Marini

      Solid day to finish up before your vacation. Hope you have fun!!

  • Shelley Housen Carter

    A) 3 position snatch: worked up to #125 (they felt great)
    B) -snatch: 95/95/105/105/125/125
    C) backsquat: #170 felling good
    D) Romanian: #165
    E) again, no bike ??
    12:13 with rowing. Had to use a #50 dumbbell (our heaviest is #55 and the guy we train with had to use the heavier one haha. But the #50 felt pretty good) Toes to bar were feeling pretty good today)

    • Tino Marini

      Hope you’re saving your dimes for a bike 🙂

      • Shelley Housen Carter

        Haha.. I’ll use the money in my swear jar! Lol

  • Korey William Harris

    A) 135-185 (82%)
    B) 155×2-170×2-190-195
    C) 235
    D) 235
    E) 8:45 70# KB snatch (Can’t single arm squat snatch yet)

  • Lacy Baumgart

    Skipped snatch. I have to really balance the movements that flare up my shoulder.
    B. 180# these are feeling light
    C. 170#
    D. I incorporated last Saturday’s WOD since I couldn’t do it and I didn’t have equipment for the DB snatches
    1000 m row
    3RFT (7 mu/15 g2oh/20 t2b)
    1000 m row
    This is probably the most volume WOD I’ve done postpartum and I gave it full effort.

    • Tino Marini

      Looks like you’re getting back to your best after pregnancy. Great to see!

  • Scott Abston

    A. Up to 165
    B. 135/155/185
    C. 245
    D. 245
    E. 9:11 alternating DB sq. Snatch with 50 lb

  • Joe Dunleavy

    A). Up to 135
    B). Up to 205
    C). 265
    D). 245
    E). 9:21…. 100# DB

    • Tino Marini

      Scaling up! Lucky otherwise you’d be off the team 🙂

      • Joe Dunleavy


  • Romain Hrs

    hi !

    A) up to 80kg for 3 position with 2″ pause( PR )
    B) up to 85kg for 85%
    C) back squat 10 x 110kg / deadlift 8x110kg
    D) 8’06 with cal row and 30kg dumbbel squat snatch
    ( assaut bike HS and the biggest dumbbels of the box ^^ )

  • Lōz

    A. 125
    B. 135-155-165
    C. 275
    D. 275
    E. 10:18 with 50lbs. Major mobility issue on the squat snatch.

    • Tino Marini

      Prioritize that mobility!!! Its as important as training!!

  • Brian

    A. Up to 80kg no misses
    B. Up to 90kg no misses
    C. 115kg across
    D. 105kg across
    E. 9:47*

    *Scaled dumbbell squat snatches to 60#. Could have gotten through this workout quickly with an 80# dumbbell and power snatches but I really need to work on the squat. Mobility is slowly getting better and was happy to complete all 30 reps at 60# with no misses. All around good day of training!


  • Megan Markee

    E only. 13:01 with 20x 35# DB OHS (10L/10R)
    TTB UB but AD went from 70rpm to 62rpm ?

  • Kevin Lockett

    A: up to 205lbs wasnt feeling to great today
    B: 145/185/210 went for 225 not happening today
    C: 325lbs
    D: 260lbs
    E: 11:26Rx only had a 75lbs dumbell to use

  • Greg DeGreen

    D 100 banded good morning
    E. 9:59 only had a 50lb db so did 20 reps each rd

  • Johnny Malgeri (North Central)

    A) up to 165
    B) 145/145/165/170/190(make/miss(tried it again and made it. Didn’t want to end on miss)
    Granite Games wod 3 – finishe din 13:16. Pretty pumped about this time. Executed as best I could. Just have to be more fit to go fast
    C) did backsquats at 320 but it wasn’t every 2min after Granite Games wod.

    • Tino Marini

      Solid work on the GG Qualifier!!

  • John Vautier (North Central)

    A. Up to 165
    B. 150/165/175/190/200/210
    C. GG #3 – 12:41. Happy with this, pushed it hard and stuck to my plan.
    D. Back Squat done at 275/285/285

    • Tino Marini

      Nice Job on the Qualifier John!

  • Nancy Mawire (40-44)

    A. 85/90/95/100/105/110
    B. 95/100/110/115/125/130
    Movement felt good
    C. 185
    D. Not Done
    E. Granite Games wod 2: 8+2(98reps)

  • Nikki Hartness

    A. Worked up to 125
    B. (125×3)2, (135×2)2, 145×2, 155×1
    C. Front squats 155/155/165 x8 reps
    D. Accessory work- still not cleared to deadlift
    E. 11:21 RX – I really need to spend more time on an assault bike ughhh just not good at it…

    Optional conditioning:
    Used the 800m as a warm up, 2mile around neighborhood kinda hilly 16:12

  • Trine Petersen

    A: up to 95#
    85, 95#
    105, 105#
    110, 115#
    C+D:Hunter’s program
    E: 11:27
    45# db

  • Kryssie Chandler (45-49)

    A. 70#
    B. 65, 75, 80
    C. 145
    D. 125
    E. 10:46 – did not go hard enough on the bike, especially on the 2nd and 3rd round. I have a hard time judging my limit, and I misjudged.

  • Daniel Mendelsohn

    A) 75, 85,95,105,115,125
    B) 115, 135, 145
    C) 235
    D) 185
    E) 8:58 Used a 60 lb dumbbell. Could barely squat with it overhead in warmups but as the workout went I got better at locking it out. Should have gone heavier. Next time.

  • Jen

    A. 55-95
    B. 75-100
    C. 165
    D. 130
    E. 10:25 t2b unbroken first set, 11-4, 10-4 // snatch used 20 felt better as I loosened up. Need to warm that up more. Wasn’t limited by the weight at all. Assault bike was rough

  • Carly Rivezzo

    A. Worked up to 125
    B. 105-125-145
    C. 195
    D. 175
    E. 9:44 RX. That was a doozy.

    Just starting here on the comp program after doing my own thing for awhile– schedule is weird with work, but stoked to be here. Can’t wait to see everyone’s workout numbers progress. Cheers! ✌️?

  • Christopher Pacheco

    A Worked up to 215
    B 235, 245, 255
    C 315
    D 315
    E 10:51 (had to use a 90, only had a 65 as other option, missed a few each set, need to practice these)

  • Stephen Thorn

    B. 85,100,115
    C. 200
    D. 140
    E. 25lbs for snatch squat only one I can get ok form with for now 9:08
    1/4 Mile @ 8 min
    2 mile @ 7 min

  • Leslie A

    Can anyone tell me, is the extra conditioning meant to be done just after the main wod, or several hours later? Thank you!

    • Matt Irwin

      You should give yourself a couple hours before or after the main portion.

      • Leslie A

        Thank you!

  • Robert Ivan

    A – 50/55/55/57,5/60
    B – 50 ; 60 ; 70
    C – 120
    D – 95
    E – 9’37 ( 22,5)
    Conditioning – Done