Deadlift x 15 reps
Rest 20 seconds
Ring Push-Ups x Max reps
Rest 3 minutes

Deadlift x 10 reps
Rest 20 seconds
Ring Push-Ups x Max reps
Rest 3 minutes

Deadlift x 5 reps
Rest 20 seconds
Ring Push-Ups x Max reps

Post loads used and reps achieved.

Three rounds for time of:
400 Meter Run
15 Pull-Ups
20 Walking Lunges with 32/24 kg Kettlebells or Dumbbells

  • Kuba

    A. 80kg/22, 90kg/22, 100kg/22
    B. with 20kg kettlebells each hand time 14:40

  • Pawel

    A. 80kg/35, 90kg/30, 100kg/30
    B. with 24kg kettlebells each hand time 13:10

    • Michele Vieux

      Awesome job today!

      • Pawel

        Thanks, lunges was hard

  • Karolina

    A: 70kg/7, 80kg/7, 90/15 (did ring push-ups first time so it need some improvement for future)
    B: 20kg KB 15:07

    • Michele Vieux

      Great job on your first ring push-ups!

  • Michal

    110kgs / 33,
    130 / 25,
    160 / 22.

    B. 12:20 with 24&32kgs Kettlebell. #heavy Switched hands every 10 reps. Butterfly pullups #unbroken. Too easy on running part.

    • Michele Vieux

      You crushed it today!

    • thelonghorn

      Ha, I’ve done that with mixed KBs before too, great work!

    • Michael Fontana

      That is a time, well done.

  • JTCres

    A. Had difficulty figuring weight.

    1. 265 / 24
    2. 285 / 25
    3. 305 / 23

    B. Felt slow. 24k and 40 lbs kbs switched hands every five steps. 15:38 total.

  • Bryan

    Any suggestions on % of 1RM might be helpful here on the DLs. I assume they are intended to be unbroken. Thanks!!

    • Michal

      My way:
      58% for set of 15, #easy
      68% for 10, #allright
      84% for 5. #noteasy ;-D

    • Michele Vieux

      Probably around 65%, 75%, 85% but that could differ slightly for each athlete.

  • Slawek

    1) 80kg x15
    2) 100kg x10
    3) 125kg x5

    Chest Dips (I don’t have Rings in my Gym):
    1) 10
    2) 12
    3) 10

    Dumbbell: 15kg (in each hand)
    Time: 19:20

  • Mani Sadegh

    A1: 90kgx15 / 115×10 / 135×5
    A2: Did regular push ups 30 / 24 / 19

    B: 19:40 – used 24kg KBs but in was insanely intense nonetheless!

    • Barefoot Squatter

      CrossFit is all about universal scalability, so as long as u got that insane intensity, mission accomplished

  • Mikkel Lex Nissen

    Deadlift 80kilo
    Regular push ups 20,15,15

    B) KB 24 kg, time 13:45

  • thelonghorn

    I’ve been off program since doing a hero WOD on Tuesday….

    10min thruster Emom
    3min 8×95
    3min 5×115
    4min 3×135

    5min Emom
    10 GHD sit-ups

    B. Rx 11:29. (70# DBs) Felt like I was running in wet cement, Lunges were HEAVY😩

    • Michele Vieux

      Crushed it!

      • thelonghorn

        Thanks, I honestly felt like I was dying… that was a killer combo and the humidity is insane here right now

  • Michele Vieux

    Notes on today’s workout:

    This Part A comes up every few months so hopefully you know how much weight to use each set. Go up in weight for each set on the deadlifts to the max you can safely handle for touch and go reps. It helps to take a few warm-up sets. Usually I’ll do 2-3 warm-ups with 10 reps and make a decision based on how that feels. If you’re looking at percentages, probably around 65%, 75%, 85% but it could be more or less depending on the athlete. Like the ladies who have been training a while can probably do a little more. Whoot!

    For the ring push-ups, lower your rings somewhere between 2″-5″ off the floor and perform them there. Your palms should be facing each other. As you press up, also push your rings inward so that they stay under your shoulders or even slightly inside. It also helps if you keep your feet together and squeeze your thighs together.

    Part B.

    This should take most people in the 12-15 minute range but I suspect we will see some times closer to 9-10 for those speed demons who can do the pull-ups unbroken. If you can’t do them unbroken, stay close to your bar and hop right back up when you come off, even if you are just doing singles. Those heavy lunges should make this interesting…if you can’t quite handle the prescribed weight, choose a very challenging weight to use.

  • Bartosz

    A. 110kg/28, 120kg/23, 130kg/19

    B. with 24kg kettlebells each hand 12:17

  • Robin Johansson

    DL: 80kg, 100kg, 110kg.
    RPU: 22, 19, 17

    First round 24kg each hand
    Second and third round: 18kg each hand
    Time: 19:29

  • Eric Hayes

    A1. Used 60%, 70%, 85%. 245, 285, and 345
    A2. No rings so did regular push-ups. 26, , 33, 28
    B. Used 65lb DB. 20:55.

  • JT

    A. 305/30, 365/26, 405/25
    B. 14:48 RX

    • Martin B.

      Wow that’s heavy! Good job!

  • Joshua Weber

    A. No rings, so i did push-ups on a med ball. 190×15 + 23/ 210×10 + 17/ 225×5 + 18
    B. Heaviest DBs I have today 30lbs.

  • Martin B.

    A. 265/25
    328/22, ripped my hands really bad once again (yesterday aswell)

    B. Only did 2 rounds.
    400m run
    15 strict pull ups
    20 walking lunges with 135# barbell on shoulders.

    I couldn’t focus on training today, too much going on in my mind.

    C. Extra abs work
    3 rounds of 20sec toe touch, 20sec plank, 20sec hip thrust, 20sec plank, 20sec mountain climber, 20sec plank, 20sec crunches, 20sec plank. No rest between rounds. Was fun.

    • Michael Fontana

      That is some strength on the DL. Sorry about the hands.

      • Martin B.

        Deadlifts has always been one of my strenght! Thanks!

  • Michele Vieux

    My results:

    Part A. Performance
    Deadlifts x 15 @ 205#
    Ring Push-Ups x 34
    Deadlifts x 10 @ 225#
    Ring Push-Ups x 28
    Deadlifts x 5 @ 245#
    Ring Push-Ups x 22

    Part B (Fitness Part A minus deadlifts)
    Pull-Ups x 10
    Side Plank x 45s/side
    Pull-Ups x 8.2
    Side Plank x 45s/side
    Pull-Ups x 6.3.1
    Side Plank x 45s/side

    Part C. Supplemental
    Weighted Banded Marching x 5 minutes w/ 20# med ball

    Happy Booty July everyone!

  • Michael Fontana

    Added some bench first, 5 sets of 3: 225/225/235/245/265
    A. 245/50,295/45/335/30 – no rings so standard push-ups
    B. Subbed 500m row for run, legs were tight behind the knees today, pull-ups unbroken, 50 lbs. KB for lungs

    • Barefoot Squatter

      Wow, that volume on bench then all those ring push ups?!?!?!?
      “Impressive… most impressive…”
      -Darth Vader

  • Teddy

    A. Deadlift + Ring Push-ups
    — Set 1: 225, 32
    — Set 2: 275, 28
    — Set 3: 315, 23

    B. Scaled (50 lb DBs): 11’38” — all unbroken minus round 2 of lunges. I have to constantly remind myself intensity (not volume) is king!

    C. Knee Rehab (1 hour)

  • Candy Olkey

    A. DL / Ring Push Ups
    175# / 15
    195 / 13
    205 / 13

    B. 4:06 / 4:43 / 4:43 = 13:42
    400m Run
    15 Pull Ups
    20 Walking Lunges w/ 45# DBs
    **All pull ups UB, tried 24KG for lunges and wasn’t liking how I was straining my back so decided 45# felt better.

    Just needed to add that tomorrow is going to be a “I just got shot in the buttocks” kind of day!!
    Thanks Invictus….See you all tomorrow!!

    • Ryan Bliss

      Gotta love walking around like that. Wondering what everyone who sees you is thinking.

    • Michele Vieux

      Happy Booty July!

  • jorge gonzalez

    Tomorrow is Murph day at the box and several of us are going to tackle it with all we’ve got so I just did the Session 2 of the Gymnastics program; I’m so excited with these practice sessions, I’m sure these techniques will permeate to the performance wods in a few weeks

  • Kyle Hendrix

    A. 235/275/305

    B. 14:51
    Scaled to 55#DB

  • Phillip

    A. Weighted dio push ups with 35#
    265, 305, 365 got my 25s and 45s mixed some how should have been 345; 21, 18, 19
    B. 1 round and had a stomach problem 4:25 boooooooo

  • Joey Maltais

    A. Looked at my numbers from Michele’s suggestion (65-75-85%) and felt intimidated since last 2 DLs sessions went pretty bad and I’m having a bad day with a cold. Took it one step at a time and it ended up being the perfect weight to challenge me to the max today but still succeed so thx Michele. Also, didn’t use belt
    225#-24 / 260-18 / 295-15
    Feet on a box about 1ft lower than rings
    B. Subbed pull ups for 10x strict because hand ripped, scaled lunges to 60# dbs. Tough weight but definitely got stronger with BSS cycle. Limiting factor was grip here, hands felt DLs and pull ups I guess. 14:38

  • Jonathan P

    A) 215/34, 245/24, 280/21
    B) 55# db, 14:27

  • Chad Evans

    A. Deadlift
    185 x 15
    225 x 10
    275 x 5
    Getting use to using the harness/strap I made so kept it back a little with the weight. Still challenging though. Did sumo DL because it works a little better with the strap.

    Max rep ring push ups
    35, 22, then the ring strap broke so did max regular push ups: 35

    B. This wasn’t super smooth. Run on treadmill (sucks), 145lb barbell racked on the back and hand wasnt feeling right hooked into pull up bar so subbed supine ring rows in rds 2 and 3.


  • Alex

    A:fitness up to 140 kg x8
    8 pull-ups
    B: 13:10

    Later today:
    Benchpress 5×5
    30/30 5-7 sets
    Ring push ups max.
    Russian twists

  • Kevin Hill

    A. 165/20

    B. 10 min tempo ride on stationary bike. Legs just did not have anything in them today!

  • Bryan

    A. Bryan – 215#, 22; 250#, 18; 290#, 15. Christy – 125#, 3; 145# (5/5), 5; 165#, 5.
    B. Bryan (40# dumbbells) – 12:15. Christy (20#) – 17:56.