Every 6 minutes, for 30 minutes (5 sets) for times:
500 Meter Row
25 Wall Ball Shots (30/20 lbs to a 10′ target)

Modify the weight of the ball or the reps of the wall ball shots to ensure that you complete each set within 4 minutes.

  • Alex

    Did 12 kg kettlebell thrusters instead of wall balls

    • Michele Vieux

      Perfect sub for wall balls. Killed it!

  • JTCres

    3:08 – 20lb
    3:40 – 30lb
    3:20 – 30 lb
    3:15 – 30lb
    3:22 – 30lb

    • Michele Vieux

      Great job, JT!

  • thelonghorn

    Man was I glad to see no weights today!

    w/20# ball: 2:50/2:46/2:51/2:55/2:51 all UB

    Saturday’s competition was a blast. My wife of 10years and mother of my 2 kids killed it as usual. We had no chance to compete(top teams had regionals competitors) but we fought hard and had fun! Props to my 8yo son for taking video. Be warned it’s about 6 mins and doesn’t have audio for the first half 😉 https://youtu.be/R45tENfsRcQ (we’re middle screen in black on the first event) Maybe some of you will be encouraged to give a local competition a try, you’ll surprise yourself in what you’re able to do!

    • Dan McMahon


    • Michele Vieux

      Love this! Thanks for sharing!

      • thelonghorn

        Thanks to the great Invictus programming I never once felt like I ran out of gas or lacked strength to complete the movements. On the squat cleans I hit 9 @225, [email protected], and [email protected] in a 5 min span with no misses. Before Invictus I had never attempted a squat clean 🙃

    • Chris M.

      Great work – congrats to both of you.

    • Joey Maltais


    • Derrick

      congrats, good work.

  • AZWildcatFan

    A – 20# ball, heaviest I have 3:08/3:19/3:47/3:36/3:28. Hit a mental wall on round 3. Thanks to thelonghorn for helping me push through.

    B – 6 min plank circuit

    • Michele Vieux

      Love that you’re doing the Plank Challenge! Do you make it all the way through without resting?

      • AZWildcatFan

        Some days I do, today I did not for sure.

  • Dan McMahon

    I used a10 pound ball until the last one where I switched out for a 14 pounder. Listen, this was one hell of a way to start a Monday.

    • Michele Vieux

      Happy Monday, Dan! Way to bump up that weight for the last round! 🙂

  • Michele Vieux

    Happy Monday everyone! We have this special workout for you today to kick off the week. 🙂

    Today is a good opportunity to get in some skill work as part of your warm-up since there is no strength portion. Good options are gymnastics (there is no gymnastics day in this week’s programming) or some light Oly work (check out today’s blog post for info on our Oly supplemental program). Or, if you really love to deadlift, do that today because it also isn’t in this week’s program. Coming up later in the week are bench press, back squats and snatches so avoid those movements so you don’t get Murphy’s Lawed.

    If you are modifying to make sure you complete the rounds with some rest, please try to give yourself at least 30-45 seconds but hopefully closer to a minute rest each round.

    Substitution options for rowing:
    – Run 400m
    – Assault Bike 25/20 cal
    – Airdyne 30/25 cal
    – Double-Unders x 100 (only if you are super proficient)
    – Swim 200 meters

    Subs for wall ball for those who don’t have a medicine ball:
    – Barbell or DB Thrusters (weight that you can do the 25 reps in 1-3 sets)
    – Goblet Squats (heavy but unbroken)
    – Jumping Squats (no weight or barbell only)

    Recommended reading for rowing:

    How To Find Your Optimal Drag Factor Setting

    Damper Setting And Drag Factor Part 2

    The Secret To Being The Fastest Rower In The Room

    Rowing Tips with Shane Farmer

    The Ultimate Tool For Going Faster While Doing Less On The Rowing Machine

    Recommended reading for wall balls and mental toughness:

    How to Approach a Workout

    Mental Toughness

    Test Your Mental Fortitude With Wall Balls

    • Joey Maltais

      Thanks for the heads up, really appreciated. I signed up for the gymnastics program by the way!

  • Michal

    1. 1:45 / X:XX,
    2. 1:45 / 3:30,
    3. 1:45 / 3:40,
    4. 2:00* / 3:50,
    5. 2:00* / 3:50.

    *Couldn’t go unbroken with WBS. Decided to slowdown at rower and… nothing has changed. 😂

    20 pound ball @ 12 feet target.

  • David Franco

    Used a 20 lb medicine ball. Heaviest I had. Took me about 3 minutes to finish each round.

  • Tim

    1. 2:42
    2. 2:42
    3. 2:43
    4. 2:45
    5. 2:45

  • Candy Olkey

    Used 14# WB (only one I have) to 10′ target
    Row / total
    2:05 / 3:18
    2:06 / 3:22
    2:10 / 3:27
    2:13 / 3:34
    2:14 / 3:33
    **Yesterday I did last weeks Deadlift workout with extra pistols between sets. My legs were on fire throughout this entire workout!!

    • jorge gonzalez

      great job candy!

  • Michele Vieux

    My results from today:

    Part A – Worked up to a heavy power clean (up to 193#)

    Part B – Five Sets:
    TGU x 1 per side (75#)
    Weighted Pull-Ups x 5 (26#)
    Glute Ham Raises x 10 @ 20X1

    Part C – Three Sets:
    500m Row
    25 Wall Ball (20#)

  • Fernando Bautista Quinteros

    Used de 20 pounds ball (that’s the heaviest the box has)
    1. 2:40
    2. 2:52
    3. 2:43
    4. 3:00
    5. 3:10
    500 Mts Row takes me around 1:46 Avg.

  • Chris M.

    A. As Rx except 30 – 20# WBs
    3:06, 3:05, 3:04, 3:04, 3:03
    … good start to the week … engine felt clean.

    • jorge gonzalez

      awesome work man, did you go UB on the wallballs?

      • Chris M.

        I did – kept a 1:55 row pace so that I could find a groove and stick with it on the WBs.

    • thelonghorn

      Nice work Chris, I thought about doing 30 reps as well. The last round was spicy enough at 25.

  • Michael Fontana

    We only have an 11 lbs med ball, so sets were:

  • Mani Sadegh

    Rounds 1,2,3 about 3min – with 7kg ball
    Rounds 4,5 about 4min – subbed 25 thrusters @35kg

  • Britt J

    A. Clean and jerk

    B. E6MOM for 5 sets
    500m row
    I dropped weight to try and get in the 4 min. I can’t math ever but especially while working out. I was dropping weight because I thought I was over 4 min the first rd but I just can’t add…
    1. Row 2:06/finished 3:30-16# WB UB
    2.2:05/3:33-14# WB 15/10
    3. 2:17/3:25 10# WB UB
    4. 2:15/3:43 10# 10/15
    5. 2:26/3:48 10# UB
    Gym was only 93 today!

  • BenW

    Loved this

    Only had a 11lbs ball but:


  • Christian Stewart

    2:47 – 30lb
    2:47 – 30lb
    2:58 – 30 lb
    2:51 – 30 lb

    • thelonghorn

      Strong work

      • Christian Stewart

        Thanks main! Next year!

        • thelonghorn

          Have you done the Open before? This was my first year.. good times

          • Christian Stewart

            No never!! Gonna be a first for me! I’m excited!

    • Chad Evans

      Those are great times man!

      • Christian Stewart

        Thanks man! Yeah dreaming of that next year open man!

        • Chad Evans

          This totally felt like an open workout!

  • Chad Evans

    Subbed 30 x 20lb wall ball

    Holy sh..t! That was tough! That was a good one!

  • Joey Maltais

    Gymnastics program lvl2 session 1. Work on HS, pull ups and core. Was thinking of throwing some rounds of this after but decided against it, feeling tired I’ll keep some in the tank for tomorrow.

  • Kyle Hendrix

    Scaled to 20# ball

  • Derrick

    3 rounds with 18# wall ball to 10′. Did all Unbroken. I was hurting, tomorrow will be a better day.

  • Teddy

    Strained my neck last Thursday, so I had to modify it a little bit. I also decreased the rest period:

    Every 5 minutes, for 30 minutes:
    400 Meter Run
    25 WB Shots (25 lbs is the heaviest we have)

    — 2’44”
    — 3’01”
    — 3’08”
    — 3’50”
    — 3’50”

    Knee Rehab (1 hour)

  • jorge gonzalez

    We don’t have 12.5 kgs medballs and I’m not sure I would have handled it all that well. So I scaled to the standard 9 kgs and kept the reps. I kept a consistent rowing pace of ~1:55 for the 500 mts.

    1) 3:23
    2) 3:30
    3) 3:40
    4) 3:43
    5) 3:43

    On the first set I split the wbs 15/10; the rest were split 10/10/5, I focused on doing steady work, trying to have enough energy for that 5th round, which I knew was going to hurt

  • Jason Jardine

    The times posted here are amazing! No matter what I do (fast/slow/long/short) I can’t seem to best 2:00 for the 500M row. Need to do some trials on drag and technique!

    15min stretching and shoulder work
    40 strict pull-ups
    Handstand holds for max
    20 strict HSPU

    Subbed DB thrusters for wall balls at 20#
    3:37, 3:59, 4:02, 4:12, 4:09

  • Ayub Lakhani

    A. Modified
    500m row
    20 WBS #20
    Goal was to do the wallballs unbroken.

    Average times of 2:45

  • Trion Horgan

    No row machine so I got a little creative.
    Subbed row for 1min DU’s & 1min SDHP with the 53lb kb.
    Kept 25 reps of wall balls with 20lb ball (heaviest at office gym).
    DU’s were between 55-80 each round
    SDHP were 26-30 each round
    Good Monday WOD

  • JT

    Hurt my shoulder over the weekend so I did an aerobic capacity running workout.
    4 rounds: 400m run, 1m rest, 200m run 4m rest.

  • Kuba

    Rowing 500m instead of run, 15kg ball
    All rounds goes well in 4 minutes sets, at last round i have done last 5 wall balls after 4 minutes.
    15kg ball was heavy, but it felt good at the end

  • Ryan Bliss

    Had to use a 20lb wall ball as that is the heaviest we have, otherwise as Rx.


    I was under 2 min on the row until round 4 and then I was at about 2:10. Wall balls were UB on 1 & 2 and then 15/10 with just a short 5-6 second break for the last 3.

    What resistance do you guys set the rower on?

  • Martin B.

    With a 20# WB (heaviest we have).


    I have absolutely no idea how I managed to go faster round after round. Felt as hard from beginning to end.

  • Pawel

    Rowing 500m instead of run, 15kg slamball
    All rounds goes well 20sec before 4th min most of the rounds 10/5/5/5 wallballs

  • Erin Rice

    So this is my first time posting! Been following for a few months and made myself a promise to start posting for accountability.
    Unfortunately I did not right down my splits but I finished all 5 rounds under 4 minutes.
    Used a 15# WB

  • Bryan

    A. Bryan (400m run vs. row, 20#) – 3:01, 2:58, 2:57, 2:59, 3:00. Christy (14#) – 3:22, 3:51, 3:37, 3:56, 4:16.