Every 90 seconds, for 12 minutes (8 sets) of:
Clean + Front Squat @ 85% of your 1-RM Clean

For time:
21 Thrusters (95/65 lbs)
15 Thrusters (145/95 lbs)
9 Thrusters (195/125 lbs)

Use one barbell, adding 25/15 lb plates each round.

For time:
120 Calorie Row
60 Toes-to-Bar
30 Ground to Overhead (135/95 lbs)
15 Muscle-Ups

Every minute, on the minute, for 6 minutes (2 sets) of:
Interval 1 – Hollow Body Bounces x 50 reps
Interval 2 – Side Hand Plank with Hip Circles x 20 reps (10 reps each side)
Interval 3 – Straight Body Ceiling-Reaching Crunches x 20 reps @ 1010

Followed by. . .

Every minute, on the minute, for 2 minutes (2 sets) of:
Hand Plank Arch/Hollows x 20 reps

  • Ingmar Krähling

    Done @ 115kg

    Done Rx @ 42,5//65//90kg in 5:30 (90s cost a lot of time)

    Done Rx in 18:09



    • Penny Weinberger


      • Ingmar Krähling

        Thanks! 😊

    • Tino Marini


  • Jessica U

    Beat the snow “storm” this am, even tho no work! 😈 AND I can jump again!
    A) done 170# these felt good today!
    B) 5:48Rx. This ended up being tougher than I thought it would be
    C) 21:13 bar MU, everything else Rx
    D) done

    Thanks! Hope your day is great!! 😊

    • Tino Marini

      Sounds like a pretty awesome day both inside and outside of the gym! Enjoy your day off!

      • Jessica U

        Thanks so much Tino!! Excited to get some real snow here!

  • Bobby

    Taking it easy so skipped cleans but still hit conditioning body was feeling much better than yesterday. Tried just staying smooth and consistent
    A. Skipped
    B. 4:53 RX
    C. 16:52 RX
    D. Done

  • Penny Weinberger

    A. @55kg (85%) coming back better and better every week
    B.dunno why was nervous for this :
    6:53 @ 30kg UB/40kg 7-5-3/50kg all singles)
    C. 19:58 till muscle ups – normally would’ve done c2b but being spent at this point I didn’t want to risk redoing the cramping my neck just as it’s almost gone.
    D. Done – the arch hollows broken into 2 sets ×10 for both rounds
    physically and mentally – getting back -each day better and better!!🤗

    • Tino Marini

      Great to see you feeling good!

      • Penny Weinberger

        Thank u tino!

  • Seb Benisty

    A/ done @100kg (+5kg than 2 last weeks… felt good.. happy with that)
    (Finish 2first sets in ~2’30… last bar kill my shoulders today… most singles… 2fails… and big breaks)
    24’29 RX
    Hard day for me… thanks again… see you Friday… need to rest…

    • Tino Marini

      Legs are getting stronger!

  • Kevin Boughari

    A) 116/ 120

    B) rx 5.02″thruster 88 kilos wtf

    C) 17.45″ tttb fucking hard. …
    Renfo done

    Waw cool day

    Have a good day !

  • Filippo Pesaresi

    A. done @105
    B. 6’03 RX
    C. 19’00 RX suffered as always mu, but I went better on the t2b
    D. done

    • Tino Marini

      Makes me smile every time I see your name. My son is called Filippo too (Filippo Santino Marini)

      • Filippo Pesaresi

        You picked an awesome name XD

  • Brooke Fusco

    A. 175×4 sets, 180×4 sets

    B. 3:57 Rx
    21UB, 9/6, 4/3/2

    C. 23:10 Rx

    D. Done

  • Anthony Oriotti

    A. Squat Clean + FS 8 [email protected] felt good so should maybe increased the %

    B. Thrusters Rx weight in 8’18
    [email protected] UB in 36s
    [email protected] 6/5/4 ended at 2min53
    [email protected] : 3/2 and 4 single

    Last 9 were heavy but happy to hit that numbers

    C. Done Rx in 22’09

    Bonus Core complex with a friend
    4 rounds
    40s Vups
    40s hollow rocks
    40s Russian twist with 16kgs KB
    40d rest


    D. Done
    E. Done

  • Hayley Hunter

    A. Done w/ 170#
    B. 5:50 rx ( math was very confusing without 15s… so I had to take a step back to get it figured out 🤦🏼‍♀️)
    C. Class had rowers, so did last weeks
    14 min amrap:
    100 du
    30 db sn @35
    7 mu
    3 rx rounds even
    D. Done

    • Tino Marini

      two for two now we just need to work on your math skills!

  • Rob

    A. Clean + FS x8 @ 130kg
    B. 3:59 Rx
    C. 17:25 Rx
    D. Missed due to time! Will catch up tomorrow.

  • Corey Reutlinger

    A. 190#x8. Feeling easy peasy. Loving this!
    B. 3:56 women’s RX. First round UB. Then 5/5/5 and 3/3/3. Last round felt tough.
    C. Cut the reps in half cuz class was starting. 60-30-15-8. 10:46.
    D. Done.

  • Dijar Ismail

    A – Done @110kg
    B – Done 4:20, set of 9s !!
    Did 40/60/80 kg
    C – Done rx 17:40
    D – Done

    • @Pangcrossfit master

      Jagar dig i morrn

      • Dijar Ismail

        Haha bättre tider lär du jaga.. 🤛

  • Matt Sabean

    Smolov Front Squat Program (been cycling this for 5 weeks now)
    7 sets x 5 reps @ 230#

    A- Done at 205#
    B- Skipped (time crunch for work)
    C- 18:10 Rx
    *Does anyone else find power snatch the most efficient way to go G2OH?
    D- Skipped (see B)

    Great session!

    • Jesper Weng

      I use Power Clean and Power Jerk.
      Snatch only at 50 kg og lower

    • Tino Marini

      I’d recommend following the program as written Jesper did smolov and now can’t squat because of knee pain.

    • Kevin Boughari

      Snatch 60 kilos.for me .
      C and jerk 65

  • Lacy Baumgart

    I’m back… kind of. Saturday I came down with an infection (long story) that gave me flu like symptoms and then came down with the stomach bug Monday. I was fever free yesterday so I gave today a go… took it slow and felt rough but not as bad as I thought. However, my times may reflect differently 🤣
    A. 180
    (4# under % weight)
    B. 3:11 unbroken
    C.18:04 paced this too good 🤣

    • Tino Marini

      Welcome back! Take it easy and ease yourself back in!

  • Johan Öbrink

    A – Done @100kg
    B – Done 7:30
    Did 40/60/80 kg
    C – Done scaled (bar mu) 22:30
    D – Done

    • @Pangcrossfit master

      Yo. Bra jobb

      • Johan Öbrink

        Yoo! Äre Kreft? 😊

        • @Pangcrossfit master


  • Jesper Weng

    A) Power Clean + Front Squat
    100 kg across
    Knee felt ok today. Keeping it light.

    B) Thrusters 45-65-85 kg.
    Not happy with the set of 15.

    C) Wod
    Row: 5:36
    T2B: 10-5-5-5-5-5-5-4-4-4-4-4
    GTOH: Singels
    MU: 2-3-2-2-2-2-2

    D) Done
    The second part with 1 min rest between the 2 sets:-)

    • Tino Marini

      Slowly feeling better. Good to see Jesper!

      • Jesper Weng

        Jep. And i have an apointment with a specialist in a couple of weeks.
        Hopefully it’s okay by the start of the opens

  • Gebriel Rutensköld

    A. Double PC @ about 90%.
    B. 7:08. First heavy anything below parallell since late september 👍🏼
    C. 16:00. GTHO did not go very fast 😅
    D. Done. Felt pregnant afterwards.

    • Tino Marini

      Good seeing you back feeling good ad able to squat Gabriel!

      • Gebriel Rutensköld

        Thanks Tino! I’ll take it slow though.

  • Isaac McLean

    A. 260 across
    B. 4:39 RX
    C. 20:39 RX

  • Daniel Cohen

    92.5 kg
    42.5 kg
    57.5 kg
    72.5 kg
    18:42 rx

  • Wilson Hopkins (45-49)

    A. 265 for all sets.
    B. 9:39; rolled through the 21s and 15s. 195 was all singles and really tough; my top end.
    C. 20:19
    D. Done.

  • Ezequiel Gonçalves

    A-105 kg very easy today 😎
    B- 6:05 push to sub 6 but fail 🤕 88kg heavy
    C- 15:41 RX
    Start MU 11:45
    D- done

    • Hunter

      Got to the muscle ups fast! Nice work!

      • Ezequiel Gonçalves

        Thanks coach 💪

  • Devan Hussey (SoCal)

    Mentally drained from my long week at work.

    Warm up
    Back squat

    A) 315/335/335/335/335/345/345/345

    B) 3:29 rx
    Wanted sub 3, but the UB on 21/15 gassed me .

    C) 16:59
    My push was pretty depleted at this point.

    D) skipped until later.

    Time for some carbs and a nap to recover 🙌

    • Tino Marini

      Rest up buddy. Sounds like a tough week, you’ve also been putting some solid work in both in and outside of the gym!

      • Devan Hussey (SoCal)

        Thanks coach!
        Yeah usually the first day off again feels like this.
        I’ll def. get some good rest today 🙂

  • Kyle Kenny

    A.285×4 sets then increase 295,305,315,325 felt solid
    B. 3:50 tried to go unbroken hit the 195 had to break it up 3,3,3 (I’d like to hit this again)
    C. 14:32 RX
    D. Done!!!

  • Jared Rickert

    A. 245#
    B. 5:27Rx
    C. 19:15rx
    D. Done

  • Andrea Galbiati

    B)21-15 ok 9scaled 70kg
    D) done

  • John Foster

    A) Clean = 255lbs x 1 x 8. Made all 8 reps. Felt solid. Still foregoing the front squat for the sake of my hips.

    B) Thrusters = 8:33. RX. Very very happy with this. Horrible workout for me that actually went okay.

    C) For Time = 20:33. RX.

    • Tino Marini

      Nice job on those Thrusters!

  • Jessie Williams

    A) 255
    B) 5:30
    C) 19:25

  • Bruno Brousmiche

    A. Done 120kg

    B. 7’22

    C. 18’31

    D. Done

  • Francis

    A. 215lbs
    B. 21/95lbs 15/145lbs 9/175lbs

    C. 22.50 RX
    D. Done

  • Ali Jones

    A. 150
    B. 6:20 115# for last weight
    C. 22:48 w/ BMUs…which were SLOW today.
    D. Done and done.

  • Chris Bond

    A) 255 across
    B) 5:29 RX
    C) 18:54 RX :(. Got done GTOH at 13:00 but Ring MU volume always crushes me
    D) Done

    Will be resting any Open Workouts?

  • Chase Leonelli

    A. Done at 235 my legs were nonexistent today this felt so slow!

    B. Got to 195# around 3min and called it quits my legs weren’t working and my hip started acting up. Not happy about the effort on this one.

    C. 17:37 Rx this went better than the thrusters.

    Row 5:32
    T2B 10/10 then sets of 5 and 4
    Clean and jerk singles- took around 4 min
    Muscle ups- 5/3/2/2/2/1

    Triceps were sore from yesterday made my muscle ups interesting.

    D. Done

  • Greg DeGreen (35-39 master)

    B.3:40 wanted 9s ub, but 6+3
    C. 15:41 Rx snatches in 5s
    D. Done

  • Scott Abston

    A. 255 for all 8 sets
    B. 6:55 the 9 @ 195 took over half the time
    C. 20:58 RX

  • Ernesto Sanchez

    A.) 5 at 275, 2 at 285, put a belt on then went 1 at 305.
    B.) 5:30
    C.) 16:30
    D.) short on time so had to skip

  • Jesse Johnson

    A) 285 across. This week has smoked my legs
    B) 4:40
    C) 16:06
    D) done 👍

  • Daniel Mendelsohn

    A) 205
    B) 5:07 with 95 (21 UB), 125 (9-6), 155 (3-2 1/2- 2- 2)
    C) 22:14 with 115# Went slow to conserve energy for the muscle ups. Still only hit 1/5 and then did 10 jumping MU. Need to work on these while fatigued.
    D) done

  • John Vautier (North Central)

    Traveling, got in what I could at the drop in.
    A. 275 across, felt strong.
    B. 4:49 Rx with :30 interruption. Wanted sub 4, would like to try this again.
    C. 120 cal row in 5:39, that was it today.
    D. Done

  • Matt Freda

    A. 225 for the first one, 245 for the rest
    B. 7:04 failed 4 on the 195 but shooters shoot right
    C. 19:43
    D. Done did it

    Hey Hunter 👊

    • Hunter

      Hey Matt! Good job pushing through the thrusters

  • Fred Bernier

    A. Done at 250
    B. 6:28 rx.. last bar got heavy but it was a fun one
    C. 17:46
    D. Done

  • Fernando Villasenor (Can West)

    A. Done at 255
    B. Rx – 6:48
    C. Rx – 26:13
    D./E. Done

    Bonus – 10 min steady pace (62-65rpm) AssBike

  • Preston Strobel

    A. 215-235
    B. 6:42 (95, 135, 165)
    C. 17:31
    D. Done

    • Hunter

      Solid work on the metcon today preston!

  • Paula Santos

    A: 180×2/187×2/ 192×4 * very happy about this because last week I had a hard day with my back and could only do 145lbs for this complex and it felt so heavy and a struggle.
    B: 2:45 = 21UB /15UB/ 9 = 8+1 ( wanted unbroken so bad but couldn’t hold to it)
    C: 19:03.
    Row: 8:30ish
    TTB: 15/10/8/5 sets of 3 after that.
    GTO: singles

    Morning: Running ✅

    *good day today💕

    • Mika Ingley

      so strong 😍

    • Hunter

      Crushed the thrusters

  • Victoria Currens

    I have been following for a while but haven’t posted often… now that the holidays and wodapalooza are over I’m going to try to post more to keep myself accountable

    A. All sets at 150
    B. Skipped this due to time.. will do tomorrow
    C. 21:30 with bar mu.. ring just weren’t happening today
    D. Done

    • Hunter

      Ill be watching for your name! Glad you are posting

  • Brigham Abbott

    A. 250
    B. 6:53
    C. Will make up.

  • Kryssie Chandler (45-49)

    A. Build to heavy thruster today instead, per Ricky. Up to 140 (PR!)
    B. 4:45…2nd and 3rd rounds were really rough for me. 1st round UB, 2nd was 8/7, then singles.
    C. Time capped at 25min. Made it through 11 MU, had 2 fails. Row should’ve been a bit faster, T2B went well-held sets of 8, then 5’s at the end. G2OH way too slow, but I was feeling nervous about the MU-need to be more aggressive with the barbell.
    D. Done.

  • Megan Markee

    B. 4:26
    24-18-12 at 65/85/105
    C. Class wod
    D. Done with different planks

  • Rob Bourgoin

    A. Up to 295
    B. 4:25
    C. 19:14

    Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

    • Hunter

      And then 3 more hours of workout out after haha!

      • Rob Bourgoin

        Hahahahahha truth.

  • Tim Coffield

    A. [email protected] [email protected] 85%
    B. 7:41 with 95 / 135 / 175
    Ub / 5 5 5 / 2 2 2 3
    C. 24:58
    Ttb 10s
    Gto singles
    Mu 3s
    D. Done

  • Dante Tuscai (27, MidAtlantic)

    A. 275 across
    B. 4:54 Rx – set of 9 was a hot mess after going unbroken on 21/15
    C. 16:22 Rx
    D. Done

  • Mika Ingley

    a. up to 355lbs easy
    b. 3:48 rx. had spring clips which slowed me down a lot. Should have mobilized front rack more i lost a lot of pressing ability from poor positioning
    c. 18:01. row 6:15 and t2b were 20-10-10-5 then at 45 on T2B i had to stop and bend over for about a min one of my lower abs locked up like a clenched fist and I couldnt stand up because the muscle wouldnt release. I pushed it with my fingers amd tried to breathe deep.until it kind of let go but tension still lingered. rest of t2b were slow singles with as little abs as possible and c&j were slow because it almost clenched each time i bent over for those reps too. By the rmu it got better thank god. i did 6/5/4 reps

    20min sauna after

    AM SESSION was running and AB
    did 5 sets
    Sprint 45s r 15s sprint 15s then rest 2min
    done. lung killer as usual

    AB sprints
    5 sets
    Reach Max RPM until output starts to drop back down then discontinue the set.
    r60s between sets
    got low 120s for sets 1, 2, and 5.
    Sets 3 and 4 i got 126 and 128 rpm

    good day of training

    • Hunter

      Thats a full day! Good work!

  • Korey William Harris

    A) 245
    B) 9:05 (Thrusters are not mah friend)
    C) 13:07 120 dubs and BMU

    Limited equipment at work, still got a good push in today. Was feeling great on those Thrusters until that 195 bar, had to drop to singles but got it done.

  • Ryan Reilly

    A. 245#
    B. 6:50Rx. Woof, did 21 UB, 5’s for the 145, then singles for 195.
    C. 19:28 Rx. For me T2B fell apart quick. Other than that everything went pretty well. I even went for broke on the last set of 5 MU and screamed at the last one 😄, have it all I had.
    D. Done and done
    Thank goodness for rest day

    • Hunter

      Enjoy the rest!

  • Sydnee Percival

    A. 175×8
    These felt strong today.
    B. RX-3:13
    21 & 15 unbroken, 9 went 3/3/1/1/1
    Started arching my back pretty nicely on the set of nine which I think made me drop the bar more and I rested in the singles a little more than I should’ve. But overall pleased.
    C. 25min Cap: Capped + 2 ring MU. Off the rower by 8:30 and got to the MU at 16:51 and spent the rest of the time working on getting MU. Almost got three but fell through the top and then fatigue won the rest of the battle.
    D. Skipped

  • Kim Kunert

    A. 130
    B. 5:42 with 65,95,115
    C. Capped at 25 minutes. Got through 11 MU but I accidentally did 105# instead of 95# for g2oh 🙈. My goal was sub 8 on the row and was happy to finish in 7:40. T2b done in all sets of 10 except the last 10 were 5/5singles
    D. Done this morning

  • Steven (SoCal)

    A. Up to 300#. Failed 305#fs
    B. 4:33. Surprisingly challnging.
    C. 16:25. Was challenged on the row so pushed extra hard. Majority snatch singles.
    D. Skipped

    3 sets 60 sec sprint max wb and max dus. Rest 2 minutes

    • Bryan babbitt

      Surpringly challenging for the thrusters? That’s a lot of thrusters! It hurt!

      • Steven (SoCal)

        As in I thought I can get the 21 and 15 thrusters unbroken. But “surprisingly challenging” and couldn’t get the 15s

        • Bryan babbitt

          C’mon man! I’ve seen you clean 325, 145 is baby weight! You had it!

    • Miah Santini

      Great work!

  • Bryan babbitt

    A) 225,245,265,275,285,295,305,315
    B) 3:27 (21 and 15 unbroken 195: 4,2,2,1)
    C) 15:22
    Arms cramped on the row, abs cramped on the t2b, grip was still smoked on g2o, moved through Mu
    Muscles felt good moving, just needmore electrolytes to recover from this weekend.

    • Miah Santini

      Killin’ it! 🙌🏻

  • A. 265
    B. 6:19 – 95×21, 145x10x5, 195x2x2x1x1…
    C. 19:48 – didn’t feel good, and just wanted to get this done.

  • Laura Hershberger

    A. All sets at 155. These felt good tonight.
    B. 65/95/115. 3:58. Did the first set unbroken, then 9/6, then 3/2/2/2. This went surprisingly well. 115 felt heavy.
    C. Time capped at 25. Got 4 banded (blue+green) Bar MU! Finished the row sometime around 7:25. Did the TTB mostly in sets of 4. They took forever. GtOH was good. Fast singles and just kept moving. Finished those at 19:06. Was then able to get 4 banded bar MU in the remainder of the time. Those definitely get a LOT harder when you’re under a lot of fatigue. Good practice for me though. Overall pleased with this workout and my effort 🙂
    D. No time

  • Brittany Dunay

    A) 155
    B) 4:27
    C) 21:58. SEND HELP. For the life of me, I cannot use my hips on MUs. I will strict all day. But that’s not helpful during metcons. MUs were 5/3/3/2/2
    D) done. The plank hip circles – should they have been done with more of a virtic

    • Meghan Jayne

      I have the SAME problem re: muscle ups. I can be guaranteed to hit strict any day, but getting kipped is a gamble. Looking up toward the ceiling as I pull helps sometimes, but really depends on the day. HELP!

      • Brittany Dunay

        Right!? I can normally get Kipping MUs, but they look like a kip with a pause and then muscling it.

  • Carly Rivezzo

    A. [email protected], [email protected]
    Felt good!
    B. 2:46RX
    21UB, 15UB, 3/2/1/1/1/1
    C. 22:03RX
    I failed my last three MU. Shoulders and lats are totally fried so I was stuck doing singles. Got off the rower at about 7:10, took awhile for the T2B, G2OH were quick singles, then those darn MU.
    D. Skipped

  • Tyler Sowinski

    Out of time

  • Darin Kaiser

    A. 245 no misses and no gear felt good to move this weight today
    B. 11:52rx ouch, paced too much anticipating 195 would be hard, guess I need to start doing more heavy thrusters and push press, glad to do it rx. 7’s, 3’s, singles and too much rest
    C. 24:35 glad to finish tough day
    D. Done

  • Spencer Ganas

    A. 225 then a 240 for the last 2 sets, felt good
    B. 6:18
    C. 17:00
    D. Skipped

    • Hunter

      Solid job on part C Spencer!

  • Joaky

    A) 85kg
    B) 45/55/60kg 7:40
    C) 50kg GTO a MU-CTB 20:20
    D) Done

  • Rune Refshøj

    A. Done @ 130kg
    B. 3.45
    C. Maybe 17-18

  • ryan sunshine

    A. 315 for last three
    B. 3:32
    Heavy thrusters are rough on my shoulders.
    C. 14:47
    D. Done

  • Meghan Jayne

    I was off sick yesterday with a sinus infection of sorts, so today’s objectives was to get moving (I’m off for work travel for the 6 days, so feeling guilty already).

    A. 125-135-135-145-145-155-155-155 ….155 is 85%, super pumped to be hitting prescribed weights again!!
    B. skipped
    C. WOD – 10 Rounds of :
    5 WB
    4 BJ (24″)
    3 HSPU
    2 Deadlift
    1 Clean (125#)
    13:14 – this knocked the wind out of me today.
    D. Done …and OUCH.

  • Lauren Sjursen

    A. 145 with no misses, so that went well!
    B. Did 65/85/105 – 5:30; thrusters will never be friends with such a long limb person 🙁
    C. Time capped at 25:00, completed 7 bar muscle ups. My body felt completely wrecked after this workout, so happy today is a recovery day
    D. Skipped

  • @Pangcrossfit master

    A. 80-110 kg nmy back is better
    B. 42,5, 65, 85 kg 5.58
    C.14.06 rx

  • Trine Petersen

    A: 3×57.5 kgm, 5x60kg
    B: did 30, 42.5, 50kg. 6:23
    C: time capped at 25. completed 13 bar mu.
    D: done

  • Amy Klein

    A 125lbs
    B.7:59. Goal was under 10 minutes- 75/85/100 lbs, max thruster is 110lbs, so I scaled. The last round was rough.
    C, 25:36, scaled MU to pull ups otherwise Rx
    D. Doing gymnastics tomorrow

  • Bryan Davies

    A) 205 across
    B) 12:55 – last thruster PR was 185, so I’m really happy with this.
    C) 21:25 – no energy left after the thrusters.
    D) Done

  • Miah Santini

    A. 245 across
    B. 7:00
    C. 17:22… mental grind. Sets of five on T2Bs. Should’ve snatched the GtO. Singles clean & jerks crippled my ability to breathe. Sets of five on MUs.
    D. No time.
    Fun workout tonight 🤙🏻🙌🏻

  • Kayla Weiler

    B- 4:25 ub
    C- 20:56. I felt like I was swimming through mud today.
    D- done

  • Justin Kuhar

    A. Done at 107kgs

    B. 6:49 RX 21ub 15=8-4-3 then

    C.21:19 shit effort, got to muscle ups around 16:00

    Skipped d/e and just did more muscle ups

  • Blake Forcier

    A. @220
    B. 15-6, 5-5-3-2, Singles @195
    C. TTBx10’s, G2O Singles, MUs, 4- 2’s and 3’s..under 20 mins.
    D. Ab burn.. WOW.

  • 임재혁

    A. 225×1, 230x7sets
    B. 6:11