Take 20 minutes to build to 90-95% of your 1-RM Back Squat

Followed by…

Every minute, on the minute, for 6 minutes:
Back Squat x 1 rep @ 90%

Remember, this is 90% of your last successfully tested 1-RM – not a hypothetical number you think that you might be able to squat.

Build to today’s 1-RM Power Snatch

Followed by…

Every 45 seconds, for 9 minutes (12 sets):
Snatch x 1 rep @ today’s 1-RM Power Snatch weight

For max reps:
30 seconds of Ground to Overhead (195/125 lbs)
Rest 30 seconds
45 seconds of Ground to Overhead (145/95 lbs)
Rest 45 seconds
60 seconds of Ground to Overhead (95/65 lbs)
Rest 4 minutes, and then repeat once more.

*Males load a barbell with three 25 lb plates each side stripping one plate each time
**Females load a barbell with three 15 lb plates each side stripping one plate each time

For time:
27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
Calorie Row
Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35 lbs)

Rest 6 minutes, and then…

For time:
60/40 Calories of Assault Bike

Rest 6 minutes, and then…

Three rounds for time of:
20 Deadlifts (185/135 lbs)
20 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

  • Joaky

    A) 125 kg
    C) 70kg-6reps/ 65kg-7reps 42,5kg-15reps
    D) Last WOD For time: 3set 20DL-85kg & 20 chest to bar PU 10:30
    E) For time 2 set
    50 air squats
    50 push ups
    Time: 20min

    • Tino Marini

      We’re you not able to do the program?

      • Joaky

        I had no time to do all training and I have preferred to choose exercises that I haven’t done throughout the week like example DL and run

  • Dijar Ismail

    A – up to 162.5kg
    Then @150kg
    B – no snatch
    C – 6/8/13 without rest, red it wrong
    Then 6/9/16 with rest
    D – rx
    8:45 leggs!
    2:58 leggs!
    7:35, at this moment.. my body checked out… autopilot

    • Tino Marini

      Try to stay checked in on that final event! Rest up Dijar! Your Body earned it!

      • Dijar Ismail

        Sure ! Great programming this cycle, thanks

  • Iván DLT

    A)Back Squat x 1 rep @ 90% (6x1x125kg)
    C)70kg-7reps 65kg-8 reps 42,5kg-17reps
    D) • 8:20” one dumbell 18kg
    •50cal 2:50”
    •(Deadlift 85kg) 11:35”
    E) Curl bíceps 3×12 (16-18-20kg)
    F)10×50 swimming

  • Jesper Weng

    A) Back Squat 90-95 %
    1 x 140 kg. Felt more like 100 % today.
    A2) Back Squat 90 %
    125 kg across.

    B) 1RM Power Snatch
    90 kg, not pretty.
    B2) 1 rep every 45 sek
    85 kg across.

    C) Ground to OH (Did C&J)
    Round 1:
    7 x 85 kg (5 TnG)
    9 x 65 kg (0 TnG)
    17 x 45 kg (12 TnG)
    Round 2: Same.

    D: WODs, done rx.
    D1) Row and Thruster:
    8:48 This was really bad for me.
    Only set of 9 was UB.
    D2) 60 Cal AB
    17:46 (2:58)
    D3) Deadlift and C2B
    D3: 30:00 (6:14)

    Really rough day 🙂

    • Tino Marini

      Good to see you able to squat and do thrusters!

      • Jesper Weng

        Thanks. 🙂

  • Kevin Boughari

    A) 165 ( 97%) emom 155
    B)92.t kilos ( 100%) fail 95 cause i look my hips if i am power or not.

    Wod :
    8.35″ Make with dumbell wtf. Cool
    14/13 12/9 15 9 ( pr 1’15” with barbell )
    7.32″ c2b ub maybe bad idea. My grip are destroy. ..

    Waw cool

    • Tino Marini

      You were faster with dumbbells than a 95lb. Barbell?!

      • Kevin Boughari

        I make with barbell Two years agi when i start crossfit . 9.50″

        I really want try with barbell now!^^

  • Miha Bračko

    A question for Tino (if he will see it).

    If I left out this week, because I was on a ski trip, is it better to continue with this week program next week or to go normally forward with next weeks programing in preparation for the open?

    • Tino Marini

      Continue with this week as normal. Hope you had a fun trip!

  • Rob

    A. Built up to 190kg then EMOM @ 180kg.
    B. Power Snatch 100kg
    Every 45 sec for 9 min @ 100kg
    C. Round 1- Snatch 7/10/17
    Round 2- clean & Jerk 10/12/20
    D. Cal row/ DB Thruster – 7:41
    60 cal row – 2:35
    Deadlift/ C2b – 5:55

    Just when you think you’re progressing….. a nice little workout to smash you back in your place 😳

    Thanks!! 😂

    • Tino Marini

      Haha today’s workout is a fun one! Definitely challenging with 50lb. dumbbells instead of a 95lb. bar!

      Solid finish to the week!

      • Rob

        Fun?!?!?! 👀

  • Tomas Trupia

    D) 8:35

  • Gebriel Rutensköld

    A. Built up to 150kg box squats. Slowly increasing weights. Emom @140kg to 20″ box.
    B. Up to 80kg PS, then 65-85kg deep power. 85kg matches my previos PS pr, but felt good as heck!
    C. 5/10/20. Rough!
    D. 10:12/3:11/4:58. This one took my soul! Really happy with AAB part. So glad we been doing it alot lately, even tho I hate it.

    • Tino Marini

      Great work hitting 85kg Power Snatch!

      • Gebriel Rutensköld

        Thanks Tino!

  • Danielle Gillissen

    A. Build to 100kg, than EMOM @95kg
    B. Build to 45kg, then every 45sec @45kg (still using light weights focusing on technique)
    C. Round 1: 4-8-16
    Round 2: 4-9-16
    D. Row/Thrusters: 14:51
    AB: 3:37
    DL/CTB: 9:05
    Breathing was so hard in all 3 😵

    • Tino Marini

      Haha! I wish everyone would just use one metric 🙂

  • Devan Hussey (SoCal)

    Only squats before work
    Up to 455
    Work at 430×6 sets

    Light and fast

  • Anthony Oriotti

    Tough Saturday !

    A. Back squat
    2&60 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 130 140 150kgs (95%)
    Then Emom 6min @142kgs

    Felt solid !

    B. Power snatch up to 70kgs fail 75 🙄
    Then squat snatch 12 single @70kgs

    C. Rx
    4 / 12 / 18
    3 /11/ 16
    Barbell 1 was power clean and power jerk single
    Barbell Power Clean and power jerk TNG 6/6 6-5
    Barbell 3 Power snatches 10-6-2 / 8-6-2

    9’54 —> was around 13min years agi with a barbell !
    4min21 ! « On AMC The Biking Dead » totally gave up here Legs were smoked and mind more

    Hard to go after ABC but the job is done

    • Tino Marini

      Solid push on the part 1 of conditioning! Good to see you’re faster than with a barbell!

      Tough week of training!

  • Ezequiel Gonçalves

    A- up 170kg then Emon 160 kg
    B- ps 77,5kg then Emon 12 same weight
    C- 4-9-14
    D- 10:30 double kb 24 kg
    60 burpees inst bike 3:14
    Have a good weekend

  • Brigham Abbott

    A. 355. Emom at 335.
    B. 200.
    C. 5, 8, 17. 6, 7, 18.
    D. 14:59. Row: 2:51. 11:00.

  • Trine Petersen

    A: no back squatting. So did 4 sets of 20 front racked walking lunges. 45, 47.5, 50, 50Kg
    B:45kg and then emom with same weight.
    C: 55, 42.5, 30kg
    2, 7, 14, 2, 8, 17 Reps
    D: later.

    • Tino Marini

      This makes me happy 🙂

      • Trine Petersen

        Still listening 😬🙌

  • Sydnee Percival

    A. 225×6 no belt
    i. Up to 115
    ii. 115×12 snatches felt good today!!
    i. 10:55 RX (like an 8min+ PR from the first time I did this one less than a year ago.)
    ii. 3:13 (broke about 5 time) changed due to large class
    250 DU every break/stop do 3 air squats
    iii. 7:04 changed this up due to a large class
    25 KBS(70/53), 20 CTB (these are getting better able to do sets of 3-5 each round.)
    D. Yesterday’s accessory

    • Tino Marini

      It’s safe to say you’ve improved just a little! Great job Sydnee!!

      • Sydnee Percival

        Thanks Tino!

  • Gylfi Snær

    Snatch off with frosti i got 100kg
    Based on 170kg
    85kg 4/6
    65kg 5/7
    45kg 14/13


    Calories around 4 min (skierg because assault bike did not work)

    Three rounds
    Cant remember time

    • Tino Marini

      7:55 is pretty damn good with 50lb dumbbells!

  • John Vautier (North Central)

    A. Up to 400, emotm at 385.
    B. Worked technique, light.
    C. 6/12/15; 6/11/16
    D. 11:50; 3:52; 30 strict c2b to finish.
    Breathing was limiting factor again, rest day tomorrow and ready for Monday.

  • Bruno Brousmiche

    A. up to 160kg. fail 167,5kg.
    EMOM done to 157,5kg

    B. Up to 80kg. fail to 85kg.
    Every 45sec done to 80kg.

    C. 30 sec : 4 / 4 reps
    45 sec : 9 / 9 reps
    60 sec : 15 / 13 reps

    D. 12’34

  • Ingmar Krähling

    1. Up to 170 easy 🙂
    2. Done @ 160

    Up to 90

    Done @ 90/70/40
    1. 5/9/16
    2. 5/8/16

    Done Rx
    1. 9:39
    2. Skipped no time
    3. Skipped no time

  • Brooke Fusco

    Short on time (Ohio got hit with a bad snow storm last night) and body feels like garbage, so I did what I could.

    A. Built to 235# (90%) for a single. No EMOM

    B. Built to 125# power snatch (89%). No misses on 12 sets of singles at 125

    C. No time

    D. Instead, did:
    40 cal Assault Bike for time
    Into 2 rounds each (4 total) of 20 DL/20 C2B with Chase

    Feeling exhausted and weak today. Hopefully I’ll be better by Monday! My semester of hell starts this Monday, too, so I’m pretty nervous for that.

    • Tino Marini

      Sometimes it’s ok to take an extra rest day 🙂

      Hope you feel better come Monday and stay safe in the storms!

      • Brooke Fusco

        I know, I know – I’m too stubborn sometimes. Thanks, Tino! Will do! 🙂

  • Miah Santini

    A. 315
    B. Up to 175… no time for the 12 Snatches. Hit 5 at 155 just to get some work in before class moved on.
    C. Class skipped.
    D1. 10:08
    D2. Class did 250 dubs for time, 3 air squats each break as penalty. Broke once.
    D3. 5:15

    • Tino Marini

      Good to see you back in the gym buddy!

      • Miah Santini

        Thanks Tino – a glimpse! I’ll be back soon (for good)… great to see you and the whole crew 🙌🏻

    • Sydnee Percival

      Agree with Tino!! Great seeing you and good job today!!!

  • Jessica U

    Slept in and got my eating back on track!! Winning even before Training. Haha
    A) up to 2:30 (93%) then singles at 225. These felt good
    B) up to 120, I think this is a PR for power, or a tie. Singles at 120. Focused on hook gripping (bc I always let that go) and pulling the bar in to me to keep it close. Felt awesome bu the time I finished
    C) set 1- 5,9,15 Rx
    Set 2- 6,9,15 Rx
    D). That got real. 12:08 Rx, 2:39 row, 5:22 Rx

    Thanks so much!!! Hope your day is awesome!

    • Tino Marini

      Winning for sure! Good to see you getting things back dialled in!

      • Jessica U

        Thanks Tino!! I intend to keep that up and keep working on sleep. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  • Francis

    A. 335 lbs
    B. 135 lbs
    C. Power Clean & push jerk build too heavy (shoulders toasted today)

    Followed by:
    Every 20 sec. for 10 min:
    Power Cleans @ 175lbs.

    D. For time:
    15 AAB
    15 BBJO 24”/20”
    15 AAB

    (2:42) red lined.. affected other wods

    d2. 27-21-15-9 for time of: 14.16 (was gased out from prior wod)
    Db thruster 50 lbs
    Cal row

    d3. 20-20 / 3 rounds of
    deadlifts 185
    7.43 RX

    • Tino Marini

      Better to stick to the program and not burn yourself out 🙂

  • Lacy Baumgart

    A. Just built to 90% 235 and hit all sets no belt felt light!!!
    B. Uhhh I felt like I’ve never powersnatched heavy in my life! So I went to 125 and did all sets there and finally felt like I knew what I was doing 5 singles in.
    C. Had to skip due to time… really wanted to get in the metcon
    D. 8:16 (unbroken) had to workout at home bc we’re snowed in and all I have is an airdyne so just went hard for 3:30 to stimulate the 40 cals then went 5:20 on the DL/C2B

    • Tino Marini

      Stay safe in the snow! Good to see you still got to work out!

  • Rest day after tough week, especially for shoulders. Getting stronger and looking for a great performance in the Open 😉

    Tks Invictus

    • Tino Marini

      Rest up! See you Monday!

  • Marc Edgett

    Had a few non-invictus folk give this one a shot with me today. They are unanimously disgusted 😂😂😂.

    A) Back squat 385 then 345 for the emom
    B) Power snatch 175, [email protected], no misses
    C) 4/8/15, 4/8/16
    D) 13:56Rx, 3:34, 8:58Rx
    I paced out the 14.5 part of this pretty hard, but if I’d taken it out harder, probably would’ve ended up at the same time and been devastated for the rest. Looks like I’ve gotta do a whole lot more DB thrusters.

    Time to watch some football and eat some food! Go Titans!!!

    • Tino Marini

      Haha I bet deep down they really loved it!

      • Marc Edgett

        Well they’ll remember it 😂

  • Ivan KO

    A. Worked up to 345 but dropped to 325 for the EMOM

    B. Just worked to 155 and all sets with that… again, I need to work a lot on my WL, planning on doing the Invictus WL program after the Open

    C. 1.- 5/9/15

    D1.- 14:16 (so slow in thrusters)
    D2.- 3:42 (did 60 target burpees, I didn’t have AB)
    D3.- 6:54

    • Tino Marini

      Awesome! The WL program will be perfect!

  • Jessie Williams

    A) 370
    B) 185
    C) 6/6 9/9 16/15
    D) 10:48 // 4:10 // 4:28* (2rds)

    • Tino Marini

      What happened to the 3rd round? 🤔

      • Jessie Williams

        Hahaha….ran out of time. Was running late for a family obligation, and was pushing my luck as it was. Next time I’ll finish but let you deal with the wifey😉

        • Tino Marini

          Does she not realise all the gains you missed out on?! Hope the family is well!

  • Kyle Kenny

    A. Worked up to 425., hit 415 for the emom no misses
    B worked up to 225. Used 225 for half then went to 235 for 4 sets. Finnished with two sets at 245.. no misses
    C. Round 1 = 6/9/18 round 2 = 7/11/19
    D. 8:10 jumped right into it (soft got lazy)
    4 flat
    4:25 UB

  • Kryssie Chandler (45-49)

    A. Up to 215, felt solid.
    EMOM x 6 at 205

    No snatches today.
    C. 30 sec @ 115: 5/5
    45 sec @ 95: 9/8
    60 sec @ 65: 18/18
    D. RX Row/thrusters: 10:40. Really suffered on this, don’t think I’ve ever rowed so slowly.
    40 cal AB: 2:55, again suffered, bad mental talk.
    RX DL/C2B: 9:36. DL u broken for 2 sets, then 10/10.

    Had a tough day mentally. I’ll pull it together for Monday.

    • Tino Marini

      Rest up Kryssie, it’s been a hard week!

  • Chase Leonelli

    Lucky to make it to the gym today. We got a ton of snow and spent most of the morning digging my car out of it and then getting stuck again at the gym Hahahaha, gotta love Ohio. Was limited on time today

    A. Up to 305

    B. Power snatch 175

    Singles were a little all over today not my best day

    C. Skip

    D. Had limited tim so I did

    60 cal bike for time 1:58

    Rest about 2 min then alternated rounds of the deadlift and c2b with Brooke.

    Hopefully Monday I can get back to my regular schedule for good.

    • Tino Marini

      I’m still wearing a tank and shorts 😝

      Nice work getting your work in!

      • Chase Leonelli

        Hahahaha rub it in! Thank you though.

  • Tim Coffield

    A1. Up to 345
    A2. 6×[email protected]
    B1. Ps to 160
    B2. E45 snatch 165
    C. Did snatches @ 155 / 135 / 95
    Round 1 reps 3 / 6 / 13
    Round 2 reps 3 / 6 / 15
    D1. 12:34 with 50# kbs
    D2. 2:38 AD
    D3. 10:02

  • Laura Hershberger

    Only had time for A or B today. I chose squats.

    A. Worked up to 215 and then did the EMOM @ 210.
    125: 5, 5
    95: 9, 9
    65: 17, 16
    D. Row/thrusters: 9:30 (used 30lb DB cuz that what was available). AB: 2:46. DL/CTB: 9:38 (rounds 1 & 3 DL unbroken. CTB started with a set of 4 then 3s/2s for the remainder).

    Ended up being a solid day for me today. Surprised myself on how well the workout went. My CTB are getting a lot more efficient.

    • Tino Marini

      Getting gymnasty! Keep up the good work!

  • Samie Acevedo

    A. Had to choose between BS and snatches- Snatches up to 130lb for power and then sets of 12 snatches.
    C. 8/12/16 ;8/10/16
    D. 10:46/3:58/5:20

  • Daniel Mendelsohn

    A) built to 285 and then did the singles at 275. More like 85%
    B) built to a PS of 155. Did a few reps at that weight before time ran out.
    C) Round 1 [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    Round 2 [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    D) 9:16 with 40# DB, 3:38 and 10:49

  • Goran Grbic

    A. 375
    B. 205
    D. 10:58
    2:29 row

  • John Foster

    A) Back Squat = Up to 320lbs. 310lbs x 1 x 6. Best squat session in a long long time.

    B) Power Snatch = Up to 205lbs.
    Squat Snatch = 11/12 at 205lbs. 80%. Fired up about this.

    C) GTO Cycling = 195lbs – 4 / 4.
    145lbs – 8 / 8.
    95lbs – 13 / 14.

    D) 27-21-15-9 = 16:37 RX. First timing doing DB Thrusters with the 50’s. Crushed me. But I made it happen somehow.
    60 Calories Assault Bike = 3:37.
    3 RFT = 12:09.

    Hardest day this cycle. Metcons crushed me. Awesome to be getting this in though.

    • Tino Marini

      Tough day of work but extremely productive! Keep up the great work!

  • Kim Kunert

    A. Built to 175
    Then 3 sets at 175(95%) 3 sets at 165(90%)
    B. Had to choose between squats or snatches because of time
    C. 115#- 6,6
    95#- 9,9
    65#- 15,17
    D. 12:23 RX
    Bike: 3:02
    DL/ctb: 9:40- no matter how light deadlift is it still crushes me……

    • Tino Marini

      Walk with a sandbag everyday and do lots of reverse hypers.

      • Kim Kunert

        Will do!

  • Paula Santos

    A. Had to choose between BS or snatches- Snatches up to 135lb for power and then sets of 12 snatches.
    B: 1st Round: [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]
    2nd Round: [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]
    C: Row/DB 9:05
    Bike :4:47( I can’t understand why my bike is this slow, frustrating)
    Deadlift/CTB: 5:22

  • Scott Abston

    D. 11:40, 3:30, only 1 rd of dl/c2b and my back/hams really tightened up.

    • Darin Kaiser

      Yup super tight on the back side had to go a lot slower than I wanted.

  • Darin Kaiser

    A. Up to 335, 335 for all six (current max 375)
    B. 185, 195 sloppy tried for 195 but kept failing, dropped to 185×12 no misses
    C. 4/7/16, 4/7/15
    D. 13:50 (55’s), 3:20, 11:48 all done rx brutal!

    Felt tired today after last night and lots of interruptions glad I got it all in 🙂

  • Dylan Weller (Canada East)

    Out of country this week but still got majority of training done.
    A. Up to 350 then EMOM 6 @350
    B. Up to 200 then e45sec 9min @200
    C. Couldn’t do
    D. 9:04 rx
    6:26rx no chalk sucks!

  • Korey William Harris

    Moving day, so super short on time, hit A and B.

    A) 300 (90%), 300×6 Stoked on that
    B) 165 (89% PS), 165×12 (73% Snatch)

  • Tyler Sowinski

    Up to 150 Power Snatch
    The 12 sets 1 snatch every 45 seconds at 135
    145, 125, 95
    9:30 (40s in first round them moved to 30 lb Wall Balls)

  • Megan Markee

    A. 6×5 hack squat @125-215
    Paired with leg extension 5s
    B. Up to 125 then some reps at 85-95
    C. Done at 95/85/75#
    Got 7/9/13 and 8/9/14 – cycling is killing me
    D. 11:57
    2:02 (used the “new” Airdyne X, didn’t realize how diff the cals were. Resistance is different too so I got confused. Prob 50 instead of 40 next time??)
    6:54 (Done with 20 leg extension+12 strict pu)

  • Marcus Antonsson(Master40-44)

    A) Back Squat = Up to 142,5 kg. Best squat session in a long long time.

    B) Power Snatch = Up to 75 kg.
    Squat Snatch = 12/12 @ 75 kg.

    C) GTO Cycling = 88 kg – 4
    65 kg – 10.
    43 kg – 20.
    Missed that was a second round

    D) 27-21-15-9 = 9.20 RX. First timing doing DB Thrusters with the 50’s.
    60 Calories Assault Bike = 2:59.
    3 RFT (20 DL @85 kg + 20 CTB) = 8:49. (I was so tiered the last two rounds)

  • 임재혁

    A. up to 335lb
    B. 170lb