Workout of the Day:
Sumo Deadlift
and then,
Rounds of 21, 15 and 9 reps for time of:
Sumo Deadlift (medium ~ 70% of 5 rep max)
Ring Dips

Pushing to the Limit
Written by Courtney “Boozebag” Johnson 

Last summer I could not power clean more than 85 lbs. no matter how hard I tried. More than 100 lbs. seemed like a far off dream. That dream has become a reality, and it’s no accident. Some will contribute my improved performance to consistency or better eating habits – both of which I am practicing – but I am an emotional person, and for me the biggest battle has always been getting over my mental barriers. Until very recently I would always scale the weight prescribed for the workout, assuming that it would be too much for me and I would not be able to finish if I didn’t use a smaller weight. But the coaches and CrossFit Invictus weren’t having it, and they forced me to stop scaling my workouts. They would simply look at me and say, “you’re doing this as prescribed.” I thought they were insane, and thought to myself, “boy will they feel bad when that heavy barbell lands on my head.” But once the WOD started, I realized I could do it, and I did. I completed a few WODs with the prescribed weight – weights that I had always thought were way too heavy for me – and then I committed to trying to do (almost) all of them as prescribed. What I realized was that it wasn’t that I wasn’t strong enough before, but rather that I had assumed I wasn’t strong enough. Once I started pushing myself I realized I was stronger than I ever thought possible, and that has since caused me to push myself in many other aspects of CrossFit and in my own life. 

***Editor’s Note – This week Boozebag power cleaned 158 lbs. and easily handled the 105 lb. thrusters in Tuesday’s thruster/double-under workout. Progress is an amazing thing when our athletes are as consistent and dedicated as she is.

  • Taush

    Nice post Courtney!!!! You are a POWERHOUSE and inspire us all to go heavy! Great job with the power cleans this week….you rocked it! You are also one of my favorite peeps to workout with…….:)

  • Matt

    Thanks for that post Courtney. I really want to congratulate you on your progress, but I think the confidence you have found through CrossFit will be of profound use and will help you in ways that might be unimaginable right now.

  • Jillianne

    Courtney, watching you clean that 158# was awesome! I love the sparkle in your eye and big ol’ grin after you achieve another monster PR, one of my favorite things to see at CFI. Great work, girl, you are a motivation to all of us!

  • M

    And you shall never go back to the 24″ box…

  • M

    P.S. YIKES B.C.!

  • Rhonda

    Courtney, you are awesome to watch! Seeing you throw weight around like it was nothing and is amazing. Your positive attitude and willingness to try inspires me to do better. I’m always happy to see you at CFI. You are an incredible athlete!

  • Chris F

    M – Just a bad angle. My back is perfect! 🙂

  • Boozebag

    Thanks everyone! Taush you are my inspiration when it comes to lifting heavy, I may have you on the cleans but you whoop my butt on everything else! One day I’ll catch up! :p And Jill watching you do WODs with bodyweight for most lifts is always so inspiring, and I am going to very much miss that inspiration…but I’m not going to get weepy yet! Rhonda you know how much I think you kick butt, and you have gotten so incredibly strong…you ladies are always the first to cheer me on. I wouldn’t have half of those PR’s if it wasn’t for all of that support. Thanks!

  • Lindsey J (Boozebags sister)

    Nice work Court…! I remember the days when squatting was painful and the only exercise you did was picking up the glass and bringing it to your mouth…:)LOL… (I was kidding)… sort of…
    But Seriously, I’m continuously impressed every time I hear about your PR’s, but not surprised! You’ve always been an amazing athlete, just sometimes chose not to show it. Your confidence has always been your greatest barrier, I’m so proud you chose to push past it and you’ve become this fantastic and inspiring athlete. Got any words of advice for your big sister???
    Keep up the good work and remember to go easy on my when we fist fight…:)
    I miss you!

  • Lindsey J (Boozebags sister)

    oops, on ME when we fist fight
    …(see what happens when I secretly post while I’m at work)

  • Trish

    Awesome job Courtney! Keep it up!

  • Cynthia

    Courtney! Look at you, getting all strong and shit. Not only are you beautiful inside and out, you are one tough mama!

    I thought we agreed to drop “Boozebag” hmm? I like the name Ali came up with. It was something like Pretty Flower Petal.

    Or my idea: Funbag. I really think that could catch on.

  • LOL, Cynthia. Funbag. Lord.

  • KellBelle

    Great post Court! You impress me every time we do a WOD together…let’s just say truly inspiring! Thank you for your advice and personal encouragement it has helped me so much. 3 PR’s last week alone! Still not even close to you but I’m catching up:)