Workout of the Day:
Front Squat
and then,
Max rounds in three minutes of the following complex:
* Snatch (95/65 lb.)
* Overhead Squat
* Jumping Squat (with Barbell on Back)
* Right Leg Lunge
* Left Leg Lunge
* Rack Jerk
Repeat for a total of five cycles, resting for one minute between each cycle.

Impostors - Nobody does it as well as the Hammer himself
Impostors - Nobody does it as well as the Hammer himself

The Great Equalizer
Written by Mike “The Hammer” Hom

As one of the head judges at the SoCal Regional Qualifiers, I was fortunate to receive substantial feedback, positive and negative, on the workouts, the standards, and the enforcement of the established rules. One comment really stood out in my mind. For brevity, the basic gist of the comment (in the form of a question) was the following, “I did really well on the first workout, but I didn’t do too hot on the second one. Why did we have to do overhead squats?  I hate those!”

As much as I wanted to sympathize with the competitors that gave me similar feedback, I couldn’t help but flip the question around to, “Why aren’t you working on your weaknesses?”

I will readily admit that I have plenty of things to work on, which is the beauty of CrossFit. No matter how much I improve, there is always room for improvement. The Japanese philosophy of “kaizen” definitely fits into the CrossFit mold:  focus on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life. When you apply this to your training, Kaizen is the commitment to improve all aspects of your fitness whether it be your nutrition, your metabolic conditioning, your strength, or your ability to perform certain movements. The end result is to maximize the efficiency of your movement and the efficacy of your training.

While some of you may not intend on competing at the Games or look at CrossFit as anything but simply an outlet to develop your overall fitness and health, remember that chasing your strengths will invariably lead to a situation where you are always hoping you will not have to face something you are not good at. Take note of your weaknesses and make the conscious effort to improve them, so that you are not caught between a rock and hard spot when they show up in a workout.