Workout of the Day
Invictus Online Competition
Day 3 of 3 – 150 Points Available

For time:
10 Deadlifts (315/225 lbs)
20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
40 Wall Ball Shots
8 Deadlifts
16 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
32 Wall Ball Shots
6 Deadlifts
12 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
24 Wall Ball Shots
4 Deadlifts
8 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
16 Wall Ball Shots
2 Deadlifts
4 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
8 Wall Ball Shots

Rules and Standards:
* Deadlift: The deadlift must be performed with the hands outside the knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed. Starting at the floor, the barbell is lifted until hips and knees reach full extension with the shoulders behind the barbell. The arms must be straight throughout.
* Chest-to-Bar Pull-Up: Dead-hang, kipping or butterfly pull-ups are all allowed as long as the arms are fully extended at the bottom and your chest clearly contacts the bar below the clavicle at the top.
* Wall Ball Shot: In the wall ball shots, the medicine ball must be taken from the bottom of a squat, hip crease below knee, and thrown to hit a 10-foot target. The ball must hit the target for the rep to count. If the ball is not caught between reps, it must come to a full stop on the ground. Catching the ball bouncing off the floor is not permitted.

  • What weight is rxd on the wall ball?

    • I’d assume it’s 20/14

    • Normally I would think so too, but the standard have been heavier as CJ have stated earlier:

      “we only let males use 30 lbs and females use 20 lbs for wall balls since last yearโ€™s Games.”

      • Erik T

        I’d hope it’s not 30#… I don’t even have a 30# wallball.

    • Standard CF weights – 20/14

  • This was really hard. Deadlift after first round was killing me. Time: 16:38

  • 18:31
    Deadlift were too heavy for me (160 kg is my RM)
    I’m happy to go through but needed more rest before DL to keep a not so bad technique…

  • 28:35 RX!

    That deadlift was no joke. Definitely the limiter for me. 1 and drop all deadlift reps so that’s where I lost most of my time. C2B and WB felt great. Didn’t break much on those. Goal was to get through all the deadlift at RX and succeeded!

    • mike ford

      great work Val!!

      • Valentine Calvin

        Thanks Mike!!! Good luck to you guys this afternoon. Always wish I could do it next to you guys. You all will crush this one!

    • Joe Marthaller (Northwest)

      Nice job Val! Way to challenge yourself on the weight!

    • Great job Val!!!

  • Allen


    used a belt on the deadlifts… hope that’s ok. deadlifts scare me ๐Ÿ™

  • Carl Edwards

    Can’t wait!

  • jake c


    somebody (allen ^) wrote the workout down a little wrong so we each did 4 extra ctb pull ups haha.. he wanted us to push a little harder =)

  • Smash

    12:55 = Fun!!!

  • Nick Whelehan

    12:20 Rx’d (I love the grip destroyers one after the other!)

  • Mick

    13:15 RX

    Solid 3 days of training… Nice work everyone.

  • Rachel leblanc-bazinet

    35;49 (scalled)
    I started at 225, I dropped to 215 and I finished at 205. But I’m pretty happy, that was the first time that I do desdlift in a training since I injured my back last summer.

    By the way CJ thank you to destroyed my body during those past three days…that was a fun competition!

    • Some times we have to break you down to build you up Rachel. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Rachel, bring the whole family to San Diego for Christmas since we’re keeping your sister!

      • Rachel leblanc-bazinet

        Well, you break me up big time on this one…for sure it was out of my confort zone!
        We’ll love to come but san diego is so expensive!, maybe next summer!

  • salvatore guglielmino



    TIME: 13:01

    Thanks CJ, TINO and company for this online open.

    • Tino

      So awesome having you take part. Great work Andres.

    • Thanks for playing buddy! Love having you contribute to the community!

  • Elissa

    28:33 RX
    Super tough deadlifts! Glad I got to do this one in our box. Missed yesterday’s wod, traveling. Will try tomorrow. Mondays wod was done in base gym, yuk.
    Thank you CJ for putting this together!

  • Joe Marthaller (Northwest)

    All wb and deads unbroken. All CTB 12 down unbroken feel really good about this able to get the butterfly down easy today. Just can’t breathe lately slow transitions.

    • Valentine Calvin

      Crushed it Joe… You am your deceptive strength!

  • Misi Tupe


    Great 3 day comp. today was tough

  • Jonathan (Mexico)


    Happy were done! Way to go Team ๐Ÿ™‚ lol.

  • Bobby

    13:04….deadlifts got hard…made everything else worse!!

  • KB

    10:41. Tough

    Good three days. Thanks CJ, after that I have I good idea where I’m at and what needs to be done moving forward. I had fun doing it with Misi and Mick, good training buddies.

    • Great job KB! All of these efforts are always best done with good friends and training partners! Glad you have such a great crew out there.

      • Mick

        CJ: Just want to send a shout out to you. Thanks for everything you do. This training block has been the best for me yet, it’s been a dark experience but I’ve broken through several mental and physician barriers. Just want to say thanks.

        KB: nothing but Admiration and Appreciation. Thanks bro.

        Misi: hitting it hard every morning with you has been sick. You bring the pain everyday. Solid energy fellas. Thanks home slices! Good group for sure…

  • Chazz Boise CrossFit


    Deadlifts were all unbroken. CTB pull ups were UB, 10/6, 8/4, UB, UB. Wall balls are my nemesis.

    • Steve H

      Setting the bar! Nice Chazz!

    • Tino

      great job Chazz

    • Atta boy Chazz!

    • Chazz Boise CrossFit

      Thanks guys! I’m expecting big things from you, Steve.

      Thanks for the comp CJ. A lot of fun!

  • Tim(CrossFit Kalmar)

    Time : 16:36

    Thanx CJ, Jaimie and everbody involved with this competion
    Has been 3 very fun days.

  • Kevin

    Grant : 23:20
    Kevin: 15:27
    DL – unbroken
    pullups – Unb – 2 sets each the rest of the way until 4
    wall ball 4 sets each for the most part. I found this to be the hardest part unfortunately.

  • Rodrigo Rocha

    Very tired today. My lower back killed.

  • Daniel ( South Central)


    DL and C2B were UB. Very frustrating that I’m so terrible at wall ball. Not exactly sure what’s going on there

    Solid competition!

  • 12:55….NASTY wod!

    • Great job girl! Solid three days of work.

    • Tino

      Great work Casey!

  • Juan Pinzon


    So many things to work on before the open. Well done everyone!!!

    Thanks CJ

  • 10:47 @crossfit usd….. spicy

  • 18.15 (10 kg wb)

  • 12:59

    First round at a steady pace, all sets unbroken and done at 2:50. The next 2/3 of the workout got harder ๐Ÿ˜‰ All DLs unbroken, WB and C2B was done in 2 sets each round of the 8-6-4 rounds. Last one ub again.

    The movements felt easy (so I’m defiantly stronger), but capacity-wise I got some work to do! Happy today tho, as I manged to push myself.

    Thanks for having this competition! It’s been 3 days with fun events and some extra excitement throughout the day, as well as “leaderboarding” =) Looking forward to the next cycle!

  • Sveinung

    13:35! The c2b was terrible! Need to do butterfly on these ones! But a great workout! Have been following the invictus programing since august and have had a very good progress, so thanks to you CJ! love these workouts ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 10:38

    Unbroken DL’s and WB’s. Pull ups and transitions ate all my time. Not a great mental week for me, but FANTASTIC WORKOUTS!

    Thanks Invictus Crew.

  • 22:53
    Deadlift was very hard for med 143 kg is about 90% of my 1RM, so this was the limiting factor.
    This has been 3 awesome days, thank you all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Joey Glowka(Northeast)


  • Did my normal 10am session with Stacy at Invictus today.

    29:26 – did regular pull ups as my chest to bar are 1-2 at a time and my hands were wrecked from yesterday. Did the deadlifts one at a time but was pretty strong with the 225# so happy with that.

  • Paulina (Mexico)

    34:00 Rx

    Ouchh!! jaja

  • 8:08-
    Felt pretty good today, just a few crucial mistakes in muscular endurance breaks that cost the sub 8 mark. Solid three days of testing coach..

    • Tino

      it’s difficult to look at your results sometimes as in blows my mind. Great work dude

    • Steve H

      Well thats just silly…..

      • Thanks Gents.. Looking forward to meeting everyone in Jan.. Very grateful to have a coach like CJ

    • Chazz Boise CrossFit


    • Joe Marthaller (Northwest)

      Holy shit! Freak!

    • Tim(CrossFit Kalmar)


    • Daniel ( South Central)

      Matt man it only counts if you do the whole workout… Jk dude way to kick ass!

  • 19:56

  • Caroline Fryklund

    Deadlifts were the toughest part.
    Thank you for three fun days!

  • Drew Canavero


    DLs unbroken, PUs and WBs very broken, but kept rests short in b/t. Felt lightheaded moving into the round of 6/12/24, and am still having a slight vertigo sensation post-workout.

    Past 3 days have been really beneficial. While my scores leave something to be desired, I’m continuing to break past mental barriers, learning to push past fatigue (that ‘one more rep’ mentality) and willingly go to that uncomfortable place in a workout. At the very least I know how I’ll respond – mentally and physically – operating at 70-80% capacity. Now I just need to up that capacity!

  • Leon Uptegrove


  • Shawn McQueen


  • Kyle Buchanan

    15:04 awesome WOD
    Thanks CJ

  • Time: 15:20

    Great wod, great 3 days of testing. Guys are blowing up the workouts!!!

  • Ricardo valencia

    18:31 …

  • 13:38. ehh

  • Crossfit Brossard

    Claude L-B
    Managed to get up to 6deadlift, 12C2B, 24wallball Rx had to scaled the deadlifts to 205 after 31:02 of pure survival Still pretty happy!! Heaviest deadlifts training of my live though 205 was heavy before ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jeremie St-onge

  • 14:55

    Good tests over these past three days. Glad I was able to see where I stand. A lot of work to be done though.

  • 10:45

  • Justin Wright

    12:24 RX, solid WOD

  • Josh Plosker

    13:32 – Unbroken DL’s, C2B beat me up in this one, WB’s were unbroken in round 1, 1 break in round 2 and 3.

  • 8:26

    wall balls were the toughest part for me. “just keep going” I told myself through this one. Best of luck everyone.

  • Tim Carroll (NE)

    12:28 rx

  • 12:16
    Great test last 3 days…fun chasing Miller and Joe

  • 9:48

    Took the time to write the whole workout on the white board directly in front of my face so I would not screw this one up. Its been a fun week. Still contemplating a do over of yesterdays screw up. I will see how I feel later today or tomorrow morning.

    • Good work Wil, looks like that knee is holding up!!

      • Will Zerlang

        . Yes knee is doing much better thanks to KStar. Shoulder also doing better, I almost feel like I’m back in one piece finally.
        Hey man thanks for all your hard work on this comp it’s been fun…

  • 12:16
    Good 3 days of testing
    Fun chasing Miller and Joe

  • Tyler Young


  • Corey Lunney


    really good wod

  • Ben Ley

    17 years old
    (Max dead lift about three moths ago was 320, warmed up to 315 and could not believe how much easier it was. Thanks to this programing!)

  • 16:34
    Unbroken Deadlifts

  • KellyE

    16:50 rx
    Thanks CF Invictus and CJ for 3 awesome (crushing) days of fun!

  • Brennen Colwell

    11:30 – good times. Thanks for the comp cj. It was fun and offered great perspective.

    • Brennen Colwell

      Also… Wall balls were limiting factor… Who says that?

  • 9:14

    Deadlifts: Unbroken
    CTB: Unbroken
    Wallballs: broke me…
    Wallballs are almost as bad as thrusters but i’m working on them. 40/(20/10/6)thought this was 36 for some reason/(14/10)/(8/8)/8

    Had so much fun with the 3 days of workouts…can’t wait to syphon through the results…:)

  • 8:56

    Could have probably gone a little faster if i would have minimized the transitions
    set of 12 on the CTB switched from butterfly to kip, but kept moving
    Set of 16 WB I let the last 3 drop but quickly picked them up and kept moving

    • camille

      nuno that is so good… damn-it i wish i would have done it with you ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Nuno

        I definitely missed having you to race….

  • Little Ricky Moore


    Bad news-pullups were not CTB ๐Ÿ™
    Good news-regular pullups were unbroken ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Tino

      what are you doing?1 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kevin

    Sam – 16:19
    Evan 13:43

  • Erik Tilove


  • 11:44 ctb need work, wall ball capacity needs work

  • 12:48

    All DL unbroken
    Still need a lot of work on CTB.

  • Ryan Sherman


    Need work on connecting heavy dl.

  • 12:17 – DL were tough!!!!

    What a great 3 days – awesome work everyone!

  • 16:47 Rx

    Had to breathe a hard time ! Great Combination !

  • Ricardo Andreu (Mexico)


    That was hard.. i hate wall ball shots.

  • Leo Fontana


  • Hoang Ngo

    23:23 (scaled to 225)

    Thanks for the little online compeititon it’was definitely super rough, and tomorrow’s a well deserved rest day for everyone! (even 2… lol)

  • Bobby Marturello

    14:56… This one hurt!

  • Ryan Swobody (NW)


    Felt good through this. Did a couple too many CTB pull-ups as I read the workout wrong. DL unbroken, CTB broke up at the set of 16 but was happy with the break down of sets, WB unbroken.
    I loved this weeks programing! I’ve got a lot to work on, big reality check, but had fun at the same time! Thanks CJ! Great effort everyone! You guys Blow My Mind!!

    • Chazz Boise CrossFit

      Dude, apparently I need to step it up. Great work.

      • Ryan Swobody (NW)

        Thanks buddy! This was a good workout for me! You’ve still got me as an all around athlete tho! Wish you lived closer, it would be fun to throw down with you every now and then!! Great job this week!

        • Chazz Boise CrossFit

          I don’t know about that. We’re both doing pretty damn good. Totally agree. Would be great to get some training in from time to time. Might be able to make my way out there before the Open. I’ll let you know

  • Bryan Judd (CrossFit Brossard)


  • Litsa Olsson


    Deadlifts RX Unbroken
    CTB- Scaled Did PU
    Wall ball RX

    Gotta get CTB really soon!!!! TKX!!!

  • Richard Madrid (Invictus Crew, North Carolina)

    Went for a deadlift PR because warm-ups felt good. Hit a 15# PR for 440lbs. Could have gone for more but didn’t want to get greedy.

    Day 3 WOD: 12:44

    Solid 3 days of comp. Haven’t felt this good in a quite a while. Thanks CJ!

    Will be home in Orange County this Sunday and in the SD area around the 30th. Hope to see some of you!

  • Larissa Costa

    17:00 Happy I got through those deadlifts but wallballs got me!!

  • Link (Southeast-Kennesaw, GA)

    14:43, pretty disappointed in this workout but the three days was a fun way to get back into the swing of conditioning.

    Thanks for putting this together CJ.

  • Pascal Baillargeon


    • Bruno (CFSJ)

      Good job la machine !

  • SCALED to 85% est. 1rm Deadlift



    Forearms are rubbed raw from wearing pants. hehe

  • Spencer Hunsinger (NW)

    13:12. Deadlifts absolutely destroyed me. Pull Ups were unbroken, wall balls were definitely not unbroken.

  • 11:14

    I had a blast with these workouts! Thanks CJ and crew!

  • Stacy (Invictus crew)


    185# DL
    Not my best performance. Even though the DL weren’t going to be 225 today I took away the fact that I need to analyze a workout like this much more and have a more structured goal before starting b/c then my mind starts to tell my body to stop.

    3 day competition resulted in New Years resolution: To be more comfortable in uncomfortable situations…(we talk about this a lot–mental fortitude– but it has been more apparent the last couple weeks, when I finish a workout I know I had more to give, so why didn’t I do it??)

    • Kim McLaughlin

      I’m stealing your new year’s resolution, Stacy!

  • Lindsay Vaughan

    180# for DL

    1st 7 of set 1 at 202.5 but litterally could not pick it up for 8 so decreased the weight…

  • Messed up pretty good… Errr, pretty bad. I finished the 3 headed monster yesterday at 1:47 in the afternoon and then 20 minutes later was under the squat rack to ME cambered bar squats then speed deads with Mark Bell.

    Deadlifts would typically be unbroken but the back was not having it. Everything was lighting it up.

    A disappointed and painful


  • Kim McLaughlin


    DL – scaled to 215# (these took forever – tried to keep form)

    Happy that I completed all pullups CTB but they were slow

    Wall balls should have been unbroken (mental) — first set broke after 30 / 2nd set broke into 2 sets of 16/ 3rd was unbroken/ 4th was 10 & 6/ 5th was unbroken

  • 13:06
    Did this at the fire station today while on duty and got what we thought was a call in the middle of it, took at least a minute to figure out that it wasn’t our rig going. Also did CTB on a pull up bar that is so close to the wall it will only allow a smallish kip and definaty no butterfly. Deadlifts were unbroken and felt great, wall ball unbroken, CTB were very broken due to not being able to butterfly or kip. I’m gonna try this again maybe this weekend to see how it goes then. Thanks for doing this CJ!

  • camille

    9:50 fell on my butt before my last rep lol !!

    • Phenomenal… as usual!

    • Jake c

      At least your sitting back in your heels.. Great work

  • 20:00 – scaled to 275

  • 17:24 RX

  • Cameron Williams


  • Sarah Jayne

    12:45. Looooved the deadlifts, and LOVELOVELOVE wallballs. Pull-ups…huuuurrrrrr the hands and had to conquer in 5’s for first couple rounds..2’s and 3’s at end. Need to work on toughening up these hands!!

  • Tracy Shuford


  • 16:15 RX

  • 14:24
    Deadlifts UB
    Pull Ups UB
    Wall Shots (not so much)

  • CrossFit 808:
    Joe Szymanek (male) – 13:35

    Rich Korth (male) – 12:40

    Brandy Richardson (female) – 13:23

    Elyse Umeda (female) – 14:26

  • Jessica Malone


    • Marilyn Kelleher

      tough girl!!!

  • I’m so glad I was able to do it Rx ๐Ÿ™‚
    I did 27:46… +4 extra wall balls on round 2 because obviously, I don’t know how to count ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You guys are amazing machines, congratulations everybody! It was great participating in this online competition.

    Happy Holidays!
    (now…rest day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Steve Cรดtรฉ

    TIME: 13:33

  • 17:48 (205# deadlifts)

    Great work everyone! The 3:30 competition crew here at Invictus really rocked it these past few days!

  • Karen McCadam

    I have to admit when I saw the workout I was worried that I may not be able to complete it, 225# pretty much stopped me cold at regionalโ€™s last spring, so Iโ€™m happy I actually was able to finish (although very slow).

    Thanks CJ for the awesome competition and all the great programming, the last 3 days have been super fun and challenging! I love seeing all the amazing times and weights that everyone is doing, itโ€™s very inspiring!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  • mike ford


  • Time- 8:45
    *Wallballs didn’t humiliate me too bad today! Booyah!

  • 13:21- 315lbs felt not so bad today.

  • Terrence Limbert


    This workout smoked me. I can’t wait until the new programming in the new year. Just what I’ll be needing!

    Thanks for the Comp, added a bit more grit to my workouts for sure!

  • cheryl creasey (NW)

    22:11 RX

  • Steve Diaz

    10:50 – everything unbroken except wall balls. Tough workout. Glad I had Tino to push me. Really wanted to break 10 mins. Awesome three days CJ. Thanks for doing this!

    • Tino

      See what happens when you get a kick up the ass! Awesome work dude over the last 3 days!

  • Nick Temple (NW)


  • Douglas Acker


  • chris


  • Jake Robinson

    15:50. Subbed DL with 155lb bench press (tweaked back yesterday)

  • JP

    18:19 Rx

    This is sooo much fun… until I start breathing hard! haha

    Congrats to all those beasts on here!!! Its amazing to see how the limits of what was thought impossible, is now becoming a possible. Very motivating!

    • JP

      And a big thank you CJ and Company for the online competition. Awesome!!!

  • Alex Pottinger

    26:10 RX

    315 is heavy for all of my 130lb self
    Great Workouts

  • Nathan Hansen

    all unbroken except wallballs and a mess up on the pull ups on round 2 (16 pu).
    This was a great eye opening comp on how far off I have let myself go from last year. Thanks for the opportunity to get my ass kicked for free CJ. Time to step up and get back into the swing of things.

  • Bryan Babbitt


  • Joshua Broome

    11:19 rx

  • John TG


  • 24:40

  • Molly Johnston

    17:30, 195# deadlift

  • I totally put the wrong time. Not sure what I was thinking.

    Time- 15:45, Rx

  • Daniel Hong (NorCal CrossFit)


  • Heather Hippensteel


  • 14:05

  • Dominic (CrossFit Kalmar)

    20:13 @ 142.8 kg

  • Eric Schenck

    11:25 Rx

    It’s been a great three days of competition WODs. Thanks for putting this together.

  • Ben Dziwulski

    Miscounted reps last night when I reveiwed video- unacceptable. Hit it again this morning 7 hrs latet- she whooped me good on round 2.


  • 28:15

    Did not have it in me to push hard today. DL worked pretty well after all (5+5, 4+4, 4+2, 4, 2). Struggling with the c2b though, just can’t seem to link them anymore ๐Ÿ™ Rested my way through the wallballs ๐Ÿ˜›

    Anyway these days have been great fun! Thanks CJ!

  • Lauren C.


  • 17:25rx

    I tried this as my first workout since being sick (and rupturing my eardrum) was fun then terrible!! Made me sooo dizzy after!

    Can’t wait to be 100% and go HAM with all these fine folks!

  • 24:17 rx

    Only had a thick bar available for the pull ups so that made things interesting haha

  • Joe Silvestri

    Time: 10:46

    • Joe Silvestri

      just wanted to add thanks, CJ, for the fun 3 days of competition.

  • jean-philippe paquette
    15;29 rx

  • Curt M


    That workout + empty stomach = epic fail!!!!!

    Was expecting sub 9 for sure…. Whatever… Life goes on….

    Thanks for an amazing 3 days CJ, Tino, and Jaimie. And anyone else involved especially the other athletes, some very inspiring people on here.

    • Tino

      Nice work Curt! Great to have you following!

  • Julie Favreau (CF Brossard)


    Deadlift @ 195
    Chest-to-bar Rx
    Wall ball Rx

  • John Pavlic

    15:00 Rx’d
    Tougher than I expected and I broke things up more than I should have. Conditioning needs works as well as mental toughness.

  • Jordan Sisto


    Brutal. So fun.

  • 14:57

    DL – all UB
    PU – 18/2, 8/8, 6/4/2, 8, 4
    WB- 40, 22/10, 12/12, 16, 8

    Fun and hard! I took too much time between stations.

    I went snowboarding yesterday. It was my best first day of boarding in years! Thanks CJ!

  • Matt Beard


    Thanks Coach

  • Randy


    Been sick ๐Ÿ™ lungs wouldn’t open up!

  • Sean Cullina


  • mrjling


    DL – 5-5.4-4.3-3.2-2.2
    CTB – 10-10.8-8.6-6.8.4
    WB – Broken like crazy. Definately the hardest part considering how I should perform at them. Conditioning is very low now. Maybe that’s a good thing at this point, hope so.

    • First I was a bit dissapointed, but come to think of it, one year ago there was no way in hell I would do 30 2xBW Deadlifts in a Metcon.

      Agree with the competition praises. This was awesome! Thank you CJ and the rest involved!
      Make this a reoccurring thing!

  • 12:17. Legs were dead on the wallballs. Think those 120+ pistols from the team competition on Sunday took more out of me than I thought.

    Great competition CJ! Definitely got some things to work on over the next few months. Can’t beleive some of the times being posted on these workouts, beasts!

  • Zach


  • 8:53

    CTB are a big weakness for me. Had to battle through

  • 23:20 205# dl

  • 9:45 RX

  • kathleen laperle
    20;20 rx

  • 9:54

    C2B ate me for lunch

  • Noah

    9:12…awesome 3 days, nice work everyone

    • Chazz Boise CrossFit

      You got me again, Noah. Nice work!

  • Apollo nw

    11:21 glad that’s over. Awesome programming I’ve got a lot of work to do impressed with all the scores posted every wod

  • Darren R


    Needed to get some snatch work in before hand, and I think it effected my grip a little. Pulls ups harder than they should have been. Fun wods. Thanks.

  • Ashleigh M

    13:23….wow!!! I need to do more wall ball. I fell apart there.
    Great workouts though!!!

  • Tobin


    Had to do singles for all the DLs. Did everything else unbroken. Probably should have scaled the DLs, but tomorrow the world ends so I figured I should just step it up. Thanks for an awesome competition CJ.

  • Steve H


    *dead lifts and wall balls unbroken
    * pull ups only broke on 16(10,6)

    • Nice dude

    • Steve H

      Thanks to CJ and crew for the fun 3 days. As of tomorrow my legs officially won’t work.

    • Chazz Boise CrossFit

      Damn, Dude.

  • Kat Apostolina

    Had to use a 16lb Med Ball because we do not have 14lb.

  • 15:21 (275#)

  • 8:40

  • Dan Johnson (NW)


  • 12:44

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