Invictus Athlete Online Competition – Events 5-8

Event 5
Take 20 minutes to build to a 2-RM Bench Press

Events 6-8 must be performed against a running clock…

Event 6 – Starts at 0:00 on the running clock
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 6 minutes of:
10 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
50 Double-Unders

Rest until the running clock reaches 10:00, and then…

Event 7 – Starts at 10:00 on the running clock
Every minute, on the minute, for 6 minutes perform the following:
10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
2 Clean & Jerks

Rest until the running clock reaches 18:00, and then…

Event 8 – Starts at 18:00 on the running clock
Complete rounds of 12, 9 and 6 reps for time of:
135/95 lb Thrusters
Ring Muscle-Ups

Rules and Standards:
For Event 5, athletes may take as long as they would like to establish a 2-RM Bench Press, but it’s recommended that you don’t take longer than 20 minutes to do so.

For events 6-8, athletes must work off of a running clock – and must wait to start the event at the noted times. Athletes may use only one barbell for all phases of the day’s events, which means that you must strip the barbell down to the Event 8 working weight before the running clock reaches 18:00.

Event 5: Repetitions must be done consecutively without the barbell touching either the rack or a spotter between the two consecutive reps. Athletes may perform multiple sets and score only their heaviest successful 2-RM. Scores should be reported in lbs – so if you lift in kgs, simply convert to lbs for purposes of this competition. For purposes of this competition, a 20 kg barbell will be considered to weigh 45 lbs, and a 15 kg barbell will be considered to weigh 35 lbs.

Event 6: Athletes must complete as many rounds and reps of the couplet as possible in six minutes.

Strict Handstand Push-Ups – The beginning and finish position of the movement must show the athlete’s heels on the wall with a straight line from the athlete’s heels, hips, shoulders and wrists. The athlete’s hands and fingers need to stay within a 36-inch wide box. Kipping is not allowed, and athletes may not bend their legs or allow their hips/butt to touch the wall.

Double-Unders – Double-unders may be performed either with a forward or backward rotation of the rope as long as the rope passes under the athlete twice on each jump.

Event 7: Event 7 begins when the clock hits 10:00.
• Athletes will select the load used for the clean & jerk. The load selected must remain the same for all six sets of the six-minutes – you cannot increase or decrease the load.
• Athletes are only permitted two clean & jerk attempts in each minute – and only successful lifts will count toward the athlete’s total score.
• Score will be the total load lifted out of the 12 possible clean & jerk attempts. For example, if the athlete chose to clean & jerk 185 lbs, her score might look like this:
o Minute 1 – 185 x 2 = 370 lbs
o Minute 2 – 185 x 2 = 370 lbs
o Minute 3 – 185 x 2 = 370 lbs
o Minute 4 – 185 x 1 (failed first attempt) = 185 lbs
o Minute 5 – 185 x 1 (failed second attempt) = 185 lbs
o Minute 6 – 185 x 2 = 370 lbs
o TOTAL SCORE = 1850 lbs

Event 8: Event 8 begins when the clock hits 18:00. Athletes will perform the couplet for time, and note the duration that it took to finish the event – i.e., subtract 18 minutes from the time on the running clock so that you enter 3:52…not 21:52.

Thrusters – Thrusters must meet Games/Regionals standards – crease of the hip below the knee at the bottom of the squat, and elbows fully extended with barbell aligned with your shoulders, hips and ankles overhead.

Ring Muscle-Ups – Ring muscle-ups should be performed to Games standards – full elbow extension at the bottom/hanging position, and full elbow extension at the support position.


Video is not required for this competition, but if you hit any PRs or have any footage of your performance, please tag us or post the video link to the comments! Part of the motivation to redesigning the website to give competitors their own blog is to start to highlight all of you who are hitting it hard and seeing great results. We need your help to do that! Please let us know where to find video of your successes and we will gladly showcase members of our community.